Topklasse Live | Round 5 | As it Happened

 Bertus de Jong  19:29
That’s all from us today as Excelsior once again go top of the table. The last two times they’ve got themselves a lead they held on to it all the way to the championship and from the pack chasing them it’s hard to pick a convincing challenger. Newcomers Sparta are their nearest rivals as things stand, to the surprise of many, whilst the mid-table is crowded with would-be contenders.

The Topklasse points table after Round 5

 Dosti United vs Sparta 1888  19:07
 Sparta : 256-9 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 228 all out in 46.3 overs
The dismissal of Mohammed Hafeez for 77 turned the game Sparta’s way, and with Faisal Iqbal taking three for 40 Dosti fell just 26 short. A very tight game, and Excelsior go clear at the top of the table..

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  18:40
 Quick : 269-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior : 270-3 in 49.1 overs
That’ll do.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  18:39
 Quick : 269-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior : 264-3 in 49 overs
Six needed from the last over.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  18:29
 Quick : 269-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior : 250-3 in 46.5 overs
Ingram and Hilditch set to take them home at Nieuw Hanenburg, Hilditch brings up his half-century and Ingram on 119. Landheer and Davey is the combination Bista is putting his faith in at the moment, they only have 20 runs left to defend and 25 balls to bowl. Wicket would be handy.

 Dosti United vs Sparta 1888  18:17
 Sparta : 256-9 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 183-5 in 36 overs
Hafees single handedly wrestling this match toward an exciting finish at Drieburg we’re told.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  18:10
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 203 all out in 43 overs
And all over here, ter Braak gets his third and it’s de Mey, caught mid-on by the skipper.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  18:05
 Quick : 269-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior : 219-3 in 40.3 overs
Century for Ingram, hundred partnership too, and Hilditch closing in on a half century. Bista’s tried 7 different bowlers already and it feels like maybe it’s time to chance an eighth.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:58
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 190-9 in 41 overs
Vink’s fun comes to an end, caught Borren at slip off ter Braak. Westdijk in and launches his first ball down the track for six. Quite the entrance. And quite the exit, stumped next ball. Khan last man in.

 Dosti United vs Sparta 1888  17:51
 Sparta : 256-9 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 160-3 in 32 overs
Some information leaking out of Drieburg at last, Kohli’s out for 52 courtesy Saleem, Hafeez still there on 53. Could be an interesting finish.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:48
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 171-7 in 39 overs
De Mey has been quiet and the game still looks lost, but Ferdi Vink is enjoying himself. He’s playing his shots and on to 28*.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  17:32
 Quick : 269-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior : 174-3 in 31.2 overs
Ingram and Hilditch are forging ahead, fifty partnership for them with Hilditch on 30 and Ingram on 71, stand-in skipper Bista had all the answers in the first innings but is looking out of ideas now.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:28
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 144-7 in 34 overs
And Coster goes, and Ahmed follows, Dunlop the man responsible. Fair to say this game’s only going one way now. Ferdi Vink and Julian de Mey in for HBS.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  16:59
 Quick : 269-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior : 134-3 in 25 overs
Ingram gets his fifty but he’s lost Kroesen along the way, caught Davey off Landheer, Hilditch with him now.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:55
 VOC : 198-9 in 50 overs
 ACC : 112 all out in 30.4 overs
Frenz gets his fifty thanks to Alim, who had plenty to say himself with the bat, adding 19 to a 33-run last-wicket partnership. That’s as far as they’ll get though, Frenz falls for 50 exactly and ACC 112 all out.

 Dosti United vs Sparta 1888  16:59
 Sparta : 256-9 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 116-2 in 24 overs
Dosti meanwhile are looking well set, Kohli at the crease on 40*. And skies one. And it’s put down. Oh dear.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:58
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 124-5 in 27 overs
Singh clearly felt he had to try something, strides down the track to Turmaine, misses, and Szwarczynski would have had an easy stumping there had the stumps not got in the way. Wessel Coster in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:55
 VOC : 198-9 in 50 overs
 ACC : 89-9 in 27.3 overs
ACC meanwhile not yet half way to their 199 run target and down to their last wicket. Frenz and Alim putting off the inevitable, the former at least in sight of a half-century on 43*.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  16:53
 Quick : 269-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior : 117-2 in 20 overs
Ingram and Kroesen still and enjoying themselves by the look of things, taking advantage of a lightning outfield and going at better than sixes.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:41
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 108-4 in 22 overs
And one brings two, Gunning nicks off Gomes next over. Adil Ahmed in.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:36
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 105-3 in 21 overs
Raja finds the breakthrough here, Morgan pushing forward bat beaten and into the pad, given. Navjit Singh in we reckon.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:34
 VOC : 198-9 in 50 overs
 ACC : 64-7 in 20.5 overs
ACC going entirely to pieces too, another for O”Dowd and one for Baker too, Botha with Frenz now, still a hundred and lots short. Just a matter of time one feels.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  16:32
 Punjab : 158 all out in 37.1 overs
 HCC : 162-3 in 27.1 overs
The wheels now comprehensively off, Staal hits Bamunusinghe for two sixes and a four, they take nine off a Mamoon Latif over, and then Overdijk smashes Ali Raza’s first ball over long on to finish it. Staal ends with 79, Overdijk with 39. But it’s been a very strange final quarter of an hour.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  16:30
 Quick : 269-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior : 96-2 in 15 overs
Shankar gone for 24, but Ingram and Joost Kroesen still well ahead of the rate.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  16:22
 Punjab : 158 all out in 37.1 overs
 HCC : 127-3 in 25 overs
Bizarre events at Het Zomercomplex, where Yasir Usman comes into the attack and bowls a 17-delivery over! The first ball is a double wide which also hits the helmet behind the keeper for five penalty runs. A succession of further wides follow, and a no ball when the ball misses the mat entirely. Oh, and five singles.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:17
 VOC : 198-9 in 50 overs
 ACC : 55-5 in 17 overs
ACC still very much on the ropes as Rasool is stumped off O’Dowd for 16. Richardt Frenz in with Raza now and ACC fans feeling it’s time for their overseas to earn his keep. They’ve left him quite a job to do though.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:15
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 90-2 in 16 overs
The scoring hasn’t really slowed since Visee’s departure, Gmes and Morgan looking perfectly content, Turmaine on at the city end comes in for some tap, but van den Burg persisting with him. With plenty on the board they still have some room to go searching for a wicket.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  15:59
 Punjab : 158 all out in 37.1 overs
 HCC : 102-3 in 23 overs
Another half-century for Staal, with a powerful drive through the covers, and then Overdijk brings up the hundred. HCC now seem to be cruising, and the Punjab fielding remains below par.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:57
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 60-2 in 10.4 overs
Visee was looking dangerous, but is principally dangerous to the changing room now. Shambles in the middle and he and Gomes can watch the run out side by side at the striker’s end. Gone for 41 and not happy. Morgan in to join Gomes.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  15:50
 Quick : 269-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior : 28-1 in 5 overs
One down at Nieuw Hanenburg too, Khan has Etman for one, Shankar and Ingram rollicking along though.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:47
 VOC : 198-9 in 50 overs
 ACC : 20-4 in 9.5 overs
Wheels coming off for ACC, wickets for Klaassen and Malik and ACC are all out of Zulfiqars.

A stone is laid for Dik Abed

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:37
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 41-1 in 6 overs
Van den Burg throws the ball to his old skipper and a fine bowling change it turns out to be, Borren strikes second ball finding Barresi’s top edge, Raja holds at short fine leg. Gomes in.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  15:35
 Punjab : 158 all out in 37.1 overs
 HCC : 61-3 in 16 overs
Some rather lethargic fielding from Punjab doesn’t help the cause, but Staal and Overdijk are taking full advantage, keeping the scoreboard ticking over and building a very useful partnership.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  15.33
It’s baking hot.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:30
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 31-0 in 4 overs
Visee and Barresi get HBS off to a typically crisk start here, though far from chanceless. Big top edge off Haseeb falls safe, and a loose pull wide and high past the leaping Turmaine at point might have been held by a taller man.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:25
 VOC : 198-9 in 50 overs
 ACC : 6-2 in 5 overs
And another for Fletcher, Asad gone for a duck.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:18
 VOC : 198-9 in 50 overs
 ACC : 2-1 in 3.4 overs
Back underway at Hazelaarweg and the hosts have an early breakthrough, Fletcher removing Rehmat Zulfiqar for one. Asad joins Sikander.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  15:15
 Punjab : 158 all out in 37.1 overs
 HCC : 39-3 in 12 overs
Double bowling change: a maiden from Awais Khan to Staal, and a much more eventful over from Vorster, which starts with a no ball for a field placing infringement, includes a nice off drive from Staal, a scampered brace from Gorlee, and ends with a wild swish which sees Gorlee’s middle stump uprooted. He made 13. Hidde Overdijk joins Staal, who’s on 20.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:10
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
 HBS : 0-0 in 0 overs
A slightly extended innings break here as a ceremony is held for the late Dik Abed, former Netherlands captain, who played for both HBS and VRA. He is honoured with a flagstone in accordance with VRA tradition.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  14:49
 Punjab : 158 all out in 37.1 overs
 HCC : 10-2 in 5.5 overs
Runs are hard to come by here, and when Street edges Masood to Ali Raza at slip without scoring, HCC are in a spot of bother. Boris Gorlee joins Staal.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  14:46
 Punjab : 158 all out in 37.1 overs
 HCC : 1-1 in 3 overs
Bryce Street and Ali Ahmed Qasim open against Suleiman Tariq and Ahsan Masood. Qasim gets off the mark, but then goes after Tariq and skies a running catch to Yasir Usman at deep midwicket. An early blow struck by Punjab!

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  14:46
 Quick : 269-6 in 50 overs
Bista cuts loose as the end of the innings looms, finally holing out to Woutersen to give Heggelman his third, but not before reaching 137 with a final tally of 11 fours and 8 sixes. Thijs van Schelven and Daan Vierling keep it ticking over till the end and Excelsior have their first proper total to chase after lunch.

 Dosti United vs Sparta 1888  14:36
 Sparta : 256-9 in 50 overs
Pollard goes for 124 as wickets tumble at the close, but a more than competitive total for Sparta, at least if they can find a way to Kohli’s wicket.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:28
 VRA : 273-8 in 50 overs
VRA finish on 273-8 here, Cooper holes out off Singh for 69, and Gunning is clean bowled next ball. Dunlop and Raja can add just three more runs between them.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  14:26
 Quick : 232-5 in 46.3 overs
A maiden Topklasse ton for Jay Bista, Gijs Kroesen has removed Mol in the meantime though, caught Shankar and Rooda can’t keep Bista company long either.Caught Hilditch off Ingram for a duck.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  14:20
 VOC : 198-9 in 50 overs
Flurry of wickets at the death down at Hazelaarweg, Schoonheim run out for 5, Malik run out for 63 and the Botha/Asad combo doing for Fred Klaassen too. Baker also finds Asad’s mits off Saqib’s bowling, so that’s five catches in the innings for him. 200 exactly the target. Scratch that. 199 the target. Somebody counted an extra run somewhere it seems.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:16
 VRA : 261-6 in 48 overs
Back to back fours from Cooper off Westdijk to finish the 47th, the latter a cracking on drive forced through between long on and midwicket off the back foot and races away to beat the chasing fielder. Coster beat the bat next over but beats the keeper too for four byes, and fine running between the wickets for a few more.

 Dosti United vs Sparta 1888  14:10
 Sparta : 223-5 in 45 overs
And that’s a century for Pollard at Drieburg, unbeaten on 103 now with five overs to go, he’ll be looking to go big at the death, one imagines.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  14:07
 VOC : 177-5 in 47.2 overs
Ahsan Malik too brings up his fifty and loses his partner, Botha and Asad Zulfiqar combining again and Seelaar goes for 58. Jelte Schoonheim in.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:05
 VRA : 238-6 in 46 overs
Fifty for Cooper too here at the Bos, but he’s also lost a fine partner in Leon Turmaine, who’s struck on the pads trying to turn Coster away to leg and takes off for the leg bye only to get a close-up look of a raised finger sending him on his way for 31. Gunning in and immediately off the mark with a typically swiftly-run two through point.

 Dosti United vs Sparta 1888  14:01
 Sparta : 200-4 in 40 overs
200 up for Sparta now with ten overs to come and Pollard still there. He’s lost long term collaborator Mudassar Bukhari though which will likely save some runs at the death.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:57
 VOC : 159-4 in 45 overs
No such joy for ACC though, who have been bowling at Seelaar and Malik for rather longer than they might have liked. Hundred partnership up for them and Seelaar has his fifty, Malik just two away.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  13:53
 Quick : 173-3 in 37.4 overs
And a breakthrough at Nieuw Hanenburg, Bhatti the man to find it trapping Davey LBW for 51. Doc Mol joins Bista, who’s still there on 73.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  13:51
 Punjab : 158 all out in 37.1 overs
Bajwa finally gets off the mark, but then he’s caught at second slip by Street, a fourth wicket for Overdijk, and off the first ball of Ninan’s next Din is caught behind by Lagas, his sixth in the innings. Not quite a record, but an outstanding effort nevertheless.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:43
 VRA : 192-5 in 40 overs
Turmaine and Cooper have pushed on well after that flurry of wickets, Cooper hits the second six of the innings off Ali Ahmed to move into the twenties, Visee brings Coster back from the Mulder end, and Navjit Singh returns to replace Barresi, who’s bowled out to finish with 2-35

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  13:34
 Punjab : 153-8 in 34.1 overs
A quiet period of consolidation by Usman and Bajwa is interrupted by a powerful sweep from the former, who then skies his next shot and heads for the rope, only to see it dropped by Staal. It’s not expensive, though, as he edges the first ball of De Lange’s next to Lagas, who takes his fifth catch of the innings. Hamza Din joins Bajwa, who has faced 22 balls without scoring.

 Dosti United vs Sparta 1888  13:33
 Sparta : 164-3 in 35 overs
No more wickets at yet Dreiburg either.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:30
 VOC : 136-4 in 38 overs
And Seelaar and Malik still going too, 80 their 5th wicket partnership is worth now.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  13:29
 Quick : 139-2 in 34 overs
Hundred partnership between Bista and Davey now, and they’ve dragged Quick right back into the game, Bista looking to accelerate now and could be set for a big score, he’s cleared the rope twice now as he moves to 63.

 Dosti United vs Sparta 1888  13:15
 Sparta : 144-3 in 30 overs
Sparta meanwhile in a strong position at 144-3 with 20 overs to come and Pollard still in the middle on 60*

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  13:14
 Punjab : 145-7 in 30.1 overs
Maiden over from Qasim to Usman, but when Ninan returns from the Equestrian Centre End, Overdijk having three for 39 from seven overs, his first ball is edged by Latif to Staal at slip. In comes Mohsin Bajwa, but Punjab are in fairly desperate straits now.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:10
 VRA : 157-4 in 32 overs
Singh has come and gone here in the meantime, picks out Sharn Gomes and Barresi has two. Turmaine in to join Cooper.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  13:09
 Quick : 105-2 in 28.2 overs
And fifty partnership for Bista and Davey too and the hundred up for Quick. Runs still hard to come by at Nieuw Hanenburg though, Gijs Kroesen and Sohail Bhatti have kept the rate in check, but a double change as Lorenzo Ingram and Haider Khan replace them.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:04
 VOC : 109-4 in 32 overs
Fifty partnership for Seelaar and Malik, and a crucial one.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  13:01
 Punjab : 140-6 in 28 overs
A fourth for Lagas, diving to his right this time as Saleemi edges Qasim towards first slip. Mamoon Latif comes in.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:58
 VRA : 146-4 in 30 overs
Borren and van den Burg have done a solid job here, fifties each and a fine recovery, but Wesley “triple threat” Barresi brings the partnership to an end, mow across the line from van den Burg misses and clean bowled for 64. Cooper in to join Borren who’s on 54. And there he will stay, fails to clear Khan at mid off and Ali Ahmed has his wicket. Singh in. VRA have a solid platform here but with two new batsmen at the crease one feels the innings could go either way now.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  12:43
 Punjab : 121-5 in 22.1 overs
And again, the only difference being that this time it’s the right-handed Vorster who edges Overdijk through to Lagas. Yasir Usman in as Punjab are in real trouble here.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  12:41
 VOC : 77-4 in 25 overs
Malik and Seelaar doing a similar job for VOC, slow going at Hazelaarweg though. Saqib and Sikander operating in tandem for ACC.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  12:36
 Quick : 66-2 in 21.2 overs
Bista and Davey digging in for Quick, Hilditch has bowled his ten without reward, finishing with 28-0. Bhatti replaces him.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  12:35
 Punjab : 116-4 in 20.4 overs
Masood also falls to the Lagas-Overdijk combination, cutting a widish delivery into the keeper’s gloves. Assad Saleemi joins Vorster.

 Dosti United vs Sparta 1888  12:33
 Sparta : 108-2 in 20 overs
Hundred up for Sparta at Drieburg too we hear, third wicket partnership of Ambrose and Pollard seemingly well set. Precious little other infor from there though, so if you’re at the game get tweeting! #TKlive

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:30
 VRA : 104-2 in 21 overs
Hundred on the board here in the meantime and Wesley Barresi into the attack. Tidy first over from him, just one from it. Nobody else has had much luck containing this pair though. Still de Mey at the other end.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  12:26
 Quick : 39-2 in 17 overs
And Heggleman has his second at Nieuw Hanenburg, Stokkers picks out David Woutersen and gone for 18. Davey to join Bista who’s added just one more to his tally in the interim.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  12:21
 Punjab : 100-3 in 17 overs
Two more splendid boundaries from Awais Khan off Hidde Overdijk to take him to 33, but then he chases a wide one and is well caught by keeper Laurens Lagas moving to his left. Berend Vorster joins Masood, who struck Ali Ahmad Qasim for three fours in the previous over.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:18
 VRA : 83-2 in 17 overs
Borren and van den Burg making it look pretty easy out there, imagine VRA’s openers are looking on rather enviously now. They nearly gift HBS a wicket in the 17th though as Borren bunts into the off side and van den Burg is all too eager to get down to the strikers end to join him, and slow in reversing his momentum when sent back. A direct hit would have seen him well short, but was not forthcoming.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  12:11
 VOC : 57-4 in 17 overs
Saqib pins Edwards in front for 26 to bring Malik to the crease to join his skipper, who has just a single to his name thus far. VOC desperate for a partnership here.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  12:10
 Punjab : 79-2 in 14.5 overs
Having taken a long time to get off the mark, Bamunusinghe hits two sweet fours, the first off the pads behind square, the second beautifully timed through point. But then he raises his bat to Jonkman’s next, and embarrassingly sees his off stump uprooted. Ahsan Masood joins Khan at the crease.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  12:08
 Quick : 38-1 in 15.3 overs
Still Hilditch and van Troost for Excelsior and Quick are struggling to get them away, Stokkers on 18 from 50 and Bista 2 from 14 as Excelsior ramp up the pressure.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:03
 VRA : 70-2 in 14 overs
Borren and van den Burg continue the reconstruction efforts here, both into the twenties. Visee cycles through his options, giving Farshad Khan an over, with disappointing results as Borren drives him down the ground for four. Navjit Singh takes over from him and spin at the Mulder end in the form of Julian de Mey, who replaces Coster.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  11:57
 VOC : 50-3 in 14.3 overs
VOC in trouble now as O’Dowd falls to Raja for an 8-ball duck, Asad Zulfiqar taking his second catch. Seelaar in to join Edwards, who’s still there on 24.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  11:54
 Punjab : 65-1 in 12 overs
Raza’s departure brings some sanity to proceedings, as does the advent of Mark Jonkman in place of Ninan from the Equestrian Centre End. But Khan is looking very good indeed, his 24 including five boundaries struck all round the wicket.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  11:50
 VOC : 41-2 in 12 overs
Botha strikes twice in the 11th over for ACC, removing Rutgers for 22 and Dirk van Baren for a duck, caught Saqib and Asad Zulfiqar respectively. O’Dowd joins Edwards.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  11:48
 Quick : 27-1 in 10 overs
Stokkers and Landheer opening for Quick, Hilditch and van Troost sharing the new ball as usual. Landheer doesn’t last long though, trapped LBW for 14. Bista joins Stokkers.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:40
 VRA : 41-2 in 10 overs
Van de Burg and Borren look unruffled by the situation, bad balls still going to the rope as Westdijk and Coster are both driven through the covers in successive overs.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  11:30
 VOC : 36-0 in 8 overs
Meanwhile at Hazelaarweg VOC have reverted to Edwards and Rutgers as opening pair, and they’ve gotten them off to a steady start. Botha and newcomer Pandeja sharing the new ball for ACC.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  11:28
 Punjab : 43-1 in 5.4 overs
Raza’s onslaught continues, with another lofted boundary off Ninan and a four and a six off De Lange, but then he gets under the next and Bryce Street takes a fine diving catch at deep midwicket. Bamunusuinghe in at three.
Raza made 36 from 15 balls, with four fours and three sixes.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:27
 VRA : 19-2 in 6 overs
Familiar feeling for the hosts now one might expect, ter Braak nicks off to Coster and Visee pulls off a spectacular leaping catch behind the wicket. Borren in and signals his intent, driving Coster through extra to the rope. Once again VRA on the back foot early.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  11:21
 Punjab : 24-0 in 3 overs
The shock news from Het Zomercomplex is that Stef Myburgh is not playing, having been ordered to stand down by the KNCB because of an ankle injury. Anees Khan opens with Ali Raza in Myburgh’s absence, facing Ryan Ninan and Floris de Lange. Raza goes after Ninan’s second over, smacking him back over his head for six and then belting another into the trees beyond midwicket. A four adds the tally for the over to 16, with Raza on 21 from 8 deliveries.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:17
 VRA : 7-1 in 4 overs
Szwarczynski’s miserable season continues, chipping Coster to Morgan at midwicket. Captain to the crease and Coster completes a second maiden over. Good start for the visitors.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:09
 VRA : 6-0 in 2 overs
So no personnel changes for VRA but a re-jigged batting line up. Eric Szwarczynski up the order to open with ter Braak. He trebles his season tally stroking Westdijk out to long on for a couple. Wessel Coster from the other end for HBS, successive LBW appeals on ter Braak but neither terribly convincing.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  10:49
Punjab the odd one out today, they win the toss and put HCC in to bat.

VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  10:48
VOC likewise preferring to bat first after winning the toss, as expected Pieter Seelaar and Max O’Dowd return for them.

 Dosti United vs Sparta 1888  10:43
And Sparta have won the toss at Drieburg, they reckon it’s a bat first day too it seems.

 Quick Haag vs Excelsior ‘20  10:40
Over at Nieuw Hanenburg meanwhile Quick have the toss and will bat too. Couple of enforced changes, Quick skipper Jeroen Brand is injured, as is Excelsior keeper Roel Verhagen.

 VRA vs HBS Craeyenhout  10:35
Here at the Bos the hosts have the toss and will bat first, just one change from Saturday for HBS, Ferdi Vink in for Niels Wisse. It has been pointed out that Vink made his return on Saturday. Apologies. VRA also unchanged.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  10.13
It’s delightful weather here at the recently reopened Klein Kalfje where I’ve made a brief pit-stop en route, expect it’s much the same at the Bos and indeed across the Amstel at Drieburg. Sunshine throughout the day is forecast across the country in fact, so if you have the day off, as I hope you do, a fine opportunity to get along to a game.

 Bertus de Jong  10:09
Morning everyone and welcome back for the second instalment of the Pentecost double-round, a full five games scheduled again today. I’ll be heading over to the Amsterdamse Bos shortly to bring you the action from VRA vs HBS, whilst the good professor is en route to the Zomercomplex where Punjab will meet HCC. Also in action in Rotterdam are VOC who welcomeACC to Hazelaarweg, whilst Excelsior travel to Nieuw Hanenburg to take on Quick Haag and across the water from here Sparta will be at Drieburg to play Dosti. Still 20 minutes away from the toss here so plenty of time to check out our preview for the round.