2021 Season
Honours Summary
Topklasse, 01-May-2021 to 01-August-2021

Statistic Name Club Figures
Best Batting Average T Stubbs EXC 110.00
Highest Score T Walbrugh HBS 171*
Best Batting Aggregate MP O’Dowd VOC 810
Best Bowling Average C Floyd HCC 7.08
Most Wickets C Floyd HCC 37
Most Wickets in Innings SB van Wingerden VOC 6-23
Most Catches Y Usman PJB 14

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Honours Summary
Topklasse, 08-May-1988 to 30-August-2020

Statistic Name Club Figures
Most Runs TBM de Leede Voorburg 11939
Highest Score NE Clarke Quick Haag 265*
Best Batting Average K Noema-Barnett Quick Haag 95.67
Most Wickets TBM de Leede Voorburg 476
Most Wickets in Innings C Pringle HCC Den Haag 9-25
Best Bowling Average CR Miller Rood en Wit 9.90
Most Dismissals (keeper) MMC Schewe Excelsior ’20 582
Most Catches (fielder) NA Statham Hermes DVS 202
Highest Innings Score Quick Haag I Quick Haag 428
Lowest Innings Score VOC I VOC Rotterdam 17