Topklasse Live | Round 9 | As it Happened

played won lost tied n/r points x̅ pts NRR
HCC 9 7 1 1 15 1.67 1.669
PJB 9 7 2 14 1.56 1.714
VCC 8 6 2 1 12 1.50 0.259
SPT 8 5 3 1 10 1.25 0.367
VRA 9 5 4 10 1.11 0.417
ACC 8 3 5 1 6 0.75 -0.259
HBS 8 3 5 1 6 0.75 -1.087
EXC 7 2 4 1 2 5 0.71 -0.117
VOC 9 3 6 6 0.67 -0.487
DOS 9 9 0.00 -1.757

The final 2020 Topklasse table

 Rod Lyall  18:59
So that’s it for another year. We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage, and we want to thank all those who have made it possible with their tweets, photos and messages, not least for their patience in the face of our nagging. We couldn’t do what we do without you! There will be a review of today’s games tomorrow, and look out too for Sander’s photos. Updated stats to follow. We will also be picking our Team of the Season as usual. And then we look forward to welcoming you back again next season, let us hope in more normal circumstances! This is Rod Lyall saying goodbye for now, and do stay safe.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  18:57
VOC: 141-4 (21 overs)
HCC: 141 all out (?? overs) (DLS target: 167)
The carrier pigeons appear to be on strike, but we gather that VOC have won at De Diepput.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  18:28
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 263-4 (47.3 overs)
Mitch Lees into the attack! And Khan can’t lay bat on him. A wide on the fourth ball is all that blemishes the over, but Nashier undoes the good work by serving up a hit me ball first up that Saqib deposits over the midwicket rope to go to fifty. Two balls later and it’s all over, Khan steps down and swings it high and handsome over long off and one bounce into the fence.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  18:26
VOC: 141-4 (21 overs)
HCC: 100-5 (15 overs)
Floyd the next to go, and Yash Patel joins Ahmad, on 43. The ask’s up to tens, though.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  18:20
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 251-4 (46 overs)
Turmaine comes on and a tidy first over of the spell, just one off it. Three off Nashier’s next but threes is all they need now, Saqib takes on Turmaine in the next and though good fielding keeps the ball in the field of play, six off it all the same. VRA just don’t have the runs to play with at this stage. Punjab need just 11 from the last four.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  18:15
VOC: 141-4 (21 overs)
HCC: 86-4 (12 overs)
Overdijk goes. Clayton Floyd joins Musa Ahmad, who is on 35.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  18:09
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 235-4 (42 overs)
Nashier into the attack and strikes with a rank long hop that keeps a shade low and slips under the bat into the top of the stumps. Sikander gone for 27, Khan in.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  17:58
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 216-3 (39 overs)
Cooper’s succeeded in tieing down one end but seam is still leaking runs at the other, Sikander slams a massive six off Abid that almost drops just short of the clubhouse balcony, good running sees them take 12 runs off a boundary-less 39th, VRA desparately need to get the Zulfiqars back in the shed if they’re to keep a fingerhold on the game.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  17:57
VOC: 141-4 (21 overs)
HCC: 59-3 (8 overs)
HCC going at a fair old lick, but now Boris Gorlee is bowled. Hidde Overdijk joins Musa Ahmad, and this is probably the game in the balance.

  Dosti-United vs Sparta  17:45
Dosti: 175 all out (42.1 overs)
Sparta: 176-8 (33.2 overs)
Raza goes for 52, but despite Waheed Masood’s four for 47 and Vinoo Tewarie’s three for 8 Sparta get over the finish line, albeit with only two wickets in hand.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  17:38
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 181-3 (34 overs)
Chance there as Zulfiqar drives Raja up over mid on, where Borren gets to it but it bursts through his injured hand. Saves a certain four at least though. It costs Raja two more boundaries in his next over, Asad twice lifting over midwicket for four, but finally gets his man as the third effort lacks the height and Lees holds a simple catch. Asad gone for 85, Sikander in.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  17:30
VOC: 141-4 (21 overs)
HCC: 12-2 (2 overs)
Tonny Staal goes in the first over, Damian Crowley in the second, and barring more rain HCC’s unbeaten run may be in peril.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  17:25
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 162-2 (31 overs)
Borren finally finds the much-deserved breakthrough as Nidamanuru drives into the hands of Nashier at mid on. Saqib in at four, and the word is Myburgh has some knee trouble so won’t be batting if he can avoid it. Which it still looks like he likely can.

  Dosti-United vs Sparta  17:07
Dosti: 175 all out (42.1 overs)
Sparta: 158-5 (30 overs)
A half-century for Raza, who’s on 51 as Sparta close in on the win.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  17:05
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 128-1 (25 overs)
More frustration for Borren, Zulfiqar on the pull and that should be caught at deep square, but Gunning spills it on the run. Punjab almost half-way now with 9 wickets and 25 overs to burn.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  17:01
VOC: 141-4 (21 overs)
The calculation at De Diepput is that with a 17:15 start and 21 overs to bat, HCC will need 167 to win.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  16:58
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 109-1 (23 overs)
Borren brings himself on after drinks, but still no joy, short and wide outside off second ball is cut awat behind point to the rope by Zulfiqar, who brings up his fifty two balls later fending one down into the leg side. Turmaine continues, and looks like he might have just found a top edge but it’s put down behind the stumps. Borren’s convinced he has Zulfiqar caught behind in the next, big noise as he chases a wide one and the VRA skipper is baffled to discover the finger still down when he checks over his shoulder post celebrappeal. Insult to injury two balls later as an uppercut just eludes Raja on the rope at third man and goes for six.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  16:48
VOC: 141-4 (21 overs)
They’re off for rain, and that look like the end of the VOC innings. If they get back on, HCC will have a T20 chase on their hands.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  16:45
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 95-1 (20 overs)
Nidamanuru steps out to Turmaine and hits it high and straight and well over the sight screen for the first six of the day. Punjab closing in on three figures and well in control of the chase at the 20-over mark.

  Dosti-United vs Sparta  16:30
Dosti: 175 all out (42.1 overs)
Sparta: 99-2 (19 overs)
Van Wyk goes for 45, but Ali Raza and Mudassar Bukhari are at the crease now.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  16:29
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 75-1 (16 overs)
Turmaine gets the breakthrough, Rehmat well caught in the deep for 31. Nidamanuru at three who blocks out the rest of the over. Singh replaces Gunning from the City end.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  16:21
VOC: 135-4 (20 overs)
De Kok and Schoonheim have now added 100 for the fifth wicket, in just ten overs.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  16:18
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 65-0 (13 overs)
Turmaine replaces Raja and beats the bat first ball, but that’s as close to threatening a wicket as VRA have come for a while, both Zulfiqars looking settled. Gunning back and is driven past point by Asad for four first up. Punjab almost double the DLS par at this point but no sign of more rain as yet.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  16:08
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 45-0 (10 overs)
Half-volley from Abid and Rehmat cashes in, that’s hard back over the bowler’s head for a one-bouncer. Wide outside off two balls later and Asad strokes it past the point fielder for four more.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  16:01
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 30-0 (8 overs)
Abid replaces Gunning at the city end, still Raja from Mulder’s. Batsmen not taking any chances for now, steady progress.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:59
VOC: 96-4 (17 overs)
Tim de Kok and Jelte Schoonheim pushing the score along.

  Dosti-United vs Sparta  15:55
Dosti: 175 all out (42.1 overs)
Sparta: 62-0 (12 overs)
Sparta looking untroubled at this stage. Lenert van Wyk amongst the runs again, currently 45 not out.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  15:48
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 13-0 (3 overs)
First runs to Rehmat as he drives Raja out in front of point for a hard runs three, Asad on the sweep next ball and just out of reach of the fielder brings the first boundary. Gunning seems to have found his radar in the next, just the one loose ball cut away wide.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  15:38
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
Punjab : 4-0 (1 over)
Back after the break, Rehmat and Asad Zulfiqar opening, Gunning with the new ball for VRA and curiously Eric Szwarczynski with the gloves. Decent pace from Gunning but all over the place, no runs off the bat but four wides in the over. Raja from the other end, dark and drizzling again.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:27
VOC: 30-3 (9 overs)
Olivier Klaus gets into the act with a wicket as well.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:19
VOC: 19-2 (6.5 overs)
Reinier Bijloos and Jan Wieger Overdijk open for HCC, and pick up an early wicket apiece.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  14:52
VRA : 261-7 (50 overs)
No ball first up and Szwarczynski reverse-pulls the free hit over point for a couple. Charges the next but can only squeeze it out to leg for one more. Nashier off the mark uppercutting over Gully for two, but misses the next two. Szwarcynski want to run one to the keeper on the last ball, Nashier doesn’t, which works out remarkably well as he’s still in the crease when the throw hits the stumps. Szwarczynski continues on and directs Nashier to the other end, where he safely completes the run. 261 will be the target, which Punjab will be happy with given their position at the half-way mark. Just the one boundary in the last ten overs despite VRA starting them with 7 wickets in hand. The outfield’s slow and the boundaries long, but the Rotterdammers will reckon that’s chaseable.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  14:46
VRA : 255-7 (49 overs)
Swing and a miss from Gunning and loses his leg stump. Singh in at 8 and a rather different role for him. Right idea as he’s down the track to Tariq but a thick outside edge flies straight to point. Nashier in for the last over, Sikander to bowl it we reckon.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  14:43
VRA : 252-5 (48 overs)
Pressure tells, Szwarczynski bottom edges into the ground and it goes nowhere, he sets off for a single but Lees wants none of it, but in the end it is Lees that sacrifices himself. Gunning in and they’re running hard but they still haven’t found the rope.

  Dosti-United vs Sparta  14:42
Dosti: 175 all out (42.1 overs)
Nagasiva Perumal top-scored with 71, while Joost Martijn Snoep and Lenert vn Wyk had three wickers apiece, for 21 and 43 respectively.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  14:40
VOC win the toss, and elect to bat first.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  14:36
VRA : 240-4 (46 overs)
Lees still swinging away without much luck, not had a boundary since the first ball of the 42nd. Four overs to go and VRA still struggling to find real acceleration.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  14:30
The waiting has paid off at De Diepput: they’re starting a 27-over match at 14:45. The toss is taking place at this moment.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  14:26
VRA : 225-4 (44 overs)
Sikander back and Szwarczynski casually ramps his first ball over the shoulder for four. Loses another partner in the next over though as Borren looks to slog Tariq over the square boundary but doesn’t really get hold of it and safely held on the rope. Lees in at six, Szwarczynski chops the next ball down into the off side for one to go to 99*. Down the track to Sikander first ball of the 44th, tucked away to leg and a hard run two takes him past the hundred mark to chalk up VRA’s first century of the season. Off strike next ball and Lees is clearly intent on swinging at everything, picks pout the backward point fielder on the cut but overthrows gives them two.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  14:06
VRA : 192-3 (39 overs)
Rasool looking to force the pace, looking to pull Saqib and struck on the thighpad we reckon, you’d think it’s a bit high but the umpire doesn’t. Three down and skipper to the crease. And meanwhile we’ve been informed by someone who had a better view than I did that Ben Cooper was in fact given out glove before wicket, which I don’t think is a thing. And on 99 too.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  13:59
The covers are coming off at De Diepput.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  13:56
VRA : 185-2 (37 overs)
And after the briefest of interruptions they get back on, Turmaine living dangerously as he offers a tough chance behind the wicket which is spilled by the backward point fielder diving full length. No mistake in the next over though, slog-sweeping Saqib high and far, but not far enough and held on the midwicket rope. Rasool in to join Szwarczynski, who pushes on undeterred, down the track and a lofted on drive for four.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  13:49
It’s a waiting game at De Diepput. An early lunch has been taken, but no sign of a start as yet.

  Dosti-United vs Sparta  13:47
Dosti: 106-7 (33 overs)
Someone’s on 34 not out, but information is sparse.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  13:41
VRA : 178-1 (35.1 overs)
And the rain’s back.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  13:41
VRA : 178-1 (35.1 overs)
Nidamanuru still and swept hard and fine by Cooper for four off the first ball of the 34th, but he’s stuck in the 90’s for another over, just a single for him off Saqib’s next to go to 99 as Szwarcynski gets a full toss to put away. And there he will remain, on the sweep to Nidamanuru first ball of the 36th, misses and struck on the front pad, Punjab in fine voice on the appeal. He’s a long way forward and the umpire takes his time thinking about it, but up goes the finger in the end. 178 was the partnership, Szwarczynski still there on 75* Turmaine at three.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  13:31
VRA : 160-0 (33 overs)
Signs of acceleration now as Szwarcynski pulls Saqib hard in front of square, where the man in the deep gives chase but can only palm it over the rope. He’s on 67* now, Cooper 93*.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  13:16
VRA : 140-0 (29 overs)
Szwarczynski brings up his half century in the 28th over, tucking Nidamanuru into the leg side for one. Next over he’s down on one knee to sweep Saqib hard behind square for his third boundary. Cooper meanwhile is into the 80s.

 HBS vs Voorburg CC  13:12
And the leaf blowers etc. have proved unequal to the task. The match at Craeyenhout is officially off.

  Dosti-United vs Sparta  13:10
Dosti: 58-7 (22 overs)
No other information available.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  12:52
VRA : 111-0 (22 overs)
Cooper brings up the hundred partnership for VRA on the first ball of the 20th with a lofted drive off Zulfiqar, shouts of catch it but it’s through the fielder and away to the rope. Saqib into the attack at Mulder’s End now, six off his first as both batsmen take a two and single. Nelson on the board at the end of the 22nd, Cooper on 73* now, Szwarczynski 36*.

  Dosti-United vs Sparta  12:42
Dosti: 31-5 (13 overs)
Touseef Ahmad leading a partial recovery for Dosti.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  12:33
VRA : 92-0 (18 overs)
We’re back in action here. Zulfiqar finishes off the interrupted 18th over, and we’ve had some clarification on the 13th over too – turns out the scorers both missed a wide signal (as did your humble correspondent) so one more to the score for the hosts too.

 HBS vs Voorburg CC  12:13
They’re going to have another look at 13:00.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  12:09
VRA : 88-0 (17.2 overs)
Too heavy for the umpires. Just time for Szwarczynski to sneak in a four over the cordon before they come off.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  12:07
VRA : 84-0 (17 overs)
Scoring has slowed up a bit with the field out now, four and a bit overs since the last boundary, though Cooper comes close to a coveted tree-four off Hussain, cutting him just square of the tree and well chased down. Rain getting heavier

  Dosti-United vs Sparta  12:04
Dosti: 14-5 (5.? Overs)
Even by Dosti’s standards this season that’s a sorry start – three wickets for Joost Martijn Snoep, and the Amsterdam side are in deep trouble once more.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  11:57
VRA : 74-0 (14 overs)
Pretty sure that was a seven ball over for the 13th there, Cooper takes advantage of the extra ball to go to fifty driving straight. 11 runs off it altogetherincluding Szwarczynski’s first boundary of the innings, my view of which was obscured by a flailing parasol. Weather not great here just now, blustery and drizzle. Sikander Zulfiqar relieves Mian at the City end, five singles and a wide keep the scoreboard ticking merrily.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  11:47
VRA : 54-0 (12 overs)
First bowling change here as Hussain replaces Tariq, and is welcomed into the attack with a cracking drive from Cooper that tears up the daisies all the way to the long off rope. Mian still at the other end.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs ACC   11:32
The game at Thurlede is the first of today’s fixtures to be abandoned without a ball being bowled.

 HCC vs VOC Rotterdam  11:30
Nothing you’d actually call news from the all-too-often aptly named Diepput [‘deep well’], but we understand it’s very wet there also.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  11:29
VRA : 35-0 (7 overs)
Tariq still keeping things tight but Cooper continues to profit at Mian’s expense, plenty of threes out there with the boundaries well back and the Tree is inside the rope today too as they’re over on the artificial strip. Spot of drizzle about now too but not enough to take them off.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  11:19
VRA : 23-0 (3 overs)
Cooper finds the first boundary of the innings, whipping Mian off his pads through square to the rope, then puts one back high over his head two balls later, then finishes the over with a picture-perfect straight drive for four more. Tariq calms things down with a maiden on Szwarczynski at the other end, and Mian a little tidier in his next too. Five off it.

  Dosti-United vs Sparta  11:18
They’re looking for a start at the Bermweg, and Dosti have won the toss and elected to bat.

 HBS vs Voorburg CC  11:11
And we’re told there will be an inspection at 12:00.

 HBS vs Voorburg CC  11:06
They’ve taken the covers off at Craeyenhout, but what they’ve found underneath doesn’t look great. Leaf blowers, hair dryers and electric fans definitely in order.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  11:05
VRA : 4-0 (1 over)
Bit of a shake-up in the VRA batting order, Cooper and Szwarczynski opening today, Singh reportedly dropped down to 7. Tariq takes the new ball for the visitors, tidy start but a long hop last ball spoils the over rather, pulled around by Cooper for a hard run three. Mian from the other end.

  Dosti-United vs Sparta  10:46
It’s raining in Capelle a/d Ijssel, so there will be a late start there as well.

 VRA vs Punjab RCC  10:35
Word comes from the middle, the hosts have won the toss and will bat first.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs ACC   10:32
We understand that the overnight rain has taken its toll at Thurlede, and there is likely to be a significant delay there.

 Rod Lyall  10:20
Greetings one and all wherever you are, and welcome to our coverage of the final day of this foreshortened Topklasse season. Buienradar suggests to me that the skies may be weeping a sad farewell, but I can inform you that here in Sydney we’ve been blessed all day with glorious cricket weather. Not fair, really. After the excitement (or otherwise) of yesterday’s T20 Cup quarter-finals, with the title decided and no relegation this year, there may be a diminuendo-ish feel to today’s events, but there are some very interesting match-ups, and the clash between VRA and Punjab looks like a cracker. Bertus and Sander are both there to give us the whole story, while I’ll be doing my best to keep you posted on the rest. News of the toss(es) as soon as we get it/them.