Topklasse Live

Rod Lyall  19:51
It’s been a funny old day, with two of the four games abandoned without a
ball bowled, one going the distance, and another, reduced to 36 overs, finishing in relatively bright Amstelveen sunshine. Tomorrow is, as they say, another day, and with HBS playing VOC at Craeyenhout, we’ll be back to bring you all the action. Join us again then, and in the meantime, this is Rod Lyall, on behalf of the TKcricket team, saying goodbye.

played won lost tied n/r points x̅ pts NRR
ACC 8 6 2 12 1.50 0.768
EXC 8 6 2 12 1.50 0.422
HBS 8 6 2 12 1.50 0.366
HCC 7 5 2 10 1.43 0.453
VOC 7 3 4 6 0.86 0.583
DST 8 3 5 6 0.75 -0.229
VCC 8 3 5 6 0.75 -0.559
SPT 8 3 5 6 0.75 -0.710
QCK 9 3 6 6 0.67 -0.402
VRA 7 1 6 2 0.29 -0.667


 Dosti-United vs ACC  19:23
ACC : 185-4 (36 overs)
Dosti : 160-9 (36 overs)
And Dosti finish 25 short, despite a spirited unbeaten half-century from Mahesh Hans. Saqib Zulfiqar again the leading wicket-taker for ACC with four for 30, Aryan Kumar taking three for 9 in seven overs.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  19:20
Quick : 315-4 (50 overs)
VCC : 252 all out (43.5 overs)
De Grooth goes for 107, and VCC rapidly capitulate. All over and Quick win by 63 runs.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  19:05
Quick : 315-4 (50 overs)
VCC : 226-7 (41.3 overs)
Hundred for Tom de Grooth off 113 balls, three consecutive fours off Bista to all corners – unlikely to be enough but fine effort nonetheless.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  18:53
Quick : 315-4 (50 overs)
VCC : 179-7 (38.1 overs)
De Grooth defiant, sweeping Brand for four to go to 83*, but he’s lost Kingma now too and still more than 100 to get. Glover in with him now.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  18:52
ACC : 185-4 (36 overs)
Dosti : 114-8 (30 overs)
Hans and Hoseinbaks making a go of it, the former has a couple of boundaries to his name already, but Dosti have too much to do from here you’d think. Top order has let them down rather and this game looks to be drifting toward the inevitable.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  18:36
Quick : 315-4 (50 overs)
VCC : 177-6 (34 overs)
VCC’s innings coming apart now too, had looked on track but Mol and Brand strike in successive overs to remove Floyd and Boissevain. De Grooth still there on 70* now with Kingma for company.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  18:35
ACC : 185-4 (36 overs)
Dosti : 88-6 (25 overs)
Well it was always likely to happen eventually. Masood’s entertaining cameo comes to an end as Potdar holds a big top edge of Saqib. Hans in to join Singh.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  18:15
ACC : 185-4 (36 overs)
Dosti : 56-5 (20 overs)
Masood and Singh now for Dosti, swinging gamely at everything. Masood creams one a long way back over long on for six, but they’re riding their luck rather. Plenty going up and coming down in space. Good positivity though.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  18:02
Quick : 315-4 (50 overs)
VCC : 135-4 (24 overs)
And Gigani gone now too, caught Bista off Mol. De Grooth soldiers on, 60* now.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  17:55
ACC : 185-4 (36 overs)
Dosti : 27-4 (15 overs)
Dosti going nowhere slow.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  17:42
Quick : 315-4 (50 overs)
VCC : 115-3 (22 overs)
Smit gone, caught behind off Mol for 40, Gigani in.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  17:27
Quick : 315-4 (50 overs)
VCC : 102-2 (19 overs)
De Grooth and Smit the younger doing good work for VCC, pretty much where Quick were at the same stage. De Grooth five away from a half century and Smit on 36*.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  17:17
ACC : 185-4 (36 overs)
Dosti : 8-2 (5 overs)
Dosti stumbling of the gate, two for Arya already. Ghori and Kohli back in the box. Tewarie and Bali for Dosti now and progress is slow.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  16:55
Quick : 315-4 (50 overs)
VCC : 52-2 (10 overs)
Croes gone too now, run rate’s not too much of a worry but de Grooth must be worrying about his shrinking list of potential partners.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  16:45
ACC : 185-4 (36 overs)
ACC looking to accelerate at the death, and do well enough. Sikander gets a reprieve as he’s shelled at deep midwicket by Singh off Hoseinbaks, and some enthusiastic hitting gets them to 185.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  16:40
Quick : 299-4 (47.3 overs)
VCC : 40-1 (6.3 overs)
First wicket down, Smit pinned LBW by Dake, de Grooth looking much improved however, he’s still there on 30*.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  16:22
ACC : 125-4 (27 overs)
Have arrived at het Loopveld, where Mahesh Hans has succeeded in removing Jean Marais for a useful 61 from the top of the order. Sikander and Barends in for ACC now.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  16:20
Quick : 299-4 (47.3 overs)
VCC : 15-0 (2 overs)
Back in action at Nieuw Hanenburg, Dake and Groenewald sharing the new ball, Matt Smit and de Grooth for VCC.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  16:12
ACC : 125-4 (27 overs)
Have arrived at het Loopveld, where Mahesh Hans has succeeded in removing Jean Marais for a useful 61 from the top of the order. Sikander and Barends in for ACC now.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  15:25
ACC : 59-2 (14 overs)
And some belated news from het Loopveld, where it’s game on. Dosti won the toss and asked ACC to bat, which they are now doing. Marais on 30* has just been joined by Saqib.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20   15:20
And this game is officially dead.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  15:19
Quick : 299-4 (47.3 overs)
Kingma brings an end to the carnage, Bista clean bowled six short of a double ton. 194 off 147, 19 fours, 8 sixes. Serious knock. Vierling in for the last few overs.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  15:10
Quick : 282-3 (46.1 overs)
Runs still coming for Bista puts Glover deep over backward square to initiate a ball-hunting expedition. He’s on 180 off 140 now.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  14:55
Quick : 245-3 (42.5 overs)
150 for Bista now, brings it up with a six over midwicket off Humphrey, off 128 balls all told.

 HCC vs Sparta  14:52
Bad news from De Diepput. The match has been abandoned. There is no sun, no wind, and the ground is not drying out. So for the second week in a row, the game here is off without a ball being bowled.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  14:44
Quick : 222-3 (39.1 overs)
And Glover finds the breakthrough, Mol caught Kingma in the covers for 59. Stokkers joins Bista, who’s on 133*.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  14:24
Quick : 188-2 (35.2 overs)
And a hundred for Bista just running it down to third man, his century coming, like his fifty, at exactly a run a ball.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  14:12
Quick : 165-2 (33 overs)
Century partnership, and fifty for Mol coming off 86 balls.

 HCC vs Sparta  14:08
The best-laid plans . . . The lightest of light showers intervenes and the covers are back on. It’s not likely to amount to much, but it’s put a hold on any progress here.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20   14:02
Lunch here now, umpires are over taking a look at the second ground

 HCC vs Sparta  13:53
The forking continues still. They’ll have a look in five minutes, with a view to starting at 14:45.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  13:50
Quick : 137-2 (25 overs)
Bista’s found a capable collaborator in Doc Mol, they’ve added 90 for the 3rd wicket and looking well set. Mol’s on to 36*, Bista 75*.

 HCC vs Sparta  13:29
They’re still working on the outfield here, particularly on an area in front of the sightscreen at the Van Hogenhoucklaan End. You’d think that all the discussion that’s going might help with the drying out process.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  13:25
Early lunch at het Loopveld, hoping for a 2.30ish start. Fingers crossed.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  12:46
Quick : 95-2 (16.4 overs)
And that’s a run-a-ball half century for Bista; six 4s and a 6.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20   12:57
Optimism is hard to find here at the Bos, though the sun is breaking through occasionally. Entertainment options limited to watching Guernsey’s go-slow at the European Regional T20 Qualifier Finals or the forgone conclusion that is Australia vs Sri Lanka in the oh-so #competitive World Cup. There’s still no coffee. Inspection at 1pm is the word, though it’s not entirely clear which ground they’ll be inspecting. “Both, either, pick one.”

 Bertus de Jong  12:50
Whole lot of nothing happening here at VRA. Still very squishy out there, talk of maybe trying to play on the second ground, eventually. The coffee machine is broken and we’ve been reduced to watching the World Cup. Grim times indeed.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  12:46
Quick : 47-2 (7.4 overs)
Bista still cruising but loses two partners in the 8th, van Gigch run out and Hayden Brain cleaned up by Glover. Mol in at four.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  12:26
Quick : 30-0 (4 overs)
Bista takes a liking to Glover’s bowling, hits him for 17 off the 4th over.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  12:14
Quick : 3-0 (1 over)
And we have some cricket! Bista and van Gigch opening for Quick, Kingma and Glover sharing the new ball for VCC. 3 off the first over.

HCC vs Sparta 12:04
An early lunch at De Diepput. There is still an issue with parts of the outfield, which is soaked, and the umpires want to give it more time to improve, with a rather watery sun now shining. There’s very little wind, but we’re optimistic that we’ll get a start before 2 o’clock.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  11:54
Expedited toss and start at Quick, where the hosts have called correctly and will bat first, starting in about 15 minutes. They’re gonna hurry through lunch, so no overs off as yet.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  11:52
No play for the foreseeable at het Loopveld, still very wet out there.

Lots of work being done at de Diepput Photo: Sander Tholen

 Quick Haag vs VCC  11:34
Brightening up now, but still damp underfoot. Another inspection at 12.00

 HCC vs Sparta  11:21
There will be an inspection here in 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the forking continues, and there’s a blower operating on the pitch. It’s also looking just a tad brighter.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  11:20
Cleared up at the Hague, run ups still rather damp but they’re taking a look with an optimistic eye on a noon start.

Work to be done at VRA Photo: Bertus de Jong

HCC vs Sparta 11:00
They’ve taken the covers off at De Diepput, and the umpires are pacing the outfield. Once we get their verdict, we’ll bring you up to speed.

  🌧 Weather Update 🌧   10:52
Pretty grim all over, raining in the South and puddles in the North, though there’s better weather moving in behind. May yet see some cricket but here at VRA it won’t be on the main ground. In the meantime we’ll keep you up to date on ever drizzle and downpour.

 Dosti-United vs ACC  10:44
Damp and puddly at het Loopvel too.

 Quick Haag vs VCC  10:39
And it’s raining in the Hague now.

 VRA vs Excelsior ’20   10:38
Won’t be getting on any time soon at VRA either. Heavy overnight rain has done a number on the pitch, not clear if the whole square was covered. Standing water in the outfield too, not looking good at all.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  10:29
And good morning again from De Diepput, which is after all living up to its name. It’s overcast, it’s been raining, plenty, and we’re in for a long delay. The pitch is covered, but the outfield is very, very wet. They’ve been applying forks liberally to the area in front of the dressing rooms over on the far side, but the outfield as a whole is best described as squidgy. We’ll let you know as soon as there’s any news.

 Bertus de Jong  10:16
Good morning all and welcome back. Closing in on the half-way point with most of Round 9 today, though as you may have heard HBS-VOC has been pushed back to tomorrow. Given the weather situation today that looks to have been a prescient move on their part, though we’re hopeful we’ll see some play today. I’m on my way to the Bos where VRA will be taking on Excelsior, whilst Rod and Sander are off to de Diepput for HCC-Sparta. About 15 minutes to go before any tossing that might happen on time, in the meantime there’s all new galleries and previews and such.