Topklasse Live | Round 7 | As it Happened

 Bertus de Jong  16:38
Another rather underwhelming round this week then, with just 55 overs bowled yesterday and just over 70 today, and neither match terribly tense. A bad weekend for the Hague, whilst VRA look to have played themselves into something approaching form albeit possibly a little too late again, and Sparta continue in their role as unlikely challengers to the still unbeaten Excelsior. Join us next week for what we hope will be a rather more gripping show.

The Topklasse points table after Round 7

 Quick Haag vs Sparta 1888  16.28
 Quick : 140 all out in 43.5 overs
 Sparta :141-4 in 27 overs
Bukhari and Bell thake them home however, with an unbroken 79-run stand for the 5th wicket. The win takes Sparta clear into second place behind Excelsior, whilst Quick remain in 8th place.

 Quick Haag vs Sparta 1888  15.42
 Quick : 140 all out in 43.5 overs
 Sparta :62-4 in 16 overs
Game on at Nieuw Hanenburg, van Schelven and Mol both strike, Bukhari and Bell in now with the game in the balance.

 Quick Haag vs Sparta 1888  15.20
 Quick : 140 all out in 43.5 overs
 Sparta :48-2 in 10 overs
Davey leading the fightback for Quick, he has Iqbal and Pollard caught behind, Ishfaq is still there though and the lead is already down to double figures.

 Quick Haag vs Sparta 1888  14.55
 Quick : 140 all out in 43.5 overs
 Sparta :30-0 in 3 overs
Sparta wasting no time after lunch as Iqbal plunders 21 runs off Jeroen Brand’s second over.

 Quick Haag vs Sparta 1888  14.05
 Quick : 140 all out in 43.5 overs
Jeroen Brand musters some resistance with the tail, He is left unbeaten on 34 but runs out of partners, Quick all out for 140.

 Quick Haag vs Sparta 1888  12:45
 Quick : 91-7 in 25 overs
Van Gigch and Mol’s counterattacking partnership comes to an end, the former smartly stumped off Iqbal and the latter run out by Pollard’s direct hit.

 Quick Haag vs Sparta 1888  11:35
 Quick : 24-4 in 10 overs
Van Gigch loses two more partners, Warren Bell enjoying his first outing of the season in Sparta colours, he has three wickets already and Quick are in deep trouble as Geert Mol comes to the crease.

 Quick Haag vs Sparta 1888  11:13
 Quick : 9-2 in 4.2 overs
Early wickets at Nieuw Hanenburg, Landheer and Bista both fall cheaply.

 Quick Haag vs Sparta 1888  10:45
Good morning and welcome back, word from Nieuw Hanenburg is that Sparta have won the toss and invited Quick to bat first.

 Bertus de Jong  15:05
Well that’s all for today, a rather underwhelming day of Topklasse cricket with just 55 overs bowled across the country, and an easy win for VRA after HCC were rapidly made to regret their decision to throw the ball to their hosts this morning. All done in time for Lunch. There’s still a game to go of course, with Quick and Sparta slated to play tomorrow. Join us then for what’s left of the round, until then this is Bertus de Jong signing off from Amsterdamse Bos.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  15:02
 HCC : 86 all out in 35.2 overs
 VRA : 87-5 in 19.3 overs
Street goes short and Borren swipes at it, big top edge over the slips will go for four and that’s the game.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  14:56
 HCC : 86 all out in 35.2 overs
 VRA : 80-5 in 19 overs
Ninan has another courtesy what you’d call a courageous LBW decision, Turmaine well forward on the sweep, misses and the finger goes up again. Borren in.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  14:56
 HCC : 86 all out in 35.2 overs
 VRA : 74-4 in 18 overs
Cooper looks to be in a hurry, two fours off Overdijk’s next – though the first would probably have been held up inside the rope if the fielder had put in a dive. If he had done he’d have crashed into a bench full of spectators sitting unnecessarily close to the rope however.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  14:49
 HCC : 86 all out in 35.2 overs
 VRA : 64-4 in 17 overs
Ninan into the attack and removes ter Braak for 29, going back and looking to brush it to leg, no bat and up goes the finger. Probably come too late to make things interesting though. Szwarczynski in and off the mark with a dab-sweep down to fine leg, then reverses the next for four, then gone next ball. On the sweep again, well forward but missed and hit on the pad, long delay and he looks pretty surprised to see the finger go up. I didn’t see it coming either to be honest. Turmaine in.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs ACC  14:35
And word is they’ve bowed to the inevitable at Thurlede, leaving proceedings at the Bos the day’s only going concern.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  14:30
 HCC : 86 all out in 35.2 overs
 VRA : 44-2 in 12 overs
Street takes over from Overdijk but doesn’t really pay off, his over goes for 7 and then Ali Ahmed comes in for some tap in the next, Ben Cooper puts him across the rope three balls in a row.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  14:08
 HCC : 86 all out in 35.2 overs
 VRA : 16-2 in 6.4 overs
Overdijk has his reward next over, van den Burg loses his off stump. Cooper in.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  14:03
 HCC : 86 all out in 35.2 overs
 VRA : 15-1 in 5.4 overs
It’s first blood to Ali Ahmed though as he takes over from de Lange at the Mulder end and strikes fourth ball. Singh on the attack with a flashing drive but it’s edged low and wide of second slip who takes a fine tumbling catch. Captain to the crease.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  13:59
 HCC : 86 all out in 35.2 overs
 VRA : 15-0 in 5 overs
Overdijk and de Lange sharing the new ball for HCC but the early wickets they need have not yet been forthcoming. Overdijk has come the closest, beating Singh’s bat and finding a leading edge off ter Braak, but the score’s ticking up and VRA don’t need many.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs ACC  13:55
It’s never say die at Thurlede, at least not before half past two, when another inspection has been scheduled. They’re hoping to use the artificial today but word is there’s a stubborn damp patch next to the pitch that just won’t shift.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  13:45
 HCC : 86 all out in 35.2 overs
 VRA : 0-0 in 1 over
And we’re back in action here, for a loose definition of action. Overdijk with the new ball for HCC, Singh and ter Braak opening. Singh watches five balls through to the keeper and blocks the last.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  13:26
 HCC : 86 all out in 35.2 overs
Borren wraps up the HCC innings here, Peters’ wicket is not as he’d like it. Still time for a wee session before lunch.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs ACC  13:25
Hope is still alive at Thurlede though, they’ll have another look in about 20 minutes.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:22
And at Hazelaarweg the die has been cast. Not in a good way. The match has been abandoned, and the players are shaking hands. The umpires have ruled that the pitch is not fit for play.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  13:13
 HCC : 78-9 in 33 overs
And another, Vecchi now edging behind off Raja. Five catches for Lees. De Lange last man.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  13:10
 HCC : 77-8 in 32 overs
Ninan out, three for Gunning. Full and skids on low, Ninan in no kind of position, struck in front and gone. Peters in.

 Bertus de Jong  13:08
Not entirely impossible that this match will be over before any of the others have started today.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  13:05
 HCC : 75-7 in 31 overs
And Raja too finds early reward, Walhain pops one straight up in front of square and Lees tears around from behind the stumps to claim his fourth catch of the innings. Vecchi in.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  13:01
 HCC : 73-6 in 30 overs
Gunning returns from the Mulder end and immediately looks dangerous, big shout for LBW on Ninan third ball, maybe just sliding down leg, then an botom edge bounces over the stumps on the last ball of the over. Raja replaces Turmaine at the city end.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  12:44
 HCC : 58-6 in 26 overs
And six down now. Gul has his first as Jonkman finds Cooper (we think) at point with a thick edged drive. Walhain in and gets off the mark with a fine looking straight drive for only the second four of the innings.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  12:30
 HCC : 50-5 in 22 overs
Borren puts Ovedijk out of his discomfort. Fullish and swinging in and Lees is forced to evade a cartwheeling stump that is sent his way. Ninan in.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  12:19
 HCC : 44-4 in 20 overs
Still Turmaine and Borren for VRA, the latter produces another maiden after the drinks break, Overdijk batting out of his crease looking to negate the lateral movement, with limited success. Borren beats the edge on the second and fourth balls. Neither batsman looking comfortable.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs ACC  12:11
Early lunch and an inspection at 1pm is the plan at Thurlede too, still a lot of damp patches around and little sun or wind to help matters.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  12:06
 HCC : 39-4 in 17 overs
Van den Burg tosses the ball to Turmaine, perhaps to save some Gunning overs for the close, or perhaps a flash of brilliance. Turmaine strikes with his first ball, Gorlee back in the crease, it’s through him and into the woodwork. Overdijk in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:04
At Hazelarweg the umpires have had a look, and a prolonged discussion with the captains. The upshot is that there will be another inspection at 13:00, and an early lunch will be taken in the meantime.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  11:57
 HCC : 36-3 in 15.1 overs
And sure enough Borren has the breakthrough, drawing Ahmed forward and finding the edge, Lees makes no mistake. Jonkman in.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  11:55
 HCC : 36-2 in 15 overs
Borren takes over from Mia at the Mulders end and takes an over to settle in, his first going for six, but follows it up with a maiden next over. Gunning still from the city end and continues to look threatening, but no reward since the first over. Gorlee and Ahmed have done well to survive the opening stage but though the shine’s off the ball it doesn’t look to be getting any easier.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  11:37
 HCC : 18-2 in 10 overs
Mia drops one short in the 6th and Ahmed pulls him hard in front of square for thre first boundary of the innings, Gunning keeps it tight at the other end. An ill-advised drive from Gorlee in Mia’s next produces a thick edge through the cordon, but since then this pair have settled into their task. Doesn’t look easy out there though and runs a rare commodity. Some selection news meanwhile, HCC are missing Lagas and van Kessel, with Felix Vecchi and Douwe Walhain coming into the side. Adeel Raja returns for VRA, with Dunlop making way.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  11:20
 HCC : 6-2 in 5 overs
Gorlee and Ahmed proceed in appropriately watchful fashion after the double blow in the first over, the flamboyant leave the shot of choice so far, whilst the glance to leg has been the most productive when the line has allowed. Mia and Gunning have reliably beaten the bat when the drive has been attempted, so it seems to have been put away for now. Seaming around a fair bit out there and Gunning seems to be getting movement through the air too, though as ever difficult to judge from the balcony.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs ACC  10:12
Little progress at Thurlede either. We’ll have another inspection at mid-day.

 VOC Rotterdam vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:06
The VOC players are working hard on the ground: one party is using a leaf blower on the pitch (and occasionally on each other), while just off the other side of the square an archaeological dig has started. Or perhaps they’re hoping to strike oil. More probably, they’re trying to get the water away from a damp area. It’s the most fun anybody’s likely to have for a while.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  11:05
 HCC : 0-2 in 1 over
We’re underway here, and Quirijn Gunning has VRA off to a flyer. He starts with three dots and then nicks off Bryce Street and Tonny Staal in successive balls, two catches for Lees on his first over back behind the stumps and HCC reeling. Gorlee joins Ahmed and watches the hattrick ball through to the keeper. Mia from the other end.

 Rod Lyall  10:48
This is Rod Lyall at Hazelaarweg, where after heavy rain yesterday and overnight there will certainly be a late start, if there’s a start at all. The groundsman has not yet handed the ground over to the umpires, and will be having another look at 12:00. It’s dry at the moment, but there’s heavy overcast and little or no wind to help the drying process. We’ll keep you posted.

 Bertus de Jong  10:48
Seems we’ve been a little over-optimistic in terms of the number of games we can expect today. Quick and Sparta have quietly agreed to play their match tomorrow, whilst Dosti-Punjab has, with a minimum of fanfare, been rescheduled for the 30th of June.

 VRA Amsterdam vs HCC  10:45
We’ll be starting on time here at the Bos though, HCC have won the toss and elected to bat first. Overhead looks like a bowl first day but with the amount of dew on the ground expect the ball to get soapy pretty quickly.

Scott Edwards
Scott Edwards earning his keep at Hazelaarweg photo via VOC twitter

 VOC Rotterdam vs HBS Craeyenhout  10:22
Lots of work to be done at Hazelaarweg too we hear. Toss delayed there too.

 ☁ Weather Update ☁  10:15
Nothing coming down at Amstelveen for now, though it’s overcast and there’s showers about. Forecast across the country is dicey, though at least in the south there’s no more rain predicted. The major problem is the rain that’s already fallen however. It has rained more or less through the night in South Holland, and together with the torrential thunderstorms earlier in the week it’s still pretty damp all over.

 Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam vs ACC  10:12
Sure enough, word from Thurlede is that the place is still pretty soggy. Inspection at 11am and not much hope of play before noon.

 Bertus de Jong  10:08
Morning one and all, and welcome to our coverage of the seventh round of the 2018 Topklasse. I’m on my way to the Bos to bring you the latest from VRA vs HCC whilst Rod and Sander are headed to Hazelaarweg where VOC will welcome HBS. Meanwhile across the water at Drieburg Dosti will take on Punjab, whilst Sparta head to Nieuw Hanenburg to face Quick Haag. Finally down in Schiedam bottom-placed ACC are at Thurlede looking to stage an upset against frontrunners Excelsior ’20, though they’ll likely have to wait a while. A lot of water has come down across the country and delayed starts very much on the cards. In the meantime, we’ve been playing our usual guessing games in the preview for your edification or amusement.