Topklasse live | Round 6 | As it Happened

 Bertus de Jong  18:47
So precious little excitement in the end this round, though HBS and VRA both put on a show of fireworks this morning. Neither Dosti nor Punjab ever looked like chasing however, and both games were all-but over at lunch. HCC meanwhile made a 210 target look equally out of reach, whilst VOC made short work of Sparta. Quick and ACC came closest to a tense game this round, though it must be said it didn’t make for edifying watching. Here’s hoping for a return to tense and high quality cricket next week, until then this is Bertus de Jong signing off from sunny Amstelveen.

The Topklasse points table after round 6

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  18:42
 VRA : 328-8 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 233-9 in 50 overs
And Punjab, we belatedly hear, have also lost. Vorster put up some fight, making 85 before being caught off Borren, but really the hosts were never in the game.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  18:40
 Excelsior : 209-6 in 50 overs
 HCC : 120 all out in 47 overs
HCC have capitulated.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  18:20
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 222 all out in 40.4 overs
And it’s all over at Craeyenhout, as Morgan traps Sayed in front, leaving Hans on 42 not out. An excellent effort by him, but in truth it was HBS all the way after Visee got them off to a flyer. 134 runs the margin.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  18:12
 Excelsior : 209-6 in 50 overs
 HCC : 99-7 in 40 overs
Meanwhile at the Diepput Mark Jonkman is out, caught off Hilditch for 11. Peters in. HCC still in double figures with ten overs to go.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  18:06
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 193-5 in 49.3 overs
And it’s all over here at het Loopveld, thankfully. ACC slump to deserved defeat, Mol dropped again in the meantime to bring the tally of drops in the innings to six. He and Stokkers have batted well to take advantage of the repeated let-offs, coming in under real pressure to wrest the game back for Quick, as did young Teun Landheer at the top of the order. Still, you have to say that ACC have handed them victory here with a thoroughly average display in the field. Much needed points for Quick in what looks set to be a tense relegation battle.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  17:58
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 198-8 in 35.3 overs
We enter endgame at Craeyenhout as Farid Hoseinbaks is run out without scoring, and two balls later Asief of that ilk is brilliantly caught at cover by Morgan, diving low to his left, off Ferdi Vink. Arief Hoseinbaks is the last of the clan to enter the fray.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  17:52
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 178-5 in 46 overs
Meanwhile this partnership has first dragged Quick back into the game and now batted ACC entirely out of it. Just 12 needed off the last four overs. Botha to bowl his last.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  17:50
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 192-6 in 32.5 overs
Vinoo Tewarie’s fine innings comes to an end as Jaron Morgan comes into the attack and Visee completes a fine stumping, He made 65 from 79 deliveries. Farid Hoseinbaks joins Hans, who’s on 19.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:43
 Excelsior : 209-6 in 50 overs
 HCC : 82-6 in 34 overs
Eight the require rate now as Gorlee goes for 29, caught off Hilditch. Jonkman to the crease.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  17:39
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 165-5 in 43 overs
Fifty for Mol too now as he carves Sikander over the empty slip cordon for four. Hundred partnership too and Quick are cruising.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:34
 Excelsior : 209-6 in 50 overs
 HCC : 79-5 in 32 overs
HCC still slouching toward defeat, Gijs Kroesen has his second in the form of Ryan Ninan, Gorlee still there on 27, Joost van Kessel with him now. Required rate over 7.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  17:26
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 146-5 in 39 overs
Saqib persists with himself and regrets it as Mol slaps him onto the clubhouse roof first ball of the 38th, then gets off strike next ball. Botha still from the other end but seems to have lost his fire. Stokkers puts him back over his head for four. ACC need a wicket in a hurry or this game will be as done as the rest of the round. Raza returns.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  17:20
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 131-5 in 37 overs
Mol and Stokkers are making a game of this here though, Stokkers has his half century and Mol into the thirties, Botha is brought back but both batsmen looking settled now. 69 the partnership and they’ve more than doubled the score since the last wicket.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:12
 Excelsior : 209-6 in 50 overs
 HCC : 63-4 in 27.2 overs
Similarly hard to envision any outcome but another Excelsior victory at de Diepput now. Gijs Kroesen has removed Overdijk, Ninan joins Gorlee but they need well over a run a ball. More than half their overs gone and 147 still to get.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  17:08
 VRA : 328-8 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 79-5 in 26 overs
Punjab have made it as far as 79-5 in 26 overs we’re told, so pretty much only one way that’s going.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  17:02
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 98-5 in 31 overs
Well a wicket it should have been, Mol whips the first ball back behind square for four, and then hoists the next down the throat of Raza at deep midwicket, who drops ACC’s fourth catch of the innings.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  16:58
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 147-5 in 22.5 overs
Hafeez, effectively batting on one leg, slashes at an Adil Ahmed delivery, and edges to Visee behind the stumps. Mahesh Hans joins his skipper, who is on 47. But it seems like it’s only a matter of time now.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  16:55
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 94-5 in 30.3 overs
Mol no longer content it seems as Sikander goes short and is hooked hard over backward square for six. Yet another ball-hunting break so watch for a wicket when we return…

 ACC vs Quick Haag  16:46
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 86-5 in 30 overs
Stokkers and Mol content to look for singles here as Saqib brings himself on. Stokkers moves on to 36, Rooda approaching double figures. Required rate up over fives now though and not a huge amount of batting to come.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  16:42
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 119-4 in 18.5 overs
And that’s exactly what happens, as Davids tries to whip Adil Ahmed away over midwicket and can only sky the catch to Barresi. Mohammad Hafeez joins Tewarie.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  16:42
 Excelsior : 209-6 in 50 overs
 HCC : 45-3 in 20 overs
HCC meanwhile making a meal of this chase. Staal and Street both gone, LBW and caught respectively, both to Khan. Gorlee and Overdijk in and progress tortuous at best.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  16:38
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 117-3 in 18 overs
A useful stand this between Tewarie and Davids, on 42 and 38 respectively. Visee is ringing the changes with his bowlers, and he’ll know that Dosti are (a) behind the rate and (b) can’t afford to lose more wickets.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  16:26
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 64-5 in 22 overs
Five down now, Rooda nicks Raza behind, Doc Mol to the crease to join Stokkers, who’s still there on 23.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  16:22
 Excelsior : 209-6 in 50 overs
 HCC : 28-1 in 15 overs
Double bowling change at de Diepput in the meantime, Hilditch and van Troost making way for Khan and Bhatti, but it prompts no acceleration.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  16:19
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 62-4 in 20 overs
Stokkers survives again, pulling Raza hard and flat square of the wicket, and Botha spills pretty much exactly the catch that Landheer took in the first innings. Did well to even get to it mind.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  16:18
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 84-3 in 13 overs
Dosti reach the first drinks interval without further alarums, with Davids hitting Westdijk out of the attack with three fours (one of them admittedly fortuitous), and Vinoo Tewarie moving on to 25. Barresi replaces Westdijk at the Sportlaan End, but it’s a massive chase for the Amsterdammers.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  16:16
 VRA : 328-8 in 50 overs
 Punjab : 55-2 in 15 overs
News at last from the Zomercomplex where Punjab are two down for 55 chasing lots. No further details I’m afraid, do get tweeting if you’re at the game, #TKlive

 ACC vs Quick Haag  16:09
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 55-4 in 17 overs
Another break, another wicket. Zulfiqar Senior is through Landheer and hits high on the back pad, could go either way you’d think and the umpire takes his time, but up goes the finger. Gone for 20. Rooda in.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  15:59
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 52-3 in 15 overs
Fifty up for Quick here as Stokkers hits Ahmed Zulfiqar for two fours in the 15th, and they’ll take drinks. Stokkers and Landheer both on 18.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  15:58
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 50-3 in 8.3 overs
Vimal Tewarie nicks Westdijk through to Tobias Visee, and Dosti lose another. Anees Davids enters what’s starting to look like Last Chance Saloon.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  15:55
 Excelsior : 209-6 in 50 overs
 HCC : 15-1 in 10 overs
Van Troost breaks HCC’s stultifying opening partnership, Qasim caught for 4 off 24 balls. Street is still there, he’s on 5*. Tonny Staal in at three.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  15:50
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 40-3 in 13 overs
Stokkers and Landheer rebuilding here at het Loopveld. Neither look like wasting their respective reprieves.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  15:48
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 44-2 in 7.1 overs
An absolutely crucial wicket for HBS, as Wessel Coster comes on in place of Barresi, Kohli goes after his first delivery, and Barresi snaffles the waist-high catch at first slip. Vimal Tewarie joins cousin Vinoo.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  15:43
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 34-1 in 6 overs
Kohli looks purposeful, but when Barresi gives him half a chance he smacks him away over midwicket for six. Tewarie settling in at the other end.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  15:35
 Excelsior : 209-6 in 50 overs
 HCC : 8-0 in 5 overs
A watchful start for HCC in the meantime, Bryce Street and Ali Ahmed opening, Hilditch and van Troost as usual for Excelsior.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  15:30
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
 Dosti : 5-1 in 1.2 overs
An early wicket for HBS as well: three off Berend Westdijk’s first to Vinoo Tewarie, but when Barresi opens from the Scoreboard End a single to Tewarie brings Rahil Ahmed on strike. A wide, and then a sharp, low catch for Gomes at shortish, straightish mid-on. Taru Kohli to the crease.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  15:28
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 26-3 in 8 overs
ACC spurn the opportunity to turn the screw here, with two chances going begging in two overs. Landheer gets a thick edge on the cut off Botha and it flies through the cordon, then Stokker’s nicks Sikander low and wide of the keeper. Stokkers then takes advantage of an overpitched next ball to drive expansively through long off to the rope.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  15:14
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 16-3 in 5 overs
And Davey gone too, turned back from a hopeless single to point, throw comes in and well short. Goes without scoring, Stokkers in.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  15:04
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
 Quick : 10-2 in 3 overs
We’re back in action here at het Loopveld, and quite a lot of action we’ve had already. Botha has struck in each of his first two overs, Bob van Gigch edges to Zulfiqar Pater at third slip, then the big one, Bista nicks off to Asad behind the stumps. Davey in to join Landheer.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  15.03
Hot! Hot! Hot!

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:41
 Excelsior : 209-6 in 50 overs
Heggelman gets his side to 209 at the break, and finishes unbeaten on 26.

 Rod Lyall  14:40
The HBS total of 356-4 is equal fifth highest in the top division since the introduction of 50-over cricket in 2000, and 10 short of VRA’s record 366, made against Hermes-DVS Schiedam in 2013.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  14:40
 HBS : 356-4 in 50 overs
A brisk stand of 79 in 6.5 overs takes HBS past the 350 after all, and to a club record total in the top division of 356 for 4. Barresi and Adil Ahmed make 40 and 34 respectively against a Dosti attack which has toiled manfully in the heat but with only modest success.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:33
 Excelsior : 201-6 in 48.1 overs
Ingram doesn’t get far past 100 either though, he’s caught behind off Overdijk for 109, and Overdijk has his third shortly after bowling David Woutersen for one. Gijs Kroesen in to join his skipper who’s on 23, 200 on the board with 11 balls to go.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  14:31
 VRA : 328-8 in 50 overs
Borren goes for 105 in the end caught lap sweeping, and wickets keep coming as VRA look to pile on the runs at thee death. Lees finds the rope first ball, but aggressive running costs first Turmaine his wicket for 41, then Lees his for 19 on the last ball. The risky approach has also brought then to an intimidating total of 328, however.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:23
 Excelsior : 181-4 in 46.4 overs
Century for Ingram too, still there with Heggleman.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  14:17
 ACC : 189 all out in 48.2 overs
ACC crumble after the last Zulfiqar departs, all out for 189 in the end. Sikander the closest to a serious score falling six short of a half century. The outfield’s not the quickest but the pitch is true enough, I’d say ACC will have a tough job defending this, especially if they can’t find Bista’s wicket in short order.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  14:16
 VRA : 296-5 in 47 overs
Borren brings up his ton as he brought up his half century, with a huge six over midwicket. He’s lost ter Braak along the way, gone for 78, but will be perfectly happy with his current partner. Leon Turmaine is on 33 off 12 balls with three sixes of his own.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:14
 Excelsior : 164-4 in 44.2 overs
Ingram and Heggelman still looking to run up the scoring rate at de Diepput,Ingram looking on for another century, he’s on 88*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  14:05
 HBS : 284-4 in 43 overs
Morgan finally goes, clipping a sharp return catch to Anees Davids. Adil Ahmed in, but 350’s starting to look a bit distant now.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  14:03
 ACC : 176-8 in 45 overs
Sikander goes and suddenly the 200’s a very long way off. Skier off Davey and van der Horst is under it, makes no mistake. Kumar and Botha in now to make what they can off the last five overs. Van Schelven back.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  13:55
 HBS : 268-3 in 40 overs
Gomes flicks Sayed behind square for four, but later in the over he top-edges to third man and David drops back to take the catch. Barresi in to join Morgan, who’s on 108

Sharn Gomes adding to Dosti’s woes photo Remco van Oosterom

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:49
 Excelsior : 140-4 in 40 overs
Ingram’s injecting some belated acceleration into proceedings as he moves rapidly into the 70s, but loses Kroesen at the other end, caught off Overdijk. Heggelman in.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  13:45
 ACC : 156-6 in 40 overs
Sikander trying to hold the innings together, needs someone to stick with him if they’re going to make it much past 200 though. He’s on 38* as Stokkers comes into the attack.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC Rotterdam  13.44
 Sparta : 49 all out in 20.5 overs
 VOC : 50-2 in 12.1 overs
VOC meanwhile have earned themselves the afternoon off, Rutgers and O’Dowd finish things off.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  13:40
 HBS : 253-2 in 38 overs
And a push into the covers off Kohli gives Morgn a thoroughly-deserved century. It has been a magnificent innings. And I have been doing Tobias Visee an injustice: he made 85 before holing out. Another drinks break brings temporary relief, but the stand is approaching 150 with 12 overs left.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  13:37
 VRA : 179-3 in 35 overs
Borren brings up his half century with a towering six, and VRA have recovered well after their habitual early wobbles. Borren on 55 now, ter Braak 69.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:36
 Excelsior : 101-3 in 36 overs
Hundred up for Excelsior in the meantime, Ingram still there on 44*. Tyrone Peters into the attack for HCC and Ninan’s back at the other end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  13:33
 HBS : 246-2 in 36 overs
A fifty for Gomes as well, and he’s on 53. Morgan has hit several more towering sixes off various suffering Dosti bowlers, and is on 96.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  13:32
 ACC : 148-5 in 36 overs
Every break brings a wicket here today, Zulfiqar senior pulls van Schelven low flat and square off the last ball of the 36th, and Teun Landheer makes the ground at speed tearing round from deep midwicket to take a great low catch. Raza in.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  13:27
 ACC : 146-5 in 35 overs
Much needed drinks here and the two remaining Zulfiqars continue to build a partnership, Ahmed on 15 and Sikander on 32 now.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC Rotterdam  13.20
 Sparta : 49 all out in 20.5 overs
 VOC : 22-1 in 6 overs
They’re back underway at Bermweg too, and Bukhari has Edwards LBW early, but Rutgers and van Baren have got them nearly half-way the 50-run target.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  13:16
 VRA : 151-3 in 32 overs
Borren and ter Braak still going at het Zomercomplex, and ter Braak has his half-century in the meantime, he’s on 56, Borren on 40.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  13:13
 ACC : 131-5 in 30 overs
ACC’s outfield looking increasingly bucolis as a pair of geese arrive to forage amidst the daisies at third man. Meanwhile Sikander Zulfiqar and his dad press on, Bista back.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  13:13
 HBS : 196-2 in 30 overs
Morgan reaches his half-century with a lovely straight drive off Sayed, and then leans back to loft him over extra cover for a one-bounce four. Next over he plants Asief Hoseinbaks over the fence. Something in excess of 350 is on the cards here, unless Dosti can pick up quick wickets.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:09
 Excelsior : 85-3 in 30 overs
Hilditch falls victim to the commentators curse (sorry) and is out for only the second time this season. And it’s run-out again. Joost Kroesen in.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:04
 Excelsior : 82-2 in 28 overs
Ingram and Hilditch looking entirely inseparable in the middle for Excelsior, though HCC have kept the rate down until now, Overdijk and de Lange in action at the moment.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  13:00
 HBS : 172-2 in 27 overs
Morgan has been the more aggressive of this pair, moving on to 40 at a run a ball, while Gomes continues in supporting mode, and has reached 36. Nissar Sayed on at the Sportlaan End, but the stand is now 57, and looking very ominous.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  12:57
 ACC : 119-5 in 26 overs
Another ball-hunting expedition here as Rasool puts van Schelven out of the field and into the water hazard as it turns out. But again the enforced break brings a wicket as he’s bowled next ball. Zulfiqar senior pressed into service again to join Sikander.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC Rotterdam  12.49
 Sparta : 49 all out in 20.5 overs
Sparta meanwhile won’t make it to fifty. Seelaar wraps things up in his first over. 2-0 in 0.5 his figures.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  12:45
 VRA : 99-3 in 23 overs
VRA closing in on three figures in the meantime with Borren and ter Braak still in the middle. Saleemi has bowled his ten straight for 42 runs and 3 wickets.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  12:43
 HBS : 153-2 in 23 overs
Tewarie continues to rely on spin, operating in tandem with Hans, and then giving way to Mohammad Hafeez. He, though, is nursing a thigh injury, and reduces his run-up to a couple of paces. Goes for just a single, and Gomes and Morgan are on 31 and 26 respectively.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC Rotterdam  12.39
 Sparta : 49-8 in 20 overs
Fletcher and Klaassen complete ten uninterrupted overs each, and will be pretty happy with their work. 3-20 and 5-28 the product of their efforts respectively. Muhammad and Hoornweg the penultimate wicket pair for Sparta, with plenty of time to bat.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  12:37
 ACC : 100-4 in 22 overs
Hundred up here in the meantime as Rasool flicks vd Horst off his toes for a quick single. Running has been good from these too, and it’s had to be as the outfield has been doing Quick’s work for them all day.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  12:28
 Excelsior : 57-2 in 19 overs
Jonkman with the breakthrough at de Diepput, Shankar looking to kick on but can only shank one to Gorlee at point, who takes a good high catch.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  12:27
 ACC : 87-4 in 20.2 overs
That’s the end of Saqib, striding down the track to Mol, no connection and stumps everywhere. Rasool in.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC Rotterdam  12.23
 Sparta : 41-8 in 16.3 overs
Sardha gone too, lbw to Fletcher. Klaassen has Snoep caught behind next over. Mohammad and Saleem in. And Saleem out. Five-fer for Klaassen who’s on a hattrick. Could be over by Lunch at this rate.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC Rotterdam  12.17
 Sparta : 41-5 in 15.4 overs
Wickets all over in fact as Bukhari has his stumps uprooted by Fletcher, Sardha in and Sparta deep in it.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  12:15
 ACC : 77-3 in 17 overs
And a wicket here too, Frenz caught behind off Mol. Sikander in. Bista still at the other end.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  12:14
 VRA : 68-3 in 16 overs
No captain’s innings from van den Burg, he’s gone for 12. Borren in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  12:13
 HBS : 115-2 in 15.1 overs
Vinoo Tewarie comes on himself at the Sportlaan End, and Visee cracks his first ball hard and low to newcomer Nissar Sayed at mid-off, who takes a fine catch. Visee departs for 79 (from 46 deliveries), and is succeeded by Jaron Morgan.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  12:04
 VRA : 60-2 in 14 overs
Ter Braak and van den Burg still for VRA, they’re on 22 and 5 respectively.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  12:02
 ACC : 72-2 in 14 overs
And Bista really should have had a wicket there, Frenz looking to cut and top edged high to gully, where van Gigch spills it over his head.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  12:01
 HBS : 103-1 in 13 overs
After an expensive first over Taruwar Kohli, who has replaced Davids at the Scoreboard End, manages to put the brakes on a little, going for just a couple of singles from his second. But Visee has meantime put Hans into the trees beside the sightscreen, and he’s moved on to 74. Gomes posts his first boundary with a sweet cover drive, and it’s time for a much-needed drink.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  11:59
 ACC : 67-2 in 13 overs
Double bowling change here, Bista takes over from vd Horst and Geert Mol from Davey, looking to slow things down after a bright start from ACC. Saqib takes a liking to Mol though, and pulling him in front of square for four before being denied two more boundaries as the rather over-verdant outfield drags two fine drives back inside the rope.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC Rotterdam  11.54
 Sparta : 33-4 in 10.3 overs
And Klaassen has his third, Pollard caught O’Dowd for 19. Captain to the crease.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  11:50
 Excelsior : 36-1 in 13 overs
Shankar and Ingram making unshowy progress for Excelsior in the meantime. Ahmed and Jonkman replace de Lange and Ninan.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC Rotterdam  11.48
 Sparta : 33-3 in 10 overs
So it’s fallen to Pollard and Bukhari to rebuild for Sparta, they’ve doubled the score since the third wicket fell.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  11:44
 ACC : 48-2 in 8 overs
Two for Davey now as he splays the stumps of Rehmat Zulfiqar, who was looking dangerous. He goes for a handy 30 including two of the bigger sixes I’ve seen this season. Frenz in to join Saqib.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  11:42
 VRA : 47-2 in 9 overs
Szwarczynski’s sorry season continues, gone for a season’s best 19. Van den Burg in to join ter Braak.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  11:39
 HBS : 74-1 in 8 overs
Visee’s onslaught continues, provoking a switch of ends for Davids and the entry of Mahesh Hans into the attack from the Sportlaan End. But there’s no respite for Dosti, as the HBS skipper plays a succession of glorious shots all round the wicket, reaching his fifty off just 21 balls, with nine fours nd two sixes. Gomes is playing an exemplary supporting role, pushing singles and giving Visee the strike. He’s on 56 now.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  11:36
 ACC : 45-1 in 6.3 overs
And the unscheduled break brings a wicket as Davey nicks Asad off, gone for ten. Saqib in.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  11:34
 ACC : 44-0 in 6.2 overs
Protracted ball-hunt here after Rehmat smashes Davey over the scoreboard and indeed the tallest of the trees behind it. Big hit that.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  11:32
 VRA : 37-1 in 7 overs
One down at Zomercomplex, Vikram Singh goes for 12. Ter Braak and Szwarczynski now.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC Rotterdam  11.30
 Sparta : 16-3 in 4.5 overs
Sparta meanwhile are being made to rue their decision to bat first, Iqbal, Ishfaq and de Kok all back in the pavilion bowled Klaassen, bowled Klaasen and bowled Fletcher caught Klaassen respectively.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  11:19
 HBS : 21-1 in 3 overs
Asief Hoseinbaks from the Scoreboard End, and Visee goes after him, pulling him wide of midwicket for four and six. A cultured late cut off Davids takes him to 15, and the total to 21.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  11:17
 ACC : 27-0 in 4 overs
Rehmat and Asad Zulfiqar have gotten the hosts off to a solid start here at het Loopveld, van de Horst and Landheer share the new ball for Quick, the former being treated to a cracking lofted square drive for four courtesy Rehmat, last ball of the over. ACC ticking along nicely.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  11:15
 Excelsior : 14-1 in 5 overs
Floris de Lange with the early breakthrough for HCC, Tim Etman caught in the slips by Tonny Staal. Ingram at three joins Shankar.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  11:04
 HBS : 3-1 in 0.5 overs
Anees Davids opens from the Sportlaan End to Tobias Visee and Dennis Coster. His fifth ball gets big on Coster – playing his first game back from injury – and he can only fend it to Vinoo Tewarie at short leg, who takes the overhead catch. Sharn Gomes in at three.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  10:48
Down at the Zomercomplex meanwhile Punjab have won the toss and, as the sole dissenting voice this morning, they call it a bowl-first day.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  10:42
Excelsior the first visiting team to call correctly, they also prefer to bat. In other news, I’m afraid I’m going to have to disappoint those who had been hoping for an Ed Cowan Topklasse return.

 ACC vs Quick Haag  10:40
And another won toss for the home side here at het Loopveld, ACC will bat first too

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti United  10:38
And the same story at Craeyenhout, where HBS have won the toss and will have a bat too.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC Rotterdam  10.35
Word from Bermweg is that the hosts have won the toss and will bat first

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  10.33
Looks like a scorcher. Sun’s out and not a cloud in the sky, thermometer reads 21 degrees and we’re expecting it to tick up toward the high 20s this afternoon.

 Bertus de Jong  10:29
Good Morning everyone and welcome to our live coverage of the sixth round of Topklasse matches, we should have some toss information for you shortly, but in the meantime the preview for this round is up, or why not take a gander at the beginnings of this season’s statszone.