Topklasse Live | Round 9 | As it Happened

 Rod Lyall  20:08
So halfway through the season Sparta 1888 top the table, with long-time leaders Excelsior ’20 dropping to third behind VOC after their second successive defeat. The past two weeks have opened things up at the top, although at the other end Punjab seem to be firmly rooted to last spot. Two tight finishes today, with Sparta coming back remarkably to beat ACC and Dosti just failing to overcome HCC despite half-centuries from Vinoo Tewarie and Anees Davids. As from next week we move back to Sundays, for the start of what promises to be a very interesting second half of the season. For now, though, this is Rod Lyall saying goodbye from a sunny but chilly Thurlede.

The Topklasse points table after Round 9

 Dosti United vs HCC  19:33
 HCC: 207-8 in 50 overs
 Dosti: 203 all out in ?? overs
And it’s been a thriller at Drieburg too, Dosti falling just five runs short in the end. Details hopefully to follow…

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  19:04
 Quick: 197-8 in 50 overs
 Punjab: 144 all out in 48.4 overs
And in less dramatic news, Quick have beaten Punjab comfortably.

 Dosti United vs HCC  19:00
 HCC: 207-8 in 50 overs
 Dosti: 179-5 in 41 overs
But Dosti are crumbling, another caught behind off Overdijk followed by a run-out. 29 to get with 2 wickets in hand.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:59
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 250-8 in 48 overs
He has! Muhammad and Saleem get them there, and with an over to spare. What a finish!

 Rod Lyall  18:58
Atse Buurman’s 72 is his highest score in the top flight since 2009, when he made 88 not out for VRA against Hermes. His career best is 112, for VCC against HBS in 2006.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:53
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 250-8 in 48 overs
But drama at the death! Snope run out and then Buurman goes for 72. Five off two overs needed Has he got them close enough?

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:45
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 244-6 in 46 overs
Buurman for Sparta! 70 not out and what a fightback this has been. They’re 11 away from a remarkable win at het Loopveld.

 Dosti United vs HCC  18:44
 HCC: 207-8 in 50 overs
 Dosti: 154-5 in 37 overs
And news from Drieburg where Jonkman strikes to claim the fifth wicket, Game very much on there too.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:40
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 227-6 in 45 overs
Buurman is carrying Sparta to the death, a genuine game on at het Loopveld, he’s on 54 now, Snoep with him on 10. 28 needed from the last five

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  18:34
 Quick: 197-8 in 50 overs
 Punjab: 104-7 in 39 overs
The collapse has arrived at Harga, and in spectacular fashion.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  18:29
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 153 all out in 42.3 overs
And it’s all over. Bhatti clips a sharp overhead return catch back to Westdijk, who finishes with three for 23. HBS win by 99 runs. A fine effort, largely the result of that splendid partnership between Gomes and Barresi, backed up by some excellent bowling and catching.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:27
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 210-6 in 41 overs
Sparta need 45 off the last nine, you back them to get it if Buurman stays in. He’s unbeaten on 42.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  18:20
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 143-9 in 40.4 overs
Excelsior go into the last ten overs knowing it’s just a matter of time, although Khan has shown great defiance against some hostile bowling from Westdijk. The latter gets him in the end, however, as he chases a wideish ball and edges through to Visee. Sohail Bhatti the last man.

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  18:09
 Quick: 197-8 in 50 overs
 Punjab: 89-2 in 34 overs
Punjab have lost a wicket in the meantime, edging toward the half-way mark. Asking rate 6.75, could they be gearing up for a sudden explosion at the death? It would be out of character.

 Dosti United vs HCC  18:04
 HCC: 207-8 in 50 overs
 Dosti: 121-4 in 29 overs
Things at Drieburg very much in the balance now, as Street strikes again to keep hosts under pressure

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  18:00
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 127-8 in 36.3 overs
Westdijk returns, and Kroesen nicks a low chance to Barresi at first slip, who makes no mistake. Haider Khan joins Van Troost.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:58
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 189-6 in 36 overs
Or not. Pollard gone for 103. Advantage ACC.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:57
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 173-5 in 35 overs
Pollard meanwhile has his century, looks intent on staying for the duration. Buurnman’s with him on 24 and ACC getting worried one expects.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  17:52
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 213-7 in 44.2 overs
Klaassen doesn’t last to the end, popping up a catch to short leg off Rathore, but it hardly matters. Seelaar finishes things off cutting Gunning to the rope for four, an unbeaten 80, and the game. Add to that figures of 4-26 in the VRA innings, he’s been the difference between the two sides today.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:48
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 119-7 in 32.5 overs
Woutersen goes, to an excellent catch by Coster at mid-on, off the bowling of Vink. Rens van Troost joins Gijs Kroesen, but one senses that the end may be nigh.

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  17:40
 Quick: 197-8 in 50 overs
 Punjab: 59-2 in 27 overs
The crawl continues at Harga, Punjab going at barely over 2 an over, batting themselves out of the game. They needed 4’s at the start of the chase, the asking rate is over six now.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  17:36
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 191-6 in 40 overs
Turmaine gives van Lent a full toss to get off the mark, which he does by driving to the rope at extra, but then bowls him next ball. Klaassen in. Do VRA dare hope? Probably not while Seelaar’s in.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:35
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 106-6 in 29.3 overs
Having shown a good deal of enterprise, Kroesen tries to hit Barresi over the top and is well caught by Westdijk at extra cover for 26. Younger brother Gijs replaces him.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  17:28
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 186-5 in 39 overs
And a belted breakthrough here at Hazelaarweg, Borren uproots Edwards stumps, he goes for 56 and van Lent joins his skipper in the middle. Too little, too late one feels though.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:27
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 126-5 in 30 overs
Pollard isn’t giving up on this one. Currently on 73* he’s pressing on with Buurman, and Sparta are on course according to the old “double after 30” rule of thumb, but only if you ignore “with wickets in hand”

 Dosti United vs HCC  17:22
 HCC: 207-8 in 50 overs
 Dosti: 85-2 in 19 overs
Dosti are on course but they’ll have to do it without Kohli. Precious little info leaking out of Drieburg though, we suspect it’s Ahmed and Tewarie in the middle but can’t be sure…

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:20
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 88-5 in 24.5 overs
The wheels are coming off again for Excelsior, as Heggelman pulls Ferdi Vink straight to Westdijk at midwicket. David Woutersen in at seven.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  17:18
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 178-4 in 37 overs
Fifty for Edwards too, brings it up in the same way as his skipper, driving Borren out to the cover sweeper. Hundred partnership too in the meantime, and fair to say this pair look like winning this one on their own. Van den Burg brings himself on from the pavilion end.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  17:12
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 85-4 in 23.1 overs
There’s a prolonged delay after Etman hoists Adil Ahmed over the ditch beyond long on, and Kroesen is looking purposeful at the other end. Barresi returns, and an Etman slog-sweep is well caught by Gomes on the bovine boundary. Skipper Heggelman joins Kroesen.

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  17:10
 Quick: 197-8 in 50 overs
 Punjab: 36-2 in 19 overs
Punjab going nowhere in a hurry meanwhile.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  17:09
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 160-4 in 33 overs
And another fifty for Pieter Seelaar, stroking Borren through the covers and out to the sweeper. This pair look set to take the hosts home.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:03
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 101-4 in 25 overs
Pollard has his half century meanwhile, Bell still with him but this pair will need to add a lot more to get Sparta back into this chase.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  16:59
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 144-4 in 30 overs
Van den Burg has been cycling through his options, but this pair look well set. VRA have just 60 runs left to defend in the last 20 overs and Seelaar and Edwards have made more than that already. Edwards has looked particularly effective on the sweep, he’s on 35, Seelaar on 41.

 Dosti United vs HCC  16:45
 HCC: 207-8 in 50 overs
 Dosti: 41-2 in 10 overs
And a huge wicket at Drieburg as Street nicks off Kohli for a duck!

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  16:43
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 66-4 in 20 overs
Sparta in all sorts of trouble now as Bukhari is run out for 6 by Rehmat Zulfiqar. Bell joins Pollard.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:40
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 58-3 in 17 overs
And Hilditch goes too, going after a wideish lifting delivery from Coster and edging to Barresi’s left at slip. He takes a real keeper’s catch, leaping like a hyperactive salmon, and suddenly Excelsior are in real trouble. Joost Kroesen in at five, with Etman still there on 18.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  16:39
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 108-4 in 23 overs
Hundred up for the hosts in the meantime, Seelaar and Edward ticking along nicely. Dan ter Braak proves a fairly costly gamble, and van den Burg brings his younger brother back from the Airport End. The younger ter Braak looks to have brushed the stumps on his second delivery, no ball called but the free hit is squirted to leg for just one.

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  16:31
 Quick: 197-8 in 50 overs
 Punjab: 15-2 in 8.4 overs
And early breakthroughs at Harga too, Imran Khan has put Myburgh and Khan back in the pavilion.

 Dosti United vs HCC  16:30
 HCC: 207-8 in 50 overs
 Dosti: 27-1 in 5 overs
Overdijk has the first breakthrough for HCC, Hafeez caught behind.

The game-changer, Singh holds on to remove Ingram photo Remco van Oosterom

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:27
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 53-2 in 14.1 overs
That’s a massive blow by HBS! Ingram was really looking as if he meant business, dispatching Singh over mid-on and into the drink, but when Coster strays onto leg stump he gets under a pull to fine leg and Singh dives to his right and clings onto the catch. Hilditch in to join Etman.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  16:23
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 50-3 in 15.4 overs
De Kok cleaned up by Zulfiqar Pater, Pollard still there on 28 but the hosts on top just now. Bukhari to the crease.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  16:17
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 42-1 in 12 overs
A double bowling change after Etman belts Barresi over extra cover for six; Wessel Coster replaces Westdijk at the City End, while Navjit Singh comes on for Barresi. Singh’s first delivery is a big leg-side wide which beats Visee and goes all the way to the boundary, but otherwise HBS are keeping it tidy.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  16:09
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 75-4 in 16 overs
And it’s a beauty from Turmaine to break it, turns it back between the bat and pad of the oncoming O’Dowd and Lees won’t have had many easier stumpings. Edwards in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  16:05
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 73-3 in 15 overs
Rutgers’ big score will remain overdue another week as Turmaine finally coaxes the umpires finger up with one into his pads. Seelaar joins O’Dowd, the two form batsmen for the hosts. Huge partnership this.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  15:55
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 36-2 in 10 overs
Botha picks up an early wicket too, Iqbal gone caught Sikander Zulfiqar. Pollard joins de Kok and they’ve been busy rebuilding.

Wessel Coster takes the catch photo Remco van Oosterom

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:54
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 16-1 in 7.1 overs
Shankar tries to hit Barresi over the top again, but succeeds only in holing out to Wessel Coster, moving in at long off. Enter Lorenzo Ingram.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  15:50
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 53-2 in 11 overs
Borren on for the 11th, and a no ball to van Baren gifts a free hit, Borren goes short and is pulled away over midwicket, a leaping man on the boundary gets hands to it but can’t hold on. Borren has his revenge next ball though as van Baren is hit on the pads trying to work the ball to leg and given. O’Dowd in.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  15:47
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 2-0 in 6 overs
Shankar gets off the mark by driving Westdijk through the covers for four, but mostly the bowlers maintain a firm grip. Then Shankar breaks the shackles by lofting Barresi back over mid-off for a one-bounce boundary.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  15:45
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 43-1 in 10 overs
Gunning and ter Braak have been by turns threatening and leaky, van de Burg turns to spin, Turmaine on for the tenth. Van Baren looks to reverse him but Turmaine is finding some bounce too, through to Lees, looks to play the next straight into the pads, big shout, and another, and a third two balls later. No three strikes rule applied today though. Maiden for Turmaine though.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:30
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
 Excelsior: 14-0 in 6 overs
Berend Westdijk and Wesley Barresi start for HBS, bowling to Tim Etman and Sandip Shankar. Two singles for Etman off the first ball of each over, the rest dots to Shankar.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  15:28
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
 Sparta: 1-1 in 2 overs
ACC off to a good start at het Loopveld as Ambrose is clean bowled by Kumar.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  15:27
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 26-1 in 5 overs
It’s been a sprightly opening partnership for the hosts, but Gunning brings it to an end, nicking off Schoonheim for 10. Van Baren in at three. Ter Braak continues with a maiden on Rutgers, who seems to be struggling with a finger injury.

 Dosti United vs HCC  15:25
 HCC: 207-8 in 50 overs
Strong finish from HCC, they end on 207-8.

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:20
 Quick: 197-8 in 50 overs
Meanwhile at Harga Quick just fall short of that mark, Ahsan Bamunasinghe principally responsible for that, he finishes with 5-31.

 Dosti United vs HCC  15:13
 HCC: 181-8 in 47 overs
Street gone for 81, HCC still 19 short of the 200 mark with three overs to go.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  15:12
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 17-0 in 3 overs
Left arm over from ter Braak, who opens with a wide and gives away another three balls later, Rutgers makes only one attempt to lay bat on ball, flashing at one angled across him, until the final ball which is put wide of the slips for four. Four byes in the next don’t help matters, then Rutgers drives through cover point for four more. Collaborative effort from both sides to get VOC off to an excellent start.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  15:01
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
 VOC: 2-0 in 1 over
We’re back here at Hazelaarweg, Quirijn Gunning battles through a stomach upset to bowl the first. Schoonheim opening with Rutgers who, to reuse a phrase, is overdue a score. Two from it, Gunning beats Schoonheim’s edge on the last ball, Ross ter Braak from the other end.

 ☁ Weather Update ☁  10.13
The clouds here are stubbornly refusing to budge despite a stiff breeze, and we had a brief shower earlier too. Word from Amsterdam is that it’s starting to rain, though it’s not expected to last. Not ideal then, but we should get these games finished.

 Bertus de Jong  14:50
We’ll be back underway shortly here at Hazelaarweg, 212 is a pretty decent score on this deck by common consensus, but it’s questionable whether VRA have the spinners to take full advantage of the turn and bounce on offer. Turmaine and Rathore will have to get full value from their 20 overs, and with Kingma still injured, Mia absent and Gunning reportedly under the weather van den Burg looks pretty short on options pace option too, so ter Braak the younger’s arrival looks serendipitous indeed.

 Dosti United vs HCC  14:46
 HCC: 148-6 in 42 overs
Street loses Jonkman and then Walhain, running low on partners now as HCC look to accelerate in the later phase, 200 looking a good way off.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:40
 HBS: 252-6 in 50 overs
The usual dramas at the end, with Barresi finishing on 89 not out. He started the final over needing 18 for what would have been a splendid hundred. The first ball goes for four over mid-on, but when they push for a second to long on Heggelman’s direct hit from the boundary results in Singh being given run out. His cameo 26 from 28 was a valuable contribution, though, and in the end HBS manage a pretty challenging 252

 Dosti United vs HCC  14:32
 HCC: 132-4 in 37 overs
Half century for Bryce Street though the runs are hardly flowing for HCC. Jonkman still with him.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  14:28
 ACC: 254-6 in 50 overs
Frenz goes for 100 exactly, and it signals something of a fightback for Sparta, Wickets finally come and Dost Mohammad finishes with figures of 4-28 as ACC edge past 250, but little further.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:23
 HBS: 208-5 in 45 overs
Those two wickets seem to have delayed the big flourish, as Barresi and Singh largely content themselves with singles. The total is edging upwards, but the flow has been staunched for the time being at least.

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  14:20
 Quick: 125-6 in 35 overs
A flurry of wickets meanwhile at Harga, Bista gone for 89, also back in the box are Ekelmans, Stokkers and Vierling.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  14:18
 VRA: 211-9 in 50 overs
Gunning takes four off the first ball cutting behind point but is castled by the next for 21. Pragam in to join ter Braak, some more hard running and then ter Braak strolls down to thump van Baren up and out of the ground over long on to finish on a high.

 Dosti United vs HCC  14:15
 HCC: 100-4 in 29 overs
Tough going for HCC at Drieburg, Gorlee stumped looking to up the rate, Jonkman in to join Street.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  14:15
 ACC: 218-2 in 45 overs
And a second Topklasse century for Frenz meanwhile, ACC looking to go big off the last five.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  14:13
 VRA: 198-7 in 49 overs
Lees dies by the sword, caught van Baren off Baker after a useful 19. Ter Braak the younger joins Gunning and some good running as they push for 200. They’ll need just 2 off the last over to get there. Van Baren will bowl it.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:02
 HBS: 195-5 in 41 overs
And out, as after pulling an Ingram long hop for four Ahmed’s trapped in front next ball. Navjit Singh joins Barresi, as Excelsior start a fightback.

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  13:58
 Quick: 114-2 in 30 overs
Bista and Ekelmans closing in on the 100 partnership now, has been a fine effort after losing two early. Bista very much the dominant partner, he’s on 83, Ekelmans on 19.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:57
 HBS: 188-4 in 39.5 overs
Just as the situation was becoming critical for Excelsior, 13 coming from one Rens van Troost over as Gomes and Barresi look to cash in on the hard work, Gijs Kroesen gets the breakthrough. Gomes clips him hard and knee-high to Shankar at backward point and departs for 68. Barresi on 62, Adil Ahmed in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  13:54
 VRA: 170-7 in 45 overs
Fred Klaassen had a nightmare last over against Ireland earlier in the week, his last today isn’t quite as bad, but Lees does drive him through cover for four, then tonk him back over his head for six, and then inside out and up over cover for four more, 15 off the over, bit of momentum back for VRA

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  13:50
 ACC: 184-2 in 40 overs
Frenz meanwhile seems to be enjoying his move up the order to open for ACC, he’s on 86* and pressing on in the company of his captain.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:40
 HBS: 165-3 in 37 overs
Gomes is the first to bring up his half-century, actually from an overthrow as Excelsior begin to show the strain. It’s soon followed by the century stand, and then Gomes goes after Heggelman, hitting boundaries over extra cover and mid-on. He’s on 60 now, and Barresi on 48.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  13:39
 VRA: 150-7 in 42 overs
Turmaine finally perishes by the sweep, floated up a little fuller and loopier from Seelaar who bags his fourth as Turmaine misses and that looks pretty plumb from here, and from where the umpire is standing it seems. Lees in at nine.

 Dosti United vs HCC  13:37
 HCC: 59-3 in 19 overs
Street and Gorlee digging in at Drieburg after early wickets meanwhile

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  13:29
 VRA: 142-6 in 38 overs
And again the break brings the breakthrough, Seelaar on after drinks and Singh looks to get in on the sweeping, picks the wrong ball for it though and off the top edge high into the on side, Fred Klaassen with another excellent diving catch. Gunning in.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  13:26
 ACC: 163-2 in 34 overs
Another down at het Loopveld and it’s Asad Zulfiqar that goes, stumped off Iqball for 6. Frenz still there on 69, Saqib Zulfiqar joins him.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:20
 HBS: 128-3 in 33 overs
Still the singles flow as Gomes and Barresi milk Shankar and Khan. Ingram’s return leads merely to an acceleration, 11 coming from his over, including a meaty pull by Barresi wide of mid-on. The stand is now 82, with Gomes on 39 and Barresi on 43. Time for another drink.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  13:19
 VRA: 140-5 in 37 overs
Turmaine and Singh together for the sixth wicket, spin at both ends with Hanif from the pavilion end and O’Dowd from the airport. VOC crowding the bat but Turmaine has brought out the sweep shot and is hitting them well, three boundaries already as he moves to 17 at drinks.

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  13:15
 Quick: 59-2 in 18 overs
Bista and Ekelmans rebuilding for Quick, Bista driving what scoring there is as he moves to 42*

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  13:09
 ACC: 140-1 in 29.3 overs
The long-awaited breakthrough has arrived at het Loopveld, Zulfiqar holing out off Tim de Kok on the square leg rope for 79.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  13:07
 VRA: 121-5 in 32 overs
Hanif gets van den Burg prodding at one that pops up to short leg, the VRA skipper doesn’t even wait to see the catch. Singh in to join Borren. Quite a fightback this from the hosts. And then some! One false start on a run from Borren as Singh is ball-watching augurs badly, then another mix-up sees Borren stranded as O’Dowd collects off his own bowling and throws down the stumps.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:03
 HBS: 106-3 in 27 overs
It’s been spattering with rain at Thurlede, not enough to take the players off, but enough to make life miserable for scorers. And reporters. Heggelman rings the changes with his bowling in search of the breakthrough, with Rens van Troost getting a couple of overs before Sandip Shankar comes on, with Haider Khan from the other end. Fifty stand, though, with both batsmen on 26.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  12:59
 ACC: 135-0 in 28 overs
Frenz brings up his fifty too with a clip of his toes to midwicket, Sparta looking out of ideas.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  12:57
 VRA: 115-3 in 30 overs
Couple of wickets and the scoring has slowed right down. Max O’Dowd takes over from Klaassen as Borren and van den Burg look to rebuild. Over of what looks to be entirely leg cutters from Hanif was tidy until one slides down leg for five wides.

 Dosti United vs HCC  12:47
 HCC: 33-3 in 10 overs
Staal too suffers a wicket rearrangement. Gorlee in.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:45
 HBS: 86-3 in 22 overs
The runs are starting to flow now, with Barresi beginning to go for his shots. 10 come from Gijs Kroesen’s third over, including a lovely flowing cover drive for four from Barresi. Gomes is still a study in watchfulness, but he’s gone on to 20. Hilditch back at the City End.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  12:41
 VRA: 100-3 in 25 overs
Hundred up for VRA too but Klaassen finds the third wicket, Szwarczynski’s horror season continues as he chips up a full straight ball halfway down the track, Klaassen dives forward to take a great low catch. Van den Burg in.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  12:35
 ACC: 106-0 in 22 overs
Hundred partnership up for Zulfiqar and Frenz in the meantime. Rehmat brings it up with a lovely cover drive. He’s on 64 and Frenz on 37. Set for a big score here.

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:29
 Quick: 16-2 in 7 overs
Quick in early trouble at Harga too we hear, van Gigch and Landheer gone, Bista and Ekelmans in.

 Dosti United vs HCC  12:23
 HCC: 14-2 in 5 overs
Overdijk’s stumps are in a state we’re told, Street in at 4.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  12:18
 VRA: 83-2 in 20 overs
Another for Seelaar first ball after drinks, Cooper’s on his knees in front of the crease and his bails are off. Nobody on the balcony can agree whether he was stumped, bowled or caught behind, or possibly some combination thereof. He’s definitely out though. Borren in and Seelaar welcomes him with one past the edge as he pushes forward, Borren turns immediately to the sweep. Klaassen back and looking fired up.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:16
 HBS: 62-3 in 17 overs
Quiet rebuilding in progress at Thurlede, as they pause for a drink. A maiden from Heggelman to Gomes, and then Gijs Kroesen replaces Bhatti from the Scoreboard End. This is a fairly vital partnership for HBS.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  12:13
 ACC: 83-0 in 18 overs
Zulfiqar puts Snoep out of the park on consecutive deliveries, then brings up his fifty next over. He and Frenz closing in on a century partnership too.

 Dosti United vs HCC  12:08
 HCC: 6-1 in 2 overs
HCC have lost Ninan early to an LBW decision that has prompted some lively discussion around the boundary. Overdijk and Staal in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  12:08
 VRA: 73-1 in 18 overs
And the skipper finds the breakthrough, bit of bounce and ter Braak has put that a long way up. Bobby Hanif is under it and makes no mistake. In at three is Eric Szwarczynski, who is rather due a score.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  12:03
 ACC: 56-0 in 15 overs
Still wicketless at het Loopveld too, Frenz and Rehmat Zulfiqar put up a fifty partnership and have rather blunted Sparta’s spearhead.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  11:59
 VRA: 69-0 in 16 overs
Ter Braak cuts Hanif away again, struck firmly square of the wicket this time and straight through Dirk van Baren, who’s having a miserable time at backward point. Seelaar brings himself on from the pavilion end. Ter Braak and Cooper milk a few singles, though the over is not without oohs or ahhs.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:59
 HBS: 56-3 in 13.4 overs
Morgan survives a loud but solo appeal for leg-before from Bhatti, to the bowler’s audible displeasure. He then rubs it in by pulling a short delivery for a brace. But then Heggelman gets one through him, and he departs for 11. Barresi joins Gomes.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:53
 HBS: 50-2 in 12 overs
Ingram, having got Visee, gives way to Sohail Bhatti at the Scoreboard End. A string of singles, punctuated with byes and a couple of wides. Tom Heggelmad decides to take over from the City End. Gomes and Morgan are seemingly intent on doing what they’re paid for.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  11:49
 VRA: 54-0 in 13 overs
Fifty partnership up for VRA in the meantime, and this part starting to kick up a gear. Fletcher gets forced over midwicket by Cooper, Dan ter Braak is finding more delicate options, scoring mostly behind the wicket, a pair of deft late cuts off Hanif the highlights so far. Hanif puts one into the pads next ball and a strangled appeal the closest thing to a chance in a while.

 Dosti United vs HCC  11:45
News from Drieburg too, where HCC have won the toss and will bat first

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  11:43
 ACC: 31-0 in 9 overs
It’s Frenz and Rehmat Zulfiqar opening for ACC, the latter making the running at the moment, 22 of their 31 runs are in his column.

 Quick Haag vs Punjab Rotterdam  11:39
And they’re gearing up for a game at Harga now, Quick win the toss and will bat first.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  11:37
 VRA: 39-0 in 10 overs
Seelaar turns to spin earlier than usual here, throwing the ball to Baker for the 8th, and VOC are convinced he’s got ter Braak nicking behind on the last ball of the over. The umpire is unmoved however. Just one off the bat in Fletcher’s next, though two wides keep the scoreboard ticking. Half-tracker from Baker in the tenth brings a half chance as ter Braak whips it uppishly square but the man in the deep checks his sprint to take it on the bounce, probably the right call. The next one to be dragged short is lifted over midwicket for four by Cooper.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:28
 HBS: 30-2 in 7 overs
A stroke of luck for Visee, as he edges the first ball of Hilditch’s next past his leg stump and down to the boundary. But later in the over the Australian drops a tad short, and Visee smacks him effortlesslessly away wide of mid-on for another four. He survives a big LBW appeal against Ingram, but cracks the next through the covers. Then a delicate cut for two, but off the last ball of the over he goes aerial, and Gijs Kroesen takes a superb running overhead catch at cover. Jaron Morgan in at four.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  11:23
 ACC: 15-0 in 5 overs
Word from het Loopvel meanwhile is that ACC have progressed to 15 without loss after 5, though details are scarce.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:20
 HBS: 14-1 in 4 overs
Visee makes room against Ingram, lofting him back over his head for six. A massive swing and a miss off the next ball. Meanwhile, Gomes is going about his workmanlike business at the other end.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  11:19
 VRA: 26-0 in 6 overs
Steady progress the order of the day here, leaves, blocks and occasional drives the order of the day, Cooper’s first ball four still the only boundary.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:07
 HBS: 2-1 in 1.1 overs
At Thurlede, Gijs Kroesen returns to the Excelsior side after a week’s holiday, Davi van Slobbe making room. And Wesley Barresi IS playing for HBS, despite the knee injury which kept him out of the Dutch side during the week.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:07
 HBS: 2-1 in 1.1 overs
Lorenzo Ingram opens from the Scoreboard End, bowling to Tobias Visee, who is partnered by Ferdi Vink. Heggelman obviously remembers using the same tactic last year, when the HBS captain was bowled round his legs off the fourth delivery (so does Excelsior scorer Lisa Heggelman). No such excitement this time: just a single to each batsman. James Hilditch from the City End. But there’s excitement from the other end, as Vink edges Hilditch’s first delivery into his stumps. Sharn Gomes joins his skipper.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  11:05
 VRA: 8-0 in 2 overs
And some selection news for the visitors, Adeel Raja and Haseeb Mia are absent today, Pragam Rathore and Ross ter Braak come into the side, the latter on Topklasse debut. Fletcher’s first over goes for four too, a couple and a pair of singles.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  11:01
 VRA: 4-0 in 1 over
So we’re underway a full two and a half minutes early by my clock here at Hazelaarweg, the scoreboard’s not up and running yet but Ben Cooper is, he’s been promoted up the order to help Dan ter Braak with the crucial task of seeing off the VOC new ball attack. He opens his account driving Klaassen through the covers for four first ball. Watchful for the rest.

 VOC Rotterdam vs VRA  10:44
VRA are bucking the trend here at Hazelaarweg, Emile van den Burg calls correctly and elects to bat first.

 ACC Amsterdam vs Sparta 1888  10:39
Sparta meanwhile have won the toss at het Loopveld and they reckon it’s a bowl-first day too.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs HBS Craeyenhout  10:38
And the word from Thurlede is that the hosts have won the toss and put HBS in to bat.

 ⛅ Weather Update ⛅  10.13
The sun looks about to burn off the last of the morning’s cloud cover here in Rotterdam, though it’s still rather cooler than we’ve been getting used to this summer. About 16 degrees here and not expected to pass 20 all day. Situation’s a little brighter in the North of the country, but a fair amount of grey still around. Looks like it might do a bit early, as they say.

 Bertus de Jong  09:58
Morning all and thanks for joining us again for another round of Topklasse action. As we head toward the half-way point in the season I’m on my way to Hazelaarweg for what looks a potential make-or-break encounter between VOC and VRA, whilst Rod is en route to Thurlede to see if Excelsior can bounce back to see off the dangerous HBS. Meanwhile There will be plenty of action in Amsterdam as HCC and Sparta head to Dosti and ACC respectivey, whilst at the bottom of the table Quick Haag take on Punjab at Harga. We’re still about half an hour away from toss (or rather longer in the case of Dosti-HCC and Quick-Punjab, which are starting an hour later we gather) so plenty of time to re-jig your fantasy team or peruse the preview.