Topklasse Live | Round 15 | As it Happened

 Bertus de Jong  19.25
So losses for Sparta and Quick both means relegation remains in the balance, but Punjab’s win over Hermes in the Hoofdklasse today means it’s almost certain the Rotterdammers will be making their return. At the top of the table Excelsior’s win over nearest rivals HCC leaves them well-placed to reclaim the title. Still three rounds to go though, so nothing is certain yet. We’ll be back next week for round 16 of course, do join us then. Until then this is Bertus de Jong signing off from sunny Amstelveen.

played won lost tied n/r points x̅ pts NRR
EXC 14 11 2 1 1 23 1.64 0.646
HCC 13 9 4 2 18 1.38 0.464
HBS 15 10 5 20 1.33 0.264
ACC 14 9 5 1 18 1.29 0.431
DST 14 7 7 1 14 1.00 0.539
VOC 14 6 8 1 12 0.86 0.151
VRA 14 6 8 1 12 0.86 -0.126
VCC 13 5 8 2 10 0.76 -0.565
SPT 14 3 10 1 1 7 0.50 -0.940
QCK 15 3 12 6 0.40 -0.907

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  18:32
HBS : 232-7 (50 overs)
VCC : 202 all out (?? overs)
VCC, we hear, have fallen 30 runs short. Details to follow…

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  18:10
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 152 all out (45.3 overs)
Bhatti surgically removes Klaus’s off stump, and the next delivery thumps terminally into Lagas’s pads. Excelsior win by 49 runs, and it’s very hard to see them losing the championship from here.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  18:12
VRA : 248 all out (50 overs)
Sparta : 198-9 (50 overs)
All done here meanwhile, Gunning picks up two well-deserved wickets with the last two balls, having bowled better than his figures had looked all day. Comfortable win for the hosts.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  18:07
HBS : 232-7 (50 overs)
VCC : 183-7 (44 overs)
By curious symmetry, fifty-odd off the last six with three in hand the requirement on the second field too.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  18:05
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 151-8 (44.4 overs)
And that’s probably the match, Overdijk beaten by Woutersen’s throw as he tries to get back on strike. He goes for a very fine 46, to be succeeded by Lagas.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  18:01
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 149-7 (44 overs)
Eleven off Heggelman’s last, including six onto the tennis courts by Overdijk. 53 needed off six.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  18:03
Dosti : 172 all out (49.4 overs)
Quick : 111-9 (40 overs)
Not a lot of tension left at Drieburg either.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  17:56
VRA : 248 all out (50 overs)
Sparta : 183-7 (47 overs)
Speaking of big asks…

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:54
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 138-7 (43 overs)
While I was running errands for m’colleague Douwe Walhain came and went, but Overdijk’s still there, now on 38 and batting with Ali Ahmed Qasim. 64 needed off seven, possible but big, big ask.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  17:40
HBS : 232-7 (50 overs)
VCC : 144-6 (39 overs)
Another run out across the way does for Humphrey, always a risk with the asking rate approaching nine an over.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:36
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 122-6 (38.1 overs)
Matt Hay goes, caught at deep midwicket by Tim Etman off Heggelman.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  17:25
Dosti : 172 all out (49.4 overs)
Quick : 86-7 (30 overs)
Pretty much game over at Drieburg too, you’d think. Brand and Stokkers. Van Schelven in with Di Bianco.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  17:14
VRA : 248 all out (50 overs)
Sparta : 122-4 (38 overs)
This game drifting toward the inevitable here, Sparta less than half-way to the target, VRA happy just to strangle the scoring. Required rate over tens now. Bukhari and Singh still but no sign of a change in gear.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:12
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 108-5 (33.1 overs)
Ingram breaks the partnership: Itagi fails to get to the pitch, and it’s a straightforward catch for Heggelman this time, fielding at extra cover.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:06
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 103-4 (32 overs)
Itagi and Overdijk are going about this chase very intelligently; 106 needed off the last 20, and seven come off the first of them, including a lofted four wide of mid-on by Overdijk, who earlier put Van Wyk onto the pavilion roof. But then Ingram switches ends, and bowls a maiden to Overdijk. Heggelman on for Van Wyk.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  17:06
HBS : 232-7 (50 overs)
VCC : 104-5 (32 overs)
Hundred up for VCC meanwhile, but a long way off the pace.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  17:05
ACC : 173-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 178-4 (? overs)
Seelaar sees them home, unbeaten on 66 in the end and a comfortable win surely spells then end of ACC’s title hopes.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  16:59
Dosti : 172 all out (49.4 overs)
Quick : 71-4 (20 overs)
Mol run out now, Quick under the pump. Still more than 100 behind.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:58
ACC : 173-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 163-4 (30 overs)
Edwards gone for 55, but too late for ACC, Seelaar still there on 56* and just eleven to get.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  16:45
HBS : 232-7 (50 overs)
VCC : 77-4 (25 overs)
Voorburg have left themselves a lot to do as well, not helped by the fact that Gigani’s been run out.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  16:40
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 73-4 (24 overs)
Overdijk’s living dangerously, put down twice off successive Baker deliveries, both difficult chances. First Heggelman dives to his left at cover but can’t hold onto it s he hits the ground, then Ingram just gets a hand to an edge past slip. Lenart van Wyk into the attack now, replacing Ingram.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  16:40
VRA : 248 all out (50 overs)
Sparta : 83-3 (28 overs)
And Borren gets the one they wanted, Fletcher lofting a checked drive toward Cooper at mid on, who takes it at his feet. Huge appeal for LBW on Buurman first ball, survives, but VRA well on top of a sudden.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  16:39
Dosti : 172 all out (49.4 overs)
Quick : 54-3 (13 overs)
Wickets falling at Drieburg too, Diwan bowled and Ekelmans caught in the slips in consecutive overs.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  16:35
VRA : 248 all out (50 overs)
Sparta : 83-2 (27 overs)
Pressure building as the require rate climbs here, and Turmaine profits. Rattu down the track and swishing at air, Lees takes the ball and the bails. Fletcher still there but Sparta have let the game drift rather here.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  16:20
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 53-4 (18.4 overs)
Street slices Baker behind point for four, but then he lashes at the fourth ball and Lenart van Wyk at mid-on reaches above his head to snaffle the catch. Overdijk in now, and HCC in trouble.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:18
ACC : 173-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 98-3 (22 overs)
Seelaar and Edwards, still. VOC closing in on 3 figures, ominous partnership from ACC’s perspective.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  16:18
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 49-3 (18 overs)
Ingram into the attack immediately after drinks, and the final delivery of his first over strikes Gorlee on the pads. The umpire’s finger goes up, Gorlee gestures angrily, but he has to go. Bharat Itagi joins Street.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  16:10
VRA : 248 all out (50 overs)
Sparta : 68-1 (19.1 overs)
Finally a wicket, spectacular grab from Lees high to his right off the face of the bat as Iqbal looks to lift Graber over vacant first slip. Fletcher’s one away from fifty though and looks set to punish the hosts for the early drop. Rattu

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  16:09
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 46-2 (17 overs)
They take a drink, with Street and Gorlee laying the foundations of a potentially crucial partnership for HCC. The bowling’s tight, the fielding determined, and the going’s pretty tough at the moment.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  16:04
Dosti : 172 all out (49.4 overs)
Quick : 45-1 (10 overs)
Ekelmans and Diwan setting a platform for Quick meanwhile, Bista’s in the shed but they’ve won without him before…

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  16:01
HBS : 232-7 (50 overs)
VCC : 48-3 (16 overs)
Another down on the other side too, De Grooth gone.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  15:58
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 41-2 (14.1 overs)
Baker gets the breakthrough, as Wiffen plays across the line and is struck on the pad. He goes for 16. Excelsior had had a couple of biggish shouts turned down, but that’s an important wicket. Boris Gorlee in at four.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:52
ACC : 173-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 67-3 (16.2 overs)
VOC lose another, van Baren gone for 19. Edwards joins Seelaar.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  15:48
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 33-1 (12 overs)
Excelsior are doing what they do: defending a fairly modest total with vim (and possibly with Dash and Mr Muscle as well). Street took a brace of fours off Heggelman, whereupon he swiftly replaced himself with Sohail Bhatti. Parchment, having had a no ball slapped for another four, is immediately replaced by Umar Baker.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  15:44
Dosti : 172 all out (49.4 overs)
Quick : 24-1 (4 overs)
Big wicket at Drieburg, though we’re not sure who’s got it. Jay “The Game” Bista caught and bowled. Game out, game on.

 Punjab vs Hermes DVS  15:42
Hermes : 117 all out (48.1 overs)
Punjab : 118-0 (10.5 overs)
Punjab have made short work of this chase meanwhile, Myburgh putting his old club to the sword. He finishes unbeaten on 97 off 32, almost finding space for a century in a 118-run chase.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  15:35
VRA : 248 all out (50 overs)
Sparta : 34-0 (10 overs)
Fletcher has looked fairly comfortable since his early scare, but offers up a very sharp return chance to Gul, driving straight and ankle high. Gul gets a hand to it in his follow through, but can’t hold on. Insult to injury as the next ball is driven handsomely through mid off for four.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  15:26
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 15-1 (7 overs)
Wiffen and Street are timing the ball sweetly enough, but it’s mostly going straight to the fielder. Parchment and Heggelman bowling tightly, and a couple of boundaries (both to Wiffen) so far.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  15:23
HBS : 232-7 (50 overs)
VCC : 22-2 (5 overs)
VCC two-down too, Nic Smit back in the shed.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:22
ACC : 173-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 23-2 (7 overs)
The European Champions stumbling out of the blocks in this chase, van Lent and O’Dowd fall early, Seelaar in with van Baren now.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  15:09
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 2-1 (2.2 overs)
Parchment strikes! Staal edges, Verhagen takes. Bryce Street in a good deal earlier than he might have hoped.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  15:09
HBS : 232-7 (50 overs)
VCC : 7-1 (2 overs)
Early breakthrough for HBS as Floyd chops on.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  15:07
VRA : 248 all out (50 overs)
Sparta : 7-0 (2 overs)
We’re back in action here, Fletcher and Iqbal opening for Sparta, Gunning and Gul sharing the new ball. Gunning almost finds the early wicket, but Fletcher is shelled in the slips. Gul opens with a maiden, thanks largely to a great grab from Lees to hold onto a high-bouncing bump ball off the bottom edge.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  15:03
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
HCC : 2-0 (1 over)
Brenton Parchment starts from the Scoreboard End to Tonny Staal; the fourth ball is stroked behind point for a couple. Heggelman to bowl the second, to Adam Wiffen.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  14:44
Dosti : 172 all out (49.4 overs)
So Tewarie’s 64 the only innings of substance in the end, Diwan the pick of the bowlers with 3-26 as Dosti rather squander a platform.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  14:30
HBS 232-7 (50 overs)
HBS meanwhile finish on 232-7 from their 50 overs, Sharn Gomes’ 112* providing the backbone to the innings.

 Punjab vs Hermes DVS  14:24
Hermes : 117 all out (48.1 overs)
The collapse is complete, and Punjab will need 118 to win.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  14:24
VRA : 248 all out (50 overs)
Borren falls on the final ball, top edge off Bukhari safely held at backward point, but he’s done a job for his side here. 108 his final score, 249 the target.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  14:22
ACC 173-9 (50 overs)
ACC, we hear, finished on 173. Brady Barends unbeaten on 65* we’re told. Remarkable recovery.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:17
Excelsior : 201 all out (48 overs)
And the innings ends as Shankar drives Street waist-high to Staal at cover. A decent but far from imposing total, and a thoroughly-deserved haul of four for 35 for Ali Ahmed Qasim.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  14:16
VRA : 240-9 (49 overs)
Back to back boundaries gets Borren into the nineties, loses Gunning on the last ball of the 48th though holing out to long on, and finds himself at the wrong end for the 49th. Graber gets adroitly off strike though, and Borren puts Tasawar Iqbal almost onto the balcony third ball. One off the next to bring up his hundred but then Graber is clean bowled. Gul in, survives the last.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:12
Excelsior : 198-9 (47.2 overs)
Shankar takes a couple of fours off Itagi, but then Street knocks back Baker’s stumps. Sohail Bhatti the last man.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:05
Excelsior : 186-8 (45.4 overs)
Another run out: this time it’s Van Wyk himself, beaten on a tight second by the throw from Overdijk at long off to Lagas behind the stumps. Van Wyk perhaps a couple of centimetres short. Umar Baker joins Sanjit Shankar.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  14:03
VRA : 211-6 (46 overs)
Borren still driving the scoring, frustration building at the other end though and Snoep profits again, Lees trying to put him back high and straight but swings at air and stumps akimbo. Gunning in.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:56
Excelsior : 178-7 (43.4 overs)
Suddenly wheels are spinning off in all directions, as Woutersen is run out by a direct hit from Klaus.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:55
ACC 143-8 (45.4 overs)
ACC stumbling again as they approach the 150-mark. Something to bowl at at least though.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:53
Excelsior : 176-6 (43 overs)
The hundred partnership comes up at De Diepput, with Staal ringing the changes without much success. Until Ali Ahmed Qasim returns from the City End, and Kroesen skies him to deepish backward point, and Boris Gorlee takes a comfortable catch. He departs for 42. And in comes Lenart van Wyk, making his first Topklasse appearance for Excelsior. Four balls later Parchment, having made a splendid 77, falls to a running catch by Overdijk on the cow corner boundary. David Woutersen in.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  13:50
Dosti : 124-6 (38 overs)
Quick making sudden headway through the Dosti line-up, Tewarie gone for 64. Even 180 looking a long way off now.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  13:46
HBS 177-6 (42 overs)
Gomes presses on, but continues to lose partners. Singh bowled by Greenshileds now.

 Punjab vs Hermes DVS  13:45
Hermes : 101-7 (39 overs)
Hermes now in full-on collapse mode, with Braat and Sandeep Sardha departing in quick succession. Ralph Elenbaas joins his brother in the middle.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  13:53
VRA : 182-5 (41 overs)
Fifty for Borren meanwhile, celebrates by pulling Sardha twice through square to the rope. Matt Lake still with him, had been playing second fiddle till now but looks to accelerate, back to back fours off Snoep doubles his score but then he pops up a big top edge looking for the third, Buurnam comes forward to collect, Lees in.

 Punjab vs Hermes DVS  13:36
Hermes : 97-5 (37 overs)
Khurram Shahzad goes at the Zomercomplex, soon followed by Zaffar Chaudhary. Sebastiaan Braat joins Olivier Elenbaas.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:25
ACC 121-7 (40 overs)
A quite remarkable recovery from ACC this, given that at one stage they were 11-5. VOC’s depleted bowling resources telling after all.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:18
Excelsior : 132-4 (36 overs)
No sooner written than Parchment effortlessly lofts Bharat Itagi into the garden of the house beyond extra cover, to bring up a maiden Topklasse fifty.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  13:16
HBS 150-5 (35 overs)
Gibson gone too now, bowled Gigani. HBS struggling to string partnerships together.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:14
Excelsior : 121-4 (34 overs)
Fifty partnership up between Parchment and Kroesen, now in 45 and 22 respectively. Kroesen’s looking particularly strong square of the wicket, and while Parchment’s still not exerting himself unduly he’s looking an increasingly menacing force at the crease.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  13:04
VRA : 129-5 (30 overs)
VRA lose another as van den Burgh is cleaned up by Manminder Singh. Borren is joined by Matt Lake, who is, as they say, due a score.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  13:00
Dosti : 90-2 (30 overs)
Fifty for Vinoo Tewarie meanwhile, Hans still with him, perhaps some acceleration warranted at this point though.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  12:57
HBS 104-4 (28 overs)
Breakthrough on the second ground meanwhile as Barresi is pinned LBW by David Humphrey.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  12:54
VRA : 122-4 (28 overs)
Didn’t look like that partnership was getting broken any other way, so they helpfully break it themselves. needless mix up and Cooper has himself run out for 58 (ed’s note: this was actually Borren’s fault). Van den Burg in.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  12:52
Excelsior : 96-4 (29 overs)
The runs are starting to flow a bit now, the final over of Klaus’s spell of ten his most expensive by a distance. Nine from it, as Parchment moves on to 33.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  12:42
VRA : 111-3 (25 overs)
Ibrahimi into the attack and not the warmest of welcomes for him. Hundred up off the first ball and the over goes for 12 all told. Nelson on the board.

 Punjab vs Hermes DVS  12:41
Hermes : 63-3 (23 overs)
Part of the interest of this game, of course, is the return of Hermes’ Shoaib Minhas and Khurram Shahzad to the Zomercomplex. Punjab have just struck a big blow by removing the former, and Shahzad joins Olivier Elenbaas in the middle.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  12:35
ACC 63-5 (23 overs)
None other than Bas van der Heijde leading something of a recovery for ACC. He’s into the 30s and responsible for half of the ACC total at this point.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  12:29
Excelsior : 66-4 (22.2 overs)
Matt Hay into the attack now from the City End, but it’s Klaus who gets the breakthrough, as Heggelman tries to loft him back over his head and hits a steepling return catch instead. Joost Kroesen joins Parchment, who’s on 17.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  12:30
Dosti : 63-2 (20 overs)
Vinoo Tewarie has lost a couple of partners, Ahmed and Bali back in the shed. Bit of pressure on the Dosti skipper to hold things together in the absence of Kohli. He’s on 36* now.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  12:26
VRA : 84-3 (21 overs)
Borren and Cooper consolidating for VRA after a shaky start meanwhile.

 Punjab vs Hermes DVS  12:15
Hermes : 59-1 (18 overs)
Meanwhile, in the day’s crucial Hoofdklasse match at Rotterdam’s Zomercomplex, Hermes-DVS have made a solid start against title rivals Punjab.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  12:13
Excelsior : 58-3 (18 overs)
They take a drink at De Diepput, with Parchment and Heggelman working hard against Klaus and Bryce Street. A moment of drama as Street throws at the stumps on his follow-through and concedes a couple of overthrows. Parchment edges the next down to the fence. If ever there was a day for him to show what he’s capable of, this is it.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  11:52
HBS 42-3 (14 overs)
Gomes and Barresi meanwhile trying to piece HBS’ innings back together.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  11:50
Dosti : 21-0 (10 overs)
Vinoo Tewarie and Rahil Ahmed have Dosti off to a solid if unspectacular start, meanwhile.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  11:49
Excelsior : 42-3 (12.1 overs)
Overdijk having completed his allotted quota of five overs (as determined by the national team management), Olivier Klaus comes into the attack, and Ingram responds by planting him for six over extra cover. But when he tries to do it again at the start of Klaus’s next he gets under it, and Douwe Walhain is under it at mid-off. Tom Heggelman in, with his side in a spot of bother.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  11:48
VRA : 59-3 (12 overs)
Fletcher ends a fine looking innings from Singh at 36, as Singh pops an easy catch up to short cover. Borren in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  11:37
ACC 9-4 (9 overs)
ACC in lots of early trouble in fact, Marais very much missed at the top of the order it seems.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  11:36
HBS 17-3 (? overs)
HBS lose another, a stumping for Croes to go with his two catches, Floyd the bowled and Ahmed the victim.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  11:35
VRA : 42-2 (8 overs)
A second for Snoep as Turmaine’s adventure up the order is brought to an end, caught behind for 6. Cooper in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  11:32
ACC 3-2 (3.3 overs)
ACC in early trouble too meanwhile, Marais much missed at the top of the order it seems.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  11:30
Excelsior : 28-2 (8 overs)
A slice of luck (quite literally) for Etman, as he edges Qasim just wide of gully and down to the scoreboard. But the bowler has his revenge with the final delivery of the over, edged by Etman into his stumps. Parchment joins Ingram.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  11:29
VRA : 38-1 (7 overs)
Turmaine in at three today and rebuilding together with Vikram Singh, Fletcher into the attack now, replacing Bukhari.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  11:22
HBS 14-2 (5 overs)
Two down on the second field meanwhile, Brandon Glover has Elkin and Coster caught behind in successive overs.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  11:20
Excelsior : 14-1 (5 overs)
A pretty tidy opening by Overdijk and Qasim, give or take the odd wide, and a watchful response from Etman and Ingram. They’re mostly content to leave anything wide of the stumps, although we have seen the occasional play and miss.

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  11:05
VRA : 2-1 (1.1 overs)
Early blow at the Bos too, Snoep has Szwarczynski pinned LBW with his first ball.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  11:04
Excelsior : 4-1 (1.1 overs)
And his first ball is edged to Tonny Staal at first slip. First blood to HCC, as Lorenzo Ingram comes in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  11:02
Belated news from Hazleaarweg, where VOC won the toss and invited ACC to bat first.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  11:02
Excelsior : 4-0 (1 over)
Hidde Overdijk opens from the Scoreboard End to Tim Etman, operating with two slips and a gully. His second delivery is a bit too straight, and Etman glances him fine to the boundary. The rest of the over’s uneventful. Ali Ahmed Qasim from the City End to Roel Verhagen.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  10:55
Happenings at Hazelaarweg shrouded in mystery as it stands, do get in touch if you have any word for us….

 VRA vs Sparta 1888  10:45
VRA win the toss at the Bos, and will bat first.

 Dosti vs Quick Haag  10:40
Vinoo Tewarie the man with luck on his side at Drieburg, Dosti will bat.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VCC  10:38
On the other side meanwhile VCC have the toss and choose to field.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  10:36
On the main ground at De Diepput.Tom Heggelman has called correctly, and Excelsior will bat.

 Bertus de Jong  09:56
Good morning all and welcome back, the brief break is behind us and we’re into the final phase of the Topklasse this week. HCC and Excelsior meet at the top of the table, their clash at de Diepput surely the pick of the round, though relegarion rivals Sparta and Quick both have big games today as they look to take points home from Amsterdam, where they play VRA and Dosti repectively. HBS and ACC meanwhile will look to keep in the hunt for the title as they take on VCC and VOC. All this and more in the preview of course. Should have some toss news for you in about half an hour.