Topklasse Live | Round 2 | As it Happened

played won lost tied n/r points NRR
HCC 2 1 1 5 3.540
HBS 2 1 1 5 3.197
EXC 2 1 1 5 1.371
PJB 2 1 1 5 0.8855
VOC 2 1 1 4 0.118
VCC 2 1 1 4 -0.405
DOS 2 1 1 1 -0.8855
VRA 2 1 1 1 -1.064
SPT 2 1 1 1 -3.197
ACC 2 1 1 1 -3.540

The Topklasse League Phase table after Round 2

 Bertus de Jong  17:56
Just not enough runs on the board for Dosti in the end, Vinoo Tewarie’s captain’s knock notwithstanding. Punjab only ever needed one partnership, and they were always likely to find one given the depth of their batting. It was Saqib Zulfiqar who would provide the backbone to an otherwise stumbling chase, and eventually found support in his brother Asad, even if the latter would eventually deny him a much-deserved half-century. Dosti’s early fightback with the ball, led by Asief Hoseinbaks’ uninterrupted spell of 3-19, nonetheless suggests there’s plenty of fight to be found at Drieburg, and it’s hard to see them going winless again this season. Thanks all for joining us today, and do check back later in the week for the reviews, photos and of course the preview for the bumper double round we have coming up next weekend. We’ll be back live on Thursday when HBS take on ACC in the sole Ascension Day game, with the rest of the round being pushed back to Sunday. Until then, this is Bertus de Jong signing off from a surprisingly sunny Sportpark Drieburg.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  17:43
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab :101-5 (32.5/45 overs – target 101)
Asad drives Tewarie out through the covers for a couple first ball, three dots follow, then Asad steps out and goes high, doesn’t get all of it but clears mid-off for four and the match. He finishes on 15*, stranding Saqib on 48* in the process.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  17:43
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 95-5 (32/45 overs – target 101)
Saqib cuts Mahendram away for four first ball, overcorrects on the next and they run an extra on the leg side wide. The next is a no ball, the free hit pulled away for four more. 14 off the over. Just six needed now.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  17:37
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 81-5 (31/45 overs – target 101)
Asad blocks out a maiden, Masood finishes with figures of 1-13 in nine, arguably deserved better but not done the cause any harm. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and Tewarie brings himself on to bowl, a brave gambit to back his own legspin in the circumstances. The last remiaining Zulfiqars milk him for five off the over. Mahendram from the other end.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  17:31
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 76-5 (29/45 overs – target 101)
Sardha pushing the ball through on a nagging line and almost pays off, Saqib driving away from the body and chops across his stumps. Masood back into the attack at the other end, full and quick and beats the bat outside off first up, Saqib fishing there. Same again on the third. Maiden. Sradha bowls his second and an enthusiastic shout for LBW on Asad second ball, but he was a ways forward. Two leg byes on the last ball and frustration building for Dosti, Punjab inching closer. Masood to bowl his last.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  17:20
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 69-5 (26/45 overs – target 101)
This partnership just pulling things back Puinjab’s way, there’s batting to come and if they bat the 45 they’ll get easy. Dosti need to keep taking wickets. And as I type Saqib deposits Hans back over his head and into the football club next door. Punjab ahead of DLS for the first time in the game. And even further now, as Saqib cuts away square for four more. Sardha into the attack.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  17:12
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 54-5 (24/45 overs – target 101)
Bit of width from Hans and cut late for a couple by Saqib,.the next is nurdled to the on side for a single. Four dots on Asad follow. DLS par is 61 at the end of the over for those keeping score, no rain imminent at the minute though. Nawaz still at the other end.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  17:04
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 50-5 (22/45 overs – target 101)
Saqib survives a scare first over after drinks, almost chopping Hans onto his stumps. Maiden for the 20th in the end, Nawaz continues, still looking for his line as he’s cut behind square for a couple by Asad. Saqib brings up the fifty for Punjab dabbing Hans into the on side fpor a single. Asad blocks out the over. IPL it is not but engaging stuff this.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  16:54
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 45-5 (19/45 overs – target 101)
A wayward start for Nawaz, couple of wides down leg, but doesn’t look easy to hit. Drinks now with the match very much in the balance. Dosti need to keep taking wickets to get through a lengthy Punjab batting line-up, Punjab just need a partnership.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  16:48
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 40-5 (18/45 overs – target 101)
And Hans puts an end to the nascent partnership, a tad short and Sikander looks to pull but it skids on low and under the bat, into the pads, up goes the finger. Punjab running low on Zulfiqars now, Asad in. Newcomer Abdul Nawaz, a tall right arm seamer recently arrived from Afghanistan we’re told, takes over from Hoseinbaks.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  16:44
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 38-4 (17/45 overs – target 101)
Sikander sweeps Hans’ for four behind square on the first ball of an otherwise uneventful over. Hoseinbaks to bowl his last, Saqib can’t resist trying to cut the third ball, but bottom edges into the ground. Hoseinbaks rather spoils his figures with a rank long hop on the final ball which is pulled away behind square by Saqib for four, but Punjab will nonetheless be glad to see the back of him. Hans to continue

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  16:37
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 28-4 (15/45 overs – target 101)
First bad ball from Hoseinbaks, full toss and Sikander puts it away wide of long on for four. Masood still from the other end, still looking for the yorker most every ball, hard to tell from here but looks like he has it swinging too, twice beats the bat on the drive as he bowls a maiden to Saqib. Hoseinbaks continues, both bats just looking for the singles, hoping to see him out. HE’s got one over left, Hans takes over from Masood.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  16:21
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 18-4 (12/45 overs – target 101)
Four down! Massod in on the action now spearing a quicker ball into the base of the stumps, Khan gone, Sikander in. And survives his first ball just barely, Masood looking genuinely rapid right now, yorker again and Sikander jams the bat down on it, rolls threatening past the off stump. Hoseinbaks, unsurprisingly, to continue.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  16:19
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 15-3 (11/45 overs – target 101)
Hoseinbaks has three, Usman goes back to one he shouldn’t have and loses his off stump. Kashif Khan in and blocks out the last thee balls. Masood still from the other end.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  16:14
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 15-2 (10/45 overs – target 101)
Hoseinbaks and Massod still operating in tandem, both batsmen watchful, picking ones and twos where they can find them. Just 12 runs from the 9-over powerplay, 15-2 after ten, Punjab are well behind the notional DLS par. Dosti, quite remarkably, look on top at the moment.

 ☀ Weather Update ☀  16:02
It’s lovely.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  15:54
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 7-1 (5/45 overs – target 101)
First boundary of the innings as Rehmat lofts Masood over cover for four, otherwise Dosti keeping things tight, and then out of the blue a wicket! HUssein pushing forward at Hoseinbaks, turn and bounce past the bat into the top of off, lovely ball. Usman in.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  15:44
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 2-0 (2/45 overs – target 101)
And we’re back. Asief Hoseinbaks takes the new ball, Rehmat Zulfiqar facing, Mudassar Hussein with him. Maiden to start. The top-knotted Masood from the other end, tucks Hussein up but a misfield in the slips allows a single. The fifth keeps low and the keeper fumbles for a bye, big shout for LBW on the last, but going down leg reckons the umpire.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  15:27
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Punjab : 0-0 (0/45 overs – target 101)
101 will be the target for Punjab when we resume in ten minutes’ time, 45 overs to get them.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  15:1
Dosti : 103 all out (32 overs)
Tewarie turning down an easy single from the non-strikers as Mahendram pushes out past mid off, and then loses his partner next ball, Nidamunuru pushing one past the bat into the pads, Nawaz in. Tewarie with the ramp again next over and dead straight to bisect deep third and fine leg. Width two balls later and sliced away behind point for four more to bring up the hundred for Dosti. Leaves Nawaz one to survive taking a single through midwicket, and regrets it. Sikander puts a yorker into the base of the stumps and Dosti all out for 103, Tewarie left unbeaten on 60*. He’s got his side to three figures, though DLS may drag that back down. Either way well below par even in tricky conditions.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  14:59
Dosti : 94-8 (30 overs)
Tewarie nonchalantly ramps Zulfiqar over his shoulder for four, lifts the next over mid on for what might have been four more with more help from the outfield, as might the next as he whips Zulfiqar off his toes behind square for two more to go to 49*. Gets his half century on the last ball of the over with a lofted drive through extra cover.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  14:53
Dosti : 82-8 (28 overs)
We think Hoseinbaks may have taken guard at the wrong end there, popular opinion is should have been Tewarie on strike. Hoseinbaks has cause to regret it now too as he lifts Nidamanuru into the hands of mid on. Akram Sradha in to join Tewarie, big shout for LBW on him too but no joy for the visitors. Sikandar still from the other end, and has more luck convincing the umpire as Sardha is struck low in font of leg-ish, we’ve no angle to judge here but he clearly looks hard done by walking off. Mahendram in.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  14:40
Dosti : 80-6 (26 overs)
Good news!If the rain stays away we’re starting agin in five minutes. 45-overs each way with all that that entails.

 ⛅ Weather Update ⛅  14:34
Sun’s out, covers off, inspection momentarily.

 ⛈ Weather Update ⛈  13:56
And a peel of thunder accross the ground is followed by a genuine deluge, albeit a brief one. Back to drizzle now, but more weather about. May be in for a wait…

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  13:42
Dosti : 80-6 (26 overs)
Hoseinbaks finds his first boundary with a lovely on drive, this is beginning to look like a partnership for the hosts here.

 ⛅ Weather Update ⛅  13:43
It’s been rather changeable all day dark clouds on the horizon but sunny for now. It really is rather lovely at times but still looks like we’ll be lucky to get through the game uninterrupted.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  13:42
Dosti : 72-6 (24 overs)
Tewarie getting a bit more enterprising now, uppersut over the cordon for four, lofted drive for a couple more, he’s into the thirties. Sikander Zulfiqar into the attack, tidy first over but gives up five wides first up in his next. Tewarie still showing plenty of intent, lovely off drive for a single might have brough more were it not for the sluggish outfield.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  13:25
Dosti : 51-6 (20 overs)
And another down, Hoseinbaks looks to take on Nidamanuru, doesn’t get enough of it and holes out straight, well taken by the man tracking back from mid off. Asif Hoseinbaks replaces his brother.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  13:15
Dosti : 45-5 (17 overs)
Runs coming now one way of another, Tewrie puts Nidamanuru back high and handsome over his head and the rope as the rain begins to fall again, still fairly light though and brighter skies behind. Hoseinbaks edges over the slips for four more next over. Saqib Zulfiqar to continue after drinks.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  12:57
Dosti : 24-5 (13 overs)
Raji lifts Hossein over the covers for what might have been a four, but it plugs ins the still rather soft outfield for a couple. A nick fourth ball skids into the cordon, well stopped and Raji sends Tewarie back just in time, otherwise uneventful. Bhatti’s next over is likewise unremarkable, but Hossein strikes in the 13th, Raji chasing a wide one, ouside edge offers a low chance at point, well taken by a Zulfiqar, Rehmat we reckon. Khan in. Khan doesn’t last either, flashing outside off too and a juggled take in the slips, another Zulfiqar. Saqib is the consensus. Arief Hoseinbaks in.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  12:40
Dosti : 20-3 (10 overs)
Well Dosti’s efforts to get the ground ready has not earned them any Karma with the cricketing gods it seems, three wickets in the powerplay for just 18 runs, two for Tariq, one for Bhatti. Wegecsanyi, Masood and Hans all back in the dugout already, Tewarie and Raji attempting to repair the innings now. Mubashar Hussein to bowl the 11th.

 Dosti-United vs Punjab  11:37
Well it seems for once our pessimism was misplaced. The Sun’s out, we’re on for a timely start. Dosti win the toss and will have a bat.

 Bertus de Jong  18:59
Well the weather was the real winner today, with four our of five games washed out despite a marked general determination to get results in. VCC the only side to get more than on point from the days’play. Bas de Leede’s efforts with the bat before the rain came set the platform for the one win of the round, the VCC seamers keeping VOC on the back foot in the chase and Phillipe Boissevain landing the killer blow with wicket of Edwards and then mopping up the tail. We’ll be back tomorrow for the rescheduled Round 1 match between Dosti and Punjab, though it must be said the forecast does not bode well…

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  18:39
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 111-9 (20.2/21 overs; target 154)
Van Wingereden and Hanif survive the over, and van Wingerden the hattrick balll, but Boissevain bags his five-fer with the next, van Wingerden down the track and swinging at air, Hingorani takes the bails off and that’s that.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  18:34
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 108-9 (19/21 overs; target 154)
Durrani goes back to make room, misses, and Boissevain takes his poles. Fletcher in at nine, swings hard and slices one up back over the bowler, falls safe though. Not so a miscued pull from Jain though, Kingma covering good ground around the rope at long on to hold a diving catch, Jain gone for 15. Hanif in at ten but can only watch as Fletcher holes out on the midwicket boundary. Van Wingerden last man. Van Beek to bolw the 20th.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  18:28
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 105-6 (18/21 overs; target 154)
Schoonheim doesn’t last, he had to come out swinging and so he did, but he’s undone by a perfect yorker from van Beek. Durrani in to join Jain but the game surely gone now. 49 still to get and three overs to get them. Boissevain still from the other end.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  18:22
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 102-5 (17/21 overs; target 154)
Edwards goes to fifty with a bit of luck, leading edge looking to whip de Leede round the corner but the chance goes begging. Pressure still building though, no boundaries since the 12th over. Boissevain still, and the pressure tells. Edwards on the drive but doesn’t get all of it, juggled catch by Pieterse at long off sees Edwards depart for 55. Jelte Schoonheim in.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  18:15
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 91-4 (15/21 overs; target 154)
Van Beek bowling full and straight looking for the blockhole, VOC find six from it nonetheless, but Edwards misses out on a full toss on the final ball. Boissevain into the attack, long hop to start but good fielding spares his blushes, mix up on the third ball offers a run-out chance but the throw from backward point is wide. Otherwise the fielding is solid however, just four singles from the over. VOC need to start hitting out now here. Required run rate creeping toward double figures. De Leede back.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  18:05
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 81-4 (13/21 overs; target 154)
Kingma returns, good first five balls from him but VOC punishing any misfields, sharp running brings six before Kingma offers too much width on the last ball and is cut away behind point for four by Edwards, who is keeping VOC in the game at the moment. Dutt continues and another parsimonious over pulls the momentum back VCC’s way, just four from it. Van Beek returns.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  17:57
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 67-4 (11/21 overs; target 154)
Van Baren takes one ball to have a look and then slams Ali Ahmed over mid off for four, seems to sense the need for acceleration. Dutt continues at the other end, Edwards and van Baren look to take him on, van Baren can’t beat the man on the reverse sweep but Edwards finds the rope next ball. Van Baren doesn’t survive the over though, Dutt pushes one through quicker and van Baren can’t connect trying to brush it off his pads. Jain in at six.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  17:47
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 53-3 (9/21 overs; target 154)
Dutt into the attack, bowling offspin today. Tidy until the fourth ball where he drifts onto Seelaar’s pads and is whipped away behind square for four. Has his revenge next ball when a bit odfextra bounce has Seelaar fending to short midwicket and easily held. Van Baren in.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  17:44
Sparta : 86-6 (32.1 overs)
Excelsior : 10-1 (1.4/20 overs; target 72)
And that’s now official. The umpires deemed the conditions too wet for safety, it seems.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  17:43
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 46-1 (8/21 overs; target 154)
De Leede continues, good over from him again bar a rather sloppy piece of fielding offering an overthrow off the last ball, just four off it. Ahmad profits from the pressure, de Kok cutting uppishly in front of point where Engelbrecht launched himself to his right to take a fantasic catch. Seelaar to the middle to join Edwards who’s on 24 off 20.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  17:40
Sparta : 86-6 (32.1 overs)
Excelsior : 10-1 (1.4/20 overs; target 72)
We’re hearing that the match has been abandoned, but we don’t yet have confirmation of that.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  17:33
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 35-1 (6/21 overs; target 154)
De Leede into the attack, and should have had de Kok’s wicket on the fourth ball, a simple enough catch put down at mid on. De Kok adds to de Leede’s frustartion driving the last ball of the over dead straight back past de Leede for four. Ali Ahmed into the attack, pace off still the plan with Hingorani standing up, and works well. Good running from VOC but required rate still creeping up.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  17:25
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 27-1 (4/21 overs; target 154)
Tight again from van Beek bowling a stump-to-stump line, just four singles from it. Short ball from Kingma and too straight is pulled away behind square by Edwards for the first boundary of the innings. Better from Kingma next but driven hard off the front foot through the covers for four more, and a slower bouncer costs the same, pulled away square for four more. 16 off the over in the end, Edwards getting VOC back on target here.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  17:22
Sparta : 86-6 (32.1 overs)
Excelsior : 4-1 (0.4/20 overs; target 72)
Max Hoornweg opens up to Tim Etman, who takes a four off his second delivery. But two balls later he’s caught by Bukhari. First blood to Sparta!

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  17:16
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
VOC : 6-1 (2 overs)
Kingma’s overstepping problem, that plagued him on tour in Nepal, is back. Yorker into the base of O’Dowd’s stumps and they run one. Good slower ball stops Edwards taking advantage on the free hit. Nor can O’Dowd take advantage of his reprieve, popping a dolly of a return catch to Kingma on the next delivery. De Kok in at three and blocks the first delivery back straight, can do little else with the next either. Great over from Kingma. 154 is indeed the target we’re told, VOC off the pace early.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  17:10
VCC : 123-7 (20 overs)
VOC : 3-0 (1 over)
Van Beek with the new ball for the hosts, Edwards and O’Dowd opening for VOC. Good first over from van Beek, just two runs off the bat and a leg side wide. No official word on what VOC’s DLS target is but ballpark they’re looking mid 150s I’d say. Kingma to bowl the second.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  17:02
Sparta : 86-6 (32.1 overs)
Excelsior :
The news from Capelle is that there will be a resumption at 17:15, Excelsior’s DLS target 72 in 20 overs.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  16:52
VCC : 123-7 (21 overs)
Van Wingerden bowls the last, de Grooth finds a triplet of twos around the gound off the first three balls but can’t lay bat on the next two. Final ball is cut away for a single. A strong finish for VOC, the hosts end up on 123-7 but DLS will add a few to that.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  16:49
VCC : 116-7 (20 overs)
You miss I hit from O’Dowd, and van Beek misses looking to heave him over the on side. Stumps akimbo. De Grooth in and off the mark with an inside edge. And another for O’Dowd, Kingma miscuing to midwicket on the first ball he faces. De Lange joins de Grooth, just a single off the last ball, good over for VOC.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  16:48
Sparta : 86-6 (32.1 overs)
There will be an inspection at 16:55 at the Bermweg. They only need enough time to get in 20 overs to complete the match.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  16:40
VCC : 114-5 (19 overs)
Leg side wide to start the 19th, followed by a single to leg. Boissevain is gifted a full toss on the next ball but can only spoon it up toward mid off for a simple catch. Van Beek gets his boundary ball next up though and thats clubbed away over the on side for six. Either I’ve missed a ball or that was a five ball over there…

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  16:40
VCC : 104-4 (18 overs)
O’Down into the attack. Van Beek sneaks a couple off a leading edge into the on side first up, Boissevain opens his account with a scoop over square for two more, but neither bat can really get him away. Van Wingerden now…

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  16:36
VCC : 98-4 (17 overs)
Both bats swinging hard but VOC not offering any pace on the ball. Hanif goes for 7 off his first four balls (interspersed with a couple of wides) before Engelbecht pops out and outside edge to point looking to go big and straight. Boissevain in.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  16:33
VCC : 89-3 (16 overs)
They’re back on and the break hasn’t done de Leede any good. Looking to cut Schoonheim first ball back and that looks to be a bottom edge through to Edwards. Van Beek joins Engelbrecht, who counterattacks with back to back boundaries off the last two balls of the 16th.

 Punjab vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:24
The match at the Zomercomplex has been abandoned without a ball being bowled.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  16:13
VCC : 80-2 (15 overs)
And good news! If the rain stays away we’ll be looking at a restart in a little over 15 minutes time, 21 overs each way.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  15:59
VCC : 80-2 (15 overs)
The umpires are heading out for an inspection now, 16:30 is the latest we can restart to get a game in.

Covers away! And dry for now at Westvliet… photo: Floris de Lange

 ACC vs Dosti-United  15:35
Dosti : 13-1 (5 overs)
It seems that the game at Het Loopveld has been abandoned, although the carrier pigeon telling us was apparently brought down by enemy fire.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  15:32
Voorburg : 80-2 (15 overs)
And the covers are coming off at Westvliet! This time it looks as if it’s for real, although there’s a good deal of water lying about.

 🌧 Weather Update 🌧   15:16

 Punjab vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:59
Still wet, still waiting is the word from Zomercomplex.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  14:57
VCC : 80-2 (15 overs)
Misplaced optimism it turns out, as the rain returns.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  14:37
VCC : 80-2 (15 overs)
A degree of optimism creeping in at Westvliet. Early lunch has been taken, weather looking a bit brighter, water’s being taken off the covers…

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  13:55
HCC : 64-0 (10.5 overs)
HCC and VRA the first to bow to the inevitable. Match abandoned.

 Bertus de Jong  13:20
And at Bermweg they retreat in the face of the weather too, covers on all over now. It’s clear that the new point system this season (awarding only 1 point each for an abandoned game) is working as intended inasmuch as it’s discouraging early abandonments, but in the circumstances one might argue it’s working a little too well…

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  13:20
Sparta : 86-6 (32.1 overs)
And the weather has prevailed at the Bermweg, at least for now. Bukhari is on 32 as the players leave the field, and Manminder Singh on 10.

 🌧 Weather Update 🌧   13:02
Rain still coming down at De Diepput, not very heavy but enough to keep them off. One imagines the ground will need to dry out appreciably before they get back on. Pace bowling without spikes is asking for injury on a wet surface. Hard to be optimistic at this point.

 Punjab vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:02
The news from the laughingly-named Zomercomplex is that there has been steady rain throughout, and the umpires have opted for an early lunch. Not just for themelves, obviously.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  12:58
Sparta : 66-6 (26.5 overs)
A third wicket for Ingram: Mamoon Latif caught by Stubbs for 5. It’s all up to Bukhari now; he’s on 23, and has been joined by Manminder Singh.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  12:43
Sparta : 56-5 (24 overs)
We’re not 100% sure, but it looks as if the Bermweg is the only Topklasse game continuing at the moment. Either they’ve built a roof over the ground during the winter or they’re showing fortitude (or stupidity) beyond the call of duty. Unless the rain has by-passed Capelle.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  12:33
Sparta : 45-5 (21 overs)
Lorenzo Ingram really is extraordinary. With Raza and Mudassar Bukhari going along quietly for Sparta, Ingram comes on and bowls Raza with his first delivery. Then he bowls Sherry Butt with his next. No hat-trick, but that’s quite an entrance!

 ACC vs Dosti-United  12:22
Dosti : 8-1 (4 overs)
Dosti lost a wicket before they had a run on the board at Het Loopveld, Waheed Masood run out, but debutant Joe Wegecsanyi and Vinoo Tewarie are setting about restoring things.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  12:04
Sparta : 35-3 (14.5 overs)
They love proving one wrong, don’t they? Ali Raza has been busy establishing that he does after all have a first gear, taking 40 deliveries to reach 13 without a single boundary. It’s Faisal Iqbal who’s been the more enterprising with two fours in his 11, but he’s just gone, caught by Jelte van Troost off Niels Etman.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  11:59
VCC : 80-2 (15 overs)
Three off Jain’s next, and now weather discussions here as well. The rain’s getting harder and the radar’s not promising. And they’re off. Covers roll on. Playing the waiting game at Westvliet now too.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  11:55
VCC : 77-2 (14 overs)
De Leede’s been driving the scoring til now but Engelbrecht will punish a bad ball, down on one knee to pull van Baren behind square for four on the second ball of the 14th, watchful for the rest of the over until van Baren goes too straight, flicked fine off the pads for a couple more. Jain still from the other end.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  11:50
Dosti : ( overs)
At Het Loopveld, where the start is scheduled for midday, Vinoo Tewarie has won the toss for Dosti and elected to bat.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  11:46
HCC : 64-0 (10.5 overs)
Well that was a protracted conference but they’re coming off now. Were it not for this season’s innovative points system it’s hard to imagine there would have been any dissenting voices. Driving rain and very dark out there too. We could be in for a long wait.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  11:42
HCC : 64-0 (10.5 overs)
Borren’s having a word with the umpires now, one suspects it’s about the weather. It really is coming down now. You can understand why VRA aren’t wild about being out there but he’s not wrong. Doesn’t look safe to be out there bowling pace off a full run up.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  11:35
HCC : 53-0 (10 overs)
Ahmad brings up the fifty partnership with a checked drive through cover off Singh, follows it up next ball splitting the field to find the cover boundary. He’s on 21, Staal on 30. HCC well set on 53 without loss after the powerplay.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  11:37
Voorburg : 47-2 (7.3 overs)
The introduction of Van Baren into the attack slows things down a little, and he’s ultimately rewarded with the wicket of Hingorani, leg-before for 14. Engelbrecht joins De Leede, who’s moved on to 21.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  11:29
HCC : 41-0 (8 overs)
Staal has succeeded it seems. Singh replaces Abid. Just three singles off his first. Gunning still at the other end and gives up his first boundary, Ahmad dispatching the third ball of the 7th to the rope. Looks pretty wet out there, could be tough keeping the ball dry for the bowlers.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  11:29
Sparta : 9-2 (6 overs)
Umar nicks Rens van Troost to newly-arrived Lorenzo Ingram and departs for 4. Sparta are again in trouble.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  11:26
Voorburg : 38-1 (5 overs)
Voorburg a lot more enterprising this week, with Hingorani and De Leede going along at a run a ball in the powerplay. VOC again helping the scoreboard with some wayward bowling.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  11:22
Sparta : 9-1 (4.4 overs)
And a wicket at the Bermweg, where after a pretty sedate start Balwantsingh is caught by Stubbs off Etman’s bowling for 5. The normally anything-but-sedate Ali Raza succeeds him.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  11:14
HCC : 27-0 (4 overs)
Tonny Staal looks intent on smashing young Abid right out of the attack, takes him for two sixes and a four in the fourth over, 20 runs off it in total. VRA in early trouble, HCC off to another flyer.

 Voorburg vs VOC Rotterdam  11:12
Voorburg : 8-1 (2 overs)
Drama at Westvliet, where after the toss quietly took place and Pieter Seelaar invited the home side to have a bat, Bobby Hanif trapped Aryan Dutt in front with the first delivery of the second over. Bas de Leede in to join Mohit Hingorani.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  11:09
Sparta : 2-0 (1 over)
They’re under way in Capelle, where Niels Etman opens up against Danish Umar, with Prithvi Balwantsingh at the other end. Two from the first over. Rens van Troost from the other end.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  11:06
HCC : 4-0 (2 overs)
The weather has relented sufficiently to permit play at de Diepput! With the risk of having to split 2 points rather than 4 in case of a washout there’s a pretty serious incentive to get a game in today of course. Musa Ahmad and Tonny Staal opening the batting for the hosts, Gunning takes the new ball for VRA. Just the one run off his first over, Ashir Abid from the other end.

  🌧 Weather Update 🌧   10:53
Well it does look like it’s going to be one of those days. It’s raining at De Diepput now, not hard enough to come off but likely not dry enough to start. Still dry at Bermweg we hear, and fairly bright around Amsterdam, but the weather is pushing up from the South West.

 Sparta 1888 vs Excelsior ’20  10:52
Sparta : (overs)
There are signs of a start at the Bermweg, too, where stand-in skipper Joost Kroesen has won the toss for Excelsior and also elected to field.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  10:45
And they’ve flipped the coin at de Diepput, Peter Borren calls correctly and invites HCC to bat first.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  10:35
No word on the toss yet at de Diepput, but a bit of team news. VRA ringing the changes after last week’s loss, Eric Swarczynski and Marcus Andrew have made the trip down to the Hague, newcomer Jack Balbirnie is also set for Topklasse debut. Youngsters Zamaan Khan, Debrup Dasgupta and Udit Nashier make way. Two changes to the HCC line-up that beat ACC last week, Hidde Overdijk giving way to little brother Jan Wieger and Joost Kooistra in for Hennop.

An ominous band of rain creeping North via

 Rod Lyall  10:18
As the KNCB moves cautiously towards normality, three of today’s games will start at 11:00 (weather permitting, which it almost certainly won’t) and two at midday. But the rule that there is no extra hour will apply to all five games, so overs will start coming off immediately. And to be honest, the chance of much cricket today doesn’t look great, if the Buienradar is anything to go by. We’ll let you know as soon as a toss takes place, or when there’s any inspection news.

 Rod Lyall  10:15
Good morning/afternoon/evening, everyone, depending on where in the world you are, and welcome to TKcricket’s unique live coverage of Round 2 of the Topklasse competition with your Dream Team of Bertus de Jong, Sander Tholen and me, Rod Lyall. The weather’s not looking too friendly, but the plan is that Bertus will be bringing you all the action at Westvliet, where Voorburg are at home to VOC (or possibly at De Diepput), Sander and his trusty camera will be capturing events at De Diepput, where HCC are entertaining VRA, and I’ll be giving you the long-distance view of the rest of the matches from my press box here in Sydney, where the sun recently finished shining. For the day.