Topklasse Live | Round 14 | As it Happened

played won lost tied n/r points NRR
PJB 14 10 2 2 42 1.578
HCC 14 7 3 1 3 33 1.641
VCC 14 8 5 1 33 0.787
EXC 14 7 3 4 32 1.245
HBS 13 7 4 1 2 32 0.679
VOC 14 7 6 1 29 0.258
VRA 14 6 6 2 26 0.187
ACC 14 4 8 2 18 -1.406
SPT 14 2 10 2 10 -2.112
DOS 14 11 3 3 -2.767

The Topklasse League Phase table after Round 14

 Rod Lyall  18:15
Well, that was pretty remarkable. Rough on HBS, who had to take on HCC without Walbrugh and Klein and were comprehensively beaten. Still just one point between second and fifth, with VOC dropping further after losing to ACC and VRA just about staying in touch by virtue of their victory over Punjab. HBS’s loss means that the leaders’ advantage is still nine points, but any three of six sides could join them in the play-offs, and even their own position is not yet mathematically certain. Everything to play for with four rounds to go! For now, though, this is Rod Lyall saying goodbye, and do stay safe!

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  18:04
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 196 all out (44.2 overs)
Borren bowls Hussain, and VRA win by 36 runs. Punjab fought hard all the way, but recovery from 60 for five was just too big an ask.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  18:00
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 195-9 (43.5 overs)
Wicket for Turmaine! Irfan’s bowled for 39, and last man Mubashar Hussain joins Bhatti. VRA are almost there..

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  17:57
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 192-8 (43 overs)
Four off Turmaine’s next. Borren again, and Bhatti takes him for a four and a single. 41 needed off seven.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  17:52
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 183-8 (41 overs)
Borren bowls the 41st, conceding just a single. But five leg-byes keep Punjab up with the required rate.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  17:46
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 177-8 (40 overs)
Irfan on to 35*, Bhatti keeping him company on 5*. 10 overs left, 56 needed. It is, obviously, the wickets that are the problem . . .

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  17:31
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 167-8 (35.3 overs)
Hartsink back, and he’s the one to break the partnership, bowling Tariq for 37. Irfan, on 31*, is Punjab’s last hope now, as Bhatti joins him in the middle.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  17:29
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 163-7 (34 overs)
70 needed off 16 overs now: Tariq on 35*, Irfan 29*.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  17:22
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 151-7 (32 overs)
Punjab reckon they can still win this, and with 12 coming off that Gunning over I’m not sure they’re wrong. VRA probably need just the one wicket, but they need it quite badly.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  17:18
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 139-7 (31 overs)
So only Punjab’s uphill struggle remains at issue, with Tariq and Irfan having now added 45 for the eighth wicket. They’re on 27* and 21*, and Borren has tried seven bowlers in search of the breakthrough.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  17:15
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg 152-4 (38.2 overs)
And there it is. A wide and then a single to Dutt settle it: Dutt on 34*, Nieuwoudt 2*. A dogged fight from Sparta, but once again they just didn’t have enough runs on the board.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  17:10
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg 148-4 (37.5 overs)
Voorburg inching their way to four points, all the more significant because HBS and VOC have both lost. But with the end in sight, Kwinana bowls De Grooth for 76. Dutt’s on 33* with 4 needed.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  17:03
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 121-7 (26 overs)
Irfan Ul Haq and Tariq mounting some resistance here, and 112 are needed from 24 overs. Huge ask, but cricket can be a very strange game.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  17:01
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 133 all out (33.2 overs)
Fletcher looks to go big again, thin outside edge, keeper’s too slow with the gloves but it deflects up to Babu at slip who seems as surprised as anyone as the ball arrives in his hands. VOC all out for 133. What a game. Raza man of the match for my money off the back of just that one catch.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  17:01
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 133-9 (33 overs)
Fletcher tries to put Arya over long off, doesn’t get enough to clear the rope noir reach the fielder on the full. Just one. Harhangi reaching on the drive and scoops it just over leaping cover for one more. Fletcher bunts wide of slip for another. 18 to get, 17 overs, one wicket. Kothari still to bowl his last.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  16:58
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 131-9 (32 overs)
Malik takes a knee to Kothari, on the sweep, extra bounce, top edge and a juggle catch behind the sticks. Nine down. Harhangi last man. Lets the first go, on the sweep on the next mishit and dropped at second slip. Leaves the last. 20 to get.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  16:57
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg 138-3 (35 overs)
Back to back sixes for Dutt off Manminder Singh as Voorburg close in on the win. De Grooth 71*, Dutt 27*, and just 14 required.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  16:52
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 129-8 (30 overs)
CATCH OF THE SEASON O’Dowd steps down to Kothari first ball of the 30th, big hit straight and high six surely? No, Raza there, made huge ground from long off, throws one hand high and it sticks, incredible scenes. O’Dowd gone for 76, Fletcher in. VOC need 22, ACC need 2 wickets.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  16:50
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 94-7 (21.1 overs)
But it’s not going to come from Sikander; he’s caught by Abid off Singh for four. Irfan Ul Haq in to join Tariq in the last chance saloon.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  16:26
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg 118-3 (33 overs)
De Grooth on to 70* now, with Dutt on 11*. 34 needed.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  16:44
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 127-7 (28 overs)
O’Dowd continues to trust Malik with the strike, single off Arya on the first ball of the 27th, Malik blocks out five. Single again first ball of the 28th leaving Malik with five deliveries from Kothari, he sweeps the second for a single, O’Dowd gives him the strike right back, and he blocks out the over. VOC edging closer this way but it’s not without risk.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  16:43
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 90-6 (19.4 overs)
Usman has swinging been lustily against both Singh and Hartsink, but after hitting the latter for two sixes in three deliveries he goes once too often, and Gunning’s under it on the midwicket boundary. Sikander Zulfiqar in to join Tariq, with Punjab needing something extraordinary.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  16:32
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 122-7 (25 overs)
O’Dowd takes the single to long off to allow van Lent to take the strike and immediately regrets it a van Lent spoons a simple catch to mid off. Malik in, and O’Dowd seems prepared to trust him with the strike too, at least for four balls in Arya’s next. Malik survives. 29 needed.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  16:28
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 60-5 (16.5 overs)
Singh traps Saqib in front for 11, and Punjab really are on the ropes.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  16:26
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg 96-3 (28 overs)
De Grooth and Aryan Dutt making haste slowly; the former’s on 53* now, Dutt on 6*. But with 56 needed off 22 overs there’s no need for any silliness.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  16:25
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 120-6 (23 overs)
O’Dowd loses another partner, Upadhyaya reaching for a wider delivery from Arya, misses and can’t get his foot back in time. Van Lent in to join O’Dowd, who’s on 69*. 31 runs to go, not much batting to come though.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  16:22
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 58-4 (16 overs)
Vikram Singh opens with two maidens from the Equestrian Centre End; he might have had a wicket when Usman edges to Borren at slip, but it drops just short. When Abid drops short, though, Saqib’s onto it instantly, lifting it over the midwicket boundary.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  16:15
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 112-5 (20 overs)
Sure enough the pressure tells, though again it’s not the wickets the hosts want as Durrani sends up a swirling top edge off Arya, Ramesh Babu settles under it at slip and holds it well.Upadhyaya in join join O’Dowd, lots riding on hime now. Takes the single off the last ball of the 20th to keep strike, he’s on 66*. Upadhyaya yet to score.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  16:13
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg 85-3 (25 overs)
Another one goes at the Bermweg, as Engelbrecht is caught by Manminder Singh off Saleem for 5. De Grooth’s still there on 49*, but Voorburg seem intent on doing this the hard way.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  16:08
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 46-4 (11.5 overs)
Abid, too, is looking sharp, and he gets a second as Asad clips him uppishly to Szwarczynski at mid-on. Yasir Usman in at six, and Borren has two slips for the left-hander.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  16:05
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 108-4 (18 overs)
Too short from Kothari and pulled away square by O’DOwd for four more. Durrani blocks out a maiden at the other end, befor Arya takes over from Kothari. Big shout for LBW as O’DOwd is struck on the pad piushing forward, looked a decent shout from here too. Napoleon still at the other end and beats O’Dowd’s outside edge, suddenly looking a bit tough out there for VOC. Just 43 to get now though.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  16:03
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg 79-2 (22.4 overs)
Bukhari strikes again, De Leede caught by Tarr for 6. Engelbrecht in to join De Grooth, on 48*. But Sparta aren’t out of this yet!

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  15:59
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 43-3 (9.1 overs)
Ashir Abid has replaced Hartsink, and he picks up the third: Nidamanuru slashes hard, and Singh holds onto the catch at slip. Saqib Zulfiqar joins Asad, and Punjab have a battle on their hands here!

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:55
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 100-4 (14 overs)
Another for Napoleon after the break as Jain offers a simple catch to cover, where Zaidi gratefully accepts. He goes for 1, Durrani in. Two dots but then two wides in a row the former beating everyone, runs ACC can ill afford to give away at this point. Hundred up for VOC

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  15:48
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg : 66-1 (20.1 overs)
Bukhari back to get the breakthrough, Hingorani caught by Latif for 18. Bas de Leede in to join De Grooth, who’s on 44*.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  15:45
Dosti : 109 all out (46.1 overs)
Excelsior : 113-2 (14.4 overs)
And there it is: three fours for Stubbs, and Excelsior win by eight wickets. Ingram on 30*.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:45
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 94-3 (13 overs)
Kothari into the attack and Jain blocks out a maiden, O’Dowd is not so kind in his next though steps down and goes high over mid on, the chasing fielder signals the six as it drops just over the rope, to bring up O’Dowd’s half century. Hard run two next ball and that will be drinks.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  15:42
Dosti : 109 all out (46.1 overs)
Excelsior : 102-2 (14 overs)
Nawaz gets Verhagen, stumped by Ahmed for a 42-ball 49. But Excelsior are on the brink of victory. Inbramon 27*.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  15:41
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 31-2 (5.1 overs)
Gunning again bowling with plenty of fire, but when he strays onto leg stump Asad clips him off his pads for four. But it’s Hartsink who strikes, Myburgh edging to Lees behind the stumps. He takes a very long time to depart, and the umpires have a conversation while Nidamanuru comes to the crease.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:35
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 83-3 (10 overs)
Much needed breakthrough as de Kok looks to flick Napoleon off his pads, misses and doesn’t wait for the finger. Schoonheim in and Schoonheim out, beaten outside off first ball, gets an edge on the next and through to the keeper. Jain in at four to join O’Dowd, who’s on 43*.


  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:30
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 80-1 (9 overs)
Van Vliet still, another shout for leg before as de Kok looks to flick square, and again insult to injury as the next ball is heaved over midwicket for a one-bounce four, and the next cut through the man at backward point for four more. Napoleon now at the other end, escapes serious punishment until the penultimate ball wich is fetched from off stump and somehow lofted over backward sqaure for four by O’Dowd. Van Vliet continues and the first ball of the ninth is flat-batted for four through extra by de Kok. The next would have gone too but for the outfield. Four more for O’Dowd two balls later just helping it on it’s way down leg, opens the face two balls later to run it wide of third for four more. Heads going down in the field, VOC half-way home already.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  15:29
Dosti : 109 all out (46.1 overs)
Excelsior : 71-1 (11 overs)
Tewarie turns to Nawaz and Naseri, but with no immediate result other than Verhagen hitting the latter for two sixes.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  15:27
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 11-1 (2.4 overs)
A lovely straight drive for four off Gunning gets Rehmat off the mark, and the next ball goes wide of mid-on for another. But a huge swing at the next sees a spray of stumps, and Rehmat departs. Asad Zulfiqar succeeds him.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  15:23
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg : 49-0 (14 overs)
This is becoming fairly serious for Sparta, as De Grooth moves to 34*, with Hingorani on 12*.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  15:19
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 1-0 (1 over)
They return at the Zomercomplex, Quirijn Gunning starting from the Equestrian Centre End to Steph Myburgh. Single first up and the second, to Rehmat Zulfiqar produces an appeal for caught behind which is, to say the least, highly enthusiastic. For a moment, I wouldn’t have ruled out an appeal to the Raad van State. Kalloe is unmovable. Rest of the over’s uneventful. Luke Hartsink from the Harbour End.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:13
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 51-1 (6 overs)
O’Dowd down the tract to Kumar again and connects this time, launched high and straight for a one-bouncer. Two balls later and goes again, edged and put down behind as keeper and 1st slip both go for it. Could prove costly that. Van Vliet continues, good from him but a misfield on the final ball at mid off allows de Kok to steal two. O’Dowd continues to charge Arya four more between mid’s on and off. The latter now goes back, but it’s too straight from Arya next up and O’Dowd flicks him square for four more, a merciful dot before Arya goes short and is pulled behind square for another boundary. His opinion of the slip cordon presumably sinking with every stroke. His frustration shows as two more balls go down leg for wides, before O’Dowd keeps the strike with a push to long off.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  15:11
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg 33-0 (11 overs)
Faisal Iqbal and Usman Saleem into the attack, but De Grooth and Hingorani look solid so far.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  15:09
Dosti : 109 all out (46.1 overs)
Excelsior : 25-1 (6 overs)
Ingram despatches Sayed for six, but Hans calms things down with a tidy over from the other end. Dosti need a string of wickets, fast.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  15:00
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 26-1 (3 overs)
Wide down leg and then Edwards takes a knee to van Vliet, slog-swept over the shoulder for six behind square, and that’s all the way out of the ground, we’re gonna need a new ball. Big shout for LBW as he tries to repeat the shot next up, turned down, but the reprieve is brief as he misses on the sweep again an is clean bowled. Tim de Kok at three, and edged second ball but drops short.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  14:58
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg 21-0 (8 overs)
The board’s moving now, with Hingorani on 7* and De Grooth 12*. Both playing pretty straight against some well-directed seam bowling.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  14:52
Dosti : 109 all out (46.1 overs)
Excelsior : 1-1 (1.4 overs)
Back at Drieburg as well, Luuk Kroesen and Roel Verhagen opening against Asief Hoseinbaks and Nizarul Sayed. It’s the latter who gets the breakthrough, Kroesen pinned in front without scoring. Just a leg-bye on the board as Ingram joins Verhagen.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  14:49
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
VOC : 19-0 (2 overs)
And we’re back, Edwards and O’Dowd opening for VOC, Arya takes the new ball. Couple of siingles then Edwards breaks out the sweep third ball for a couple, and again next ball. Wide down leg next then a half volley put away wide for four of mid on 11 off it. Opening with spin to Edwards is a curious tactic to say the least. Kumar to share the new ball, starts with a wide, next is overpitched and driven through cover for two. Big shout for caught behind next up as O’Dowd adnaves and is beaten on the outside edge, but no joy. Short and wide and cut away behind square for four next up, another wide. VOC off to a quick start, and looks like an immediate bowling change as van Vliet replaces Arya.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  14:47
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Voorburg 7-0 (5 overs)
They’re back at the Bermweg, and Bukhari and Hoornweg are making life extremely difficult for Mohit Hingorani and Tom de Grooth. No real scoreboard pressure for Voorburg, but they need to avoid becoming becalmed.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:28
HBS : 80 all out (32 overs)
HCC 82-4 (19.4 overs)
Gorlee is run out for 18, but that the last success for HBS, as Overdijk unleashes against Adil Ahmed, putting him over midwicket for six. A four off Geenvasen, and it’s all over. Overdijk finishes on 24*.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  14:26
VRA : 232 all out (49.3 overs)
Turmaine hammers Tariq for six over cow to go to 46, then pushes a single to keep the strike. A string of singles off a less-than-totally-happy Bhatti, the last of them taking Turmaine to 50. He’s run out off the first ball of the last over, trying to get back on strike, and when Luke Hartsink is also run out two balls later, it’s all over at 232.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  14:19
VRA : 217-8 (47 overs)
Turmaine goes onto the attack, smacking Tariq for a four and a six. A big swing at Bhatti by Gunning and his leg stump goes flying. You miss, I hit. Udit Nashier in, hit on the pad by Bhatti, out. Turmaine still there, on 39*.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  14:14
HBS : 80 all out (32 overs)
HCC 47-3 (13.2 overs)
Crowley’s gone, brilliantly caught by Visée at slip, diving low to his right. Hidde Overdijk in to join Gorlee.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  14:09
VRA : 205-6 (45.1 overs)
Balbirnie goes, caught by Usman at deep midwicket off Tariq for 66. Quirijn Gunning in to join Turmaine, who’s on 29*.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  14:06
Dosti : 109 all out (46.1 overs)
Two for Ingram and one for Etman bring the end. Wickets shared: two apiece for Niels Etman, Roelfsema, Stubbs, Van Bochove and Ingram.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  14:02
VRA : 198-5 (44 overs)
Balbirnie on 60*, Turmaine on 27*, and VRA well placed to post a challenging total here.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  14:00
ACC : 150 all out (47.3 overs)
Back of a length from Fletcher, Babu on the pull and bottom edged into the turf, he’s lost track of the ball thoughg and looks to set off for one as the ball spins back into his stumps. Unlucky way to get out 2 dhort of fifty. Napoleon last man, off strike thanks to a leg bye but then van Vliet loses his off stump next ball. ACC all out for 150 exactly.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:58
HBS : 80 all out (32 overs)
HCC 40-2 (9 overs)
Gorlee and Crowley aren’t hanging around – they’re halfway already, and looking pretty comfortable against De Mey and Vink.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  13:53
Sparta : 151 all out (41.4 overs)
Hoornweg tries to hit Boissevain over the top, but succeeds only in holing out to mid-on. Saleem’s left on 10*.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  13:52
VRA : 185-5 (42 overs)
Fifty for Balbirnie including a six off Ul Haq. He’s on 52* now, with Turmaine on 22*. The stand’s worth 58.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  13:47
Sparta : 147-9 (39.3 overs)
Latif, on 15, goes back to Philippe Boissevain, the ball keeps low as he tries to flick him to leg, and that looked pretty plumb. Max Hoornweg the last man.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  13:45
ACC : 140-8 (43 overs)
Babu looking to hit out now, creams O’Dowd over midwicket, just clears the man on the rope and that’s into the bushes. Fletcher back into the attack after drinks, van Vliet doing well to stay with Babu though. He’s on 2*, Babu on to 44*.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:43
HBS : 80 all out (32 overs)
HCC 21-2 (4 overs)
They’re back at De Diepput, and HBS quickly strike back twice. First, Musa Nadeem is caught by Manjinder Singh off De Mey for 10, then Daniël Hennop is caught by Visée off Ferdi Vink. Gorlee and Crowley have some rebuilding to do.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  13:38
Dosti : 105-7 (39.1 overs)
Roelfsema returns to remove Shazai, caught by Stan van Troost for 4. Jatin Kumar, promoted to ten, joins Arief Hoseinbaks.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  13:37
VRA : 162-5 (38 overs)
On a day when the bowlers appear to rule, Balbirnie and Turmaine are doing a great job for their side. Balbirnie’s moved on to 35*, Turmaine 17*. Bhatti back from the Equestrian Centre End.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  13:34
Sparta : 137-8 (36.3 overs)
Dutt back to bowl Kux Kwinana without scoring, as Sparta go into full collapse mode once more. Usman Saleem joins Latif.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  13:29
Sparta : 135-7 (34.4 overs)
Another for Mulder, as Ibrahimkhil slashes a top edge to fly slip and Laurens Boissevain drops back to take the catch. He goes for 20, and Manminder Singh joins Latif. But De Leede returns, and Singh top-edges him to cover, where Pieterse takes the catch.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  13:25
ACC : 120-8 (38 overs)
Arnav Jain back into the attack, he’s not had a lot of luck so far and can feel aggrieved again as Babu steps down and lofts a high drive up toward long on where a regulation chance is shelled, but he’ll be pretty happy next ball as Tim de Kok hurls himself to his left at cover to pluck a full blooded drive our of the air with one hand to remaove Arya. Van Vliet in at nine. Babu still there on 29*.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  13:22
VRA : 150-5 (34 overs)
Balbirnie and Turmaine digging in against Saqib Zulfiqar and Irfan ul Haq. Runs at a premium, but this is a very important partnership for VRA>

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  13:18
Dosti : 104-6 (34 overs)
Remco van Bochove doesn’t get many opportunities in Excelsior’s first team, but he’s grabbing this one with both hands, getting Tewarie caught by Rick Zegers and then trapping Nizarul Sayed with his next. Shirzaman Shazai urvives the hat-trick ball, but Dosti are again in trouble.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  13:15
ACC : 115-7 (34 overs)
And another down here, another good low catch from van Lent we think going low to his right at cover to give Durrani his third, Kumar goes, Arya in.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:11
HBS : 80 all out (32 overs)
Ferdi Vink is finally bowled by Klaus, who finishes with three for 11. HCC’s four-man attack much too penetrating for an under-strength HBS.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  12:46
VRA : 140-5 (30 overs)
Lees is trapped LBW by Sikander Zulfiqar, and Leon Turmaine is in to join Balbirnie, who’s moved to 22*.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  13:05
HBS : 75-9 (30 overs)
Ferdi Vink can only look on helplessly, as Floyd bowls Scholte and Klaus has Stephan Vink caught by Overdijk. HBS on the brink with Sander Geenevasen the last man.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  13:05
ACC : 109-6 (31 overs)
And O’Dowd does for Zaidi in the next, going back to one that skids on and trapped dead in front. Kumar in to join Babu, who’s on 24*

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  13:00
ACC : 106-5 (30 overs)
Half chance in O’Dowd’s next as Babu drives straight and into his partner, it pops up off Knoll’;s bat but O’Dowd’s too slow to react. Knoll drives Durrani through the covers for four more and then is beaten again next ball. Durrani gets him two balls later through, driven straight to cover. Zaidi in.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  12:59
Sparta : 110-5 (29.1 overs)
But now Mulder has Balwantsingh caught by Engelbrecht, and Sparta are in trouble once again. Ibrahimkhil joins Latif.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  12:56
Sparta : 110-4 (29 overs)
Deol’s the next to go, bowled all ends up by Mulder for 29. Prithvi Balwantsingh joins Bukhari, but the Sparta skipper’s the next to go, given caught behind off Dutt. His body language suggests he personally remains unconvinced, but that’s beside the point. Mamoon Latif in with Balwantsingh now.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  12:53
ACC : 104-4 (28 overs)
Knoll brings up the hundred for the hosts driving O’Dowd in front of point for one. Durrani on now Knoll lofts him over the covers for a couple second ball, but Durrani beats his outside edge on the next. Decent partnership for ACC now this, if they can stay together they may yet get to something potentially defensible.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:49
HBS : 71-7 (26 overs)
Ollie Klaus replaces Overdijk, and in his first over Ahmed nicks off to Patel. Benno Boddendijk comes and goes, caught by Damian Crowley off Floyd, bringing Martijn Scholte in to join his skipper.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  12:46
VRA : 125-4 (23.2 overs)
Having reached 28, Borren chases a wildly wide delivery from Sikander Zulfiqar and edges to Asad behind the stumps. He’s absolutely furious with himself, but Punjab are jubilant. Mitch Lees in to join Balbirnie, who’s on 19*.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  12:40
ACC : 94-4 (25 overs)
Max O’Dowd into the attack, bowling legspin today, good start from him, just the one off it. Fletcher back at the other end now, he finds Babu’s outside edge but too much of it as it flies wide of slip. Won’t go to the rope though, you really have to hit them to push through this outfield. Knoll does just that on the last ball of the 25th as O’Dowd drags one wide of off and Knoll cuts him hard behind point and beats the man tracking round from sweeper. Valuable runs these as it has not looked easy to score out there.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  12:39
Dosti : 70-4 (23 overs)
Niels Etman returns to remove Naseri, caught behind by Verhagen for 10, and Asief Hoseinbaks falls to Stubbs without scoring. Vinoo Tewarie in now, with Rahil Ahmed playing an unaccustomed sheetanchor role – his 22* has come from 58 deliveries, with just one boundary. But as I write this, Stubbs traps him in front, and Arief Hoseinbaks in to join Tewarie.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  12:32
Sparta : 93-2 (23 overs)
Tarr goes, swinging across the line at Aryan Dutt and leg-before for 57. Deol’s on 29*, and in comes Mudassar Bukhari.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:29
HBS : 87-5 (20 overs)
Overdijk completes a fine spell, four for 28 from his ten overs straight. There’s a strange moment in his last, as Vink turns him fine, they run two, then a third on a fumble. The return strikes Ahmed on the helmet and they run a fourth off the rebound, but the umpire intervenes and they settle for three. Ahmed and Vink doing a good job for their side here.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  12:20
ACC : 74-4 (19 overs)
Potdar and Babu rebuilding, but the outfield isn’t helping them. Potdar glances Schoonheim fine but it pulls up inside the rope as they run two. He gets Updhyaya away next over though with a textbook cover drive for four. Two balls later though he’s gone. Looks to work him to leg off his pads, pops up twoard midwicket where O’Dwod dives forward and clings on a hair’s breadth from the ground. Knoll in, and Jain returns to the attack.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  12:17
Sparta : 82-1 (20 overs)
Another half-century for Tarr – it comes from 57 deliveries, with Deol on 25* at the other end. Stef Mulder on from the Pavilion End now, as Voorburg search for the breakthrough.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  12:12
VRA : 83-2 (15 overs)
Singh departs at last: he gets under a lofted shot off Nidamanuru, and Yasir Usman takes the catch on the miwicket boundary. He made 57 from 37, and his departure brings Peter Borren to the crease.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  12:08
HBS : 49-5 (15 overs)
De Mey the next to go, caught by Staal off Overdijk, who now has four for 18. Skipper Ferdi Vink in to join Ahmed.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  12:08
ACC : 63-3 (16 overs)
ACC looking rattled here, Potdar offers another tough chance at midwicket off Schoonheim, but it’s too low for the fielder this time. Ramesh Babus shows him how the shot is played five balls later, flicking square of midwicket for four, no ball from Upadhyaya in the next, two wides follow before he finds the wide yorker. No runs off the bat in the 15th. Schoonheim continues from the other end, too straight and glanced fine for one first up,too full on the last and driven through midwicket for a couple. Otherwise tidy enough.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  12:04
Dosti : 53-1 (15 overs)
Ahmed and Naseri slowly building a partnership against Van Troost and Stubbs.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  12:02
VRA : 79-2 (14 overs)
Szwarczynski’s gone, caught behind by Asad Zulfiqar off Hussain, but Singh’s moved to 57*, accompanied now by Jack Balbirnie.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:58
HBS : 44-4 (14 overs)
Three for Overdijk, as Navjit goes caught behind for 10. Asad Malik comes and goes, leg-before to Bijloos without scoring, and Adil Ahmed joins De Mey. HCC well on top now.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  11:58
ACC : 51-3 (13 overs)
Great work in the field here from Tim de Kok, Hosur with a fine-looking drive off Upadhyaya first ball of the 13th, evidently felt he deserved at least a single for it but de Kok hurls himself full length after it to put in the stop, recovers quickly and whips it back to Edwards who takes the bails as Hosur dives back too late. Kothari in, and Kothari out, second ball looking to brush one off his pads and doesn’t connect, huge appeal and up goes the finger

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  11:52
Sparta : 56-1 (14 overs)
Sajjad Kamal into the attack, and Tarr greets him by lofting his first delivery over square leg for six, then pulling him in front of square for four. He’s on 39* now, with Deol quietly advancing to 11*.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  11:47
Dosti : 40-1 (10 overs)
Roelfsema gets the breakthrough, bowling Hans for 20. Sami Naseri (just one of them today) joins Ahmed in the middle.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  11:46
VRA : 68-1 (10 overs)
50 for Singh, made from 30 deliveries with eight fours and two sixes. Eric Szwarczynski more circumspect at the other end, but he can afford to play second fiddle as long as Singh is timing them so sweetly. Nidamanuru and Mubashar Hussain take over to try to calm things down a little.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  11:40
Sparta : 32-1 (10 overs)
Tarr and Deol making steady progress against De Leede and Nieuwoudt, although the Voorburg bowlers are mostly keeping it pretty tight. Tarr’s moved on to 22*, with Deol on 5*.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  11:38
ACC : 31-1 (9 overs)
Huge appeal as Jain beats Raza on the sweep and the keeper whips the bails off. VOC not shy to voice their bewilderment as it’s not given. Insult to Injury as Raza connects next time to sweep Jain for four behind square. First change now as Upahyaya takes pover from Fletcher, and he has more luck with the umpire, wide and full and Raza flashes at it, thin edge through to Edwards who collects. Potdar in.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:35
HBS : 27-2 (7.5 overs)
Cautious he may have been, but Visée’s innings comes to an end at 10, as he fails to get over a drive off Overdijk and is caught by Staal at point. Navjit Singh in to join De Mey.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  11:29
Dosti : 29-0 (6 overs)
A steady start for Rahil Ahmed and Mahesh Hans at Drieburg, Hans the more aggressive of the pair with 16 from 20, Ahmed 7 from 18. Niels Etman is off after three overs, making way for Rens van Troost, with Klaas Roelfsema operating from the other end.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  11:26
ACC : 19-0 (6 overs)
Raza find the first boundary of the innings whipping Fletcher away square through the on side, Hosur opens his boundary account next over lofting Jain back over his head for four more.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:26
HBS : 22-1 (6 overs)
Visée, unusually, is being out-scored by De May. Perhaps he’s alert to the absence of Walbrugh and Klein, not to mention Barresi, but he’s scored 6 from 14, with De Mey on 12 from 19. Reinier Bijloos operating with Overdijk after Floyd’s single opening over.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  11:22
VRA : 35-1 (4 overs)
Vikram Singh’s had a mostly quiet season so far, but he’s on first today – he’s raced to 29* from 18 deliveries, including five fours and a six. But he’s just lost Rasool, who comes racing down the pitch for a single as Singh drives to point. There’s time for a brief exchange of words as Singh stands his ground, and Rasool’s despairing dive back at the non-striker’s end is held by the umpire to have beaten by Sikander Zulfiqar’s throw. Singh’s response is to ease Bhatti’s final delivery over midwicket for six.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  11:15
Sparta : 14-1 (3 overs)
An early wicket at the Bermweg – not sure who, but probably Faisal Iqbal as Deol is now batting with Garnett Tarr.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  11:11
ACC : 3-0 (2 overs)
SKipper Raza opening today with Hosur for ACC, his opposite number Pierce Fletcher takes the new ball, which he shares with Arnav Jain. They’ve each had and LBW shout in their first over, Jain’s the more convincing pof the two but neither enough for the umpire. Quiet start otherwise.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs VRA  11:10
VRA : 16-0 (2 overs)
Peter Borren called correctly at the Zomercomplex, and Vikram Singh and Shirase Rasool open against Suleiman Tariq and Sohail Bhatti. A bright start, with Singh taking two fours off the former, and Rasool another off Bhatti.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:06
HBS : 0-1 (1.3 over)
And a wicket immediately as Singh, on the back foot, chops Overdijk’s third delivery into his stumps. Julian de Mey in at three.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  11:03
HBS : 0-0 (1 over)
Clayton Floyd into the attack at once, bowling to Tobias Visée. Straight onto the spot, and he opens with a maiden. Hidde Overdijk from the Scoreboard End, to Manjinder Singh.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  10:57
HBS : 0-0 ( overs)
It was HCC who won the toss, and who elected to field first.

  ACC vs VOC Rotterdam  10:53
ACC : 0-0 ( overs)
At ‘t Loopveld Pierce Fletcher has called correctly and invited ACC to bat.

 Sparta 1888 vs Voorburg  10:50
Sparta : 0-0 ( overs)
Sparta win at the Bermweg, and will also have a bat.

 HCC vs HBS Craeyenhout  10:47
HBS : 0-0 ( overs)
Not sure who won the toss, but we’re told that HBS will bat first at De Diepput.

 Dosti-United vs Excelsior “20  10:37
Dosti : 0-0 ( overs)
At the Drieburg Dosti have won the toss and elected to bat.

 Rod Lyall  10:25
Bertus will be bringing us the action from ‘t Loopveld today, where ACC are at home to VOC, while I’ll be in my usual sweeper coverage role keeping you up to date with all the other news. Sander will be preserving the best of the action from the Bermweg for posterity. The battle for top four places is really heating up, and there’s no better place to keep track of it all than here at TKcricket! The all-important tosses are about five minutes away.

 Rod Lyall  10:15
Good morning/afternoon/evening, one and all, and welcome once again to TKcricket’s live coverage of the day’s top flight men’s cricket in the Netherlands. We have the disturbing news that the Covid spike which is currently producing 10,000 new cases a day in the Netherlands has reached the world of cricket, with overseas players Tayo Walbrugh and Ryan Klein ruled out of the HBS side because they have tested positive. There are rumours that one other side may be below strength today for the same reason. We wish them and those around them our warmest wishes at a troubling time.