Topklasse Live | Round 6 | As it Happened

 Rod Lyall  18:59
So, it’s been a very eventful day, and it’s been a pleasure to bring it to you. Voorburg’s return to winning form has ended HBS’s run, with the result that ACC, victorious over VOC thanks to Sikander Zulfiqar’s unbeaten 99 which capped Max O’Dowd’s 95, move back to the top of the table on net run rate. Then come a bunch of teams, all of whom are capable of beating any of the others, which (a) makes a tipster’s life impossible and (b) makes one wish that sides were competing to finish in a top four. Anchored at the bottom, now two games adrift, are VRA, but it surely can’t be long before they post their first win, having come so desperately close today. We’ll be back next weekend, of course, when there’s a Saturday-Monday double programme because of the Pentecost holiday. In the meantime, look out for my more considered review, Sander Tholen’s photos from Thurlede, and our preview of next weekend’s games. It can be hectic, but it’s never dull!

played won lost tied n/r points x̅ pts NRR
ACC 6 5 1 10 1.67 0.898
HBS 6 5 1 10 1.67 0.489
HCC 6 4 2 8 1.33 0.417
EXC 6 4 2 8 1.33 0.323
DST 6 3 3 6 1.00 -0.019
VOC 5 2 3 4 0.80 0.332
SPT 6 2 4 4 0.67 -0.528
VCC 6 2 4 4 0.67 -0.582
QCK 6 2 4 4 0.67 -0.728
VRA 5 0 5 0 0.00 -0.762

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  18:26
VOC : 183 all out (47.2 overs)
ACC: 187-6 (49.3 overs)
And while that was all happening, ACC completed their win with three deliveries to spare. Jamieson Mulready was run out with eight still needed, but Sikander Zulfiqar finished it off, ending on 99 not out, made from 125 balls with nine boundaries. That, my friends, is the definition of a match-winning innings!

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  18:22
Sparta : 197-7 (50 overs)
VRA: 193 all out (48.4 overs)
But it’s Sparta who take the points, as Borren is caught by Usman Saleem off Snoep’s bowling and VRA fall just short.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  18:18
Sparta : 197-7 (50 overs)
VRA: 192-9 (48 overs)
It’s a real thriller at Sportpark Bermweg, where with two overs left VRA need 6 to win with one wicket in hand, and Peter Borren on 51.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  18:15
Excelsior : 218-9 (50 overs)
HCC: 146 all out (37.2 overs)
At Thurlede, menwhile, Excelsior have dismissed HCC for 146 to win by 72 runs. Sohail Bhatti finished with four for 27 and Lorenzo Ingram three for 32.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  18:13
Quick : 177 all out (47.4 overs)
Dosti: 147 all out (46.2 overs)
No miracle. Kohli manages to get back on strike, but then he tries – as he had to do – to hit Mol for six, and can only find Thijs van Schelven on the boundary. He finishes with 57, and Quick win by 30 runs.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  18:00
Quick : 177 all out (47.4 overs)
Dosti: 142-9 (45 overs)
Mol takes a return catch to remove Waheed Masood, and then gets Asief Hoseinbaks as well. Kohli on 53, and needing a miracle.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  17:54
Quick : 177 all out (47.4 overs)
Dosti: 139-7 (44 overs)
Dake gets Arief Hoseinbaks as well, and the odds have moved strongly in Quick’s favour. Even Kohli can’t win it from here, you’d think.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  17:50
Quick : 177 all out (47.4 overs)
Dosti: 138-6 (43.? overs)
A massive breakthrough for Quick, as Diwan goes for 26, brilliantly caught by Young off Dake. It’s all down to Kohli now!

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  17:46
Quick : 177 all out (47.4 overs)
Dosti: 136-5 (42 overs)
Fifty for Kohli, and the equation now is 42 off eight. Diwan still there on 25.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  17:44
Sparta : 197-7 (50 overs)
VRA: 169-8 (39 overs)
Peter Borren has other ideas – he’s on 31, and VRA need 28 with two wickets in hand. Another one going down to the wire?

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  17:42
VOC : 183 all out (47.2 overs)
ACC: 131-5 (38.3 overs)
Ramdas Upadhyaya gets the wicket VOC desperately needed, with Raza caught by Van Baren for 28 in a stand of 80 with Sikander Zulfiqar. He’s on 64, but with 53 still needed ACC need him to stay to the end. This, too, could be pretty exciting!

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  17:35
Quick : 177 all out (47.4 overs)
Dosti: 117-5 (40 overs)
The implosion has been stayed by a fine stand between Kohli, playing one of his most patient innings, and Kuldeep Diwan. But they’re the last real hope for Dosti, and they’ve left themselves needing 61 off the last ten overs. We could be in for a very tense finish here!

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:28
HBS : 147 all out (45 overs)
VCC: 148-5 (?? overs)
The answer was no, as Voorburg complete a five-wicket victory, Nic Smit not out on 56. Not sure how many overs they had in hand, though!

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  17:26
Excelsior : 218-9 (50 overs)
HCC: 117-7 (29 overs)
Another for Van Troost, Walhain caught by Etman for 10, and Isaacs joins Overdijk, who’s in danger of running out of partners.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  17:21
Excelsior : 218-9 (50 overs)
HCC: 103-6 (26.2 overs)
Matt Hay is caught behind off Van Troost without scoring, and HCC, too, seem doomed. Overdijk’s still there, now with Douwe Walhain, but the inscription’s on the stonework.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:18
HBS : 147 all out (45 overs)
VCC: 138-5 (?? overs)
It’s another of those ‘they couldn’t, could they?’ moments, as Alyan Razzaggi goes as well, with just 10 needed. A wicket for the Visée/Gibson combination, but surely it’s too late?

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  17:15
Sparta : 197-7 (50 overs)
VRA: 136-8 (34.5 overs)
The slide becomes an avalanche, as first Van den Burg goes for 14 and then Lees without scoring. Only a matter of time now, surely?

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  17:10
VOC : 183 all out (47.2 overs)
ACC: 109-4 (32 overs)
Fifty partnership between Zulfiqar and Raza, and a half-century for Zulfiqar as well. This has been a very good stand indeed.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  17:08
Excelsior : 218-9 (50 overs)
HCC: 102-5 (25.4 overs)
Gorlee goes, leg-before to Ingram, and now HCC are in serious trouble. 218 a long way off at this stage.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  17:05
Excelsior : 218-9 (50 overs)
HCC: 90-4 (20.4 overs)
A third wicket for Bhatti: Street caught behind for 1. Hidde Overdijk at the crese now, with HCC looking just a little rocky.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:01
HBS : 147 all out (45 overs)
VCC: 132-4 (30.? overs)
And with that, Clayton Floyd goes for 32, caught by De Mey off Farshad Khan, and HBS may see a teeny-weeny chink of light . . .

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:59
HBS : 147 all out (45 overs)
VCC: 124-3 (30 overs)
A maiden Topklasse half-century for Nic Smit, and Voorburg look to be cruising to amuch-needed victory here. And that means a first defeat of the season for HBS, and a much more interesting-looking league table tonight!

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  16:52
Sparta : 197-7 (50 overs)
VRA: 117-5 (28.2 overs)
Suddenly VRA are in trouble, as Shadab Khan goes for 3, caught by Fletcher off De Kok, and then Vikram Singh is run out for 42. The game seems to be swinging Sparta’s way.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  16:47
Excelsior : 218-9 (50 overs)
HCC: 86-3 (18.2 overs)
And one brings two, as Wiffen is caught by Ingram off the returning Bhatti. He made 36, and Excelsior are now bowling at two new batsmen, with Boris Gorlee joining Street.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  16:44
VOC : 183 all out (47.2 overs)
ACC: 87-4 (25 overs)
Sikander Zulfiqar and Raza are moving steadily along, with the former now on 37. With not a lot of experience to come, Brady Barends apart, ACC need these two to keep batting; VOC, on the other hand, are increasingly in need of a wicket.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  16:38
Excelsior : 218-9 (50 overs)
HCC: 84-2 (17.2 overs)
Ingram gets one past Staal and into the stumps. Bryce Street joins Wiffen, who has now made 36.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:36
HBS : 147 all out (45 overs)
VCC: 98-3 (25 overs)
Voorburg graft their way steadily towards their target; Nic Smit on 40 now, with Clayton Floyd on 13.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  16:32
Sparta : 197-7 (50 overs)
VRA: 100-3 (24.3 overs)
This one’s in the balance, as Sawan Sardha gets Cooper, caught by Tim de Kok for 20.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  16:19
Quick : 177 all out (47.4 overs)
Dosti: 62-5 (20 overs)
Another run-out, as Singh is beaten by a throw from Mol to Vierling. Dosti are in danger of imploding here!

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  16:16
Excelsior : 218-9 (50 overs)
HCC: 59-1 (13.3 overs)
And at Thurlede Sohail Bhatti claims the first HCC wicket, Itagi caught behind by Verhagen for 29. Skipper Staal in at three for the visitors.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  16:13
Sparta : 197-7 (50 overs)
VRA: 77-2 (20.1 overs)
Skipper Joost Martijn Snoep gets a much-needed breakthrough for Sparta, trapping Leon Turmaine in front for 23.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  16:06
VOC : 183 all out (47.2 overs)
ACC: 51-4 (14.5 overs)
Marais is trapped in front by Van Baren as ACC, too, are finding chasing a moderate total tricky. Sikander Zulfiqar’s on 23 as he’s joined by Anis Raza.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:51
HBS : 147 all out (45 overs)
VCC: 69-3 (17 overs)
Breakthrough at Westvliet, as Noah Croes is well caught by stand-in Rainer Karsten.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  16:02
Quick : 177 all out (47.4 overs)
Dosti: 51-4 (16 overs)
Dosti are in deeper trouble now, as Mahesh Hans goes, run out by Sumeet Diwan, for 6. Tewarie’s still there, but he needs people to stay with him if Dosti are to win this. Amitoze Singh might be the man.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  15:56
Sparta : 197-7 (50 overs)
VRA: 57-1 (16 overs)
And VRA, after the early loss of Lake, are building steadily as well, with Sparta needing wickets if they’re going to defend 197.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  15:55
Excelsior : 218-9 (50 overs)
HCC: 31-0 (8 overs)
Itagi and Wiffen have made a steady start to their chase, and the game is nicely poised. It’s the biggest target of the day, but HCC have the batsmen to pull it off.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:51
HBS : 147 all out (45 overs)
VCC: 53-2 (14 overs)
For once, the dismissal of Matt Smit doesn’t lead to an immediate Voorburg collapse, as Noah Croes and Smit minor set about giving the innings some solidity.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  15:40
Quick : 177 all out (47.4 overs)
Dosti: 37-3 (11 overs)
A brilliant direct hit by Bista from square of the wicket accounts for Tewarie, and Dosti too are finding a modest target rather bigger than it looked at the innings break.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:31
VOC : 183 all out (47.2 overs)
ACC: 18-3 (6.2 overs)
Rasool’s the next to go at Het Loopveld, caught by O’Dowd off Sauid for 5. Jean Marais joins Sikander Zulfiqar, and so far the ACC innings is an uncanny echo of VOC’s. Is anyone up for playing the Max O’Dowd role?

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  15:16
Sparta : 197-7 (50 overs)
VRA: 24-1 (8.4 overs)
A wicket at Bermweg as well: Matt Lake trapped in front by Bukhari (who’s having a pretty good day) for 10.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:23
HBS : 147 all out (45 overs)
VCC: 24-2 (6 overs)
Matt Smit follows, caught behind by Visée off Gibson. HBS have made a great start in defending 147!

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  15:21
Quick : 177 all out (47.4 overs)
Dosti: 23-2 (6 overs)
Davids goes for 13, caught by Young off Jay Bista. Dosti, too, in a spot of early bother.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  15:18
Excelsior : 218-9 (50 overs)
HCC: 4-0 (1 over)
All five matches back under way now, as Tom Heggelman and Rens van Troost open up against Bharat Itagi and Adam Wiffen at Thurlede.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  15:16
Sparta : 197-7 (50 overs)
VRA: 20-0 (8 overs)
At te Bermweg, by contrast, VRA have made a steady start in their pursuit of Sparta’s 197 and a first win of the season.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:00
VOC : 183 all out (47.2 overs)
ACC: 6-2 (1.1 overs)
It’s difficult to keep up with all the drama, as Rehmat Zulfiqar follows his brother back to the pavilion, caught by Scott Edwards off Pierce Fletcher. ACC in early trouble.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:08
HBS : 147 all out (45 overs)
VCC: 16-1 (4 overs)
AND a wicket at Westvliet, where Tom de Grooth is trapped in front by Wesley Barresi in the fourth over.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  15:06
Quick : 165-7 (44.2 overs)
Dosti: 13-1 (3 overs)
An early strike at Nieuw Hanenburg as well, as Prathamesh Dake has Rahil Ahmed edging to Bista second slip off the final ball of the third over. Taruwar Kohli joins Anees Davids, who has been promoted to opener.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:00
VOC : 183 all out (47.2 overs)
ACC: 0-1 (0.1 overs)
Ashiqullah Said strikes with the very first ball of the ACC reply, castling Saqib Zulfiqar. His brother Rehmat is at the other end, and Shirase Rasool is in at three.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  14:37
Excelsior : 218-9 (50 overs)
And make it they do, the only side to pass 200 on what looked like a very good day for batting. Isaacs finishes with four for 43, and can be very pleased with his entry into the Topklasse.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  14:24
Excelsior : 191-7 (46.5 overs)
Excelsior may make it to 200, but it’s a battle, with Isaacs picking up a fourth wicket, trapping Umar Baker in front for 3 and Street getting David Woutersen caught behind.

 < ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  14:13
VOC : 183 all out (47.2 overs)
VOC finish as they began, with a flurry of wickets. O’Dowd’s 95 and an 85-run stand between O’Dowd and Seelaar were the only real highlights from their point of view, while for ACC there were the performances of Brady Barends with four for 32 and Aryan Kumar with three for 38.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:10
HBS : 147 all out (45 overs)
Which they fail to make, as Rainer Karsten is run out and then Kingma finishes it by uprooting the stumps.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  14:07
Excelsior : 181-5 (44.4 overs)
Isaacs gets Ingram for 62, caught by Gorlee, and then bowls Kroesen for 33. Important strikes for HCC as they look to contain Excelsior in the closing stages.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:04
HBS : 145-8 (43 overs)
Wessel Coster and Adil Ahmed go in rapid succession as HBS struggle towards 150.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  13:59
Quick : 165-7 (44.2 overs)
A partial recovery by Quick comes to an end as Young is caught at long on by Arief Hoseinbaks for 50.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  13:57
Sparta : 168-6 (43.4 overs)
The big finish is smothered by Leon Turmaine, who has Bukhari caught by Matt Lake for 67.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  13:53
VOC : 166-7 (43.1 overs)
Barends back into the attack, and he strikes a vital blow for ACC by inducing the edge from Edwards through to Jean Marais. Edwards made 20, but VOC will struggle to reach 200 from here.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  13:47
VOC : 166-6 (42.1 overs)
Another for Kumar as Schoonheim is bowled for four.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  13:44
Sparta : 140-5 (43.1 overs)
Atse Buurman is stumped by Lees off Ben Cooper’s bowling for 17. Bukhari’s still there, though, with his half-century on the board. Brace yourselves for a big finish . . .

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  13:39
VOC : 153-5 (40.2 overs)
And O’Dowd falls just short of his century, caught by Shirase Rasool at square leg off Aryan Kumar for 95. VOC have some work to do in their last ten overs, as Jelte Schoonheim joins Edwards.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:32
HBS : 110-6 (34 overs)
Zak Gibson the next to go, caught by De Grooth off Philippe Boissevain. Could this be the reversal we’ve been waiting for?

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  13:27
Quick : 135-6 (36.1 overs)
Van Schelven avoids the hat-trick, but doesn’t last much longer as Davids gets him caught and bowled for 1. A pretty dramatic collapse by Quick here!

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  13:21
Quick : 133-5 (34.3 overs)
Davids gets two in successive balls, Vierling has his middle stump uprooted for 6, and then Sumeet Diwan is trapped in front. Drinks come before the hat-trick ball, to be faced by Thijs van Schelven.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  13:14
VOC : 134-4 (34.1 overs)
Wickets coming in battalions, as Seelaar is trapped in front by Saqib Zulfiqar for 32. Scott Edwards in, O’Dowd on 89.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  13:12
Quick : 129-3 (33.1 overs)
Doc Mol caught behind by Rahil Ahmed off Amitoze Singh for 31. Daan Vierling joins Rupert Young.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:11
HBS : 91-5 (29 overs)
Now it’s Barresi who’s gone, caught behind off a Brandon Glover bouncer for 24. Runs are proving hard to come by at Westvliet today.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  13:07
Excelsior : 104-3 (29.2 overs)
It’s Klaus who gets the breakthrough at Thurlede, as Parchment is caught by Boris Gorlee for 26. Joost Kroesen, back at his accustomed No. 5 spot, joins Ingram, who’s on 25.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  12:57
Sparta : 90-3 (31.4 overs)
Predictably, perhaps, it’s Borren who gets the breakthrough, having Tarr caught behind by Mitch Lees for 41.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:54
HBS : 74-4 (26 overs)
Navjit Singh is caught by Floyd off Mulder. Zak Gibson comes in, promoted to six.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  12:51
Excelsior : 85-2 (26 overs)
Klaus and Itagi on for HCC now, as Tonny Staal tries to break a menacing stand between Ingram and Parchment.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  12:47
Quick : 93-2 (25 overs)
Mahesh Hans and Asief Hoseinbaks operating in tandem now, but Young and Mol are close to bringing up Quick’s hundred and looking pretty settled.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  12:41
VOC : 104-3 (25 overs)
O’Dowd’s moved on to 72 now, with Seelaar on 17. ACC need to break this partnership if they’re to keep the VOC total within reasonable bounds.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  12:36
Sparta : 72-2 (25 overs)
After those early wickets Garnett Tarr and Mudassar Bukhari are building a valuable stand for Sparta. Tarr’s now on 36, Bukhari on 21.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:31
HBS : 57-3 (23 overs)
Trying to force the pace, Sharn Gomes pays the price as he’s bowled by Stef Mulder. Wesley Barresi in at five, with this game nicely poised.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  12:21
Quick : 67-2 (16.1 overs)
Wickets all over the place! Bista goes, caught by Singh off Kohli for 26, attempting a pull shot. An all-Indian affair that! Geert Maarten Mol joins Young.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  12:18
VOC : 76-3 (19 overs)
They take a drink at Het Loopveld immediately after O’Dowd brings up his half-century. He and Pieter Seelaar are giving some solidity to this VOC innings.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  12:16
Excelsior : 58-2 (18.1 overs)
Ditto at Thurlede, where Etman is caught by Adam Wiffen off Isaacs for 23. Parchment in at four.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:13
HBS : 49-2 (17 overs)
And sustained pressure brings its reward at Westvliet, where Clayton Floyd has Zac Elkin caught by Brandon Glover for 16. Navjit Singh joins Gomes.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  12:11
Excelsior : 57-1 (17 overs)
Newcomer Raafieq Isaacs is into the attack for HCC, but Etman and Ingram continue building for Excelsior. Etman now on 23. Progress is steady rather than spectacular.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  12:04
Quick : 64-1 (15 overs)
Batsmen tend to flourish with the sun on their backs, and that’s certainly the case at Nieuw Hanenburg, where Jay Bista and Rupert Young are building a useful platform for Quick. Bista’s now on 24, his partner on 11.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  11:50
VOC : 51-3 (11 overs)
Information from Het Loopveld is pretty sparse, not least because one of our main informants has been called up as an emergency replacement umpire, but ACC’s Brady Barends has picked up three quick wickets. Max O’Dowd is still there, though, on 37.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  11:40
Excelsior : 32-1 (8.3 overs)
There’s a big appeal for caught behind against Ingram off Street, but it’s turned down by the umpire.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  11:36
Excelsior : 32-1 (8 overs)
Matt Hay into the attack for HCC, and he’s immediately rewarded with the wicket of Roel Verhagen, trapped in front for 1. Lorenzo Ingram joins Etman at the crease.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:24
HBS : 28-1 (6 overs)
Viv Kingma strikes for Voorburg, bowling Tobias Visée.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  11:33
Quick : 26-1 (8 overs)
And Bob van Gigch goes for 12 at Nieuw Hanenburg, caught by Vinoo Tewarie at mid-off off Waheed Masood. Bista’s on 6.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  11:29
Sparta : 17-2 (6.4 overs)
Another wicket for Graber at the Bermweg: Ali Raza goes for 6, caught by Quirijn Gunning. Both Sparta openers now back in the dugout.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  11:27
Excelsior : 25-0 (6 overs)
Assisted by some wild bowling from Overdijk, who’s conceded 11 from six wide deliveries so far, extras go into an early lead at Thurlede.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:24
HBS : 24-0 (5 overs)
HBS have got off to their usual attacking start against Voorburg.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  11:21
Sparta : 3-1 (1.3 overs)
Andrew Fletcher’s miserable season continues, as he’s caught by Ben Cooper off Graber without scoring.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  11:10
Quick : 0-0 (2 overs)
A steady start at Nieuw Hanenburg, where Anees Davids and Kuldeep Diwan open with a brace of maiden overs to Jay Bista and Bobby van Gigch respectively.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  11:06
Excelsior : 2-0 (1 over)
Hidde Overdijk opens for HCC to Tim Etman, who takes a couple off his first over. Bryce Street from the other end to Roel Verhagen.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:02
It’s confirmed that HBS will bat. But unfortunate news for Ferdi Vink and his team: he’s gone over on his ankle while warming up, and will be replaced in the side by Rainer Karsten.

 VCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  10:35
Conflicting news about who’s batting first at Westvliet, although it does seem that Tobias Visée broke the pattern by winning the toss.

  Quick Haag vs Dosti  10:43
And Vinoo Tewarie is the fourth skipper to guess wrongly, as a result of which Quick will bat at Nieuw Hanenburg.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  10:40
There’s a lot of wrong calling about this morning: Sparta have also won the toss, and chosen to bat.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  10:38
And at Het Loopveld, ACC have won the toss and elected to field.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HCC  10:35
This week’s winner of the News of the Toss Handicap are Excelsior ’20, who have won the toss at Thurlede and elected to bat.

Rod Lyall 10:16

Good morning/afternoon/evening once again, everyone. I’ll be bringing you all the news from around the country today, and perhaps this is a good moment to express our gratitude to all the scorers, club officials and cricket enthusiasts who enable us to keep you posted on events, because they keep us posted. And to encourage you to keep it up! We couldn’t do what we do without you! It’s a beautiful day in Amsterdam, and hopefully all over the country, and let’s hope we’re in for a great day’s cricket. If you want to know what Bertus de Jong and I thought about it on Wednesday (i.e. before Thursday’s round), you can check it out at Saturday.