Topklasse Live | Round 7 | As it Happened

played won lost tied n/r points NRR
VOC 7 5 1 1 21 1.760
PJB 7 4 1 2 18 1.383
VCC 7 4 2 1 17 1.150
EXC 7 3 1 3 15 0.785
VRA 7 3 2 2 14 0.954
HCC 7 2 1 1 3 13 1.217
HBS 7 2 2 1 2 8 0.381
ACC 7 1 4 2 6 -1.542
DOS 7 4 3 3 -2.236
SPT 7 6 1 1 -3.948

The Topklasse Legaue Phase table after Round 7

 Bertus de Jong  17:55
So that’s a wrap from us. Another valiant effort from Dosti, skipper Vinoo Tewarie and Rahil Ahmed in particular, but still no win to show for their efforts. HBS overseas Walbrugh and Klein in this case proving decisive, but the hosts putting up a fight while the sun was high, fighting back to restrict HBS to something chaseable at the back end of the first innings, and looking well in the game while Ahmed was at the crease in the second. At the least they’ve produced a closer game of cricket than we’saw yesterday, but HBS held their nerve in the face of a threatened upset and in the end claimed a comfortable victory. We’ll be back next week of course for a sneaky round of Topklasse oin the midst of the coming Ireland series. Do join us then again.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  17:50
HBS : 215 all out (49.3 overs)
Dosti : 176 all out (49.2 overs)
Well the innings rather petered out in the end. A avliant effort from Dosti but they’re still waiting on a win after almost two years. Nawaz the last wicket to fall run out in the final over, but they didn’t get close in the end, not enough firepower down the order to challenge after the mid-innings collapse. Klein’s return of 4-21 in ten the difference between the two sides you’d say. HBS survive a scare, while Dosti have again shown they have the capacity to be competitive in phases, but as yet not across a hundred overs.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  17:10
HBS : 215 all out (49.3 overs)
Dosti : 170-9 (45 overs)
Dosti aren’t rolling over just yet. Hoseinbaks and Shazai finding the boundary every over, but the asking rate is up at nines now. And they’re down to their last wicket now as Adil Ahmed strikes with the final ball of the 45th to remove Hoseinbaks, stumped for 15. Nawaz last man. 46 needed off five.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  17:10
HBS : 215 all out (49.3 overs)
Dosti : 147-8 (41 overs)
Hans takes over the role of aggressor, finding the rope in the 36th, 37th and 38th, but eventually his adventurousness proves his undoong as he’s stumped off de Mey on the last ball of the 40th. Arief Hoseinbaks falls in the next, caught off Navjit Singh for 11. Asief Hoseinbaks and Shazai now for Dosti, 68 to get and just two wickets in hand, it’s all fallen apart for the hosts it seems.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  16:45
HBS : 215 all out (49.3 overs)
Dosti : 121-6 (35 overs)
Advantaged pressed. Klein starts his second spell with a maiden to Masood, and then in his second over bowls Masood and has next man Joe Wegecsanyi LBW on consecutive deliveries. Hoseinbaks in to join Hans, and 216 looking a long way off again.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  16:35
HBS : 215 all out (49.3 overs)
Dosti : 115-4 (32 overs)
And they will have to hope that tail wags. Ahmed looked on course to win this on his own for the hosts, but he’s run out for 78. Masood in to join Hans and HBS on top again. Ryan Klein returns as the visitors look to press the advantage.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  16:27
HBS : 215 all out (49.3 overs)
Dosti : 104-3 (30 overs)
Hundred up for Dosti, Ahmed still driving the scoring. He’s up to 69* now with no less than 6 sixes. Hans playing a supporting role on 12 off 40. If the old formula of double the 30-over score with wickets in hand hold true this could be thriller, but Dosti have a long tail today…

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  16:12
HBS : 215 all out (49.3 overs)
Dosti : 82-3 (24 overs)
Ahmed looks to be enjoying himself now. Takes six and four off Vink in the 21st and the HBS captain duly removes himself from the attack. Adil Ahmed in and Rahil welcomes him with back-to-back fours off his first two balls to go past fifty. Still Navjit Singh from the other end. Hans and Ahmed’s partnership worth 36 now, of which Hans has contributed just 3.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  15:45
HBS : 215 all out (49.3 overs)
Dosti : 46-3 (16 overs)
And the bowling change pays dividends, Tewarie hits Singh for six off the third ball of his spell, but perishes on the next, caught de Mey for 15. Mahesh Hans joins Ahmed, who’s on 23*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  15:40
HBS : 215 all out (49.3 overs)
Dosti : 40-2 (15 overs)
Not a whole lot of strike rotation out there but bad balls are being put away. Ahmed twice puts de Mey over the rope on the full in the 14th, dissapating any pressure. Ferdi Vink the model of parsimony at the other end though, just three runs off his three overs since he took over from Klein. Navjit Singh replacing de Mey for the 16th now.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  15:22
HBS : 215 all out (49.3 overs)
Dosti : 18-2 (9 overs)
Ahmed breaks the shackles putting de Mey out of the gound on the last ball of the 8th, but loses another partner next ball as Klein has Ravchandran caught behind. Tewarie at four, in earlier than he would have liked. The hosts really need a partnership from this pair if they’re to find their first points.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  15:08
HBS : 215 all out (49.3 overs)
Dosti : 4-1 (5 overs)
Rahil Ahmed and Sukumar Raji opening for Dosti again, Ryan Klein and Julian de Mey share the new ball. Quiet start as each bowls a maiden first up. Circumspection the watchword for Dosti, they’ll be looking just to see off both of these bowlers you’d think. They won’t manage it without loss though, fo as I type Klein has Raji LBW for 2. Ravichandran joind Ahmed in the middle, who’s also still scoreless. And another minor blow to the hosts, a bit of recalculation over lunch has bumped the target to 216.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  14:18
HBS : 213 all out (49.3 overs)
Benno Boddendijk is run out without facing a ball, but De Mey hits a couple more fours before Tewarie, bowling the final over, bowls Stephan Vink. De Mey finishes with a valuable 28 not out, and Tewarie has four for 48. A see-sawing battle in the last dozen overs, and Dosti will be chasing 214 to post their first win for nearly two years. This could have a very interesting denouement indeed!

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  14:03
HBS : 199-8 (47.2 overs)
De Mey joins the party with a four off Masood, followed by another for Ahmed. 23 of the last two overs, and the moment is back with the visitors. Until Nawaz has Adil Ahmed caught behind by his namesake Rahil for 25. An absorbing tussle, this!

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  13:54
HBS : 187-7 (46 overs)
HBS needed to grab the initiative back, and Ahmed obliges by hitting Tewarie for a brace of sixes. That was sorely needed, and 200+ is suddenly on again.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  13:41
HBS : 167-7 (43 overs)
Tewarie off and Asief Hoseinbaks returns as Dosti’s bowling changes go into T20 mode. Nawaz from the other end. It works, too, with just five runs from the last three overs.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  13:28
HBS : 159-7 (39.1 overs)
And now the Dosti skipper gets one past Vink’s bat and into the stumps. Ten and a bit overs to go, and Dosti fighting back hard!

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  13:25
HBS : 159-6 (39 overs)
Well, that went well! Vinoo Tewarie returns, and promptly traps Walbrugh in front. He goes for 72, made from 105 deliveries, with six fours. Big wicket for Dosti, as Ferdi Vink joins De Mey.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  13:17
HBS : 153-5 (37 overs)
Abdul Nawaz back for Masood, but Walbrugh eases his way to 70*. HBS need him to be there at the end now, with the rest of the side chipping in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  13:04
HBS : 139-5 (34 overs)
Asief Hoseinbaks replaces Hans, but it’s a run out which breaks the partnership: Masood hits again, and Klein goes for 15. Julian de Mey joins Walbrugh.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  13:00
HBS : 136-4 (33 overs)
Masood back now, three singles and a two off the first of his new spell, and another eight off the next from Hans. The scoreboard is ticking over without the batters taking any risks, and HBS could be on their way to a pretty imposing total. Walbrugh hits a boundary off Masood to move on to 62*, Klein on 14*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  12:46
HBS : 116-4 (30 overs)
The spin attack continues, with Hans and Vinoo Tewarie working together. Klein gets off the mark with a boundary off Tewarie. Just two off Hans’s next, but with Walbrugh, now on 53*, and Klein together, Dosti need to separate the two HBS overseas players.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  12:39
HBS : 108-4 (27.5 overs)
Walbrugh reaches his half-century with three off Mahesh Hans, but three deliveries later the off-spinner has a so-far restrained Visee caught by Asief Hoseinbaks. Ryan Klein in at six.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  12:30
HBS : 100-3 (25 overs)
Well it took a few overs but Tewarie does manage to break the partnerhip in the end. Rahil Ahmed has taken the gloves back for this match it seems, and has a stumping already as Tewarie gets the best of Singh. He goes for 20, Tobias Visée in to join Walbrugh, who is one shot away from another half century. Hundred up, Hans still at the other end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  12:02
HBS : 67-2 (18 overs)
Walburgh and Singh building a nice little partnership now after the early wobbles, Nawaz replaces Masood and takes a few calamitous balls to settle, no ball to the rope and then five wides to follow, 11 off the over and just one of them off the bat. His next is a deal tidier though with just a couple off, and Hans takes over at the other end. Both give up two boundaries in the 17th and 18th though, and skipper Tewarie judges himself as ever the man for a crisis, bringing himself on for the 19th…

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  11:35
HBS : 34-2 (10 overs)
Hoseinbaks bowls two consecutive maidens to Mason, keeps up the pressure well. Masood rather less disciplined at the other end as he gives up 7 runs-worth of extras in the ninth, but the pressure on Mason tells on the first ball of the tenth over, Masood effecting the run out, bringing the in-form Navjit Singh to the middle.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Dosti  11:15
HBS : 15-1 (3 overs)
Manjinder Singh promoted up the order to open with Reese Mason, Toby Visée dropping down perhaps to acclimatise to the middle order ahead of the Ireland series. He finds the first boundary of the innings putting Masood across the rope in the third over, but then becomes the first wicket next ball as he’s pinned LWB. Walburgh in at three and opens his account with a boundary first up. Eventful over.

 Dosti-United vs HBS Craeyenhout  10:38
Ferdi Vink calls correctly is the word, and HBS will have a bat.

 Bertus de Jong  10:26
Morning all, just the one match today, namely HBS and Dosti’s leftover round 3 match at Drieburg. Lovely day for it, should have some toss news for you shortly.

 Bertus de Jong  17:56
Well on a glorious day for cricket it turned out that VOC’s 77-run victory was the closest thing to a close game. They’ll keep their position on top of the table, though Punjab remain in close pursuit. At the other end of the table Dosti and Sparta’s woes continue. At least we’re all done in time to enjoy the sun. That’s what I’ll be doing from the VRA bio-secure balcony, join us again for next week’s round, or ineed tomorrow for the catch-up match between HBS and Dosti. Until then this is Bertus de Jong signing off from a sun-soaked Amsterdamse Bos.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  17:43
Voorburg : 244-4 (50 overs)
ACC : 105-9 (35.4 overs)
So the game at Westvleit the last notionally going concern one would have thought, but that seems to be over too. Arya’s not come out to bat, so that’s a 139-run win for the hosts.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  17:42
Punjab : 285-9 (50 overs)
Sparta : 106 all out (34.4 overs)
All over at Bermweg too we hear, the Zulfiqars have three wickets between them but we’re not sure who got who. We do know that Sparta lost by 179 runs.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  17:42
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 169-8 (47.2 overs)
And all over. Run out on the last ball, Kumar by Abid, will admit to having my head down at the time. Comfortable win for VRA.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  17:38
Voorburg : 244-4 (50 overs)
ACC : 105-9 (35.4 overs)
Kingma has four, Napoleon clean bowled for three. Everybody’s nine down now and it’s a race to the finish.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  17:36
Punjab : 285-9 (50 overs)
Sparta : 106-9 (34 overs)
Bukhari gone too, he and Umar both caught off a Zulfiqar, mixed reports as to which one. Won’t be long now.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  17:32
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 167-9 (45 overs)
And Abid gets the other one, Kumar last man in.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  17:27
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 165-8 (43 overs)
Borren bags another here, one of the Hoseinbakken caught mid off by who other than Cooper. Naseri in, this game is gone too really.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:22
VOC : 229-6 (50 overs)
HBS : 148 all out (45.1 overs)
Schoonheim has another as Vink spoons one up to mid off, and van Wingerden has his third in the next over, shanked to long off and held by Tim de Kok. Game over.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  17:17
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 151-7 (38 overs)
150 here meanwhile, but hard to see Dosti getting near this now. VRA have come back strong after Dosti started bravely. And the pressure tells, Nashir has Hans driving straight to Cooper at mid off. Hoseibaks is joined by his brother.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  17:10
Punjab : 285-9 (50 overs)
Sparta : 90-7 (29 overs)
Wickets tumbling at Berweg too, Hussain removes Butt, then it’s Nidamanuru into the attack and takes three on the trot if you count the run out in the middle, Iqbal, Singh and Latif all back in the shed, Bukhari still there on 21 but just the tail with him and almost 200 to get. Won’t be close.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:08
VOC : 229-6 (50 overs)
HBS : 139-8 (41 overs)
And the game at Hazelaarweg only going one way now too, Singh tries to get after Schoonheim, looking to clear the on side but skews it high and Fletcher takes it. Stephan Vink in.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  17:09
Voorburg : 244-4 (50 overs)
ACC : 102-8 (34 overs)
And that’s game over effectively at Westvliet, Dutt bowls Kothari for 51 with the score on 100 exactly, Kingma has Brouwer caught and bowled. Napoleon and van Vliet in to salvage what they can.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:05
VOC : 229-6 (50 overs)
HBS : ???-7 (4? overs)
And van Wingeden does for Vink, ripping through the gate and into the woodwork. What a season the 17 year-old is having. Boddendijk in. Singh playing a lone hand for HBS, brings up his fifty, sweeping van Wingerden fine for a hard run three.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:58
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 144-6 (34 overs)
Borren returns and another wicket here, Masood caught Turmaine at mid off. Zazai in. Nashier from the other end. And Nashir gets in on the action, back goes off stump and Zazai on his way. Hoseinbaks in.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  16:56
Voorburg : 244-4 (50 overs)
ACC : 100-6 (32 overs)
Kothari has fifty but is running low on partners, Hannema cleaned up by Kingma for 7, Brouwer in.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:53
VOC : 229-6 (50 overs)
HBS : 124-6 (38 overs)
HBS in trouble too, de Mey fall to van Wingerden trapped in front on the sweep, and Adil Ahemd doesn’t last long, edging his first ball from Max O’Dowd through to the keeper. Ferdi Vink in .

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  16:50
Punjab : 285-9 (50 overs)
Sparta : 77-3 (24 overs)
Wickets all over as Hussain finds Raza’s stumps. Gone for 39. Sherry Butt joins Bukhari.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  16:48
Voorburg : 244-4 (50 overs)
ACC : 95-5 (29 overs)
And a wicket’s fallen at Westvliet too, Ali Ahmed castles Kumar, Hannema joins Kothari, who’s one away from fifty..

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:44
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 130-4 (29 overs)
Nashir into the attack and immediately strikes, pinning Ravichandran LBW with his third ball. Masood in.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:42
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 130-3 (28 overs)
Meanwhile here at the Bos things have turned rather attritional, Hans and Ravichandran are just looking for the gaps, Balbirnie has joined Andrew in the attack.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  15:55
Punjab : 285-9 (50 overs)
Sparta : 63-2 (20 overs)
Game getting away from Sparta too, Raza and Bukhari at the wicket now with Tarr also having been removed by Tariq for 17. Plenty of wicket in hand but 223 runs to get in 30 overs.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  16:04
Voorburg : 244-4 (50 overs)
ACC : 79-4 (29 overs)
Beginnings of a partnership at Wesvliet too, Kothari and Kumar have added 30-odd for the fifth wicket, but 245 looks a long way off.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:26
VOC : 229-6 (50 overs)
HBS : 93-4 (29 overs)
Navjit Singh and Julian de Mey building a partnership at Hazelaarweg, Singh on 28 now and spin at both ends. Seelaar and van Wingerden operating in tandem. HBS have stabilised but the asking rate is creeping up.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:27
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 106-3 (23 overs)
Marcus Andrew into the attack after drinks, little wayward initially but gets reward, mishit on the drive from Tewarie looking to go over cover, Balbirnie takes it low in the deep. He goes for 24, Hans in.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:17
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 99-2 (21 overs)
Abid takes back over from Borren, but Tewarie seems to have his number now. Cut away for four, then lifted over the cordon for another two balls later. Wide down leg beats everyone and runs to the rope, Dostie almost a third of the way to the total just two down at drinks. A big partnership would put them, surprisingly perhaps, right in this game.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  16:19
HCC : 91 all out (38 overs)
Excelsior 92-4 (27.2 overs)
Gorlee on, and Stubbs hoists his first delivery over cow for six. The second goes the same way, and Stubbs ends the game on 44*. Shankar finishes with 35*, and Excelsior recover from an early scare to complete a six-wicket victory.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  16:10
HCC : 91 all out (38 overs)
Excelsior 74-4 (25 overs)
Stubbs and Shankar have turned the game Excelsior’s way. They’re on 30* and 31* now, and only 18 are needed.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:07
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 79-2 (17 overs)
Tewarie cuts Turmaine away square for four more, Ranchandaran puts Borren back over his head for another next over. Runs are coming at a decent rate but Dosti need at least one big partnership here.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  16:04
Voorburg : 244-4 (50 overs)
ACC : 45-4 (16.2 overs)
Ali Ahmed Qasim on, and he immediately removes Ramesh Babu. Aryan Kumar joins Kothari, with ACC really struggling now.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  15:59
Voorburg : 244-4 (50 overs)
ACC : 38-3 (15 overs)
Hosur has gone for 12 and Ammar Zaidi for a duck, but Kothari’s still there on 24*, batting now with Ram Ramesh Babu.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  15:55
Punjab : 285-9 (50 overs)
Sparta : 31-1 (11 overs)
Ibrahimkhil, promoted to opener, goes without scoring, caught by Bhatti off Tariq, but Raza and Tarr are consolidating for Sparta.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  15:51
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 68-2 (12 overs)
Turmaine gets Ahmed, spooning up a catch into the safe hands of Cooper at mid off, gone for 26. Tewarie in at four.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  15:50
HCC : 91 all out (38 overs)
Excelsior 47-4 (19 overs)
Excelsior are halfway to their target now, with Stubbs and Shankar batting sensibly against Klaus and Crowley.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  15:45
Voorburg : 244-4 (50 overs)
ACC : 34-1 (12 overs)
Kothari’s moved on to 22*, continuing his excellent run of form, but there’s a long, long way to go.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  15:41
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 56-1 (9 overs)
Time for some offspin as Turmaine takes over from Singh, tidy enough from him but Abid offers too much width in the next, cut away for four past the diving Hartsink at point. Ahmed brings up the fifty partnership with a swivel-pull in front of point, holding the pose as the ball bounces across the rope. Narrowly misses the tree with a cracking drive next up, hard run three in the end. Abid gets the breakthrough on the last ball though,short again and Raji on the pull, the traps set though and he finds the man at deep backward square. Ravichandaran in.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:41
VOC : 229-6 (50 overs)
HBS : 53-2 (15 overs)
Reece Mason and Navjit Singh at the crease at the moment.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  15:40
HCC : 91 all out (38 overs)
Excelsior 40-4 (17.4 overs)
Stubbs relieves the tension a bit with a six over long off which causes a significant delay. He’s on 12* now, Shankar on 16*. They take a drink in the meantime.

 Rod Lyall  15:35
Technical difficulties with the KNCB’s live feeds are currently making it extremely difficult to maintain any kind of coherent story, but we’ll continue to do our best to keep you up to date.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:30
VOC : 229-6 (50 overs)
HBS : 3-1 (2.1 overs)
Pierce Fletcher removes the dangerous Visée, and HBS are in early trouble too.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  15:28
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 32-0 (5 overs)
Ahmed finds the rope hooking Abid behind square, he’s looked the more comfortable of the two bats thus far, but when Abid goes short again to Raji he gets the same treatment, whipped around the corner for four more.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  15:24
Voorburg : 244-4 (50 overs)
ACC : 21-1 (7 overs)
An early wicket for Viv Kingma at Westvliet, but Kothari’s still there, batting with Krishna Hosur.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  15:20
HCC : 91 all out (38 overs)
Excelsior 25-4 (11 overs)
It’s all about survival at Thurlede at the moment, but Stubbs and Shankar are slowly building a platform after that initial mayhem.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  15:14
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Dosti : 7-0 (2 overs)
Raji and Ahmed to open for Dosti, Abid with the new ball for VRA. Checked drive through cover from Ahmed brings two first up, outside edge through vacant second slip for one more, little else of note. Singh from the other end, signature flamingo flick down leg from Ahmed struck nicely, but they’ve a man back for it. Singh struglging with his line a bit, couple down leg mid-over. Four off it.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  15:14
Punjab : 285-9 (50 overs)
Sparta : 1-0 (1 over)
They’re back at the Bermweg, just a single to Ali Raza off Suleiman Tariq’s opening over.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  15:03
HCC : 91 all out (38 overs)
Excelsior 12-4 (7 overs)
Kroesen is caught by Crowley off Floyd, and off the next ball Verhagen is apparently taken by Staal at cover. He doesn’t want to go, but after the umpires consult he’s on his way. Shankar survives the hat-trick delivery. HCC reckon they can win this, and they’re appealing for anything and everything. Big test for Tristan Stubbs.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  14:50
HCC : 91 all out (38 overs)
Excelsior 8-1 (3.5 overs)
Ingram survives a big LBW appeal making to sweep Bijloos, but it looked to be missing another set of stumps. But he tries it again next ball, and this time it flies to Gorlee at point. Ingram departs without scoring, and Joost Kroesen is in at four.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  14:43
HCC : 91 all out (38 overs)
Excelsior 8-1 (1.3 overs)
Excelsior have begun their chase at Thurlede, Tim Etman hitting Clayton Floyd for six in the first over. But then Bijloos catches his leading edge, and Henrico Venter takes an easy catch at mid-off. Lorenzo Ingram in early again, joining Roel Verhagen.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  14:30
Punjab : 285-9 (50 overs)
Hoornweg removes Saqib and Usman, for 37 and 19, in his final over, so it’s left to Mudassar Hussain and Sohail Bhatti to hammer the final nails in, which they do to the tune of three boundaries from Bhatti. But then Bhatti’s run out off the penultimate ball and Hussain’s caught behind off the last. Nevertheless, you’d think that should be enough.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  14:23
VRA : 302-6 (50 overs)
Balbirnie contrives to sweep Masood so far round the corner it ends up crossing the rope at third man, possibly some sort of mishit there but sounded pretty good off the bat. Hard running for two off the last out to long off, 302 the total in the end, Lees finishes on 32*, Balbirnie on 15*

 VRA vs Dosti-United  14:19
VRA : 292-6 (49 overs)
VRA struggling a bit for acceleration, not helped by a slow outfield, Balbirnie finds the rope cutting hard behind point off Masood though. He takes a blow as a leading edge from Lees hits him as he’s backing up. Lees picks up four off a more productive edge past third man, then more conventionally in the next over driving Hoseinbaks through the covers for four more. Good running between these two too, 8 away from the 300 with one to come. Masood to bowl it.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  14:17
Punjab : 263-5 (48 overs)
Snoep removes Sikander Zulfiqar, caught behind by Raza for 26, but Saqib’s moved on to 37* and Yasir Usman’s hit two sixes in his 19*. Punjab piling on the agony.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  14:12
Voorburg : 244-4 (50 overs)
Dutt finally falls for 75, but Engelbrecht’s there to the end, finishing with 131* from 124 deliveries. That fourth-wicket stand was a terrific effort.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  14:09
VRA : 263-6 (46 overs)
Swarczynski goes looking to force the pace, gets the sweep out against Masood but picks out the man on the square leg boundary. Balbirnie in.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  14:04
VRA : 256-5 (45 overs)
Singh should have been gone for 98 there, pops another return catch to Hoseinbaks, down it goes again. And should have been run out for 99 too, pushed to mid off and direct hit or even a clean take by the bowler and that’s gone. Instead it’s fumbled and a century for Singh. Masood back from the other end, 250 up on the last ball of the 44th, and Singh gone on the next, another return catch and Hoseinbaks finally holds on and Singh goes for 103. Lees to the middle, hard run three off a bottom edge and then surpives a run-out chance as the fieler opts to race him to the stumps rather than throw.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:02
VOC : 229-6 (50 overs)
A century for Seelaar as well, but then Klein uproots Schoonheim’s off stump. Pierce Fletcher keeps his captain company for the final over, from Boddendijk, and VOC close on 229 for seven, Seelaar on 104*, with ten fours and three sixes. The online card says 219, but the total’s appeared to be 10 behind for virtually the whole of the innings, so we’re pretty sure that 229 is right.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  13:58
Voorburg : 212-3 (47 overs)
Engelbrecht reaches a maiden Topklasse century, moving on to 108*. Dutt’s on 68*, and Voorburg are in complete command.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:45
VOC : 213-6 (48 overs)
Seelaar goes after Ferdi Vink, depositing him over the midwicket boundary and then over long on to race to 91* A four and a single, and he’s on 96.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  13:49
VRA : 238-4 (42 overs)
Singh finally sees a ball he likes the look of from Naseri, straight and flat and into the sight screen for six. He’s into the 90s now, Swarczynski still with him on 21*.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  13:48
Voorburg : 192-3 (44 overs)
Engelbrecht and Dutt march on, now on 94* and 62*. They have completely transformed this match, and created a magnificent platform for their attack.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:45
VOC : 171-6 (45 overs)
Klein returns, but it’s a run out which accounts for Durrani, who goes for a 32-ball 41. Seelaar now on 60*, with Jelte Schoonheim at the other end.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  13:42
Punjab : 204-4 (39 overs)
The S Zulfiqars push along. Ibrahimkhil has one over left, and Manminder Singh three – they’re the only wicket-takers for Sparta so far.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  13:40
HCC : 91 all out (38 overs)
A second for Stubbs, as Venter is caught by Sanjit Shankar. That’s been a thoroughly convincing effort by Excelsior in the field, and HCC are going to have to bowl very well indeed to preserve their unbeaten record.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  13:39
VRA : 215-4 (39 overs)
Szwarczynski reprieved in Tewarie’s next, an absolute sitter put down at backward point, 200 up next ball with a single to square leg. Tewarie drops short next ball and is pulled round the corner but it plugs short of the rope, and they run three. Szwarczynski finds his first boundary sweeping Naseri hard behind square for four past the tree, Singh still there comparatively circumspect on 83*, and that’ll be drinks.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:36
VOC : 161-5 (43 overs)
Fifty for Pieter Seelaar, a much-needed captain’s knock, and a much-needed stand with Durrani, who has made an aggressive 27-ball 37*. 200+ looking well and truly on now.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  13:30
HCC : 83-9 (36 overs)
Stubbs into the attack, and he promptly removes Hennop, caught by Rens van Troost for 11. Henrico Venter and Reinier Bijloos the final pair.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  13:29
VRA : 199-4 (37 overs)
Borren uses his reach to make a full toss of a fuller ball from Tewarie and sweeps for four in front of square, but that’s the last boundary for a while. Singh finds the rope again in the 36th, using the feet well to put Tewarie away square, and in Nesari’s next Borren takes a knee to slog sweep into the nets. Next ball the same shot goes straight up off the top edge and Ahmed takes a fine diving catch covering a lot of ground from midwicket. Szwarczynski in.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  13:29
Punjab : 186-4 (35 overs)
A third wicket for Ibrahimkhil: Nidamanuru caught by Manminder Singh for 26. That brings Sikander Zulfiqar in to join Saqib, who’s on 9*. Sparta fighting back, but Punjab still have a bit left in the tank.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  13:24
Voorburg : 156-3 (39 overs)
As do Engelbrecht and Dutt, now on 75* and 47*. They’ve brought up their century partnership, and as they take another drink it’s hard to see where ACC’s next wicket is coming from.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:21
VOC : 124-5 (39 overs)
Ferdi Vink’s back from the Pavilion End at the Hazelaarweg, but Seelaar, now on 42*, and Durrani continue to make steady progress.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  13:15
VRA : 170-3 (33 overs)
Running between the wickets has been somewhat less than fluid, but no need to run for that as Borren cuts Tewarie away for four behind point. Looks for the reverse sweep next ball but can’t connect. Slower bouncer from Masood almost does for Borren and he dinks a ramp shot up toward third man, who decides against catching it.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  13:15
Voorburg : 135-3 (37 overs)
Engelbrecht on to 65* now, with Dutt on 36*. ACC’s need for a breakthrough is becoming acute indeed.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  13:02
HCC : 77-8 (33 overs)
The advent of Gijs Kroesen brings some relief for HCC, though, Klaus hitting him for three boundaries. But the bowler has his revenge, trapping his man in front in the same over. And Lorenzo Ingram’s on in place of Baker.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  13:10
Punjab : 176-3 (32 overs)
Myburgh’s departure triggers a hiccup for Punjab, with Ibrahimkhil removing Rehmat Zulfiqar for 80 and Manminder Singh trapping Asad in front for 3. That brings Nidamanuru in to join Saqib Zulfiqar, and he races to 21*, taking up where he left off on Monday. Little relief for the Sparta bowlers!

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:05
VOC : 117-5 (36 overs)
Another for Navjit Singh; Van Baren caught by Stephan Vink for 10. Seelaar’s on 33* now, and batting with Ayaaz Durrani.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  13:02
HCC : 61-7 (31 overs)
A fourth for Baker as Patel is stumped for 1. Gijs Kroesen on for Van Troost as Ollie Klaus joins Hennop.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:58
VRA : 149-3 (29 overs)
And finally the breakthrough, quicker and flatter from Tewarie and Rasool caught in two minds, half forward and takes it on the pad, gone for 73. Marcus Andrew up the order to do some damage one assumes. Hoseinbaks returns from the other end.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  12:57
Voorburg : 107-3 (32 overs)
Hundred up for Voorburg, with Engelbrecht on the brink of a half-century. He’s on 48*, with Dutt on 26*. Ammar Zaidi and Anis Raza bowling for ACC.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  12:54
HCC : 59-6 (29 overs)
Van Troost finishes his spell, two for 13 off his ten overs a fair reflection of some very well-directed seam bowling. A four for Hennop off Baker HCC’s best moment for a while, but they have a lot of work to do.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:49
VRA : 142-1 (27 overs)
Singh goes to fifty glancing Naseri down to deep fine leg. Starting to rotate the strike again now after looking a bit run-shy for a while. Rahil Ahmed into the attack, bowling some legspin today. Singh treating him with marked respect, strokes the third ball out to long off for one. Rasool takes a similar approach, just two off it.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:46
VOC : 81-4 (30 overs)
A bowling change gets the breakthrough, as Jain is caught and bowled by Navjit Singh for 14. Seelaar’s still there on 23*, with Dirk van Baren in at No. 6.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  12:44
Punjab : 148-1 (25 overs)
A wicket at the Bermweg at last, as Myburgh is caught behind by Ali Raza off Nasrat Ibrahimkhil for 63, made at a run a ball with five fours and three sixes. Rehmat’s on 79*, joined now by brother Asad.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  12:41
Voorburg : 86-3 (26 overs)
The Engelbrecht-Dutt partnership is assuming serious proportions, as they move on to 33* and 20* respectively. After an indifferent start, Voorburg have the makings of a good total now.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  12:37
HCC : 48-6 (24 overs)
The HCC collapse continues, as Staal is caught by Stubbs off Baker for 4. Baker now has three for 10, and Dietmar Hennop is in to join Yash Patel.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  12:33
Punjab : 136-0 (22 overs)
Garrett Tarr into the attack, and Myburgh unleashes at last, smacking him for a six and two fours. Suddenly he’s on 60*, with Rehmat on 72*. This is becoming very, very worrying indeed for Sparta.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:27
VRA : 116-1 (21 overs)
Singh smashes Naseri high and far over square leg for his first six, Tewarie brings himself on at the other end. Drinks now and VRA well in control.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:28
VOC : 62-3 (24 overs)
Slow progress at the Hazelaarweg as the spin of De Mey and Adil Ahmed keep Seelaar and Jain very quiet. But they know they need to build a platform, on a pitch where scoring isn’t easy.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  12:25
HCC : 46-5 (21 overs)
And another: Trijzelaar’s out for 20, a second victim for Baker. And then another, as Clayton Floyd is bowled by Van Troost without scoring. HCC now in serious bother!

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  12:22
Voorburg : 60-3 (21 overs)
Spin from both ends at Westvliet, with Kothari, who has two wickets, operating in tandem with Devanshu Arya. Engelbrecht and Dutt going along steadily for the home side.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:17
VRA : 101-1 (18 overs)
Naseri into the attack, but fares little better against Rasool. Four lofted over the on side, and another straight to go to fifty. Singh into the twenties now too, drives Hoseinbaks up over long off for a one-bouncer. Hundred up for the hosts.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  12:15
HCC : 43-3 (18.1 overs)
Another one gone at Thurlede, where Crowley’s dismissal by Van Troost is the cue for drinks. Tonny Staal in at five.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  12:11
Punjab : 103-0 (19 overs)
Runs may be at a premium in most other places, but at the Bermweg Myburgh and Rehmat Zulfiqar have brought up a century opening partnership for Punjab, with the latter on 68*, with six fours and four sixes. Myburgh has 31*. Manminder Singh brings spin into the Sparta attack.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  12:05
Voorburg : 43-3 (16 overs)
ACC turning the screw, as Bas de Leede has gone as well. Aryan Dutt joins Engelbrecht.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  12:01
HCC : 35-2 (15.1 overs)
Umar Baker into the attack from the Beatrixpark End, and he gets Gorlee, sneaking one past the bat as he makes to cut. Damian Crowley joins Trijzelaar, who’s on 18*.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:57
VRA : 66-1 (13 overs)
Hoseinbaks first over goes poorly, four through cover off the back foot, the next is down leg for four wides. Hans keeps things tidy at the other end, but Singh drives Hoseinbaks for four more in the next. Since the early breakthrough it’s been all VRA. Hans loses his length and is put away for four by Singh over mid on.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:57
VOC : 51-3 (15.1 overs)
De Mey gets the really crucial wicket of O’Dowd, caught by Benno Boddendijk for 17. Arnav Jain in to join Seelaar, as VOC have some rebuilding to do.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  11:53
Voorburg : 35-2 (13 overs)
Hingorani has gone as well, bringing Sybrandt Engelbrecht to the crease.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  11:51
Punjab : 73-0 (12 overs)
A half-century for Rehmat, made from just 45 deliveries. Joost Martijn Snoep, back in the Sparta side, replaces Faisal Iqbal in the attack, bowling in tandem with Max Hoornweg.

Summer has finally arrived | photo – VOC cricket

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:47
VRA : 45-1 (9 overs)
Singh has been becalmed till now, but Masood overpitches on the last ball of the eighth and is driven for a straight four. Hans dots Rasool up twice in the next and is rewarded with an ill-judged sweep, into the pads but maybe going over. Rasool gets the last one away whipped away in front of square for one. Asief Hoseinbaks into the attack now.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:47
VOC : 41-2 (12 overs)
De Kok doesn’t last long, caught by Klein off De Mey for one. Pieter Seelaar to the crease, joining a relatively restrained O’Dowd.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  11:44
HCC : 25-1 (11 overs)
Even quieter at Thurlede, where Rens van Troost has now replaced Etman from the Scoreboard End. Trijzelaar and Gorlee extremely watchful.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  11:42
Voorburg : 30-1 (10 overs)
Kothari and Van Vliet still operating against Hingorani and De Leede. The ACC new-ball bowlers are keeping the batters fairly quiet at the moment.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:37
VRA : 37-1 (6 overs)
And a fishing expedition here as Rasool drives Hans hard and straight for six past the sight screen and into the water first ball of the fifth. Next ball is driven out through long off but plugs and they run three, Singh then pops a catchable chance back to Hans, who spills it onto the stumps, but Rasool is safely back. Masood gets the treatment on the first ball of the next, massive hit high and well back into the shrubbery, short next ball and pulled away square to the rope. Rasool off strike on the next and Masood beats Singh’s outside edge twice in the next three balls. All happening here.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  11:37
Punjab : 51-0 (9 overs)
Rehmat is in domineering mood, hitting three sixes and three fours in his 37* so far. Myburgh is by his standards restrained, just 12*. But with Rehmat batting like this, he doesn’t need to do anything spectacular.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  11:35
HCC : 22-1 (9 overs)
A keeper’s catch at Thurlede as well, where Ahmad falls to the Heggelman-Verhagen combination for 5. What a difference five days make! Boris Gorlee in at three.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:32
VOC : 35-1 (7 overs)
Edwards and O’Dowd going along steadily and Vink turns to spin early, bringing on Julian de Mey from the Airport End. But then Edwards goes, caught behind by Visée off Klein for 20. Tim de Kok joins O’Dowd.

 Bertus de Jong  11:26
In other news, they’re playing on a mat. We’re now seven rounds into the season and VRA still don’t have a pitch.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:25
VRA : 14-1 (3 overs)
And we’re off, Singh and Cooper opening for VRA, Mahesh Hans takes the new ball. Tidy from him, five dots on Singh and a single to mid off. Masood from the other end, short on leg and pulled down to fine leg for one , Cooper drives his first ball to mid on, nicks the third one through to the keeper playing away from his body. Rasool in at three and immediately off the mark with a cracking straight drive for four. The next is too wide and cut uppishly wide of third man for four more. A smattering of singles and an appeal for run out off a direct hit almost does for Singh in the next. Eventful start.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  11:24
Voorburg : 11-1 (6 overs)
First wicket of the day at Westvliet, where Righardt Pieterse goes, caught at slip off Mees van Vliet.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  11:21
HCC : 17-0 (5 overs)
Daniel Trijzelaar has been promoted to open with Ahmad, and they’ve successfully negotiated the first five overs from Etman and Heggelman.

 Sparta 1888 vs Punjab  11:14
Punjab : 15-0 (4 overs)
At the Bermweg, where Mudassar Bukhari won the toss and elected to field, Punjab have started at a good clip. Myburgh has hit one boundary and Rehmat Zulfiqar a couple, all off Bukhari’s bowling.

 Voorburg vs ACC Amsterdam  11:09
Voorburg : 4-0 (2 overs)
At Westvliet Bas de Leede won the toss and elected to bat. A single for Mohit Hingorani off Sahil Kothari’s opening over. Three off Mees van Vliet.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:07
VOC : 5-0 (2 overs)
A maiden from Ryan Klein to Scott Edwards to start, then Max O’Dowd takes a single and Edwards a brace of twos off Ferdi Vink.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  11:05
HCC : 4-0 (1 over)
Niels Etman opens up to Musa Nadeem Ahmad: a wide, and then three off the final delivery. Tom Heggelman from the other end.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  10:47
Got the toss done though, VRA win and will have a bat. Start expected at 11.15.

 VOC vs HBS Craeyenhout  10:42
VOC : 0-0 ( overs)
Ferdi Vink has got the call right as well, but he’s decided to put VOC in. Interesting move!

 VRA vs Dosti-United  10:37
Delayed will be start here, Covid testing taking a little longer than usual. Logistical issues we understand.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  10:35
HCC : 0-0 ( overs)
The race to announce the toss is won by Excelsior, though not the toss itself: at Thurlede Tonny Staal has called correctly, and HCC will have a bat.

 Rod Lyall  10:20
The toss is ten minutes or so away, and we’ll bring you news of what’s happening as soon as we get it. In principle it looks like a good day for batting, although in at least a couple of cases there may be tactical reasons for putting the opposition in. Time will tell!

 Rod Lyall  10:15
Good morning (afternoon/evening) everyone, and happily today it really is! The skies appear to be clear across the whole of the Netherlands, and likely to stay that way for the next 24 hours and beyond. That means we look forward to bringing you a day of uninterrupted cricket coverage, something we haven’t been able to say this season until now. Bertus de Jong will be in the Amsterdamse Bos to bring you all the action from the match between VRA and Dosti, and I’ll be in my sweeper role keeping an eye on the other four games. You can enjoy it all right here at!