Topklasse Live | Round 16 | As it Happened

played won lost tied n/r points NRR
PJB 16 11 3 2 46 1.622
HCC 16 9 3 1 3 41 1.804
VCC 16 10 5 1 41 0.925
VOC 16 9 6 1 37 0.521
HBS 16 8 5 1 2 36 0.504
VRA 16 8 6 2 34 0.466
EXC 16 7 5 4 32 0.906
ACC 16 4 10 2 18 -1.492
SPT 16 2 12 2 10 -2.675
DOS 16 13 3 3 -2.781

The Topklasse League Phase Table after Round 16

 Rod Lyall  19:47
Well, the top three all won, but the most significant result of the day was VOC’s victory at Craeyenhout, which enables them to leapfrog over HBS. Almost as significant was VRA’s rather more predictable win against Dosti, which gives them a clear if tricky path to the play-offs: they need to beat HBS and Excelsior, and they need VOC to lose to either Excelsior or HCC. As late runs go, it would really be quite remarkable. Today has been a lot more rewarding than seemed likely at 10:00, and we hope you’ve enjoyed it. Check back for table, cards, photos and review, and we looking forward to being with you again next week. This is Rod Lyall saying goodbye for now, and please mind how you go!

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  19:45
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 209-9 (37/37 overs)
Another four off Schoonheim’s last, plus a couple of singles, see the No. 11 end on an unbeaten 37. Stephan Vink’s on 7*. Van Wingerden the pick of the bowlers with three for 51.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  19:41
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 201-9 (36/37 overs)
Geenevasen’s moved on to an extraordinary 30*, and this last wicket stand’s worth 37. Too little too late, but still . . .

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  19:35
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 192-9 (34/37 overs)
Four more for Geenevasen off Schoonheim, and then six off Van Baren. C’est magnifique, mais ce n’est pas la guerre!

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  19:28
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 177-9 (32/37 overs)
Jelte Schoonheim has Boddendijk caught by De Kok, but Geenevasen shows some commendable resistance, smacking Van Baren for four and then six.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  19:21
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 157-8 (30/37 overs)
Ferdi Vink is run out for 16; Stephan Vink joins Boddendijk. Again, it’s just a matter of time.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  19:16
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 154-7 (29/37 overs)
And another, as Mason is caught by Upadhyaya for 17. Ferdi Vink and Benno Boddendijk together at the crease.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  19:04
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 129-6 (26/37 overs)
Another for Van Wingerden: Klein bowled for 2. Ferdi Vink in now, as VOC close in on victory.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  19:00
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 121-5 (24/37 overs)
Instead of which, Van Wingerden bowls him for 36. Klein joins Mason, but it’s a thoroughly lost cause.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  18:56
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 114-4 (23/37 overs)
Ramdas Upadhyaya has Barresi caught by O’Dowd for 19, and HBS’s case becomes parlous. Navjit’s still there on 35*, but he’s in danger of running out of both partners and overs. Reece Mason joins him now.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  18:46
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 181-3 (39.3/49 overs)
Staal goes to fifty pushing ingram ot to long on, but will go no further as two balls later he aims a giant mow at a perfectly decent ball and a leading edge leaps skywards. He jogs toward the other end but mostly, one feels, because it’s on the way to the pavilion anyway. Patel joins Crowley for the final push. Three overs later the former finshes things off in style, creaming Ingram over long on for six to finish unbeaten on 93*.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  18:51
Punjab : 325-6 (39/39 overs)
Sparta : 78 all out (24.1/39 overs)
Maidens from Saqib and Ul Haq, and then Mubashar Hussain to perform the coup de grace. He bowls Choudry with his first delivery, and Punjab win by 247 runs. The case for an eight-team Topklasse gets stronger by the week.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  18:46
Punjab : 325-6 (39/39 overs)
Sparta : 78-9 (24/39 overs)
A sorry tale at the Zomercomplex, though not for Saqib and Ul Haq, who are gobbling up the tail like hungry men at a buffet. Ul Haq now has five, with Danish Umar caught behind for 9 and Tom Hoornweg spectacularly caught by Nidamanuru at straightish midwicket for 4. Ivo Hoornweg the last man.

 ACC vs Voorburg   18:03
ACC : 91-7 (45/45 overs)
Voorburg : 92-2 (27.5/45 overs)
And Voorburg have finished it off, De Leede remaining 40* as his side wins by eight wickets.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  18:38
Dosti : 127-7 (39/39 overs)
VRA : 128-5 (22/39 overs)
VRA lost Rasool, Gunning and Dasgupta on the way to their win, with debutant Momen Khan and skipper Peter Borren together at the end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  18:34
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 83-3 (18/37 overs)
De Mey has been run out for 21, bringing Barresi in to join Navjit, who’s on 26*. But it’s hard to see HBS winning it from here.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  18:32
Punjab : 325-6 (39/39 overs)
Sparta : 72-7 (19/39 overs)
Balwantsingh goes, caught at slip by Nidamanuru off Saqib. Mamoon Latif in to join Danish Umar. He lasts two deliveries before lashing out, and Asad takes a sharp legside catch.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  18:26
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 159-3 (35/49 overs)
Staal has gone back into his shell rather, has added one to his score in the last four overs to go to 49*. He and Crowley look set to take them home though, the latter on 77* Ingram returns to delay the inevitable.

 ACC vs Voorburg   18:23
ACC : 91-7 (45/45 overs)
Voorburg : 84-2 (27/45 overs)
Zinesh Master and Shreyas Potdar operating now, but De Leede and Engelbrecht seem to be bringing it home, in bright evening sunshine.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  18:20
Dosti : 127-7 (39/39 overs)
VRA : ???-5 (22.2/39 overs)
We’re told that VRA have won, but we await further details.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  18:16
Punjab : 325-6 (39/39 overs)
Sparta : 63-5 (14/39 overs)
Or maybe 250*, as the slide seems to have started. First Saqib Zulfiqar gets Manminder caught and bowled, and then Ul Haq has Ibrahimkhil caught behind by Asad first ball. And later in the over it’s Tarr who goes, caught by one of the S Zulfiqars for 38. Sparta in desperate trouble now.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  18:11
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 146-3 (31/49 overs)
Rens van Troost’s return is the cue for Staal to abandon his supporting role, steps down and launches him dead straight for six, then drives the next along the ground to the same destination. He’s on to 48* now, Crowley on 65*.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  18:06
Punjab : 325-6 (39/39 overs)
Sparta : 58-2 (12/39 overs)
Imran ul Haq takes a return catch to dismiss Deol for 16. Manminder Singh in to join Tarr, who’s on 34*. But you sense he needs to make 200* here.

 ACC vs Voorburg   18:03
ACC : 91-7 (45/45 overs)
Voorburg : 61-2 (20/45 overs)
De Leede and Engelbrecht aren’t finding conditions a great deal more congenial than their hosts did, but they are at least finding the boundary from time to time. Just 31 needed now, and overs aplenty.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:59
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 127-3 (28/49 overs)
Excelsior seem intent on keeping Crowley supplied with boundary balls, this one sat up outside off by Roelfsema and duly lifted over point for four. Staal meanwhile happy to take a back seat but has moved on to 35* from 64

 Dosti-United vs VRA  17:58
Dosti : 127-7 (39/39 overs)
VRA : 98-2 (16/39 overs)
Another for Hoseinbaks, as Zamaan Khan hits a return catch and departs for 44. Quirijn Gunning is promoted to four, and joins Rasool.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:55
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 44-2 (8/37 overs)
Van Baren claims the vital scalp of Walbrugh, who miscues a lofted drive to midwicket, where Tim de Kok takes the catch. He departs for 4, bringing Navjit Singh to the crease.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  17:51
Punjab : 325-6 (39/39 overs)
Sparta : 43-1 (8/39 overs)
And Tarr seems to mean business: he’s moved quickly to 29*, hitting three fours and two sixes in the process. He’s particularly harsh on Mian, but Sparta are facing a huuuuge ask!

 ACC vs Voorburg   17:47
ACC : 91-7 (45/45 overs)
Voorburg : 45-2 (16/45 overs)
Ammar Zaidi accounts for Dutt, caught by Ramesh Babu for 25. Sybrand Engelbrecht in to join De Leede in the middle.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:45
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 112-3 (25/49 overs)
Joost Kroesen brings himself on, Crowley gets his side off Nelson and himself to fifty off the last ball of the over cutting behind point, HCC cruising at this stage.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:44
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 32-1 (5/37 overs)
Fletcher gets Visée, caught by O’Dowd for a 13-ball 26. Tayo Walbrugh in to join De Mey.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  17:41
Punjab : 325-6 (39/39 overs)
Sparta : 16-1 (5/39 overs)
What Sparta absolutely did not need was a run-out, and of course that’s what happens: Umar falling to a direct hit from Hussain. Garnett Tarr to the crease, with a captain’s innings to end all captain’s innings high on Sparta’s wish-list.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  17:38
Dosti : 127-7 (39/39 overs)
VRA : 84-1 (12/39 overs)
Zamaan Khan has raced to 44* from 27 deliveries, with Rasool moving on to 19*. Just 44 needed now. Hans and Perumal into the attack.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:37
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 105-3 (22/49 overs)
First ball back after drinks from Etman is a wide full toss which Crowley looks almost embarassed to cut to the boundary, rest of the over is tidy enough though. Rens van Troost also gives up four his first ball back though the ball was less blameworthy, pitched up and met with a fine straight drive from Staal.Again the rest is tight, but a boundary every over is much more than HCC need from here , but they’re not going to miss out either. Etman digs one in short at Crowley next over and is pulled to the rope again. Crowley on to 47* now, Staal 27*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:34
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
HBS 25-0 (3/37 overs)
Visée and De Mey begin their tough chase, facing Pierce Fletcher and Siebe van Wingerden. They need 7.35 an over, which is a big ask in anybody’s money.

 ACC vs Voorburg   17:30
ACC : 91-7 (45/45 overs)
Voorburg : 34-1 (11 overs)
Arya removes the adhesive Hingorani, a first Topklasse catch for keeper Jake White. He goes for 9, and Bas de Leede joins Dutt, who’s on 18*.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  17:24
Punjab : 325-6 (39/39 overs)
Sparta : 1-0 (1/39 overs)
They’re back at the Zomercomplex, with Mubashar Hussain starting to Wahab Umar. Randeep Deol at the non-striker’s end. Just a wide off the first. Saim Mian from the Harbour End.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:17
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 84-3 (18/49 overs)
Overpitched from Ingram and Crowley sweeps round the corner for four, the next dragged down short and cut away to the opposite boundary. Van Troost still at the other end and produces a fine maiden on Staal, back and forth innings, this. Jelte van Troost replaces Ingram to take us to drinks.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  17:15
Dosti : 127-7 (39/39 overs)
VRA : 33-1 (5/39 overs)
Hoseinbaks gets the early breakthrough, bowling Singh for 14. Shirase Rasool in to join Khan.

 ACC vs Voorburg   17:12
ACC : 91-7 (45/45 overs)
Voorburg : 25-0 (6 overs)
Aryan Dutt opens with Hingorani in the absence of Tom de Grooth, and they negotiate the opening overs from Devanshu Arya, Kumar and Van Vliet without alarums. NRR issues definitely in play here!

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:07
VOC 271-4 (37/37 overs)
That’s not a bad recovery from 14 for three! Rutgers finishes with 114*, from 99 deliveries with 13 fours and three sixes, while Seelaar contributes an 11-ball cameo for 26*.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  17:05
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 71-3 (15/49 overs)
In the slot from Rens van Troost on the fourth ball of the 13th and Staal trebles his score putting it away over cow. Crowley aims a wild swipe at a shortish ball from Ingram next over and is rewarded with a thick edge between keeper and slip for four. Van Troost sits one up outside Staal’s off stump next over and is cut up and over backward point for four, final ball is full and wide and has Staal driving away from his body, inside edged across the stumps.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  17:05
Dosti : 127-7 (39/39 overs)
VRA : 12-0 (3/39 overs)
Vikram Singh and Zamaan Khan open for VRA, facing Asief Hoseinbaks and Waheed Masood.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  17:02
Punjab : 325-6 (39/39 overs)
Ivo Hoornweg gets Usman LBW with the first ball of the last, but Suleiman Tariq smacks him for two sixes before the merciful close. Sqib is left not out on 69, from 52 deliveries. As I said, brutal.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  16:58
VOC 243-4 (35/37 overs)
Seelaar clearly hasn’t forgotten how to bat while he was out of action: he smacks the first ball her receives, from De Mey, for six. Rutgers has now moved on to 100* as VOC prepare for the final charge.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  16:56
Punjab : 306-5 (38/39 overs)
Some compensation for Ibrahimkhil, as Sikander, after hitting him for a four and a six, is caught by Manminder Singh for 57. Yasir Usman in for the final over.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  16:52
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 52-3 (11/49 overs)
Crowley brings up the fifty for HCC waiting on a short slower ball from Roelfsema and then pulling to the rope in front of square. Hard to say who’s in front at this stage as both sides’ troubles have been largely of their own making so far this innings. Looks like Ingram coming into the attack now to hopefully drag the standard back up a notch.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  16:52
Punjab : 290-4 (37/39 overs)
This is absolutely brutal: Saqib has hit five fours and four sixes in his 49-ball 63* so far, with Sikander making 47* from 30. Ivo Hoornweg’s only resort is to flirt with the off-side wide line. em>

 ACC vs Voorburg   16:42
ACC : 91-7 (45/45 overs)
ACC finish as they have batted for most of the innings, unable to get the ball away. Just one boundary in the entire innings, and Van Beek finishes with four for 17.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  16:42
Dosti : 127-7 (39/39 overs)
Hans has gone, bowled by Vikram Singh for 60. Shirzaman Shazai joins Arief Hoseinbaks for the last couple of deliveries.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  16:39
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 42-3 (8/49 overs)
Etman removes Gorlee, full and wide and Gorlee gives chase, slicing into the hands of Woutersen at backward point. Tonny Staal at five.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  16:39
VOC 207-4 (32/37 overs)
O’Dowd has posted another century, and moves on to 118 before he tries to put Geenevasen into the trees again and is caught by Ferdi Vink at long on. He faced 99 deliveries and hit seven fours and nine sixes. And who should we see striding to the middle but the welcome figure of Pieter Seelaar? Welcome, that is, to everybody except the HBS bowlers. Rutgers is now on 80*.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  16:32
Dosti : 123-6 (38 overs)
Hans reaches a thoroughly-deserved half-century; he’s on 59* now, but Luten has removed Perumal for one and Gunning returns to get Waheed Masood caught behind for 12. Arief Hoseinbaks to the crease.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  16:29
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 36-2 (6/49 overs)
Gorlee and Crowley the new pair for HCC, the former rather ruins Etman’s fine start picking one up up off leg stump and flicking it over the square boundary for six. Crowley finds the rope too in Roelfsema’s next driving square off the back foot. Puts Etman away in a similar direction off the front foot in the next. This would have been a fine start for the hosts were it not for that one calamitous over.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  16:26
Punjab : 215-4 (30/39 overs)
Sikander doesn’t waste any time getting going, and Punjab look set for a very big score here.

 ACC vs Voorburg   16:25
ACC : 79-7 (42/45 overs)
Another LBW for Van Beek: Brewer this time. Vn Vliet’s still there on 12*, joined now by Jake White.

 ACC vs Voorburg   16:16
ACC : 74-6 (40/45 overs)
Van Beek has Kumar LBW for 20, made from 78 deliveries. Quincy Brewer joins Van Vliet in the middle.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  16:15
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 12-2 (3/49 overs)
Ahmad cuts Roelfsema hard through point to the roipe for the first boundary of the innings, four balls later and pushed through the covers for a couple, but Hennop wants three from the off. Ahmad ambling and ball watching, sends Hennop back way too late and run out. He can discuss what went wrong with Hennop at length, as Roelfsema removes his off stump two balls later.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  16:14
Punjab : 198-4 (28/39 overs)
Manminder adds the scalp of Nidamanuru, caught by Latif for 23. Sikander Zulfiqar in to join Saqib. em>

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  16:11
VOC 139-3 (25/37 overs)
Scorelessness is not a problem currently afflicting VOC, as O’Dowd proceeds to 80*, having hit seven sixes, with Rutgers on 51*. This situation is becoming serious for HBS.

 ACC vs Voorburg   16:08
ACC : 68-5 (37/45 overs)
Van Beek back in bright sunshine, bowling a maiden to Van Vliet. De Leede from the Uilenstede End, with ACC marooned in a sort of Sargasso Sea of scorelessness.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  16:07
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
HCC : 5-0 (2/49 overs)
And they’re back, Dietmar Hennop up the order to open with Ahmad. Roelfsema takes the new ball ,a smattering of singles and a wide off the first over, Hennop deploys the leave and the block to Etman in the second and a maiden.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  16:05
Dosti : 83-4 (32 overs)
Matthijs Luten into the attack now. Hans proceeds in stately fashion to 36*, Perumal off the mark with a single.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  16:02
Punjab : 185-3 (25/39 overs)
Nidamanuru and Saqib have an excellent platform, and they’re seemingly intent on taking full advantage. Tarr rotates his bowlers, but to little avail.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  15:57
VOC 114-3 (22/37 overs)
Century partnership for O’Dowd and Rutgers, now on 66* and 39* respectively. HBS badly in need of a breakthrough.

 ACC vs Voorburg   15:55
ACC : 67-5 (33/45 overs)
It’s not cricket that’s going to set the Amstel alight, but at least Kumar (now on 19*) and Van Vliet are still there.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  15:52
Punjab : 160-3 (22/39 overs)
Manminder gets Myburgh as well, trapped in front for 84, made from 51 deliveries with six fours and six sixes. Saqib Zulfiqar joins Nidamanuru.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  15:49
Dosti : 76-4 (27.5 overs)
Turmaine gets the breakthrough: Tewarie leg-before for a dogged 15. Hans still there on 31*, but he loses another as Asief Hoseinbaks also falls to Turmaine, caught by Dasgupta for 13. Nagasiva Perumal in to join Hans.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  15:45
VOC 102-3 (20/37 overs)
O’Dowd and Rutgers continue the reconstruction of the VOC innings after that disastrous start. Benno Boddendijk on from the Scoreboard End and O’Dowd plants him back over his head and into the trees. That takes him to 50*, and by over’s end he’s on 57*, with Rutgers on 37*. Klein back.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  15:44
Punjab : 150-1 (20/39 overs)
Asad gets his fifty with a boundary off Ibrahimkhil, but then he’s caught by Latif at deep midwicket trying to slog-sweep Manminder and departs for 53. Teja Nidamanuru joins Myburgh, who races on to 79*.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  15:32
Punjab : 128-1 (18/39 overs)
Punjab march on, Myburgh’s latest six a slog-sweep over square leg off Manminder Singh. That makes five in all, and he’s on 69* (from 42). Asad Zulfiqar has gone to 46*.

 ACC vs Voorburg   15:30
ACC : 57-5 (28/45 overs)
The covers are coming off, and we’re told that thanks to that early lunch they’re still playing 45 overs. Restart at 15:35.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  15:25
Dosti : 53-2 (20 overs)
Leon Turmaine into the attack as well, but Hans (now on 26*) and Tewarie (12*) continue to graft away. Not sure how many overs they have left.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  15:19
Excelsior : 180 all out (43.2/49 overs)
And that’s that, Roelfsema looking to brush Floyd to leg but a leading edge pops up for mid on and Excelsior are all out for 180. Well below par on this ground you’d think.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  15:15
Punjab : 104-1 (15/39 overs)
Another half-century for Myburgh as he goes after Mamoon Latif, hitting him for a couple of sixes. He’s on 54*, Asad on 38*. And they take a drink.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  15:14
Excelsior : 179-9 (43/49 overs)
Floyd returns and Woutersen takes on the role of aggressor with more success, sweeping hard and square for four, but he goes in the next trying to cut Nadeem square but uppish and well held low by Floyd. Roelfsema last man.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  15:13
VOC 56-3 (14/37 overs)
Tidy from Geenevasen, though Wesley Barresi comes in for a little punishment when he replaces De Mey. O’Dowd on 30* now, Rutgers on 23*.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  15:09
Dosti : 41-2 (15 overs)
Vikram Singh on for VRA, but Hans moves to 19* and Tewarie to 7*.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  15:07
Excelsior : 173-8 (41/49 overs)
Well Ingram had to accelerate at some point, but the moment he rolls the dice for the first time he loses his off stump to Musa Nadeem, looking to go across the line toward long on but there’s enough grip to take it away from the bat and through the gate into the woodwork. Ingram goes for 69, Rens van Troost joins Woutersen.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  15:05
Punjab : 76-1 (13/39 overs)
Myburgh on to 38* from 28, Asad on 27* from 42. Ivo Hoornweg on from the Equestrian Centre End, but Punjab are in charge.

 ACC vs Voorburg   15:00
ACC : 57-5 (28/45 overs)
The rain is back again, and they’ve resorted to an early lunch.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  14:58
VOC 36-3 (10/37 overs)
O’Dowd and Rutgers are putting a useful little stand together, with Julian de Mey and Sander Geenevasen operating for HBS now. O’Dowd 19*, Rutgers 14*.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:54
Excelsior : 161-7 (38/49 overs)
Nadeem struggles to find his line, two wides early the second beating everyone and away to the rope, but gets it right eventually and has van Troost pinned in front. David Woutersen in, and off the mark next over guiding Bijloos wide of the slips for four, then helps the next on its way down leg for a couple.

 ACC vs Voorburg   14:47
ACC : 51-5 (25/45 overs)
Kumar and Van Vliet are making slow progress. Philippe Boissevain into the attack.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:45
Excelsior : 147-6 (36/49 overs)
Another down, but again it’s not the wicket they want. Bijloos back and finds the breakthrough in his second over as Etman drives loosely and the mishit flies up into the off side and Staal under it again. Excelsior down to their penultimate van Troost now, Ingram on 63*. Nadeem back.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  14:41
Punjab : 42-1 (7/39 overs)
Myburgh and Asad are getting going now, with Myburgh racing to 21* from 11 deliveries, including two sixes. Imran Choudry replaces Ibrahimkhil from the Harbour End.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  14:38
VOC 14-3 (4.1/37 overs)
Van Baren, De Kok and now Edwards all back in the hutch without scoring: the latter caught by Stephan Vink off Ferdi Vink’s bowling. Former Belgian national coach Corey Rutgers joins O’Dowd with VOC in all kinds of trouble.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:35
Excelsior : 146-5 (35/49 overs)
The Nadeem experiment is hastily abandoned, Damien Crowley replaces him after just one expensive over. Ingram goes to fifty dumping him high over long on and out of the park. Klaus back into the attack now, but this pair look fairly settled now. Ingram reaches to make a full toss of a fuller delivery down leg to sweep fine for four.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  14:32
VOC 7-2 (3/37 overs)
Actually it was both of them, as De Kok followed Van Baren first ball. Max O’Dowd has been joined by Scott Edwards after that sensational opening over from Klein.

 ACC vs Voorburg   14:28
ACC : 40-5 (20/45 overs)
They’re back on at ‘t Loopveld, and immediately Stef Mulder traps Raza in front. Mies van Vliet joins Kumar.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  14:23
VOC 2-1 (1/37 overs)
Suddenly it’s all go: Ryan Klein gets Dirk van Baren (or possibly Tim de Kok) in his first over.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:19
Excelsior : 117-5 (30/49 overs)
Etman blocks out Overdijk for a maiden, but steps out to Floyd in the next and lifts him back over his head for four. Ingram makes good use of his feet too to drive through cover for three, well chased down by Bijloos on the rope but still a pricy over. And time for legspin, Musa Nadeem into the attack now.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  14:19
Punjab : 3-1 (1.4/39 overs)
We have action at the Zomercomplex, where Sparta won the toss and inserted Punjab. Prithvi Balwantsingh opens from the Equestrian Centre End, a single apiece for Myburgh and Rehmat Zulfiqar, plus a wide. Nasrat Ibrahimkhil from the Harbour End, and his fourth delivery gets Rehmat, caught behind by Tarr. Asad Zulfiqar in at three.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:11
Excelsior : 108-5 (28/49 overs)
Hundred up for Excelsior, Overdijk bangs one in short to Ingram and is duly pulled away for four despite the efforts of Staal on the square boundary. Floyd still at the other end and and deprives Ingram of another partner, Kroesen well forward to that but did look pretty straight as he’s struck in front. He’s not happy about it but the umpire didn’t hesitate. Niels Etman in.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  14:10
Dosti : 31-2 (12.1 overs)
That rain arrived at Drieburg a little earlier, with Dosti still rebuilding.

 ACC vs Voorburg   14:08
ACC : 40-4 (18/45 overs)
Aryan Dutt on from the Uilenstede End, just a single off it to get Kumar off the mark. But the rain returns now, and the covers are on.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  14:01
Excelsior : 98-4 (25/49 overs)
Overdijk breaks the partnership as van Troost chases a wider deliver and outside edges hard to backward point where Floyd takes the catch. Van Troost goes for 28, Joost Kroesen in to join Ingram, who’s on 33*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  14:00
VOC 0-0 (0 overs)
14:15 start at Craeyenhout, with VOC batting first. Not sure who won the toss, or how many overs they’re playing.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  13:55
Dosti : 24-2 (10 overs)
Hans and Tewarie digging in at the Drieburg against Gunning and Ashir Abid. Not sure how many overs they’re playing.

 ACC vs Voorburg   13:52
ACC : 33-4 (14/45 overs)
Bas de Leede replaces Van Beek. And promptly gets Potdar, caught by Van Beek for 4. Ramesh Babu’s caught behind in Kingma’s next, having made 10. Raza and Kumar at the crease now.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:50
Excelsior : 84-3 (22/49 overs)
Floyd back into the attack, Ingram and van Troost happy to milk him, aided by some sloppy fielding the first of his second spell goes for five. Klaus still at the other end and looks like the Sun might be breaking through.

 Dosti-United vs VRA  13:43
Dosti : 22-1 (7 overs)
And they’re under way at Dosti, where Peter Borren has won the toss and invited Dosti to have a bat. Quirijn Gunning has removed Rahil Ahmed for 4 and Joe Wegecsanyi without scoring. Mahesh Hans is still there, joined now by Vinoo Tewarie.

 ACC vs Voorburg   13:38
ACC : 30-2 (10/45 overs)
Two wickets for Van Beek, first Krishna and then Ammar Zaidi. Potdar’s still there, joined now by Ramesh Babu. Viv Kingma into the attack from the Uilenstede End.

 Punjab vs Sparta 1888  13:29
They’re taking an early lunch the Zomercomplex.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:30
Excelsior : 63-3 (17/49 overs)
Klaus into the attack now, taking over from Venter just a single off it and then almost a run-out on the last ball as Ingram works it to leg and is gazing after it as van Troost tries and fails to call him through. Direct hit would have caught van Troost well short as he scrambled back but just wide, and that will be drinks.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:13
Excelsior : 48-3 (13/49 overs)
Venter should have had a third there as van Troost throws hands at a wide one and edges toward first slip, the keeper backs himself and dives, regrets it as it’s off the glove and away behind. Overdijk into the attack.

 ACC vs Voorburg   13:14
ACC : ??-0 (4/45 overs)
Van Beek and Karl Nieuwoudt are bowling to Shreyas Potdar, promoted to open, and Krishna Hosur. No wicket as yet, but unfortunately we can’t tell you the score.

 ACC vs Voorburg   13:05
ACC : 2-0 (1 over)
They’re under way at ‘t Loopveld, with Logan van Beek, back from England, opening from the River End. Just a couple of wides from the first. Not clear who’s opening for ACC.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  13:03
Excelsior : 37-3 (10/49 overs)
Ingram loses another partner, van Gelderen looks to work Venter away to leg but contrives to launch the ball high into the off side where Musa Nadeem Ahmad takes the catch. Stan van Troost in at five.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  12:53
Excelsior : 36-2 (8/49 overs)
Another down, Bijloos cramps Etman on the pull and a big top edge flies up toward Tonny Staal on the on side, Etman doesn’t even wait for the catch to be taken. Van Gelderen joins Ingram.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  12:47
Excelsior : 34-1 (7/49 overs)
Venter finds reward, he’s not really found his length up till now but he’s been finding real swing, this one moves away from Kroesen enough to take a thin edge through to the keeper. Kroesen doesn’t wait for the finger. Ingram in at three.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  12:41
Dampness abounds at Craeyenhout, but we’re told it’s improving. New inspection at 13:00.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  12:36
Excelsior : 29-0 (5/49 overs)
No luck for Venter either, Etman swipes hard at a fuller delivery, outside edge flies high over third but out of reach and away for four. Inside edge from Kroesen two balls later but thick enough to fly away square. Frustration building for HCC as every edge flies away for four here. Bijloos has an extra slip in but still one too few to catch that. Shout for LBW on Kroesen last ball but shaping down leg I reckon, as does the umpire. Some selection news meanwhile, the absent Hidde Overdijk is replaced by his brother Jan-Wieger, while in Stubbs’s absence David Woutersen makes his first Topklasse appearance of the season for Excelsior.

 HCC vs Excelsior ‘20  12:26
Excelsior : 12-0 (2/49 overs)
Spin to start as Clayton Floyd opens the bowling for the first over at least, four dots to Etman, who’s opening with Luuk Kroesen, then too much width and cut away for four, the still damp artificial outfield running like a hockey field as that races to the rope. Better line on the next and tempts the wide drive, inside edged across the stumps. Bijloos from the tother end, pitched up wide first ball and driven square for a couple by Kroesen. Bijloos has a chance too though as the fourth ball is edged just wide of slip and runs away for four. And an immediate bowling change as Venter enters the attack. Opens with a very wide wide…

 ACC vs Voorburg   12:25
ACC : 0-0 ( overs)
They’re now aiming at a 13:00 start at ‘t Loopveld, playing 45 overs a side.

Blue skies sighted at ‘t Loopveld!Photo EP Knüpfer