Topklasse Live | Round 16 | As it Happened

 Bertus de Jong  18:47
So that’s a wrap for us today, and indeed for the top half of the competition but for a couple of now recreational rounds to get through. Punjab’s reported win today, coupled with Quick and ACC both losing means they survive another week with their hopes of survival intact, though next week they go up against the newly crowned champions VOC Rotterdam, who by then will presumably be mostly recovered from this evening’s festivities.

The points table after Round 16

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:42
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 184-6 (50 overs)
Some entertainingly farcical stuff before the finish here, Zulfiqar sr swing the bat out of his own hands on the sweep, scrambles a leg bye before fetching his bat from midwicket. Couple of singles in there too. Excelsior hold them off comfortably in the end.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:37
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 179-6 (49 overs)
Zulfiqar dropped on 8 there at mid on off Bhatti, though Excelsior don’t look too upset about it. Just a smattering of singles and 13 needed off the last over. Kroesen to bowl it.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:34
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 173-6 (48 overs)
ACC need a big over from somewhere, but with the field back and this pair struggling to connect it’s tough to see where it’s coming from. Bhatti to continue

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:29
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 169-6 (47 overs)
Good over for Excelsior, Zulfiqar looking for the rope but misses three swings for three dots, and gets just singles when he lays bat on ball. Kroesen to continue.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:24
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 166-6 (46 overs)
Just four from it, two from a top-edged hook. Raza and Zulfiqar Sr are swinging hard but not connecting. Bhatti for the 47th.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  18:23
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 133-9 (38.5 overs)
That was a very convincing performance in the field by VOC, and even if their celebration has been brought forward by HCC’s defeat of VRA, there’s no question that they are worthy champions. They’ve had the best attack, and even when not everything has gone well with the bat they’ve been able to assemble winning totals, as they did today thanks to that final flourish from Fred Klaassen and Pierce Fletcher.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:22
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 162-6 (45 overs)
Simple calculation from here. Five overs and ACC need a run a ball. Gijs Kroesen to bowl the 46th.

VOC Rotterdam – 2018 Topklasse Champions photo via VOC Twitter

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Dosti-United  18:14
Dosti: 266-? (50 overs)
Punjab 270-8 (? overs)
The fog of war has briefly lifted at Rotterdam, and we hear that Punjab have pulled off a win. The bottom of the table not quite settled yet it seems.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:13
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 156-6 (43.4 overs)
Still a game going here though (and possibly at the Zomercomplex for all we know). ACC stumbling now though. Rasool follows Sikander’s example and spoons van Troost to Khan tracking back at mid off. Zulfiqar senior to the crease.

 Bertus de Jong  18:07
Congratulations to VOC Rotterdam, 2018 Topklasse Champions.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  18:05
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 154-6 (42.3 overs)
It’s been a brutal knock from Walhain, coming in with HCC in shambles at 67-6 and immediately ripping the momentum from VRA. Unbeaten on 63* at the end, He’s delivered HCC the win and sunk VRA’s title hopes.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  18:03
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 133-9 (38.5 overs)
Khan is caught by Hanif off Seelaar, Coster doesn’t return, and VOC have won by 61 runs. We await the outcome at De Diepput, but the celebrations have started here anyway. HBS give them a guard of honour as they leave the field.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  18:01
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 152-5 (41.2 overs)
Could be a critical wicket this, Sikander looking to put van Troost back over his head but it’s miscued high over mid off where Khan takes atricky catch tracking back. Raza joins Rasool, who’s on 37*.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:57
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 141-6 (40 overs)
Walhain brings up his fifty with a six off Borren. Just 15 needed. Fair to say the VOC boys owe him a drink or two after today.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:54
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 131-8 (37.2 overs)
VOC are giving themselves every chance of settling it today, as Westdijk drives Klaasen waist-high to Schoonheim at deep mid-on. Farshad Khan comes in, with uncertainty surrounding the possible return of Dennis Coster, whose problem, we hear, is a twisted knee.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:47
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 128-6 (38 overs)
Walhain is battering the VRA attack all over, and in so doing beating a path to the title for VOC. Two hits away from a maiden Topklasse fifty now.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:40
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 121-7 (34 overs)
Navjit’s long vigil ends as he edges Hanif low to O’Dowd at slip and departs for 17. Berend Westdijk to the crease. There were rumours that the KNCB chair was on her way here with the trophy, but if she’s not here already she’ll need to make it quick . . .

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:38
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 119-6 (35 overs)
One partnership is what HCC needed, and this looks like the one. It’s worth 52 now and shows no signs of slowing. Walhain’s on 35*, Overdijk with him on 18*. 35 to get and VRA need something remarkable if they’re to deny VOC the title today.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  17:30
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 125-4 (35 overs)
Rasool and Sikander have taken charge of this game meanwhile, they’re on 23 and 38 respectively and the partnership worth 59. 67 needed from 15 overs.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:28
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 118-6 (31.1 overs)
Hanif from the Scoreboard End now, and Vink nicks his first ball through to Edwards. In comes Julian de Mey as things seem to be swinging inexorably VOC’s way.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:22
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 109-6 (33 overs)
They’ve not got him yet. Walhain’s turning the game on its head. He’s on 29* dealing almost entirely in boundaries. VOC have one hand on the trophy already…

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:21
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 112-5 (29 overs)
Drama at Craeyenhout as Dennis Coster goes down with what appears to be a thigh strain and is forced to leave the field. Ferdi Vink comes in, but HBS will be effectively six down if Coster’s unable to resume.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:10
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 93-6 (30 overs)
Walhain taking the fight to VRA here, Raja and Borren both put well back over the ropes. VRA need to get him quickly if they’re to spoil VOC’s party.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  17:07
Quick: 133 all out (37.3 overs)
Sparta 134-5 (35.3 overs)
And Pollard has indeed seen them home, though there was no space fgor a half century for him. He ends up on 43*, Sparta win by 5 wickets.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  17:05
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 102-4 (27 overs)
A lot on the shoulders of Sikander Zulfiqar here with his brothers back in the shed, but a booming six over long on off Ingram will doubtless ease the pressure. ACC with their noses in front here you’d say.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:03
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 112-5 (23.1overs)
With HCC in trouble at De Diepput, HBS might have a sniff of the title themselves. But they have to win this first, and their chances haven’t been helped by the demise of Morgan, who spears a catch to Baker in front of point off Seelaar. That’s a truly massive wicket! He made 74 from 56 deliveries, and is succeeded by Dennis Coster.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:56
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 67-6 (26.2 overs)
And van Kessel out. Thick edge off Gunning flies to second slip. Walhain in.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:52
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 66-5 (25.1 overs)
They get just one ball further before Gorlee gomes down the wicket to Raja and misses, Lees takes the bails, van Kessel in.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:50
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 66-4 (25 overs)
Gorlee and Overdijk press on, they’ve a way to go yet though. 88 still to get and the senior batsmen all reduced to spectators already.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  16:49
Quick: 133 all out (37.3 overs)
Sparta 110-5 (31 overs)
Pollard’s cycle through a few partners too, Bista’s deprived him of Dost Muhammad’s company now, Sarda the replacement. Just 24 needed though and Pollard looks set to get them there. He’s on 37*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  16:43
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 88-4 (17 overs)
Morgan seems unfazed by the loss of partners at the other end, and has twice dispatched Hanif into the Bosjes van Pex with punched, flat straight drives. Superb batting, but he needs to stay there if HBS are to win this and hold up the VOC celebrations . . . depending, of course, on what happens elsewhere in the city.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  16:40
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 66-4 (21 overs)
Three for Hilditch, and that’s a big one. Frenz well caught by Shankar low at extra cover. Rasool in.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:30
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 54-4 (20.1 overs)
And another down at de Diepput, Borren again as Street holes out to mid off. Overdijk in.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  16:29
Quick: 133 all out (37.3 overs)
Sparta 88-4 (25 overs)
Quick have another, Buurman bowled Bista for 12, but Pollard is still there on 31* and less than 50 needed.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  16:25
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 59-3 (17 overs)
Back after drinks and Hilditch has another, Saqib Zulfiqar back in the crease and struck in front. Hint of bat? The umpire doesn’t think so. Sikander in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  16:25
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 72-4 (14.1 overs)
Klaassen switches to the Scoreboard End, but it’s Hanif’s bowling which is causing the problems. Barresi takes his time settling, while Morgan mixes solid defence with more glorious strokeplay. He’s on 48 now, from 37 deliveries. But as I write that, Barresi cuts Hanif hard into the gully, and the catch is gratefully snaffled.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  16:17
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 57-2 (16.1 overs)
Hilditch finds the breakthrough, splitting Asad Zulfiqar’s stumps to trigger the drinks break. Saqib in.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  16:12
Quick: 133 all out (37.3 overs)
Sparta 72-3 (21 overs)
Quick aren’t rolling over either. Brand pins de Kok LBW for 21 and Buurman joins Pollard. Thijs van Schelven into the attack.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:10
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 39-3 (14.4 overs)
VRA fighting their way back into this, Borren traps Jonkman LBW for 16, Gorlee joins Street, but HCC just need one partnership really.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  15:59
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 53-3 (8.2 overs)
Bobby Hanif replaces Klaassen, and his second delivery beats Gomes all ends up, uprooting the off stump. VOC back on top as Barresi joins Morgan.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  15:58
Quick: 133 all out (37.3 overs)
Sparta 59-2 (18 overs)
Drinks at Bermweg and de Kok and Pollard have the beginnings of a partnership, they’re on 20 and 17 respectively.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  15:56
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 53-2 (8 overs)
Morgan hasn’t been the force this season that he was last year, when he posted 1000 Topklasse runs. But he’s started here with some superb strokes, including a cracking straight drive off Klaassen and a square cut off Fletcher, either of which would grace any textbook. Then he flicks Fletcher off his pads, high over backward square for six. He’s raced to 33, with Gomes more circumspect as usual.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  15:54
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 43-1 (10 overs)
Frenz and Asad Zulfiqar looking settled no after the early wicket of Rehmat, finding singles off good balls and putting away anything too wide or straight, Zulfiqar takes two consecutive fours off van Troost, cutting hard behind point and then glancing fine as he over-corrects.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  15:43
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 16-2 (8 overs)
Gunning has two, Tonny Staal goes after one outside off but slashes straight to gully. Street in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  15:36
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 14-2 (3.2 overs)
Visee gets under a Fletcher delivery, and when it comes down Edwards clings on to the catch. HBS in early trouble as Jaron Morgan joins Gomes.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  15:31
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 15-1 (4 overs)
Early wickets all over in fact. Gijs Kroesen has Rehmat caught behind by David Woutersen, who’s deputising for the absent Verhagen again, Asad in at three.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  15:28
Quick: 133 all out (37.3 overs)
Sparta 27-2 (9.3 overs)
Wickets falling at Bermweg too, Mol has Rattu caught behind for 1, Davey gets Bukhari the same way for 17. De kok in with Pollard.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  15:27
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
HCC: 8-1 (2.~ overs)
VRA have an early wicket, Ninan caught at cover off Gunning, but they’ll need a few more quickly if they’re to get back into this game.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  15:26
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
ACC: 10-0 (2 overs)
We’re back here at het Loopveld, Gijs Kroesen and Rens van Troost sharing the new ball, Frenz and Rehmat Zulfiqar opening for the hosts. Brisk start from them, aided by a little luck as Frenz edges low through the cordon off van Troost, but nobody can get hands to it.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  15:23
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
HBS: 1-1 (0.5 overs)
And here we go again! Klaassen starts from the Sportlaan End to Wessel Coster, who takes strike instead of partner Tobias Visee. He generates some serious pace with the breeze at his back, and Coster nicks his fifth ball through to Edwards. Sharn Gomes makes an early entrance.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Dosti-United  15:10
Dosti: 266-? (50 overs)
We hear, incidentally, that Dosti have made 266 for some wickets in their 50 overs at Zomercomplex, and Mohammad Hafeez made 102 of them.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  14:37
VOC: 194-8 (50 overs)
Fletcher goes after Westdijk as well as the charge for 200 starts, and his lofted pull fortunately drops just short of your correspondent’s laptop. He then thumps Khan for four, causing the bowler – who’s had a couple of big LBW appeals turned down – to make his feelings clear. His mood won’t have been helped by the fact that De Mey drops a steepling drive off the next ball. Westdijk’s final over is a great tussle between ball and bat, with Fletcher squeezing a splendid shot through cover for four to finish with the top score of 34 not out.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  14:27
VRA: 153 all out (49.3 overs)
Meanwhile at de Diepput Turmaine has gotten VRA past the 150-mark, with support from Mia. The last pair put on 32 before Mia fell top-edging a pull in the final over, leaving Turmaine unbeaten on 22

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  14:26
Excelsior: 191-9 (50 overs)
Excelsior’s big push at the death didn’t go quite as they’d have liked in the end. Ingram’s wicket was crucial of course, but so too that of Hilditch who was unfortunate to be adjudged run out for 29 with five overs to go. Shankar’s 20 ball 24 provided some acceleration, but not enough to get them to the 200 mark, and Rehmat Zulfiqar ensured he wouldn’t make it to the last overs either. A good fightback from ACC, and they’ll feel 192 is an entirely chaseable target.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  14:13
VOC: 159-8 (45 overs)
Klaassen and Fletcher keep the scoreboard ticking along, no doubt intent on giving themselves a total to bowl at. Mostly ones, but Fletcher launches himself at Navjit Singh’s final delivery, planting it onto the patch just to the left of the sightscreen.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  13:58
Quick: 133 all out (37.3 overs)
Quick fold rapidly, all out for 133, three scalps apiece for Bukhari, Yaqub and Saleem.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  13:57
VRA: 121-9 (40.1 overs)
Gunning does like to push hard, but perhaps this isn’t the time for risky running. Runs himself out at the third attempt with ten overs still to go. Mia last man joins Turmaine.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  13:54
VOC: 142-8 (40.4 overs)
Baker sweeps the returning Westdijk for four, but then pulls Barresi straight into the hands of Farshad Khan at fine leg. Pierce Fletcher joins Klaassen.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:52
Excelsior: 148-4 (42 overs)
Big wicket to bag at this stage, Ingram on the sweep to Raza, top edge is catching practice for Zaidi at short fine leg, he’s rather needed it today but he holds this one well. Ingram gone for 74, Woutersen joins Hilditch, but not for long. Another top-edged sweep and that’s high above square leg and Sikander’s under it – makes no mistake. Shankar in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  13:46
VOC: 137-7 (39 overs)
A terrible mix-up leads to Van Lent being run out: he sweeps straight to fine leg, Klaassen calls him through, they hesitate, and the return to Barresi finds Van Lent short. Enter Umar Baker..

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:46
Excelsior: 142-3 (40 overs)
Ingram moves to 71 with a textbook cover drive, his partnership with Hilditch worth 42 now. Should be targetting 200 and then some with ten overs to go, though the outfield is not helping them.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  13:42
Quick: 127-7 (34 overs)
Quick in trouble too now as Saleem and Yakub strike in consecutive overs to remove Allema and Davey. Saleem finishing with creditable figures of 3-28.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  13:34
VOC: 129-6 (35.5 overs)
A third wicket for Vink, as Edwards edges to De Mey at first slip. That’s a very big wicket! Fred Klaassen comes to the crease, and VOC have a battle on their hands.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  13:27
VRA: 110-8 (33 overs)
Raja doesn’t last long either as Ali strikes again. Gunning and Turmaine now for VRA and they’ll be desperate to get something on the board to bowl at, or risk letting VOC off the hook.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:22
Excelsior: 120-3 (35 overs)
Drinks here meanwhile and Ingram has got Excelsior a decent platform. He’s of 57 now off 98 balls and looking ominous. Hilditch still with him on 17.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  13:17
VRA: 107-7 (31 overs)
Wheels flying off in all directions now for VRA. Ninan claims two in two balls as first van den Burg is caught by Ali and then Lees nicks to slip first ball. Then Szwarczynski’s long vigil comes to an end next over when he too is caught in the slips off Ali. Raja joins Turmaine and even with VOC struggling at Craeyenhout, VRA’s title hopes are fading fast.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  13:12
Quick: 111-5 (27.1 overs)
Nelson on the board and it brings the big wicket, Bista holes out to midwicket of Yakub for 78. Stijn Allema joins Davey.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  13:04
VOC: 112-5 (29.1 overs)
Good pressure from HBS tells, as O’Dowd finally loses patience and holes out to Navjit Singh at mid-on off Vink. His 18 came from 62 balls, not quite last week’s marathon but somewhat in the same vein. Sebastiaan van Lent joins Edwards, and HBS are pushing hard.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  13:02
Excelsior: 100-3 (30 overs)
Inrgam pushes out to long on bring up three figures for the visitors and moves on to 49, Hilditich with him on five but doesn’t look like he’ll be taking many quick singles today.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  12:37
VRA: 89-4 (27 overs)
Circumspection called for now from this pair, Van den Burg moves swiftly to 14*, whilst Szwarczynski has progressed to the nervous nine.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:52
Excelsior: 94-3 (27 overs)
Kroesen given another life as a top-edged hook off is terribly misjudged by Zaidi at deep fine leg, but his luck eventually runs out as he cuts Saqib straight to backward point next over. James Hilditch join Ingram, who’s on 47.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam   12:47
VOC: 108-4 (25.1 overs)
Vink strikes, trapping Seelaar in front for 10. Scott Edwards joins O’Dowd, who’s proceeded to a cautious 17.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  12:36
VOC: 102-3 (22 overs)
A key partnership this for VOC, and O’Dowd and Seelaar appear to be fully aware of it. Navjit Singh and Ferdi Vink operating now, the former from the Scoreboard End, and Gomes and Morgan are doing sterling work in the offside field, keeping the scoring within bounds.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  12:37
VRA: 72-4 (20 overs)
And Borren gone too! Top edges Bijloos and it fall to Street at point. Van den Burg in and VRA’s top-order is crumbling again, Szwarczynski still there but he’s managed just 6 runs in the last 20 overs.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  12:32
Quick: 78-4 (18.4 overs)
Fifty for Bista off 46 balls, but he loses another partner as Saleem nicks off Stokkers for a duck.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  12:27
VRA: 66-3 (18.1 overs)
Six and out a bit of a theme today, Cooper puts street over the fence and then dances past a straight one from Bijloos next over. Borren joins Szwarczynski.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:23
Excelsior: 70-2 (20 overs)
Saqib takes the ball again after drinks and the break seems to have affected Ingram’s concentration, flayed to point and he sets off, pauses halfway as Kroesen passes him and would have been well short on a direct hit, might even have been close if Saqib had been able to collect cleanly, but survives. Rehmat from the other end, but no scares in the 20th.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  12:12
Quick: 58-3 (14.2 overs)
Big wicket at Bermweg, another falling after a six as Saleem has Mol caught and bowled. Stokkers joins Bista.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  12:09
VOC: 81-3 (15.5 overs)
Van Baren, who’s been looking very purposeful and who smacked De Mey for six in his previous over, drives Khan uppishly to Wessel Coster at mid-off, and he makes no mistake, diving to his right to take a very good catch. Pieter Seelaar in.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  12:08
Excelsior: 64-2 (18 overs)
Fifty partnership up for Kroesen and Ingram, they’re on 21 and 30 respectively as we take drinks.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  11:57
VOC: 68-2 (13 overs)
Khan and Julian de Mey are restricting Van Baren and O’Dowd to a diet of singles, punctuated with the occasional wide. And O’Dowd has an escape when he drives De Mey low to mid-off and Dennis Coster can’t cling onto the catch.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  11:57
VRA: 37-2 (13 overs)
Two down at de Diepput now, Bijloos with a direct hit from point finds ter Braak short, Cooper in to join Szwarczynski.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  11:52
Quick: 46-2 (10.3 over)
Brand looks to up the pace, hitting Bukhari for the first six of the day on the second ball of the 11th. But Bukhari has immediate satisfaction, nicking hbim off next ball. Doc Mol in and this will likely be a crucial partnership for the visitors.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  11:42
Excelsior: 36-2 (10 overs)
Raza replaces Kumar and Ingram watches the first fout balls and the puts the fifth over the cover boundary for six. Zulfiqar continues at the other end and might have had a second when Kroesen smokes a straight drive back at him head high, but he can only palm it up.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  11:37
VOC: 55-2 (7.2 overs)
The loss of Schoonheim has little effect on VOC’s run-rate, however, as Rutgers lofts Coster over cover for six and Dirk van Baren also gets on with it, stroking three boundaries from two Westdijk overs. The onslaught brings a change, with Farshad Khan replacing Coster. And immediately he gets Rutgers, who hits an easy catch for Gomes at cover. Max O’Dowd joins Van Baren.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  11:33
VRA: 30-1 (6 overs)
VRA have lost their first too, Hidde Overdijk rearranges Vikram Singh’s stumps.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  11:17
Excelsior: 9-2 (3 overs)
And another down here, Etman with a beautifully executed “Voorburg drive”, leaves a straight one from Kumar and it clatters into the stumps. Ingram in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  11:20
VOC: 29-1 (4 overs)
Westdijk’s next is a lot more eventful: Rutgers pushes back straight for three, then Schoonheim – who survived an edge into the gully off Coster – edges high over slips for four. There’s a slight delay while Farshad Khan recovers from a hand injury, after which a Westdijk bouncer is called wide and the next delivery is pulled back straight for four more. 15 from the over in all. Two more boundaries off Coster and Schoonheim – and VOC – are up and running. But Schoonheim skies the last of the over, is caught by Gomes at cover, and departs for an 18-ball 22.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  11:17
Excelsior: 9-2 (3 overs)
And another down here, Etman with a beautifully executed “Voorburg drive”, leaves a straight one from Kumar and it clatters into the stumps. Ingram in.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  11:10
Quick: 0-1 (1 over)
And an early breakthrough at Bermweg too, where van Gigch survives an LBW appeal when Bukhari raps him on the pad, but is bowled the following ball. Brand joins Bista.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  11:05
Excelsior: 5-1 (2.1 overs)
And we’re underway here, Sikander Zulfiqar opens the bowling to Etman, too much width second ball and is cut away to the short point boundary, but that’s the only scoring shot of the over. Heggelman opens his account with what looked to be a thick edge wide of the slips off Kumar for a single, but which is unaccountably single a bye with the upshot that when he top edges off Sikander next over and is caught at cover that he is gone for a duck. Kroesen in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  11:04
VOC: 0-0 (1 over)
Berend Westdijk starts from the Scoreboard End to Jelte Schoonheim, who opens with Corey Rutgers. Schoonheim, as usual, shows signs of wanting to play his shots, but the upshot’s a maiden. Wessel Coster from the Sportlaan End.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Dosti-United  10:50
And at the Zomercomplex Dosti have the toss and will bat.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  10:42
Word from de Diepput is that HCC wave won the toss and inserted VRA.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  10.39
At Craeyenhout Pieter Seelaar calls correctly and VOC will bat first.

 Sparta 1888 vs Quick Haag  10:36
And from Berweg word comes that Sparta have won the toss and elected to field.

 ACC vs Excelsior ’20 Schiedam  10:35
First toss news for you, at het Loopveld Excelsior win the toss and will have a bat.

 ⛅ Weather Update ⛅  10.05
Not quite what we’ve gotten used to this summer, but after last week’s welcome rain the weather looks to have cleared again, good enough for a game at least. Mostly overcast but warm and expected to get hotter again as the day wears on.

 Bertus de Jong  09:59
Morning everyone and welcome to our coverage of what looks likely to prove a crucial and possibly decisive round of Topklasse games. If things go their way VOC Rotterdam may take the title today if they can see off HBS at Craeyenhout, where the good professor will be bringing you the latest, though they’d also need VRA to drop points at de Diepput where they take on HCC today. Meanwhile Punjab welcome Dosti to the Zomercomplex needing a win to hold on to their slender survival hopes, though Quick Haag may snuff those out regardless if they can take points off Sparta at Bermweg. I’ll be at het Loopveld where ACC will take on Excelsior in a mid-table clash of no great significance to anyone but the teams involved, and those like your correspondent just hoping for some good cricket. We’re still a good half hour away from tosses, so in the meantime here’s the preview.