Topklasse Live | Round 11 | As it Happened


played won lost tied n/r points x̄ pts NRR
VCC 5 5 10 2.00 0.580
HBS 4 3 1 1 6 1.50 -0.462
EXC 5 3 2 6 1.20 0.768
PJB 5 2 3 4 0.80 0.227
HCC 4 1 3 `1 2 0.50 -0.031
VRA 5 5 0.00 -1.229


played won lost tied n/r points x̄ pts NRR
SAL 5 4 1 8 1.60 0.961
ACC 4 3 1 1 6 1.50 -0.170
VOC 5 3 2 6 1.20 0.606
KAM 4 2 2 1 4 1.00 0.533
SPT 5 2 3 4 0.80 -0.788
DOS 5 5 0.00 -1.024

 Rod Lyall  19:01
Well, that’s been a pretty remarkable day’s cricket to get Phase 2 underway. Two matches going into the final over, four outstanding centuries, a couple of sensational turnarounds, a complete demolition, and two genuine surprises. Voorburg remain unbeaten (though not without a battle) and Dosti stay winless (despite having given Kampong a major scare), but in between much remains unsettled. We hope you’ve enjoyed our take on it all, and look forward to keeping you entertained next week as well.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  18:51
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 284-6 (42 overs)
Three fours in as many deliveries are followed by yet another six over midwicket, and Excelsior are home with eight overs to spare. Hampton’s 142* came from just 95 balls, and included 17 fours and seven sixes. We’ve seen two great innings today, but Hampton’s was the match-winner.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  18:46
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 266-6 (41 overs)
Hampton edges Saqib to the third man boundary, then cuts behind point for four more. Not content with that, he lashes the fourth ball over midwicket for six, a single taking him to 124*. Just 16 needed now.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  18:41
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 251-6 (40 overs)
Saqib returns, but he can’t prevent Hampton driving him to the point boundary. A half-hearted for a catch down the leg side convinces no-one, least of all the umpire. Salarazai from the Harbour End, just two singles off it.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  18:32
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 244-6 (38 overs)
Two fours for Hampton off Sikander take him to his hundred, made from just 75 deliveries. A great response to Vandiar’s superb knock earlier. He adds another for good measure. 38 required, and Punjab need urgently wickets.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  18:24
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 229-6 (36 overs)
Kroesen drives to mid-on, but Usman’s there to take the catch. In comes Stan van Troost to join Hampton, now on 92*. 53 off 14, or four wickets.


 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  18:17
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 226-5 (35 overs)
Kroesen isn’t interested in being a sleeping partner, twice hitting Tariq for four. Then Hampton drives Nidamanuru square before pulling him over midwicket for six, taking a single off the last to keep the strike. Sikander Zulfiqar back, single to Hampton off the first and just one to Kroesen off the last. But Excelsior have overs in hand. 56 required off 15.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  18:17
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 261-7 (49.1 overs)
Borren sticks with Dutt for the last, and well it was always a long shot. Boddendijk scrambles off strike and Wlabrugh needs only one more ball to finish it, clears the front leg and launched over the leg side for six. He finishes on 142* off 132, having pretty much won the match single-handed. Vink and Singh’s quickcameos down the order helped keep the asking rate in reach, but really the second innings was the Walbrugh show.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  18:12
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 254-7 (49 overs)
Walbrugh gets stuck into Abid, looks like he wants to finish it this over. Back to back sixes, the second had the fielder on the midwicket rope interested but it’s Singh that holes out two balls later. Too late to matter though you’d think. Boddendijk in, just 5 needed off the last.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  18:06
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 237-6 (48 overs)
Walbrugh takes a knee to Dutt and slog-sweeps flat and hard over midwicket for six, Singh takes his cure and emulates the shot two balls later, then lifts the next just far enough to clear the long on rope. 21 off the over, surely that’s the game?

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  18:04
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 202-5 (32 overs)
Nidamanuru strikes immediately after the break, Shankar lofting him to one or other of the S Zulfiqars at deep cover. Luuk Kroesen joins Hampton, with the dual job of staying there and making sure his partner gets plenty of the strike.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  18:01
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 216-6 (47 overs)
Just four off Dutts next as the pressure builds, Borren is assisted by some fine fielding on the rope straight to get through his first five balls without a boundary, but Singh gets him away behind point off the last. 33 needed from the last three.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  17:57
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 196-4 (31 overs)
Ingram’s departure has put the brakes on somewhat, but as long as Hampton’s still there (now on 72*) Excelsior are in with a chance. They need 86 from 19, just a tad above four and a half an over. They’ve just taken another drink.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  17:53
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 204-6 (45 overs)
Dutt comes in for some tap in the next, three boundaries in the 44th including a reverse-swept four andn a straight six from Vink, who has come out swinging, full andstraight from Borren in the next does for him though, castled for an 11-ball 17. Singh joins Walbrugh, who’s on 108*.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  17:47
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 183-4 (27.5 overs)
Tariq back, but Hampton smacks him over extra cover for another six, ten from the over. But then Nidamanuru gets the much-needed breakthrough, Ingram holing out to an S Zulfiqar at deep cover and departing for 39. The game swings back Punjab’s way as Shankar joins Hampton, who’s on 63*.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  17:42
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 180-5 (43 overs)
Walbrugh bring up his century off his 111th ball punching Borren out toward long of for one. Still a lot of work to do though, smattering of singles and the asking rate is just a hair under tens now.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  17:40
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 175-5 (42 overs)
Walbrugh closing in on his ton, but Dutt removes Kyle Klein, a leading edge held at cover and gone for 28. Ferdi Vink joins Walbrugh, who’s on 99* now.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  17:37
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 170-3 (26 overs)
Hampton brings up his fifty, driving Nidamanuru through the covers. He’s on 53* now, from 40 deliveries, Ingram on 36 from 40.


 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  17:36
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 204-7 (49.1 overs)
Wide first up is not ideal when you’ve only two runs to defend, and next ball Kumar finds space for a couple. Pretty tense at the end their, but ACC cling on for the win.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  17:35
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 201-7 (49 overs)
Just a couple of singles off Niaz’ next, Kumar on strike for the 49th, Smit to bowl. Another five singles off it , three to win off the last, looks like Schoonheim will bowl it.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  17:33
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 159-3 (25 overs)
Tidy over from Nidamanuru, just a couple of singles and a wide. But Hampton hammers Sikander back straight for four, then pulls him over midwicket for six. Three balls later he does it again, higher and further. Halfway in the overs, a good bit past halfway in the chase.


 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  17:27
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 194-7 (47 overs)
Maiden from Niaz to Kumar, but van Vliet gets off the mark in Smit’s next, good running to take five from it. Ten needed off the last three..

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  17:25
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 140-3 (23 overs)
Ingram drives Saqib through extra cover for four, then Hampton smacks him over long on for six. Nidamanuru on for Salarazai, and Ingram hoists him over midwicket for another six. Sikander Zulfiqar replaces Saqib, with Punjab under a little pressure. Driven square by Hampton, seven off it in total.


  HCC vs Voorburg  17:23
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 124-7 (47.2 overs)
Shariz drives Bennet square for a couple to tie the scores, then an inside edge across the stumps is enough to seal the win. De Leede unbeaten with a match-winning 53 off 144, certainly took their time getting there but two more points in the bag from the frontrunners.

  HCC vs Voorburg  17:20
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 121-7 (47 overs)
De Leede finally goes to fifty driving Bijloos wide of mid off to the rope, it’s taken him 142 balls to get there. VCC one shot away now.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  17:19
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 189-7 (45 overs)
Is there a twist in the tail here? Smit clings on to a return catch to remove Raza, three short of fifty, then two balls later has Mishra caught for a duck. Kumar and van Vliet now with 15 needed.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  17:11
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 112-3 (20 overs)
Salarazai back now from the Harbour End, looking better for the rest, with Saqib still operating from the other. Both batters on 18*, going along fairly comfortably at the moment.


  HCC vs Voorburg  17:10
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 110-7 (44 overs)
Another down as VCC limp toward the target, Kulkarni fencing Bijloos to second slip. Shariz in with de Leede now, who’s on 45 off 134.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  17:05
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 99-3 (18 overs)
While all that was going on, Ingram and Hampton have been reconstructing the Excelsior innings, although there’s a very long way to go.


 Kampong vs Dosti  17:01
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 121 all out (31.4 overs)
It lasts just four more balls, as Shadaab Ghori goes for a big heave at Malik, gets a top edge, and Briggs dives forward at slip to take the catch. Four for 30 for Malik, four for 6 for Jacod, and Kampong have achieved one of the great feats of escapology. Dosti lost their last six wickets for 14 runs.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  17:00
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 133-4 (31 overs)
Walbrugh loses another partner as de Mey pulls Nasier into the hads of deep midwicket. Kyle Klein in.

  HCC vs Voorburg  16:58
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 105-6 (41 overs)
Hingorani goes, shuffling too far across and pinned in front by Overdijk. De Leede still there on 43 off 126 though, Kulkarni joins him.

 Kampong vs Dosti  16:55
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 121-9 (31 overs)
Proper collapse now, as Arief Hoseinbaks falls to the first ball of Jacod’s next, caught by Van der Harten on the midwicket boundary, and from the last Masood lofts tamely to Malik at cover.


 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:55
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 172-5 (39 overs)
Double strike from Jain in the 39th, as he has Adriaan caught two balls later, Kumar in, still 32 to get.

 Kampong vs Dosti  16:48
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 121-7 (30 overs)
At Maarschalkerweerd, meanwhile, Malik has removed Asief Hoseinbaks, caught by Nana for 6. He’s replaced by Arief of that Ilk, but after danger-man Diwan despatches him for six over wide long on the wily old fox gets his man next ball, caught by Stijn Bakker at second slip.


 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:50
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 172-4 (38.1 overs)
Jain back and finally gets Hobson, LBW for 64. But has it come too late for the hosts though? Raza still there on 41*, Adriaan joins him, 32 to get.

  HCC vs Voorburg  16:48
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 100-5 (38 overs)
Hundred up for VCC as de Leede chases outside off at Overdijk and edges just wide enough to elude Patel, first chance in a while, but instead it’s four. Squares him up next ball and a huge appeal, bat involved? Umpire must think so, looked pretty plumb from here.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  16:42
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 76-3 (13.1 overs)
But in Mubashar’s next Etman drives uppishly to cover, is caught by S Zulfiqar, and goes for 38. Brett Hampton in at five.


 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  16:37
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 74-2 (12.2 overs)
Saqib operating in tandem with Hussain, and he gets the breakthrough as Verhagen, on 21, clips him head-high to Myburgh at midwicket. Etman’s on 37*, joined now by Lorenzo Ingram.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  16:37
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 112-2 (25 overs)
Nashier into the attack and a much-needed breakthorugh, Barresi the victim as Walbrugh punches toward mid on, sets off and belatedly turns back as Nashier fields well off his own bowling. Throw misses the stumps but Babirnie (we think) at extra cover is charging in to back up, gathers and takes the bails with Barresi still well short. Klein joins Walbrugh, who’s on 73 now.

  HCC vs Voorburg  16:31
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 85-5 (35 overs)
De Leede’s limpet-like stay at the crease continues, another maiden for Floyd and a speculative appeal for LBW notwithstanding. He’s on 34 off 109 now, Hingorani still with him on 8*. Trijzelaar into the attack.

 Kampong vs Dosti  16:30
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 107-5 (25.3 overs)
Hans goes without scoring, caught by Jacod off Sharma. And now Jacod removes the adhesive Raja, who edges him to Briggs at slip and departs for 27. Diwan joins Asief Hoseinbaks with Dosti on the slide.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  16:30
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 100-1 (22 overs)
Walbrughbrings up the hundred driving Turmaine to long on, this partnership increasingly problematic for VRA too. Walburgh’s on 65* now, Barresi on 23*.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  16:25
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 51-1 (9 overs)
Etman is keeping Excelsior in this, moving to 35* with a pull over midwicket for six off Tariq. Mubashar Hussain on from the Harbour End after a fairly messy previous over from Salarazai.


 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:22
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 144-3 (32 overs)
This partnership is threatening to put the game beyond VOC, it’s worth 66, just 60 more needed. Hoornweg’s been introduced to the attack without reward, Smit from the other end now.

 Kampong vs Dosti  16:20
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 97-3 (22 overs)
Pierre Jacod gets the wicket Kampong so badly needed, Amitoze failing to get over a cover drive and Malik taking a low catch. Raja still there on 22*, joined by Mahesh Hans.


  HCC vs Voorburg  16:08
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 68-5 (23 overs)
Van Beek goes caught down leg off Overdijk, would have been wide if he’d left it well alone. VCC have lost half their side and they’re barely half-way there. Hongorani joins de Leede, who will have to bat through or close to it from here you’d think..

 Kampong vs Dosti  16:07
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 86-2 (18 overs)
This is getting pretty desperate for Kampong; Amitoze on 35* now, at around a run a ball, and Raja on 19*.


 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:02
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 116-3 (27 overs)
Meanwhile VOC still can’t find a way past Hobson and Raza, Arnav Jain back into the attack now.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  16:00
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 74-1 (14 overs)
Walbrugh goes to 49 with a quite remarkable shot, somehow contriving to reverse sweep Turmaine around the stumps from outside off for four through fine leg, then a bunt for one takes him to fifty. Borren brings himself on.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  15:57
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 13-1 (3.5 overs)
A wicket for Salarazai, though, as Kroesen, after tucking him to leg for a couple, plays at a lifting delivery and is given caught behind. Roel Verhagen in at three.


 Kampong vs Dosti  15:54
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 70-2 (15 overs)
Tushar Sharma from the Pavilion End, and he starts with a maiden. But it’s wickets Kampong need, and they’re not coming.


  HCC vs Voorburg  15:53
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 60-4 (23 overs)
Floyd’s pretty sure he’s got de Leede caught behind in the 21st, but the umpire’s not impressed. No doubt in Floyd’s next though, de Grooth a long way down and swiping at air, Patel takes the bails. Van Beek in, opens his account driving Floyd through midwicket for four.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:52
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 102-3 (23 overs)
Seelaar and Schoonheim now for VOC, tidy enough but they’ll need wickets sooner rather than later, Hobson into the 30s and ACC into three figures.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  15:49
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 45-1 (11 overs)
Abid’s been expensive but he does get the breakthrough, albeit not the wicket they wanted. Mason on the pull and edges through to Lees. Barresi joins Walbrugh, who’s on 33 off 40.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  15:43
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Excelsior : 2-0 (1 over)
Tim Etman and Joost Kroesen open as Excelsior set about climbing the Alp they face. A single apiece off Tariq’s first over, from his wonted Equestrian Centre End. Salarazai to bowl the second.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  15:29
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 38-0 (10 overs)
Just a no-ball for, well we’re not wuite sure what for, spoils Dutt’s next. He’s gon e for just 9 runs off his first five. No wickets though, HBS will be happy enough so far.

 Kampong vs Dosti  15:39
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 62-2 (11 overs)
Gert Swanepoel on for Nana, but he’s clipped for back-to-back fours by Amitoze, and in the absence of Alex Roy the Kampong attack is, to be honest, looking pretty threadbare here.


  HCC vs Voorburg  15:18
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 51-3 (19 overs)
De Grooth takes VCC to fifty working Floyd away to leg, it’s a slow grind from this pair but they’re settling some nerves.. Pringle into the attack.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  15:29
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 28-0 (7 overs)
Maiden from Dutt to Walbrugh, doing a fine job of choking the scoring at one end, but Abid’s leaking runs at the other, Walbrugh into the twenties.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:25
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 78-3 (16 overs)
Spinners doing the trick as so often at Hazelaarweg, Seelaar now has Wegener LBW. Raza joins Hobson.

 Kampong vs Dosti  15:25
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 40-2 (7.4 overs)
Usman Malik relieves Kumar from the University End, and after a couple of wides he gets Tewarie, another LBW, and he goes for 12. Amitoze Singh joins Raja.


 Kampong vs Dosti  15:19
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 37-1 (7 overs)
When Raja gets one in the slot from Kumar he thrashes him over long on for six. There’s a delay in Nana’s next as Tewarie seems to feel something go in his left knee and has to receive attention. He’s not comfortable, but he’s able to continue. Nana produces beauty that has him lunging outside off, but he cuts the next one hard behind point for four.


  HCC vs Voorburg  15:18
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 38-3 (13 overs)
Floyd into the attack now, and he too starts with a maiden. Slow going out there, de Leede on 15 off 38, de Grooth on 2 off 12. Looks like Bennet on from the other end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  15:16
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
HBS : 12-0 (3 overs)
They’re back on at Craeyenhout too, Walbrugh and Mason opening for HBS, Ashir Abid and Aryan Dutt sharing the new ball.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:15
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 59-2 (12 overs)
Relief for VOC as Smith’s innings comes to an end, caught for a 29-ball 44 off Smit, who follows up by removing Potdar three balls later. Hobson and Wegener the new men.

 Kampong vs Dosti  15:08
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 26-1 (5 overs)
Kampong need quick wickets, but Raja and Tewarie are digging in, helped by some wayward bowling.


 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  14:54
Punjab : 281 all out (49.5 overs)
Salarazai doesn’t last long, but Usman and Suleiman Tariq make hay in the final overs, at least until Tariq holes out to Rens van Troost at long off, and Usman, after smacking Etman for another six, skies him to Ingram at squarish midwicket and departs for a swashbuckling 31. Four wickets apiece for Etman and Hampton, but that will take some getting.


 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:00
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
ACC : 48-0 (8 overs)
Potdar and Smith have got ACC off to a brisk start at Hazelaarweg, Niaz coming in for particular punishment as Smith races into the thirties. Seelaar into the attack.

  HCC vs Voorburg  14:58
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 28-3 (8 overs)
Bijloos offers de Leede a little width and is cut uppishly, dropped at backward point. Another maiden, de Grooth in with him but yet to face.

 Kampong vs Dosti  14:52
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Dosti : 11-1 (1.3 overs)
Dosti have started their chase, with Rahil Ahmed and Waqas Raja facing Kertan Nana and Shashank Kumar. It’s not undramatic: Ahmed loses hold of his bat off Kumar’s first delivery, narrowly missing his stumps, clips the second through square leg for four, and is given out caught to a diving take down the leg side off the third. He’s not best pleased. Vinoo Tewarie joins Raja.


 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  14:45
Punjab : 247-7 (47 overs)
Needing to get on with it Asad on 33, pulls Hampton but only as far as Tim Etman on the midwicket boundary. Safiullah Salarazai joins Usman.


 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  14:33
Punjab : 236-6 (45 overs)
Ingram keeps it to four singles, but when Hampton returns from the Harbour End even he is pulled for six behind square by Vandiar, then cut past third man for four. He gets his man in the end, however, as Vandiar clips him to backward square, and Joost Kroesen takes his third catch of the day. His 141 came from 136 deliveries, and included 16 fours and four sixes. Yasir Usman joins Asad.


  HCC vs Voorburg  14:50
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 21-3 (6 overs)
After a wayward second over Bijloos gets his radar right, has Musa driving too far outside off and nicked to slip. Engelbrecht in and blocks out four bals, then pulls the last straight to square leg. When do VCC start getting nervous?

  HCC vs Voorburg  14:33
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 5-1 (3 overs)
First runs as Malan creams Overdijk over point for four, and then the first wicket as he picks out the fielder with a similar shot two balls later. Bas de Leede in early.

  HCC vs Voorburg  14:30
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
VCC : 0-0 (2 overs)
They’re back on at de Diepput meanwhile, where Hidde Overdijk and Rienier Bijloos have both opened with a maiden, to Andre Malan and Musa Ahmad respectively. They’ll need a few more of those to defend this total you’d think.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  14:25
Punjab : 218-5 (43 overs)
Model one-day cricket from Vandiar who, after doing the hard work, proceeds to cash in against a tiring Excelsior attack. Two fours and a six off that Etman over, the pick of them a drive through extra cover. He’s gone to 126*, Asad on 22* content to give him the strike.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  14:25
VRA : 258 all out (49.3 overs)
Turmaine and Abid leave it til the last over to try to hit out, and it’s as well they did as the Turmaine’s first attempted slog-sweep is caught at deep midwicket. He goes for 55 off 114, VRA end on 258 with three balls unused. Entirely chaseable on this ground of course, but after Ferdi Vink’s five-fer left them staring down the barrel at 83-8, fair to say the visitors will be happy enough.

 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  14:16
Sparta : 61 all out (31 overs)
Salland : 62-1 (8.5 overs)
Salland, meanwhile, have completed their demolition of Sparta, Ganesan finishing with a 27-ball 41*.


 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  14:14
Punjab : 193-5 (41 overs)
A three and a slog-sweep for four off Baker take Vandiar into three figures, and by the end of the over he’s on 106*. First time we’ve seen the vintage Vandiar this year, and one had almost forgotten just how good he can be.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  14:13
VRA : 245-9 (47 overs)
Top-edged sweep past the keeper for four off Stephan Vink take Turmaine to 49*, cuts de Mey out to deep point for a single in the enxt to complete a well-earned half-century. Smal will rightly get plaudits for rescuing VRA here today, but Turmaine’s supporting role has been equally indispensible.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  14:10
Punjab : 180-5 (40 overs)
Ingram resumes his tussle with Vandiar, who pulls him meatily but can only get a single. One down the ground as well, and two singles for Asad as well. Vandiar now on 94*, Asad on 16*. The last ten overs should be very interesting!


 Kampong vs Dosti  14:05
Kampong : 177 all out (44.4 overs)
Hoseinbaks finishes if off at Maarschalkerweerd, bowling Swanepoel. Dosti will seldom get a better chance of a win, one feels.


 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  14:02
Sparta : 61 all out (31 overs)
Salland : 35-1 (6 overs)
A marked lack of respect for the old warhorses by Ganesan, who smacks Ahsan Malik for six. Bukhari pulls it back with a maiden to Iain Webber, but Salland are already halfway to their target. That said, Bukhari’s had Webber caught by Manminder Singh for 4. Ottachchige in at three.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  14:02
VRA : 228-9 (42 overs)
An unfortunate end to a fine partnership, Smal clips one to leg and sets off for one, turns for a suicide second and is sent back, but the direct hit beats him to it. He goes for a 110-ball 113. Abid last man

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:53
VOC : 203 all out (40.1 overs)
And that’s as far as they’ll get, Schoonheim clean bowled by Arya missing a wild slog-sweep. 204 will be the target.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:52
VOC : 203-9 (40 overs)
200-up for VOC meanwhile, but their down to their last pair as Kumar nicks off Fletcher. Hoornweg joins Schoonheim, who has made an entertaining 21* off 15 thus far.

 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  13:50
Sparta : 61 all out (31 overs)
Salland : 21-0 (2 overs)
Salland have started their reply at a gallop, Ganesan racing to 16* against Malik and Bukhari. NRR could be important come the end of August, and they clearly know it.


 Kampong vs Dosti  13:47
Kampong : 165-9 (41 overs)
Bakker goes, leg-before to Masood for a very valuable 41. Gert Swanepoel the last man. Dosti have given themselves a chance of a much-needed victory here.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  13:42
VRA : 212-8 (39 overs)
Smal brings up his ton off exactly 100 balls, slog-sweeping de Mey over midwicket for four. Turmaine onto 36* meanwhile..

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:42
VOC : 196-8 (38 overs)
Seelaar finally finds the rope pulling Kumar through midwicket for four, but nicks off driving outside off next ball. Fletcher in.

  HCC vs Voorburg  13:40
HCC : 123 all out (36.5 overs)
Shariz Ahmad wraps it up, Bijloos caught Malan and HCC all out for 123.Hamda finishes with figures of 6-18 in 9.5, the third-best individual figures for VCC in the top-flight this century. Good effort.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  13:37
Punjab : 144-5 (33 overs)
Another for Hampton: Sikander Zulfiqar deceived by a full, slower delivery and bowled. Asad Zulfiqar in to join Vandiar, whose 74* is looking more and more crucial for the defending champions.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  13:32
VRA : 191-8 (35 overs)
Smal goes to 80 slashing Boddenidjik over point for four four, then brings up the century partnership Pulling hard and high over midwicket for a one-bouncer. The next shot is less convincing, a thick outside edge past the keeper, but brings the same result. Turmaine still there on 27, quite the partnership, this.

 Kampong vs Dosti  13:25
Kampong : 152-8 (37 overs)
They’ve had a drink at Maarschalkerweerd as well, but not before Touseef removed Kertan Nana, caught by Arief Hoseinbaks, for a first-ball duck. Shashank Kumar in to join Stijn Bakker, who has gone on to 39*.


  HCC vs Voorburg  13:25
HCC : 112-9 (33 overs)
Nelson strikes and Shariz Ahmad has his five-fer. Trijzelaar his latest victim caught Malan, Bijloos last man for HCC.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  13:23
Punjab : 129-4 (30.1 overs)
It’s traditional to get a breakthrough AFTER drinks, but twice now Excelsior have jumped the gun. This time it’s Hampton who does the damage, Saqib skying him to Joost Kroesen at deep backward point and departing for 23. Brother Sikander joins Vandiar, now on 62* thanks to a four and a six off Etman.


 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:20
VOC : 169-7 (33 overs)
De Kok launches Arya for back-to-back sixes over longs off and on, the second prompting a protracted ball-hunt.. predictably enough the break brings a wicket, as he dances past the next ball and is stumped for 35. Schoonheim in.

 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  13:18
Sparta : 61 all out (31 overs)
A Michelle for Nasir, who finishes with five for 19 as he traps Faisal Iqbal in front to finish the innings. Pretty abject from Sparta, but Salland are looking at two very important points.


 Kampong vs Dosti  13:15
Kampong : 140-7 (35.1 overs)
A half-century too for Briggs, but when Touseef returns from the University End he is the victim of another LBW decision and has to depart for 51. You can only say that he was well back in his crease, but otherwise he did not look impressed. Mees Hoffmann in to join Bakker, but after getting off the mark with a four he hits a return catch to Diwan, and Kampong are in all sorts.


  HCC vs Voorburg  13:09
HCC : 100-8 (29 overs)
Shariz Ahmad is doing a number of the HCC middle order here, Floyd caught for 6, then Bennet bowled three balls later. Trijzelaar in.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  13:07
Punjab : 111-3 (28 overs)
Vandiar goes to 51* with a six, easing Van Troost over the square leg boundary. Saqib’s moved quickly to 16*, and this is starting to look ominous for Excelsior.


 Kampong vs Dosti  13:02
Kampong : 127-5 (32 overs)
Vinoo Tewarie into the attack for Dosti, bowling from the University End. Briggs and Bakker happy with a string of singles, moving on to 47* and 23* respectively.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  13:02
VRA : 153-8 (28 overs)
Smal and Turmaine still going for VRA, they’ve taken them past 150 now. Would be a good score at this stage were it not for the wickets.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:00
VOC : 146-6 (29 overs)
Raza leading the fight-back for ACC as Fourie guides a shorter ball straight to slip, then Niaz pops him a return catch two balls later. Seelaar in to join de Kok, who’s on 20*.

  HCC vs Voorburg  12:56
HCC : 90-6 (26 overs)
HCC in all sorts now as van Beek spreads Overdijk’s stumps, Yash Patel in.

 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  12:53
Sparta : 58-9 (27.4 overs)
Four for Nasir now, as he bowls Bhatti for 7. And when Elam Bharathi traps Usman Saleem in front it’s almost all over for Sparta.


 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  12:54
VOC : 134-3 (27 overs)
O’Dowd cuts Raza away behind point for four, but next ball he backs away to repeat the shot but picks out the point fielder. Fourie in.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  12:50
Punjab : 85-3 (24 overs)
Van Troost back from the Equestrian Centre End, and Nidamanuru drives him low to the lurking Ingram at shortish cover. He goes for 19, to be succeeded by Saqib Zulfiqar.


 Kampong vs Dosti  12:45
Kampong : 99-5 (27 overs)
Asief Hoseinbaks has Jacod leg-before for 13, which brings Stijn Bakker, debutant and on and grandson of celebrated VOC Bakkers, to the crease to join Briggs. He settles any nerves with a six off Hans, while his partner’s gone on to 35*.


  HCC vs Voorburg  12:46
HCC : 87-5 (24 overs)
And that’s a big wicket, Ahmad holds a return catch and Worden’s gone for 23. Floyd in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  12:42
VRA : 141-8 (23 overs)
Square drive off Klein for a couple sees Smal bring up a fighting half-century, Turmaine still with him on 12.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  12:39
Punjab : 64-2 (22 overs)
Baker returns from the Harbour End, and some immediate luck for Vandiar as he slashes him just wide of slip. Nidamanuru goes after Ingram, lofting him back over his head and then carving him over mid-off for back-to-back boundaries. He’s on 18* now, Vandiar on 41*.


  HCC vs Voorburg  12:39
HCC : 84-4 (22 overs)
HCC’s innings beginning to founder, Shariz Ahmad has Crowley LBW for a five-ball duck. Overdijk joins Worden.

 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  12:36
Sparta : 54-7 (23 overs)
Nasir gets one past Ahmadi, and he’s gone for 19. Joost Martijn Snoep in to join Bhatti, and Nasir has three for 9.


 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  12:32
Punjab : 64-2 (20 overs)
The battle between Ingram and Vandiar is pretty absorbing: honours about even so far, with Vandiar still there but largely confined to singles. Still, he’s on 35*, with Nidamanuru on 8*.


  HCC vs Voorburg  12:30
HCC : 80-3 (20 overs)
Bas de Leede strikes, Pringle bowled for 25, Crowley in.

 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  12:28
Sparta : 53-6 (20 overs)
Malik’s gone as well, caught by Iain Webber off Nasir. But Ahmadi’s decided on counter-attack, belting Elam Bharathi for three successive sixes to inject some much-needed life into the innings. Khurram Bhatti’s at the other end.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  12:26
VRA : 115-8 (18 overs)
Turmaine and Smal have dragged VRA up to triple figures meanwhile, the latter now in the thirties. Still a long way from a defensible total though.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  12:24
VOC : 104-3 (21 overs)
Hobson has the breakthrough in the 20th as Smit is caught in the covers for 27, and two balls later strikes again as Arnav Jain feathers an outside edge behind. De Kok joins O’Dowd, who brings up his fifty next over pulling Smith away for four.

 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  12:18
Sparta : 29-5 (18 overs)
Another key wicket at the Bermweg: Bukhari trapped in front by Elam Bharathi for 10. Khalid Ahmadi in to join Malik, but things look grim for Sparta.


 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  12:13
Punjab : 50-2 (15.5 overs)
Fifty up for Punjab, but then Ingram removes Rehmat, who tries to loft him over backward point but succeeds in finding Sanjit Shankar, departing for a patient 17. Teja Nidamanuru will join Vandiar, on 29*, after a drink.


 Kampong vs Dosti  12:07
Kampong : 66-4 (17 overs)
I confused Cole Briggs earlier with the Australian journalist Casey Briggs; apologies to both gentlemen. I’m pleading the Covid I’m currently recovering from. Cole’s still there, now on 24*, but Van der Harten has gone, yorked by Touseef for 3. Pierre Jacod has succeeded him.


  HCC vs Voorburg  12:05
HCC : 54-2 (16 overs)
Pringle and Worden have taken HCC past 50 meanwhile, Bas de Leede into the attack and Pringle takes two boundaries off the first three balls of the 16th, but de Leede comes back at him thrice beating the bat. Malan still from the other end.

 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  12:03
Sparta : 25-4 (15 overs)
More trouble for Sparta, as Manminder Singh is caught by Ganesan off Gul Ahmed Nasir. Bukhari’s still there, though, and is now joined by Ahsan Malik.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  12:02
VRA : 84-8 (12 overs)
The procession continues, a rather cavalier innings from Lees comes to an end as he misses a swipe at Vink and is bowled. Turmaine in.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  12:00
Punjab : 35-1 (13 overs)
Double change for Excelsior, with Lorenzo Ingram on from the Equestrian Centre End and Rens van Troost from the other. Ingram has a very big appeal for leg-before against Rehmat turned down but completes a maiden, but Van Troost, after bowling a couple of wides, is thumped over backward point by Rehmat for six.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:44
VRA : 74-7 (11 overs)
Nashier takes back to back fours off de Mey, pulled behind square and then cut nehing point, but then holes out to midwicket the following ball. Mitch Lees in.


 Kampong vs Dosti  11:55
Kampong : 60-3 (14 overs)
Malik goes without scoring, caught behind by Rahil Ahmed off Touseef. Robert van der Harten in to join Briggs with Kampong faltering a little. A lot depends on Briggs now.


 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  11:47
Punjab : 25-1 (10 overs)
Rehmat, much more restrained than usual, and Vandiar negotiate the powerplay. But runs are at a premium against Etman and Hampton.


  HCC vs Voorburg  10:45
HCC : 36-2 (11 overs)
Gorlee miscues a drive off Malan to mid on, Pringle to the middle to join Worden.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:44
VRA : 58-6 (8 overs)
Borren doesn’t last long, Outside edge off Klein and caught for one.Nashier and Smal looking to salvage something of the innings now.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  11:44
VOC : 65-1 (11 overs)
O’Dowd going well for the hosts with Smit for company, run a ball 32 for him. Arya and Kumar have taken over the bowling.

 Kampong vs Dosti  11:43
Kampong : 49-2 (10.2 overs)
Breakthrough for Diwan, as Alphonse goes back to drive him into the covers, doesn’t get fully on top of it, and Hans grabs the catch. Usman Malik joins Briggs, who’s on 11.


  HCC vs Voorburg  10:41
HCC : 36-1 (10 overs)
First wicket down at de Diepput, Logan van Beek finds Staal’s outside edge and Hingorani makes no mistake with the gloves. Worden joins Gorlee, Andre Malan into the attack.

 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  11:40
Sparta : 11-3 (10 overs)
Big wicket at the Bermweg: Gohil trapped in front by Victor Lubbers for 7, and after a painfully slow start Sparta are in trouble. Even worse follows, as Reinder Lubbers has Noor caught behind by Ottachchige for 3.


 Kampong vs Dosti  11:36
Kampong : 46-1 (9 overs)
Bowling change from the Pavilion End, Kuldeep Diwan replacing Hoseinbaks and conceding five off his first over, including a cut by Briggs to the point boundary. Double change, with Touseef Ahmad on for Masood.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:34
VRA : 50-5 (7 overs)
And another, as Dutt drives Fink straight to cover, then Jack Balbirnie repeats the shot precisely next ball. Borren in and survives the hat-trick ball, but his team’s in trouble.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  11:26
Punjab : 12-1 (5 overs)
Brett Hampton on now from the Harbour End, Etman, yet to concede a run, continuing from the Equestrian Centre End.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:24
VRA : 46-3 (5 overs)
Another down at Craeyenhout, Zaman lofts Vink straight down long on’s throat. Aryan Dutt in.

 Kampong vs Dosti  11:22
Kampong : 27-1 (5.3 overs)
Steady start by Alphonse and Sharma, now on 9 from six and 13 from 27 respectively. And as I write that Masood cuts one back sharply to hit Sharma’s leg stump. Casey Briggs in at three.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:19
VRA : 45-2 (4 overs)
Klein strikes back, Rasool chasing a wide one a nd thin to edge behind, Johan Smal in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  11:17
VOC : 36-1 (4 overs)
Early wicket a Hazelaarweg too, where Mees van Vliet has Scott Edwards caught for 11. Matt Smit in to join O’Dowd..


  HCC vs Voorburg  11:16
HCC : 14-0 (4 overs)
Steadier start to things at de Diepput, where Tonny Staal and Boris Gorlee have taken the osts to 14 without loss. Kingma and van Beek share the new ball.

 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  11:15
Sparta : 2-1 (3 overs)
An early wicket at the Bermweg too, off the very first ball, no less. Mamoon Latif caught by Venkat Ganesan off Victor Lubbers. Samit Gohil in to join Raza Noor, facing the brothers Lubbers.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:14
VRA : 40-1 (3 over)
Rasool goes to town on Ryan Klein in the second over, four four and big six over midwicket, 24 off it.. Zaman takes Ferdi Vink for back to back fours in the next, VRA off to a flier despite the early wicket.

 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  11:09
Punjab : 4-1 (1. 1 overs)
Umar Baker starts from the Harbour End, and Rehmat Zulfiqar cracks his third delivery in front of point for four. Then sensation: Steph Myburgh lofts Niel Etman’s first ball straight to Joost Kroesen at mid-off and goes for a golden duck. Jonathan Vandiar in much earlier than he would have liked.


 Kampong vs Dosti  11:04
Kampong : 4-0 (1 over)
Asief Hoseinbaks opens from the Pavilion End, bowling to Ratha Alphonse. Fairly tidy over: a single for Alphonse, a wide for three, and Tushar Sharma plays out the rest. Waheed Masood from the University End.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  11:04
VRA : 4-1 (1 over)
Four and out for Vikram Singh as Ferdi Vink strikes in the first over for HBS. Rasool is joined by Zaman Khan.

 Kampong vs Dosti  10:57
And at Maarschalkerweerd Mahesh Hans has called correctly, and Kampong will bat.


 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  10:55
Or if you prefer, Salland have won the toss and invited Sparta to have a bat. One of the two.


 HBS Craeyenhout vs VRA  10:53
VRA win the toss at Craeyenhout and will bat too.

  HCC vs Voorburg  10:51
HCC have the toss at de Diepput and will bat first.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  10:45
Meanwhile at Hazelaarweg VOC have won the toss and will bat first.

 Sparta 1888 vs Salland  10:45
At the Bermweg the home side have won the toss and invited Salland to have a bat.


 Punjab vs Excelsior ‘20  10:42
The news from ‘t Zomercomplex is that Excelsior have won the toss and elected to field.


 Rod Lyall  10:28
And good morning from me, on another lovely sunny morning. There’s lots to play for in both halves of the competition, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

 Bertus de Jong  10:27
Morning all and welcome back for Topklasse Phase 2. The eventual points table has been kinder to some teams than others of course, but for now at least none of the top six treams are out of championship contention, and none of the bottom six are safe. Hope to have some toss news for you shortly, it’s a glorious day so expecting six timely starts.