Topklasse Live | Round 15 | As it Happened


played won lost tied n/r points x̄ pts NRR
VCC 9 8 1 16 1.78 0.551
HCC 7 4 3 2 8 1.14 0.314
EXC 8 4 4 1 8 1.00 0.177
HBS 7 3 4 2 6 0.88 -0.441
PJB 9 3 6 `- 6 0.67 -0.108
VRA 8 2 6 1 4 0.50 -0.649


played won lost tied n/r points x̄ pts NRR
SAL 9 7 2 14 1.56 0.683
VOC 9 6 3 12 1.33 0.688
ACC 7 4 3 2 8 1.14 -0.202
DOS 8 3 5 1 6 0.75 0.259
SPT 9 3 6 6 0.67 -1.549
KAM 8 2 6 1 4 0.50 -0.277

The Topklasse Phase 2 tables after round 15

 Rod Lyall  18:40
The outcome of a pretty absorbing day’s cricket is that VRA’s last chance of squeezing into the top four has been extinguished by HCC, but the Lions’ meeting with Excelsior tomorrow will now be a straight fight for second place on the table and with it a double chance of reaching the grand final. Defeat for HBS today means that they could still drop out of the four if they lose to Voorburg tomorrow and Punjab beat VRA. For all the criticisms which have been made of this season’s competition format, it’s delivered a very tense climax! Join us again tomorrow for the final round of pool matches, with a great deal still up for grabs.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  18:23
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 162 all out (48.3 overs)
Lees and Jain maintain the battle to the last, Lees hitting Floyd over extra cover for six. But he has to reach for the next, it comes off the toe of the bat, and Gorlee takes the catch to give his side the win by 22 runs.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  18:18
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 237-8 (49 overs)
Ferdi Vink drives the first ball to mid-off, they try for a second, but Rens van Troost’s throw to Verhagen beats Vink back and although Stephan Vink lifts the fourth ball over the midwicket boundary, that’s the end of the scoring. Excelsior win by 13 runs.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  18:12
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 150-9 (45.3 overs)
Pringle gets Turmaine leg-before, and last man Aaditt Jain comes to the crease.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  18:11
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 230-8 (49 overs)
21 needed off Etman’s final over.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  18:08
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 220-8 (48 overs)
Another for Etman as Klein, now chasing everything, skies a straightforward catch to Verhagen. Martijn Scholte to the crease.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  18:06
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 141-8 (43.3 overs)
Just a single off Bijloos. Balbirnie sweeps Pringle for two, but when he tries again he gets under it, and Kloppenburg is there to take the catch at deep square. Leon Turmaine in as the game reaches the endgame.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  18:03
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 219-7 (47.1 overs)
Six singles and a wide off Ingram, but then Etman gets De Mey as a yorker goes through to Verhagen who throws the wicket down with the batter out of his ground. Ferdi Vink to join Klein.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  17:57
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 212-6 (46 overs)
Nine off Etman’s over keeps HBS in touch. 39 off four.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:56
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 138-7 (42 overs)
A big boundary for Balbirnie, sweeping Pringle through square leg. He’s on 34* now, Lees on 5*. 47 needed off 8.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  17:51
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 203-6 (45 overs)
Ingram back into the attack, but Klein and De Mey are picking off the runs, and HBS now need 48 off the last five.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:49
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 132-7 (40 overs)
Lees edges Bijloos to Staal’s right, but the keeper can’t hold on to it. Five singles off the over, but just one off Pringle’s next. 53 needed off the last ten.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:43
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 126-7 (38 overs)
Balbirnie and Lees are still there, with 60 needed from 12 overs. Bijloos back from the Scoreboard End.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  17:38
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 184-6 (42 overs)
Another for Etman: Mason swings, the ball flies to point, and Shankar takes the catch. De Mey in to join Kyle Klein, with HBS needing 67 from eight overs.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  17:28
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 178-5 (39.5 overs)
Niels Etman takes a smart, low return catch from Navjit Singh, who departs for 28, and Excelsior are gradually taking charge at Craeyenhout.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:25
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 113-7 (32.3 overs)
The wheels are falling off with a vengeance now, as Khan gets a leading edge as he tries to play Floyd to leg, and the ball flies to Bennett at backward point. Mitch Lees in to join Balbirnie.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:21
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 112-6 (32 overs)
Punjab will be greatly relieved to hear that things are turning against VRA at De Diepput, Borren trying to clip Crowley oover mid-on and holing out to Overdijk. Zamaan Khan in to join Balbirnie, but the game is going HCC’s way.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  17:14
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 171-4 (37 overs)
Massive breakthrough by Excelsior: Singh pushes into the off side, there’s a mid-pitch mix-up, and Shankar’s return to Verhagen is too quick for Kaplan. He goes for 93, and Mason joins Singh. The game’s back in the balance.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:10
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 101-5 (29 overs)
And the tactic works! Singh lofts his first ball over fine leg for three, but then Dutt tries to smack him over long off, doesn’t get hold of it, and is caught at deep extra by Floyd. Jack Balbirnie joins Singh, but in Overdijk’s next over Singh chases an angled delivery and edges to stand-in keeper Staal. He departs for 48, and VRA are in trouble as Borren joins Balbirnie.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  17:02
Punjab : 171 all out (42.2 overs)
Voorburg : 174-2 (26.2 overs)
All over at Westvliet, with Malan finishing on 103* and De Leede on 10*. Punjab will be looking nervously at results elsewhere.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:00
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 92-3 (25 overs)
Overdijk back, but VRA are just short of the halfway mark, with Singh on 44* and Dutt on 11*. Gorlee turns to Damian Crowley in his quest for a wicket.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  16:57
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 158-3 (33 overs)
Kaplan on 87* now, with Singh on 19*. 93 needed from 17 overs, and Excelsior are again in serious need of a wicket.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  16:44
Punjab : 171 all out (42.2 overs)
Voorburg : 149-2 (24 overs)
The answer to the question is no, as Musa goes. But Malan’s on 83*, batting now with Bas de Leede.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:42
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 71-3 (20 overs)
Tim Pringle into the attack, and Singh smacks him high over long on for six. Dutt has been very quiet, but after almost running himself out (and hurting his hand as he dives back) he gets off the mark, driving through extra cover for four.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  16:38
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 132-3 (27 overs)
Baker and Luuk Kroesen have largely cut out the boundaries, but Kaplan has moved on to 70*, with Singh on 10*. HBS are well placed as long as Kaplan’s there and going.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  16:26
Punjab : 171 all out (42.2 overs)
Voorburg : 133-0 (21 overs)
Just 39 needed now, with Malan on 72* and Musa on 50*. Could this be another 10-wicket victory for Voorburg?

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:24
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 58-3 (16.2 overs)
Another for Bennett: Scully is forward driving, but the ball loops to mid-off, where Worden dives forward to take the catch centimetres from the ground. Aryan Dutt in to join Singh, who’s on 21*.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  16:12
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 110-3 (19 overs)
The old adage applies at Craeyenhout as well, where Ryan Klein is caught by Rens van Troost off Umar Baker for 2. Kaplan’s still there, though, reaching his half-century with a sweetly-timed straight drive as Heggelman returns. Navjit Singh is his partner now.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:09
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 42-2 (12.2 overs)
One brings two, as Felix Bennett comes into the attack and after having a very confident appeal for leg-before turned down first ball gets him with a fuller second delivery. Luke Scully in at four.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  16:03
Punjab : 171 all out (42.2 overs)
Voorburg : 93-0 (16 overs)
They’re having a drink at Westvliet as well, with Voorburg past the halfway mark. Malan is on 48* and Musa Ahmad on 37*. Things are looking pretty bleak for Punjab at this stage.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  16:00
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 98-2 (16.2 overs)
A much-needed wicket at Craeyenhout as well: Barresi, on 38, skies an attempted lofted drive off Ingram, and Heggelman takes the catch. That’s the cue for a drink.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  15:58
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 36-1 (10.1 overs)
And the first duly comes, Rasool trying to hit Overdijk over the top and wide of mid-on, and holing out to Gorlee. Udit Nashier joins Singh.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  15:56
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 36-0 (10 overs)
Clayton Floyd takes over from Bijloos at the Van Hogenhoucklaan End, going for just a single from his first. HCC don’t have a lot of runs to play with, and with Rasool now on 19* and Singh on 13* they’re starting to need a wicket or two.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  15:44
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 72-1 (12 overs)
Kaplan and Barresi have now hit 13 boundaries between them, reaching 38* and 27* respectively. 250 doesn’t look nearly as big a total as it did three-quarters of an hour ago.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  15:40
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 20-0 (6 overs)
After bowling a couple of wides Bijloos drops one short to Singh, who despatches him effortlessly over square leg for six. Short square boundaries at De Diepput. Otherwise, Rasool and Singh seem intent on giving their side a good start, and seeing off the HCC new ball attack.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  15:35
Punjab : 171 all out (42.2 overs)
Voorburg : 54-0 (10 overs)
We don’t have any details, but Voorburg have made a good start in their chase of Punjab’s modest total at Westvliet.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  15:29
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 46-1 (8 overs)
The boundaries are flowing at Craeyenhout, three coming from Rens van Troost’s first over when he replaces Niels Etman. Kaplan has gone on to 22*, Barresi on 18*. Ingram into the attack.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  15:20
HCC : 184-8 (50 overs)
VRA 2-0 (1 over)
Back at De Diepput, Shirase Rasool and Vikram Singh opening against Overdijk, who starts from the Scoreboard End. Rasool shows signs of wanting to get on with it, but a single apiece is the only outcome. Reinier Bijloos from the Van Hogenhoucklaan End.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  15:14
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 21-1 (5 overs)
Kaplan and Barresi making steady if unspectacular progress against Heggelman and Etman, each on 9* at this point.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  14:58
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
HBS : 1-1 (1 over)
They’re back at Craeyenhout, Heggelman starting from the Scoreboard End to Walbrugh, who opens with Kaplan. And a massive wicket, as Walbrugh chases the final ball of the over, edging to Stan van Troost at slip. Wesley Barresi in at three. Niels Etman from the Sportlaan End.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  14:33
HCC 184-8 (50 overs)
The rest of Singh’s over is expensive, 13 coming from four balls, but he finishes with four for 43. Dutt bowls the last, getting Floyd caught by Singh off his second delivery, but Bennett lofts his final delivery behind square to get the HCC total up to 184.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  14:26
HCC 165-7 (48.3 overs)
Another big wicket for Singh: Overdijk gets under a massive swing which is taken by Dutt at deep cover and departs for 35. Felix Bennett in at nine.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  14:22
HCC 156-6 (47 overs)
Singh back from the Van Hogenhoucklaan End, and after Pringle smacks him wide of mid-on to go to 51 he gets his revenge with the next ball. Pringle skies him into the off side, and doesn’t wait for Singh to complete the return catch before walking off. Clayton Floyd in to join Overdijk, who’s on 29*.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  14:18
Punjab : 171 all out (42.2 overs)
Meanwhile at Westvliet, Sikander Zulfiqar is left on 57 not out as Shariz Ahmad and Andre Malan clean up the Punjab tail, the stand of 84 between him and Nidamanuru the sole bright spot in a faily dismal batting performance.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  14:15
Excelsior : 250 all out (49.5 overs)
Wickets tumble in the final overs at Craeyenhout: Stan van Troost caught behind off Klein for 50, with Luuk Kroesen bowled off the next delivery. Niels Etman then falls to Kaplan from the first ball of the final over, to be followed by a run-out of Shankar from the necxt. When Joost Kroesen is caught by sub Benno Boddendijk three balls later and Rens van Troost is caught by De Mey next ball Excelsior have lost six wickets in nine balls in one of the most remarkable collapses in Topklasse history. Kaplan finishes with five for 43 and Klein with three for 43.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  14:06
HCC 130-5 (44 overs)
At De Diepput Worden has gone, caught by Dutt off Jain for 54, but Pringle and Hidde Overdijk are pushing on, on 42* and 18* now.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  14:01
Excelsior : 234-4 (47.5 overs)
Ingram, on 86, goes after Kaplan one more time, gets under the shot, and holes out to Ryan Klein at long off. Stan van Troost’s on 44, and is joined by Niels Etman.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  13:36
HCC 99-4 (38 overs)
And fifty for Worden, his eighth in 13 innings this season, as he pushes Udit Nashier to deep mid-off. Runs still very much at a permium at De Diepput.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  13:31
Excelsior : 165-3 (41 overs)
A half-century for Ingram, as Excelsior look to build on the platform provided by Heggelman.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  13:23
Punjab : 137-7 (32.3 overs)
But that’s where it finishes, as Viv Kingma returns to get Nidamanuru caught behind by Hingorani for 43.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  13:20
Punjab : 135-6 (32 overs)
Punjab’s recovery continues, with Nidamanuru on 43* now and Sikander on 41*, the stand worth 82.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  13:16
Excelsior : 140-3 (38 overs)
Finally Heggelman goes, down the wicket swinging at Kaplan and edging a catch to Martijn Scholte behind the stumps. He made 46, and Ingram, on 38*, is joined by Stan van Troost.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  13:01
HCC 71-4 (26 overs)
Worden and Pringle are digging HCC out of any trouble they were in, almost doubling the score and moving on to 34* and 17* respectively. Singh still bowling from the Scoreboard End, Borren on from the other.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  12:56
Excelsior : 116-2 (33 overs)
Ingram goes onto the attack, swinging Vink away high over backward square for six and then going inside-out to put Barresi into the trees beyond long off. He’s obviously decided that the time has come to get on with it.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  12:48
Excelsior : 100-2 (31 overs)
Into three figures at Craeyenhout, with Heggelman having moved to 36* and Ingram on 10*. Barresi returns, with Ferdi Vink operating from the Sportlaan End.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  12:39
Punjab : 87-6 (20 overs)
Nidamanuru and Sikander Zulfiqar are gradually rebuilding the Punjab innings, though they still have a long way to go. They’re on 21* and 15* now, with Bas de Leede and Shariz still operating in tandem.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  12:28
Excelsior : 81-2 (24.3 overs)
Navjit Singh gets the breakthrough for HBS: Verhagen, on 24, hits him back over his head, but Barresi is under it when it descends. Lorenzo Ingram in to join Heggelman, who’s on 29.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  12:20
HCC 38-4 (15.4 overs)
Singh has Crowley playing and missing, and when he tries to hit him over mid-on he can only hole out to Leon Turmaine. Tim Pringle in to join Worden, who’s moved on to 20*.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  12:15
HCC 36-3 (14 overs)
A long delay at De Diepput with keeper Mitch Lees temporarily off the field. When they resume, Singh’s first ball climbs alarmingly on Gorlee, who can only fend it to Borren at slip. Damian Crowley joins Worden.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  12:11
Excelsior : 68-1 (21 overs)
Heggelman and Verhagen going along sedately at Craeyenhout, now on 26* and 15* respectively with Navjit Singh into the attack. They’re taking a drink there now.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  12:07
Punjab : 53-6 (13 overs)
Shariz Ahmad into the attack, and he promptly bowls Rehmat for 1. A wicket an over for Voorburg at the moment.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  12:03
Punjab : 53-5 (12 overs)
Punjab’s collapse continues: a family affair this time, as Stijn de Leede catches Saqib off his cousin Bas’s bowling. Rehmat the latest Zulfiqar, joining Nidamanuru at the crease.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  12:02
HCC 26-2 (12 overs)
Vikram Singh replaces Jain from the Scoreboard End, Worden cutting his first ball hard behind point for a much-needed boundary. The rest of the over’s tidy enough, just a single coming from the final delivery, tucked away to midwicket. Dutt, who’s gone for 10 from his six overs so far, continues from the Van Hogenhoucklaan End.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  11:56
Punjab : 50-4 (11 overs)
A third for Nieuwoudt and a fourth for Voorburg, as Jappie is trapped in front for 25. Saqib Zulfiqar in to join Nidamanuru.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  11:54
Excelsior : 50-1 (15 overs)
Barresi looks for a leg-before decision against Heggelman, but he’s well down the pitch and the umpire’s not having any of it. Gavin Kaplan to continue from the Sportlaan End.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  11:50
Punjab : 47-3 (10 overs)
Vandiar’s phenomenal run of scores comes to an end, Bas de Leede bowling him for just 6. Teja Nidamanuru in at five, with the defending champions in real trouble. Jappie on 25* now.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  11:41
HCC 13-2 (6 overs)
And another at De Diepput, as Staal fails to get over a square drive off Jain and is caught by Jack Balbirnie at point. Boris Gorlee in to join Zac Worden.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  11:39
Punjab : 35-2 (8 overs)
Another wicket for Nieuwoudt at Westvliet: Asad Zulfiqar bowled for 3. Jonathan Vandiar joins his fellow-South African Jappie, who’s reached 17*.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  11:36
Excelsior : 37-1 (10 overs)
A wicket at Craeyenhout, Etman surprised by extra lift from Klein, and the ball flying from the shoulder of the bat to Reece Mason in the gully. Roel Verhagen has joined Heggelman in the middle, and Wesley Barresi has taken over from De Mey from the Scoreboard End.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  11:26
HCC 4-1 (1 over)
They’re under way at De Diepput, HCC having indeed won the toss, and an extraordinary start it is. Aaditt Jain, bowling his first over in the Topklasse, cramps Joost Kooistra up, and having chopped the ball down he uses his hand to deflect it away from the stumps. VRA appeal, the umpires consult, and Kooistra is out, obstructing the field (formerly handled the ball). The young man will remember his Topklasse debut!

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  11:16
Excelsior : 17-0 (4 overs)
Etman has a spot of luck when he top-edges Klein into the leg side and it falls safely. Otherwise, Excelsior just picking up singles at the moment.

 Voorburg vs Punjab  11:05
Punjab : 4-1 (0.2 overs)
At Westvliet, where Suleiman Tariq won the toss and elected to bat, Steph Myburgh makes a brief visit to the crease, hitting Karl Nieuwoudt’s first ball for four and holing out off the second. Asad Zulfiqar joins Rushdie Jappie in the middle.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  11:04
Excelsior : 12-0 (1 over)
Julian de Mey opens from the Scoreboard End to Tim Etman, Tom Heggelman the non-striker. Etman cuts the third ball behind point for four, then drives the next through the covers for another. Lofts the last wide of mid-off to make it three. Ryan Klein to start from the Sportlaan End.

 HBS vs Excelsior ’20  10:51
Excelsior :
At Craeyenhout, however, we understand that HBS have won the toss and elected to field.

 HCC vs VRA Amsterdam  10:48
It seems we were misinformed about a possible toss at De Diepput. In fact the toss has been delayed after the sprinklers were mistakenly left on and the outfield got a soaking. Shows you can’t believe everything you read on the internet . . .

 Rod Lyall  10:15
And we’re back! Back with a special Saturday bonus round, or at least a half round, in which the plot regarding the composition of the final four can be expected to thicken considerably. At this moment all six sides have at least a theoretical chance of making the semi-finals, and whether that will still be true by this evening is something we’ll discover over the next few hours. The weather looks to be set fair, so get ready for some pretty interesting cricket!

 Bertus de Jong  18:57
So with that Kampong are dumped back to the Hoofdklasse, somewhat unjustly one could argue, given that they were made to play practically all their away games on artificials this season due to the vagaries of the draw, and then carried just one of their three phase one wins through to the crunch phase. Dosti and Sparta’s final Phase 2 match next Sunday effectively becomes a relegation play-off-play-off, with the loser joining Kampong in direct relegation and the winner facing the Hoofdklasse Champions for a place in next year’s Topklasse, with Dosti’s NRR and points average advantage only coming into play in the event of a wash-out or tie. That’s a half a wrap from us, the top-half of the round next Saturday of course so look out for an extra preview for that, and another for a full round on Sunday.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  18:33
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
ACC : 177 all out (45.4 overs)
Diwan finishes it, Raza premeditates a sweep, gets a low full toss and falls away to off, can only spoon up a catch behind sqaure and gone for 34. Raddy and Arya postpone the inevitable another few overs but another overfull ball does for Arya, who can only prod back to Diwan, who finishes with 5-34 as ACC are bowled out for 177.

 Kampong vs Salland  18:28
Salland : 194-8 (50 overs)
Kampong : 173 all out (43.5 overs)
And done at Utrecht too, Bakker’s resistance ends as he slog sweeps Barathi but can’t clear deep backward square, Hoffman lasts five balls before being pinned in front, and Nana’s leading edge provides Bharathi with a simple return catch to finish it.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  18:03
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
ACC : 157-8 (39 overs)
Raza loses another partner as van Vliet sacrifices his wicket following a stop-start mix-up. Arya to the middle, Touseef into the attack.

 Kampong vs Salland  18:02
Salland : 194-8 (50 overs)
Kampong : 167-7 (42 overs)
Gopinath has Roy LBW for 6, but Bakkre and van den Harten couterattack, Lubbers coming in for some tap as he returns to the attack. Bakker into the 20s.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  17:53
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
ACC : 150-7 (34 overs)
ACC need 87 off the last 14 meanwhile as Raja bowls his first for just 2. Raza will have to do a lot with the tail, sweeps Hoseinbaks behind square for four to move into the 20s.

 Kampong vs Salland  17:46
Salland : 194-8 (50 overs)
Kampong : 142-6 (36 overs)
Bakker and Roy doing their best to arrest the slide, Ganesan finishes with 2-43, Gopinath to coninue. 53 to get from the last 14.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  17:31
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
ACC : 132-7 (32 overs)
Verbeek down the track to Diwan and that was never going to end well for him, Rahil quick with the gloves and gone. Van Vliet joins Raza.

 Kampong vs Salland  17:22
Salland : 194-8 (50 overs)
Kampong : 131-6 (32 overs)
Big swing from Chaturvedi at Ganesan is a swish, ball turns into the stumps, gone for 34. First ball of Ganesan’s next and Malik pulls straight to deep backward square

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  17:17
Sparta : 156-8 (50 overs)
VOC : 83 all out (25 overs)
Speaking of collapses, VOC have been skittled for 83.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  17:14
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
ACC : 120-6 (27 overs)
Wobble beginning to look like a collapse now, Raza survives what should have been a simple run-out after being practically pushed back by Potdar, who is then pinned LBW by Hoseinbaks next ball. Probably wishes he’d gone for the run now. Verbeek in.

 Kampong vs Salland  17:02
Salland : 194-8 (50 overs)
Kampong : 110-4 (25 overs)
Big wicket at Utrecht too as Gopinath floats one fuller, under the bat of the sweeping Briggs and plumb. Bakker in.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  17:00
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
ACC : 113-5 (23 overs)
ACC wobbling of a sudden as McInerney is well caught by a diving Touseef at cover off Hoseinbaks, and Masood at mid on holds a top edged sweep off Hans to do for Kumar. Two overs later and Zaidi shovels a return catch back to the leaping Hans. Raza and Potdar now for the hosts with some consolitdation to do.

 Kampong vs Salland  16:48
Salland : 194-8 (50 overs)
Kampong : 93-3 (23 overs)
Fifty for Briggs, who has found some support in Chaturvedi. Half century stand between this pair and Kampong half-way there.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  16:49
Sparta : 156-8 (50 overs)
VOC : 72-8 (25 overs)
VOC collapsing in a heap meanwhile. Another for Ahmadi, three for Snoep, Ducks for Niaz, Schoonheim and Upadhyaya, Pierce Fletcher joins Tim de Kok.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  16:41
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
ACC : 99-2 (18 overs)
Diwan again! Smith reaching on the drive and straight and low to short cover. Gone for 65 off 50, but has it come too late? Kumar joins McInerney.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  16:17
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
ACC : 76-1 (12 overs)
Finally a breakthrough at ‘t Loopveld as Diwan has Hobson LBW for 20, Smith’s got his half-century though and is joined by McInerney.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  16:09
Sparta : 156-8 (50 overs)
VOC : 54-4 (18.1 overs)
VOC in some bother meanwhile. It was van Wingerden that fell first, cuaght behind off Ahsan Malik for a duck, and since then three more wickets have fallen. Bukhari bowled Smit for 16, and Khalid Ahmadi has removed Daan van Everdingen for 28 and now Malik for 1. Koppejan and de Kok in.

 Kampong vs Salland  16:08
Salland : 194-8 (50 overs)
Kampong : 41-3 (3 overs)
Brigss loses another partner meanwhile, Nasir has Jacod caught behind off an inside edge. CHaturvedi in whith hime now, Briggs holding things together on 23*.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  16:05
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
ACC : 69-0 (10 overs)
This partnership looks set to put the game to bed early, as Smith lifts Masood wide of extra for four more. 69 without loss after the powerplay and Dosti desperate for a breakthrough.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  16:030
Sparta : 156-8 (50 overs)
VOC : 31-1 (10 overs)
VOC meanwhile have lost one of their stand-in openers, though no word as to which one as yet.

 Kampong vs Salland  15:32
Salland : 194-8 (50 overs)
Kampong : 17-2 (5 overs)
Lubbers has another, back of a length and Sharma fends at it, edged and taken. Jacod joins Briggs.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  15:30
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
ACC : 23-0 (4 overs)
Smith gets stuck into Hoseinbak’s second over, sweeping for four then pulling for six. Hobson flicks the first ball of Masood’s next off his tpoes for four behind square, and Masood loses his radar rather, down leg then way wide outside off. Not enough on the board for this sort of thing.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  15:19
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
ACC : 5-0 (2 overs)
Back on at ‘t Loopveld too, Hobson and Smith for the hosts, Hoseinbaks and Masood share the new ball.

 Kampong vs Salland  15:12
Salland : 194-8 (50 overs)
Kampong : 1-1 (1 over)
They’re back on, and an immediate strike for the visitors and Lubbers has Alphonse caught behind off an inside edge second ball. Sharma in early to join Briggs.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  14:44
Dosti : 236-9 (50 overs)
Diwan has no interest in singles, drives straight first ball but won’t reach the rope and sends his partner back. pulls the next very fine for two, then a swing and a miss, steps across for the next and van Vliet bowls stil wider, too wide. Another swing and miss, then then a hard run two to the sweeper and finally an even harder run three as Diwan lofts it over extra. 237 will be the target.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  14:35
Dosti : 228-9 (49 overs)
Diwan slog-sweeps Arya for six over deep square, but two balls later Hoseinbaks fall to a direct hit from point, and is replaced by his brother. Good fightback at the death by the hosts. Van Vliet for the last over.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  14:29
Dosti : 215-8 (47 overs)
Dosti do pass the 200 though, Diwan bringing it up flicking van Vliet fine for a couple in thee 45th. ACC have kept things pretty quiet since though, just the one boundary since that flurry of wickets and the pressure tells as Hans lofts a gift of a slow full toss from Hobson up for catching practice on the on side. Hoseinbaks in.

 Kampong vs Salland  14:24
Salland : 194-8 (50 overs)
Good last over from Malik, has Lubbers draggingon looking to pull a ball too full outside off, and gives up just four in the end to keep Salland under 200.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  14:20
Sparta : 156-8 (50 overs)
An obdurate stand between Ahsan Malik and Usman Saleem gets Sparta past 150. Malik finishes unbeaten on 42*, Saleem on 36*. They’ve got their side something to bowl at, and VOC are lacking their big guns at the top of the order, but advantage VOC you’d say thanks in no small part to Max Hoornweg’s 4 wickets on return.

 Kampong vs Salland  14:18
Salland : 190-7 (49 overs)
Back to back fours poff Malik and Naqash goes to fifty, but next over drives Nana out to extra and chances a risky single, throw misses and they look for another on the overthrows, but the second shy is true at the keeper’s end, direct hit and Naqash is done for 52. Khan joins Lubbers, one to come and looks like Malik to bowl it.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  14:12
Dosti : 196-7 (43 overs)
Tewarie’s fun comes to an end as he’s down the track to Arya and misses, Smith takes the bails and a crucial innings of 64 off 97 comes to an end. Singh goes on the first ball of the next over for a 75-ball 82, wide and slow from van Vliet and Singh looks to cut, top edge taken in the gully. Masood in and slog-sweeps his second ball for six, then loses his off stump on a huge swing two balls later. Hans in with Diwan now.

 Kampong vs Salland  14:04
Salland : 157-6 (46 overs)
Malik strikes, slow and holding up a shade and Barhathi pops a leading edge back to Malik looking to turn it to leg, simple catch. Lubbers in.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  14:02
Dosti : 185-4 (41 overs)
Tewarie deploys a full array of scoops against Kumar, the first a proper Dil-variety straight over his own head, the next a more conventional flick over the shoulder, and then the reverse-scoop to complete the trifecta.

 Kampong vs Salland  13:55
Salland : 152-5 (45 overs)
150 up for Salland too as Naqash and Bharathi look to up the rate, just five over to go though, Malik back for Kampong.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  13:50
Dosti : 161-4 (39 overs)
150 up as Singh pulls Raza away to thropw through square off the back foot. Tewarie brings up his fifty in the next over guiding Kumar fine of deep third. 71 runs off the last 7 overs, Dosti motoring toward the death.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  13:40
Sparta : 93-8 (40 overs)
Another down at Bermweg. Ahmadi is trapped in front by Hoornweg.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  13:36
Sparta : 87-7 (37 overs)
More word from our second special correspondent (extra-special correspondent?) – Latif falls for 12 to Max Hoornweg. Looking to attack, ball goes a mile in the air, but safely pouched by Rohan Malik at deep extra cover.Malik still in on 16*.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  13:20
Dosti : 128-4 (35 overs)
Singh brings up his fifty cutting Hobson out to deep point for a single, Tewarie still with him and pulls the final ball of the over high over midwicket for six to go to 38*.

 Kampong vs Salland  13:34
Salland : 120-5 (36 overs)
Van Molen managed just five balls before edging to slip, but Naqash and Bharathi are slowly constructing a partnership. Kampong will need some acceleration soon however, even on a less than batting-friendly wicket.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  13:20
Dosti : 110-4 (32 overs)
Tewarie brings up the hundred for Dosti lifting Arya over extra for four, Singh into the forties meanwhile Good partnership for Dosti, this.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  13:01
Sparta : 68-6 (29 overs)
The rebuilding effort has rather fallen apart at Bermweg, another of our informants tells us. Bukhari falls to Upadhayaya, caught by van Everdingen, Balwantsingh and Manminder Singh both out to Jelte Schoonheim. Ahsan Malik and Mamoon Latif in the middle now.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  12:57
Dosti : 73-4 (25 overs)
Tewarie and Singh looking to rebuild for Dosti now, beginnings of a partnership with both bats in the teens. Singh picks up his second boundary off the last ball of the 25th, lofting Zaidi straight for four.

 Kampong vs Salland  12:54
Salland : 87-4 (27 overs)
And another down, Piyaranga driving at Sharma outside off, thick edge wide of slip where Bakker gets a hand to it and clings on. Van Molen in.

 Kampong vs Salland  12:50
Salland : 87-3 (26 overs)
Van der Harten strikes in his second over, short and wide outside off, Nasir gives chase and a thin edge behind finds the gloves. Bharathi in.

 Kampong vs Salland  12:36
Salland : 81-2 (24 overs)
Bit of a grind at Utrecht too, Piyaranga and Nasir digging in. Van der Harten into the attack for the hosts.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  12:34
Sparta : 53-3 (21 overs)
Fifty comes up for Sparta, both bats on 15* now. Attritional cricket…

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  12:30
Dosti : 46-4 (18 overs)
Dosti lose another, down leg from Reddy nand Hanoeman tries to flick it on it’s way, falls over the shot some and back foot drags forward, smartly stumped and gone. Amitoze Singh in.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  12:15
Dosti : 33-3 (15 overs)
Hobson into the attack and has Touseef pinned in front third ball, Hanoeman in, Dosti in trouble…

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  12:10
Sparta : 36-3 (15 overs)
Sparta starting the re-building process meanwhile. Rami Upadhyaya and Jelte Schoonhiem into the attack. Bukhari and Balwantsingh on 8* and 4* respectively

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  12:05
Dosti : 24-2 (13 overs)
Slow going at ‘t Loopveld meanwhile, still Kumar and van Vliet for the hosts, Tewarie and Touseef still in the low single figures.

 Kampong vs Salland  12:02
Salland : 67-2 (15 overs)
Jacod now has Ganesan driving outside off, low and hard to extra cover where Hoffman holds a fine catch. Ganesan goes for 31, Nasir in.

 Kampong vs Salland  11:58
Salland : 67-1 (14 overs)
Double bowling change as Pierre Jacod and Tushar Sharma come into the attack, loose down leg first up from the latter and helped on it’s way for four by Ganesan, but two balls later he has Gopinath thick edging a lazy cut outside off to backward point. Piyaranga in and drives his first ball through the same area to the rope. Bit of a mixed bag, that over.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  11:50
Dosti : 19-2 (9 overs)
Dosti lose another as Raja nicks a shortish ball from Kumar behind, Vinoo Tewarie joins Touseef.

 Kampong vs Salland  11:47
Salland : 51-0 (11 overs)
Fifty up for Kampong meanwhile as Gopinath picks up two with a rather ungainly swat at another short ball from Roy to clear the infield.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  11:44
Sparta : 20-3 (9 overs)
More news filtering through from capelle. Hoornweg bags a second wicket on his homecoming. Ali Raza caught Daan van Everdingen.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  11:43
Dosti : 19-1 (8 overs)
First down in Amsterdam as Rahil looks to break the shackles, wristy lofted flick over the on side, but doesn’t have the legs to clear Zaidi. Touseef in at three.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  11:39
Sparta : 19-2 (8 overs)
More news from Bermweg courtesy our mystery correspondent Corey R. -Burhan Niaz picks up the second wicket! Sparta 2-19 on a slow outfield, one feels 140 could be competitive here with VOC missing a couple of important players. Big partnership at the crease in Bukhari and Ali Raza.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  11:35
Dosti : 17-0 (6.4 overs)
Bit of a hold up at ‘t Loopveld, where it looks like Raja’s taken a bolw on the finger fending off a shorter ball from Kumar. looks ok to conitnue though.

 Kampong vs Salland  11:30
Salland : 24-0 (8 overs)
No joy for Kampong yet, though Nana has managed to tempt Gopinath a couple of times to play at one outside off. Two slips and a gully for him still. Roy takes over from Malik.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  11:25
Sparta : 15-1 (4 overs)
Word comes in from our special correspondent at Bermeg, where VOC have called up Arthur Koppejan and Daan van Everdingen to fill in for their internationals. Max Hoornweg has an early wicket – Raza Noor LBW.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  11:11
Sparta : ?-? (? overs)
We hear that VOC have won the toss and are bowling at Bermweg, more news as we get it.

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  11:10
Dosti : 9-0 (2 overs)
Raja and Rahil open for Dosti, Aryan Kumar and Mees van Vliet share the new ball. Half-hance as Raja edges wide of slip off van Vliet’s first ball, but just out of reach and may not have carried.

 Kampong vs Salland  11:09
Salland : 4-0 (2 overs)
Ganesan and Gopinath opeing for Salland, who are without Victor Lubbers today, Reinder standing in as skipper. Usman Malik opens the bowling, tidy enough from hinm first up, just two off. Kiratan Nana shares the new ball, tidy from him too.

 Sparta 1888 vs VOC  10:39
No word from Bermweg yet…

 ACC vs Dosti Amsterdam  10:55
Dosti win the toss at ‘t Loopveld and will bat.

 Kampong vs Salland  10:37
First word from Utrecht, where Kampong have won the toss and invited Salland to bat.

 Bertus de Jong  10:17
Good morning all and welcome back for this week’s half-round of Topklassse. Just the penultimate round of games in the lower half of the table today, with all three matches in the Championship pool pushed back by a week due to the ongoing Pakistan series. All three matches are potentially crucial for one of the teams involved, but effectively just a warm-down for their opponents. Sparta welcome a much-depleted VOC side to Bermweg with the latter already safe but the former needing a win to keep their hopes of securing a shot of survival via the relegation playoff alive, while both Dosti and Kampong are similarly looking to escape automatic relegation. Dosti travel across the water to ‘t Loopveld to take on the safe-but-dangerous ACC, while Kampong’s final home fixture against Salland is potentially of great import to the hosts while the visitors are really just playing for pride. Hope to have some toss nes for you shortly, in the meantime there’s plenty more in the preview.