Topklasse Live | Round 2 | As it Happened

Group A

played won lost tied n/r points NRR
PJB 2 2 4 1.939
HBS 2 2 4 0.996
HCC 2 1 1 2 0.432
SPT 2 1 1 2 -0.032
ACC 2 2 0 -1.644
KMP 2 2 0 -1.898

Group B

played won lost tied n/r points NRR
VCC 2 2 4 1.099
EXC 2 1 1 2 1.334
VOC 2 1 1 2 0.342
VRA 2 1 1 2 0.309
SAL 2 1 1 2 -1.100
DOS 2 2 0 -2.017

 Bertus de Jong  18:50
That’s a wrap from us, and a bit of a blow to our reputation as prognosticators all told. Salland sealing the win over VOC away was an outcome few had on their bingo cards. We’re far from done for the weekend of course, with a full set of fixtures tomorrow for round three, we’ll be here for all of those of course, do join us then.

 VOC vs Salland  18:48
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 174 all out (48.1 overs)
And Naqash cleans him up with the next ball, Salland with a 29 run victory to rather shake up Group B.

 VOC vs Salland  18:46
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 174-9 (48 overs)
Gopinath building pressure and Hoornweg looks for the reverse, misses and clean bowled. Hanif last man.

 VOC vs Salland  18:41
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 168-8 (46.1 overs)
Well if this was tense nobody told at Ganesan mid off, Schoonheim doesn’t get hold of the drive and it’s high, he strolls back and takes it casually one-handed. Fletcher in.

 VOC vs Salland  18:38
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 168-7 (46 overs)
A smattering of singles off Bharathi, that won’t be enough from here. 37 needed off the last four. Naqash into the attack, Lubbers rolling the die here.

 VOC vs Salland  18:30
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 152-7 (44 overs)
And Niaz goes! pinned in front on the back foot four short of fifty by Bharathi, advantage Salland. Hoornweg in.

 VOC vs Salland  18:25
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 145-6 (42 overs)
A much-needed breakthrough, though of the VOC’s captain’s own making. Down the track and drives to cover, Seelaar goes for 29. Schoonheim in and still nearly fifty to get. Niaz on 44*.

 HBS vs Kampong  18:14
Kampong : 231-9 (50 overs)
HBS : 235-8 (40.4 overs)
It is now: Kyle Klein hits two boundaries to finish an enthralling game of cricket.

 HBS vs Kampong  18:09
Kampong : 231-9 (50 overs)
HBS : 227-8 (39.5 overs)
It’s not over yet, as Malik has De Mey caught by Van der Harten without scoring. Benno Boddendijk in, five runs needed, or two wickets.

 VOC vs Salland  18:00
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 118-5 (37 overs)
Seelaar and Niaz have discovered singles, an the partnership continues to build, Niaz has been dropped at long on but otherwise suddenly the going looks easy. He’s into the forties as Salland continue to cycle through spinners to little effect.

 HBS vs Kampong  17:59
Kampong : 231-9 (50 overs)
HBS : 225-7 (38 overs)
But Ryan doesn’t last much longer, caught behind by Alphonse off Roy for 16, and Julien de Mey comes in to join Kyle.

 HBS vs Kampong  17:52
Kampong : 231-9 (50 overs)
HBS : 225-6 (37 overs)
Robert van der Harten, who earlier came on for some severe punishment from Visée, returns to pick up the wicket of Barresi, caught by Jacod for 34, but it’s a bit late for Kampong. With a pleasing symmetry, the brothers Klein again in tandem in the middle.

 HBS vs Kampong  17:37
Kampong : 231-9 (50 overs)
HBS : 193-5 (33 overs)
A final drink at Craeyenhout, with Barresi and Ryan Klein working their way unhurriedly towards the target. No pressure from the overs, but Roy could still give his side another boost.

 VOC vs Salland  17:24
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 76-5 (26 overs)
And another breakthrough just as VOC looked to be settling, Jain back and waving the bat across his pads, no connection. A shade high? Not according to the umpire. Seelaar in.

 VOC vs Salland  17:18
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 70-4 (24 overs)
After an extended period of consolidation Niaz drives Gopinath through point off the back foot for four, but the asking rate has crept up over fives and there’s not a whole lot of batting to come.

 HBS vs Kampong  17:14
Kampong : 231-9 (50 overs)
HBS : 173-5 (27 overs)
Alex Roy is having a field day at Craeyenhout, hauling Kampong single-handedly back into the game. He gets Kaplan caught by Butt for 47, then Reece Mason leg-before first ball. Barresi still yet to score, and it seems that he’s going to have play a crucial hand.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  17:05
HCC : 198 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 199-4 (37.5 overs)
And indeed Nidamanuru hits the winning boundary in Overdijk’s next, finishing on 43* off 45 deliveries. Saqib ends with 13*. In the last analysis a very convincing win for the champions.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  17:02
HCC : 198 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 189-4 (37 overs)
Nidamanuru plunders 17 off a Pringle over, including two sixes, moving rapidly to 38*. Not long now.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  16:57
HCC : 198 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 172-4 (36 overs)
Overdijk returns, but Nidamanuru and Saqib take 11 off an over, and Punjab are closing in on the points.

 HBS vs Kampong  16:54
Kampong : 231-9 (50 overs)
HBS : 160-3 (22 overs)
Another for Roy: Navjit caught and bowled for 10. Wesley Barresi in at five.

 VOC vs Salland  16:53
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 51-4 (17 overs)
VOC on the slide, Bharathi bags two in the 17th, de Kok and Durrani LBW, Niaz in.

 VOC vs Salland  16:48
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 48-2 (16 overs)
And O’Dowd gone too, spooning Ganesan to mid off and suddenly VOC in all sorts. Jain in at four.

 VOC vs Salland  16:44
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 45-1 (14 overs)
Edwards goes, Ganesan does him through the gate on the last ball of the 14th. De Kok in.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  16:40
Dosti : 83 all out (35.3 overs)
VCC : 84-4 (22.2 overs)
All over at Westvliet, Potgieter and Boissevain see the hosts home. Potgieter finishing unbeaten on an unhurried 18 off 53.

 HBS vs Kampong  16:39
Kampong : 231-9 (50 overs)
HBS : 137-2 (18 overs)
Alex Roy returns, and Visée’s outstanding innings comes to an end as he falls to a brilliant catch by Butt at long on, running a long way to his right. Visée faced 48 balls for his 106. Navjit Singh in at four, with Kaplan on 28*.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  16:34
Dosti : 83 all out (35.3 overs)
VCC : 82-4 (20 overs)
De Leede’s also woken up it seems, dumps Diwan over midwicket for six and four on the first two balls of the 20th, before skewing one into the off side and caught for 13.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  16:33
HCC : 198 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 141-4 (28.1 overs)
Asad has gone for 17, caught Floyd bowled Klaus, and now Rehmat, just after reaching 50, is bowled by Pringle. There’s plenty of life in this game yet, as Saqib Zulfiqar joins Nidamanuru.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  16:29
Dosti : 83 all out (35.3 overs)
VCC : 67-3 (19 overs)
After grinding out 11 off 38 Potgieter livens up and slogs Hans back over his head for a one bounce four. Still Diwan at the other end.

 VOC vs Salland  16:26
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 27-0 (10 overs)
Another maiden for Nasir, O’Dowd edges through the slips in Khan’s next for four but precious few runs off the bat otherwise until Nasir drops short in his next and is pulled in front of square for four by Edwards.

 HBS vs Kampong  16:24
Kampong : 231-9 (50 overs)
HBS : 128-1 (16 overs)
And Visée goes to a 45-ball century, with 18 fours and three sixes. In this mood he’s unstoppable, and even Usman Malik can’t prevent the edge past the keeper to reach three figures.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  16:19
Dosti : 83 all out (35.3 overs)
VCC : 59-3 (15 overs)
Gigani goes for 24, a leading edge back to Hans and comfortably taken. Potgieter still there on 9 off 25, Bas de Leede in at five.

 VOC vs Salland  16:16
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 15-0 (7 overs)
Slow going at Hazelaarweg and Edwards bats out a maiden to Nasir. Still Khan at the other end, just a wide and a single off his fourth.

 HBS vs Kampong  16:14
Kampong : 231-9 (50 overs)
HBS : 101-1 (14 overs)
Visée in dominant mood at Craeyenhout, and HBS are cruising. Visée has 78 from 36 deliveries.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  16:11
Dosti : 83 all out (35.3 overs)
VCC : 51-2 (14 overs)
Thick outside edge and a hard-run three takes VCC past fifty, and Gigani to 19*. 33 to get. Hans back.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  16:07
HCC : 198 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 120-2 (21 overs)
Rehmat and Asad making steady if unspectacular progress against Floyd and Pringle, but thanks to Myburgh they’ve got plenty of overs and don’t need to take risks. Rehmat now on 41*.

 VOC vs Salland  16:04
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 11-0 (4 overs)
Edwards lashes Nasir away in front of point for the first boundary of the innings, otherwise an unassuming start for the hosts.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  16:02
Dosti : 83 all out (35.3 overs)
VCC : 46-2 (11 overs)
Masood into the attack and tidy from him so far, but VCC are past the half-way point already .

 ACC vs Sparta 1888   15:59
ACC : 101 all out (32.2 overs)
Sparta : 102-8 (24.5 overs)
Saleem finishes it off with two into the leg side, but what a game that was! Full credit to both sides for a tense, low-scoring battle.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888   15:55
ACC : 101 all out (32.2 overs)
Sparta : 100-8 (24.2 overs)
And another goes! Malik caught by Wegener off Arya for 2. Usman Saleem in as the pressure builds.

 VOC vs Salland  15:54
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
VOC : 2-0 (1 over)
They’re back on at Hazelaarweg, Edwards and O’Dowd opening for VOC, Hashim Khan takes the new ball for Salland. Wide to start and Edwards off the mark with a single behind point fifth ball. Nasir from the other end.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888   15:52
ACC : 101 all out (32.2 overs)
Sparta : 100-7 (24 overs)
Ackermann returns, and gets Ahmadi caught behind by Smith without scoring. Manminder Singh the new man.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888   15:46
ACC : 101 all out (32.2 overs)
Sparta : 99-6 (22.5 overs)
ACC have put up a brave fight, and with just three runs needed Arya traps Latif in front for 35. Ahmadi in to try to finish the job.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  15:42
Dosti : 83 all out (35.3 overs)
VCC : 31-2 (6 overs)
Diwan into the attack and three balls into the over Malan aims a furious slash at a wider delivery, edges and ends up in the hands of first slip, possibly via the keepers’s gloves, hard to see from here. He’s gone for 15 though and that’s quite the feather in the cap for Diwan. Potgieter in at four.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  15:41
HCC : 198 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 98-2 (12 overs)
Clayton Floyd gets Myburgh, caught by Klaus for a 31-ball 58. Khogyani comes and goess, bringing Asad Zulfiqar in to join Rehmat, who’s on 32*.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  15:35
Dosti : 83 all out (35.3 overs)
VCC : 26-1 (4 overs)
Hoseinbaks into the attack, Malan takes acouple of balls to have a look, then punches him through cover for four off the back foot. Two balls later and another backfoot punch brings four more thanks to a misfield, the next is in the gap for the same result.

 HBS vs Kampong  15:33
Kampong : 232-9 (50 overs)
HBS : 40-1 (6 overs)
Kampong have picked up the invaluable wicket of Walbrugh, but Tobias Visée is starting at his usual tempo, supported now by Gavin Kaplan.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  15:29
Dosti : 83 all out (35.3 overs)
VCC : 14-1 (3 overs)
Raja raps Ahmad on the pads second ball of the third and a fine celebrappeal does the trick, up goes the finger. Gigani at three we’re told.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  15:24
Dosti : 83 all out (35.3 overs)
VCC : 6-0 (1 over)
They’re back on at Westvliet, Musa Ahmad opening with Malan, Ahmad run the first from Rafa down to third for one, a leave outside off follows evades the keeper and then runs to the rope, and then Malan takes his first Topklasse run driving straight, the bowler misfieldsand they steal a single.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888   15:24
ACC : 101 all out (32.2 overs)
Sparta : 71-5 (17.4 overs)
Another for Reddy, who’s smacked for six by Latif but three balls later Ibrahimkhil is bowled. ACC full of energy as Ahsan Malik joins Latif.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  15:21
HCC : 198 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 57-0 (8 overs)
Punjab’s openers certainly aren’t hanging about, Myburgh moving on to 29* from 21 deliveries and Zulfiqar to 26* from 27. Troubling times for HCC.

 VOC vs Salland  15:14
Salland : 203-9 (50 overs)
Lubbers sees off the last ball from Hanif, Nasir slogs over midwicket for four to take Salland past 200 on the first ball of the final over. Single on the fourth brings Lubbers onto strike, and he galnces it fine for a single. Nasir can’t get bat on the last, and Salland finish on 203-9.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888   15:13
ACC : 101 all out (32.2 overs)
Sparta : 63-4 (15.5 overs)
Raza continues in aggressive mode, but in the end he tries to go over the top once too often, this time off Joseph Reddy, and his caught at mid-off for 40. Ibrahimkhil joins Latif.

 VOC vs Salland  15:11
Salland : 197-9 (49 overs)
Miscue into the off side is held in the deep, Sherzad goes for 2. Lubber Senior to the middle. In a cap.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  15:06
HCC : 198 all out (49.3 overs)
Punjab : 20-0 (4 overs)
Myburgh begins the chase at a gallop as usual, partnered by Rehmat Zulfiqar and facing Hidde Overdijk and Tim Pringle.

 VOC vs Salland  15:05
Salland : 192-8 (48 overs)
Naqash is pinned LBW by Seelaar first ball of the next over for 55 to bring Sherzad to the crease.

 VOC vs Salland  15:01
Salland : 191-7 (47 overs)
Naqash brings up his fifty clubbing Hoornweg into the on side for a single, Salland closing in on 200. Hanif does for Khan in the next over however, plays all round a straight one and castled. Nasir in.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888   14:48
ACC : 101 all out (32.2 overs)
Sparta : 38-3 (10.1 overs)
Hobson on at the River End, Bukhari’s struck on the pads by his first delivery, and the umpire’s finger goes up. The ACC celebration says they know how important that wicket is. Mamoon Latif joins Raza.

 VOC vs Salland  14:45
Salland : 169-6 (43 overs)
Breakthrough at Hazelaarweg too, Gopinath pops a leading edge to backward square off Jain and goes for 12. Naqash still there on 38 off 71. Khan in at nine.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  14:43
Dosti : 83 all out (35.3 overs)
And they’re back, Shariz Ahmed into the attack and Raja goes after him, only to hole out to long on for 22. Atwarie last man, and two balls later it’s done. Rapped on the pad on the front foot and the finger goes up.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888   14:37
ACC : 101 all out (32.2 overs)
Sparta : 32-2 (7.2 overs)
Facing a low total, Ali Raza begins to enjoy himself, hoisting Ackermann high over backward square for six. But then Van Vliet strikes again, getting Allen caught at backward point for 6. Bukhari in at four.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  14:35
Dosti : 81-8 (34.3 overs)
Raja looks to have come down with cramp or something, he’s backed away and is taking a bit of a break.

 HBS vs Kampong  14:28
Kampong : 231-9 (50 overs)
You have to say Kampong would have been happy with that at 11 o’clock, but the game is nicely poised at the halfway mark: Craeyenhout can be full of runs, and the Utrecht bowlers will need to collect early wickets if they’re to contain a powerful HBS batting line-up.

 VOC vs Salland  14:25
Salland : 150-5 (38 overs)
Gopinath brings up the 150 for Salland driving Schoonheim square for four on the fourth ball of an otherwise scoreless over. Still Seelaar at the other end.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  14:21
HCC : 198 all out (49.3 overs)
A real innings of two halves that, with HCC completely in control early on, and then Sharafat Khogyani taking six for 29 in 8.3 overs to pull Punjab back into the game.

 HBS vs Kampong  14:19
Kampong : 220-8 (48 overs)
Alex Roy and Robert van der Harten giving Kampong an extremely valuable flurry in the final overs.

 VOC vs Salland  14:15
Salland : 143-5 (35 overs)
Six scoreless balls for Bharathi before he goes after Seelaar, top edge on the sweep and gone. Salland stumbling into the last stretch here.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888   14:13
ACC : 101 all out (32.2 overs)
Sparta : 6-1 (1.2 overs)
They’re back at ‘t Loopveld, and Mees van Vliet gets a much-needed early wicket, trapping Sandeep Sardha in front for 5. Ali Raza in to join Rikus Allen.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  14:12
Dosti : 65-8 (29 overs)
Another for Boissevain as Hoseinbaks bottom edges a pull into his own stumps. Perumal penultimate man.

 VOC vs Salland  14:11
Salland : 141-4 (34 overs)
Ganesan goes to for 56 pulling Schoonheim straight to midwicket. Key breakthrough as Salland looked to kick on. Bharathi in to join Naqash, who’s on 22 off 51.

 VRA vs Excelsior  14:05
VRA : 57 all out (27.3 overs)
Excelsior : 61-1 (12.1 overs)
Etman finishes unbeaten on 40*, a comprehensive win for the visitors, and everyone can be grateful to get out of the cold.

 VRA vs Excelsior  14:00
VRA : 57 all out (27.3 overs)
Excelsior : 61-1 (12.1 overs)
All done here at the Bos, Nashier into the attack with the scores level and his first ball is a drag-down, put away for four through midwicket by Heggelman and all over in time for lunch.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  14:00
HCC : 185-8 (47.1 overs)
Khogyani’s been cleaning up at ‘t Zomercomplex, removing Trijzelaar, Patel and Olivier Klaus in short order as HCC collapse from 156 for three. All three caught by Salarazai! .

 Voorburg vs Dosti  13:58
Dosti : 56-7 (25 overs)
And Janneman Malan is on the scorecard, Ghori looking to lift Boissevain over the on side, leading edge flies up the other way and Malan’s under it to take the catch.

 HBS vs Kampong  13:56
Kampong : 191-8 (41.3 overs)
A stunning piece of teamwork between Walbrugh and Ryan Klein on the midwicket boundary, the former passing the ball as he fell over the line for Klein to complete the catch. Butt the victim, Stephan Vink the beneficiary.

 VOC vs Salland  13:54
Salland : 135-3 (31 overs)
Ganesan goes to fifty paddling Schoonheim fine for four, a worrisome partnership for the hosts now, this. Fletcher’s back.

 HBS vs Kampong  13:51
Kampong : 188-7 (41 overs)
Wheels coming off with a vengeance for Kampong, as Vikram Chaturvedi is trapped in front by Kaplan. A cameo from Sherry Butt would not be out of place here.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  13:50
Dosti : 51-6 (24 overs)
Raja brings up the fifty for Dosti flicking de Leede to leg for a single. Still plenty of time in the game but VCC will look to wrap this innings up early one would think.

 VRA vs Excelsior  13:48
VRA : 57 all out (27.3 overs)
Excelsior : 35-1 (8 overs)
A consolation wicket for the hosts, Verhagen looking to work Viseer away to leg and loses his leg stump. Heggelman at three.

 HBS vs Kampong  13:47
Kampong : 186-6 (40 overs)
Two more wickets at Craeyenhout as well: Singh Jhala bowled by Kaplan for 5, and then Vink gets Alphonse, caught by Navjit Singh for 91. Things looking a lot brighter for HBS now.

 VRA vs Excelsior  13:40
VRA : 57 all out (27.3 overs)
Excelsior : 29-0 (6 overs)
Etman and Verhagen making light work of this, halfway there already. Singh into the attack.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  13:39
HCC : 162-5 (42.2 overs)
Punjab fighting back, with first Overdijk caught behind off Khogyani for 12, and then Nidamanuru collecting the vital wicket of Worden, caught by either Saqib or Sikander Zulfiqar for 67. Daniël Trijzelaar in to join Yash Patel.

 VOC vs Salland  13:36
Salland : 117-3 (27 overs)
Ganesan and Naqash still making solid progress for Salland after that brace of wickets following the restart. Fifty partnership for them now and Ganesan closing in on his own half century. O’Dowd and Schoonheim for the hosts.

 HBS vs Kampong  13:36
Kampong : 179-4 (38 overs)
Drinks account for Jacod, who falls to Stephan Vink, caught by Walbrugh, shortly afterwards. Shivdutt Singh Jhala in at six, with Alphonse now on 86*. Kampong still have plenty of work to do . . .

 Voorburg vs Dosti  13:30
Dosti : 38-6 (18 overs)
Sharp piece of work from Hingorani sees Hoseinbaks run out coming back for what should have been a comfortable two, Raja in.

 VRA vs Excelsior  13:26
VRA : 57 all out (27.3 overs)
Excelsior : 10-0 (3 overs)
Maiden from Visser on Verhagen, Forty more of those and we’ll have a game on our hands. Etman edges wide of slip for a couple in Abid’s next, and then slashes one over cover for four. And the sun’s out!

 ACC vs Sparta 1888  13:24
ACC : 101 all out (32.2 overs)
Ahmadi finishes with four for 17 as Arya goes caught behind for 1. ACC are going to have to bowl extremely well to pull the fat out of this fire!

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  13:23
HCC : 150-3 (40 overs)
A first Topklasse wicket for Khogyani, who takes a return catch to remove Gorlee for 22. Hidde Overdijk in to join Worden, now on 63*.

 HBS vs Kampong  13:20
Kampong : 149-3 (35 overs)
Malik lasts four balls before he’s bowled by Ryan Klein without scoring. Pierre Jacod in to join Alphonse, who’s on 62*.

 VRA vs Excelsior  13:17
VRA : 57 all out (27.3 overs)
Excelsior : 4-0 (1 over)
And we’re back underway, Tim Etman and Roel Verhagen in pursuit of the modest 58-run target. Abid and Visser to share the new ball.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888  13:16
ACC : 99-9 (30.4 overs)
Ahmadi bowls Ackermann for 13, and then gets Joseph Reddy first ball. Devanshu Arya survives the hat-trick ball.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  13:13
Dosti : 34-5 (14 overs)
And Potgieter finds it, Hans struck low in front and draws the finger. Diwan survives a single delivery before being dismissed in like fashion. Hoseinbaks in.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888  13:11
ACC : 99-7 (30 overs)
Wegener has gone, caught behind by Raza off Nasratullah Ibrahimkhil for 24, and Mees van Vliet has joined Ackermann.

 HBS vs Kampong  13:04
Kampong : 138-2 (30.4 overs)
Half-centuries for both Briggs and Alphonse, and the partnership reaches the hundred mark. Barresi on now, and although Ferdi Vink has tried seven bowlers he hasn’t yet had a bowl himself. And as I write this, Briggs lofts Barresi to Ryan Klein at deep midwicket and departs for 53. Usman Malik joins Alphonse, who’s on 56*.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  13:03
Dosti : 33-3 (13 overs)
Slow going at Westvliet meanwhile as Ghori and Hans rebuild. Potgieter and Ahmad looking for thr fourth wicket.

 VRA vs Excelsior  13:00
VRA : 57 all out (27.3 overs)
And VRA’s shambles of an innings is brought to an end, Visser slog sweeping Baker and gets a lot of it, but not enough as Niels Etman tears around the rope and takes a phenomenal diving catch between deep midwicket and long on. Restart in ten.

 VOC vs Salland  12:59
Salland : 65-3 (16 overs)
Hanif strikes right after the break, Khan drives back past him and he snatches out of the air one-handed. Two balls later and Lubbers edges behind on the drive. Naqash in.

 VRA vs Excelsior  12:58
VRA : 55-9 (27 overs)
Lees gone, cutting Ingram to backward point for the fourth duck of the innings. Abid last man.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  12:56
HCC : 123-2 (33 overs)
A second half-century for Zac Worden: he’s on 54* now, with Gorlee on 15*. Teja Nidamanuru on to bowl, with Saqib and Hussain both having completed their 10-over spells. And debutant Sharafat Khogyani is on at the other end.

 VRA vs Excelsior  12:54
VRA : 55-8 (26 overs)
Nashier’s 26-ball vigil is over, caught off Baker at slip on the drive for four. Visser in and slams his second ball over midwicket for a one-bounce four.

 VOC vs Salland  12:52
Salland : 65-1 (15 overs)
They’re back on at Hazelaarweg. Ganesan and Khan still for Salland, Jain and Hanif for VOC.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888  12:52
ACC : 82-6 (24 overs)
The two South Africans, Wegener and Ackermann, are holding back the tide with a useful little stand, with Wegener on 23*. Joost Martijn Snoep into the attack.

 VRA vs Excelsior  12:50
VRA : 51-7 (25 overs)
And the hiatus in the procession comes to an end, Balbirnie down the track to Ingram and drives uppishly toward mid-on, where Rens van Troost takes a good low catch. Turmaine in and gone first ball, into the pads on the front foot and up goes the finger. Lees in, blocks the hattrick ball.

 HBS vs Kampong  12:47
Kampong : 107-1 (27 overs)
Good running between the wickets as Briggs, now on 39*, and Alphonse, the more aggressive on 43*, take the total into three figures and the stand up to 72. Julien de Mey into the attack, but so far without success.

 VRA vs Excelsior  12:42
VRA : 51-5 (24 overs)
Spinners on for Excelsior now as Balbirnie and Nashier look to salvage something from the innings, Ingram at one end, Baker at the other. Balbirnie sweeps Baker behind point for a couple to take the hosts to fifty, but a lot of work to do for this pair.

 VOC vs Salland  12:35
Salland : 64-1 (14.2 overs)
Looks like the covers are coming off at Hazelaarweg.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  12:31
Dosti : 17-3 (6 overs)
Not a great day all-round for Amsterdam clubs today, Ahmed is caught by De Grooth at first slip off De Leede second ball and Dosti on the ropes. Hans in at five.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  12:30
HCC : 97-2 (25 overs)
Worden moves on to 35* , and he and Gorlee are giving their side the basis for another substantial total. Still just the four bowlers used by Punjab.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  12:26
Dosti : 15-2 (5 overs)
First down at Westvliet, Masood miscues Kingma to Potgieter at mid-on. Tewarie in at three. And another for Kingma, Tewarie pinned in front on the back foot third ball. Rahil Ahmed in, de Leede from the other end.

 HBS vs Kampong  12:26
Kampong : 66-1 (20 overs)
At Craeyenhout, meanwhile, Briggs and Alphonse continue sedately, now against Stephan Vink and Kaplan. They’re giving Kampong a pretty solid platform against some steady bowling.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888  12:21
ACC : 50-6 (17.2 overs)
I’m not sure what’s going on in Amstelveen today, but ACC and VRA seem to be in a contest to see who can finish first. ACC nudge ahead as Saran clips Usman Saleem to Sardha at extra miwicket and departs for 2. Rob Ackermann the new man.

 VRA vs Excelsior  12:16
VRA : 36-5 (17 overs)
The collapse continues at the Bos, Rasool goes after Hampton, top edge and comfortably held at mid off. Borren in, Borren out, second ball and caught second slip by Ingram defending on the front foot. Five wickets in the space of two runs now. Nashier in.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  12:12
HCC : 75-2 (18.2 overs)
Staal falls to a combination of Zulfiqars, stumped by Asad off Saqib for 35. Boris Gorlee in to join Worden, who’s on 24*.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  12:09
Dosti : 1-0 (1 overs)
But they’ve started at Westvliet, Ghori and Masood at bat for Dosti, Kingma takes the new ball.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888  12:07
ACC : 46-5 (15 overs)
More trouble for ACC, as Zaidi looks for a run that isn’t there, and is beaten by Allen’s throw to Ali Raza. Navin Saran joins Wegener.

 VOC vs Salland  12:05
Salland : 64-1 (14.2 overs)
We regret to inform you that the covers are on at Hazelaarweg.

 VRA vs Excelsior  12:04
VRA : 35-3 (15 overs)
VRA in real trouble now as Zaman loses his off stump to Hampton. Three wickets in the space of one run now. Balbirnie in.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  12:02
HCC : 67-1 (17 overs)
Mubashar Hussain on for Salarazai, but Staal and Worden are building a significant partnership for HCC – up to 50 now, and power to add.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888  11:55
ACC : 40-4 (12.2 overs)
Khalid Ahmadi into the attack from the River End: Smith takes a brace of twos, but then attempts a short-arm jab and can only find Manminder Singh at wideish mid-on. Fergus Wegener comes to the crease for the first time.

 VOC vs Salland  11:55
Salland : 54-1 (13 overs)
And a breakthrough at Hazelaarweg too, Piyaranga walks past a fuller ball from Arnav Jain and can’t get back. He goes for 34, Talha Khan at three.

 VRA vs Excelsior  11:53
VRA : 34-2 (12 overs)
One brings two, couple of dots on Scully from van Troost bringas the big shot, looking to go over the on side but skews off the edge high toward cover where Joost Kroesen takes the catch. Rasool in.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  11:51
Covers coming off at Westvliet, no word on a prospective start yet though.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  11:51
HCC : 49-1 (13 overs)
Staal and Worden prospering at ‘t Zomercomplex, now on 28* and 11* respectively. Tariq has given way to Saqib Zulfiqar after bowling six overs.

 VRA vs Excelsior  11:50
VRA : 34-1 (11 overs)
And Hampton strikes! Singh on the drive, keeps a little low and looks to have maybe clipped the toe of the bat on the way through to the keeper. Certainly a healthy noise. He goes for 14, Zaman in at three.

 HBS vs Kampong  11:45
Kampong : 35-1 (10.2 overs)
A bowling change brings the breakthrough, as left-armer Benno Boddendijk comes into the attack, Abhyankar tries to belt him over long on and succeeds only in holing out to Barresi at mid-on. Ratha Alphonse in at three.

 VOC vs Salland  11:43
Salland : 39-0 (10 overs)
Bobby Hanif into the attack now, but still no breakthrough. Piyaranga into the twenties at about a run a ball. Good start for Salland so far.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888  11:41
ACC : 28-3 (9 overs)
Another one goes at Het Loopveld, as Bukhari gets into the act and has Potdar caught by Rikus Allen for 9. Ammar Zaidi to the crease as ACC look to be in real trouble.

 HBS vs Kampong  11:38
Kampong : 26-0 (9 overs)
Abhyankar goes after a shortish delivery from Klein major, swinging him away over the backward square leg boundary. Useful start for Kampong, this.

 VRA vs Excelsior  11:37
VRA : 30-0 (9 overs)
Bowling change, and Brett Hampton to deliver his first ball for Excelsior in a decade or so. It’s cut through point for a single. Three balls later and too wide again, costs him four that time. Scully on to 18 now, Singh on 12.

 VOC vs Salland  11:35
Salland : 30-0 (8 overs)
Piyaranga and Ganesan ticking along nicely for Salland, pulls Fletcher for four through midwicket, then cuts through point to the rope two balls later. Still Hoornweg at the other end.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  11:30
HCC : 26-1 (8 overs)
A wicket for Tariq, who has Floyd caught behind by Asad Zulfiqar for 9. Zac Worden in to join Staal, who’s taken up where he left off at the Bermweg last week.

Debut deferred, the weather’s holding things up at Westvliet | Photo – Richard de Lange

 VRA vs Excelsior  11:25
VRA : 17-0 (6 overs)
Singh picks up the first boundary of the day with a lovely straight drive off van Troost for four, slicing through the daisies on the outfield. Scully cuts Etman hard through point in the next over for four more.

 HBS vs Kampong  11:23
Kampong : 13-0 (5 overs)
No alarums at Craeyenhout, as Abhyankar and Briggs take no chances against the Kleins.

 VOC vs Salland  11:19
Salland : 12-0 (4 overs)
Steady start for Salland, Piyaranga and Ganesan opening, Fletcher and Hoornweg with the new ball for the hosts.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  11:17
Covers still on at Westvliet for now.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888  11:17
ACC : 13-2 (4.2 overs)
Early wickets at Het Loopveld, where Ahsan Malik gets the breakthrough by bowling Anis Raza off the first ball he faces. Shreyas Potdar in to join Thomas Hobson, and then Malik gets Hobson, caught at mid-on by Sandeep Sardha. Enter Robin Smith. Mudassar Bukhari, back in harness, operating from the Uilenstede End.

 VRA vs Excelsior  11:12
VRA : 7-0 (3 overs)
A largely uneventful start here thus far, Singh and Scully upening for the hosts, Niels Etman and Rens van Troost sharing the new ball. Two slips in, tree inside the boundary.

 HBS vs Kampong  11:10
Kampong : 1-0 (2 overs)
Sandeep Abhyankar and Cole Briggs open for Kampong, facing a brace of Kleins. Kyle starts with a maiden, just a single for Briggs off his big brother.

 🏏 Stats Snippet 🏏  11:04
Word is that former Netherlands skipper Steven Lubbers is making a top-flight return today for Salland at 69 years-young. Born March 24th, 1953, Lubber made his debut in 1974. He’s the only player with 10000 runs and 500 wickets in the top division, making his most recent appearance therein August 2003, for VRA.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  11:04
HCC : 2-0 (1 over)
Suleiman Tariq starts, as is his wont, and Clayton Floyd’s off the mark immediately with a single. Tonny Staal plays out the rest of the over, the only other action a wide. Safiullah Salarazai from the other end.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs HCC  11:00
HCC : 0-0 (0 overs)
Punjab have won the toss at Het Zomercomplex and inserted HCC.

 ACC vs Sparta 1888  10:53
ACC : 0-0 (0 overs)
Sparta have won the toss at Het Loopveld, and have joined the trend of having a bowl.

 Voorburg vs Dosti  10:52
Dosti have won the toss at Westvliet and elected to bat first, bit of weather about there too though, covers on for now. Janneman Malan on Topklasse debut today is the big news of course, and Neehan Gigani also in for VCC, with Nieuwoudt and Kulkarni benched. Atwarie and Perumal come in for Dosti at the expense of Hanoeman and Bhutta we gather.

 HBS vs Kampong  10:46
Kampong : 0-0 (0 overs)
Ferdi Vink has won the toss at Craeyenhout and joined the chorus of ‘Have a bat!’.

 Rod Lyall  10:43
Radio silence from the Group A grounds so far.

 VOC vs Salland  11:14
VOC will be bowling first at Hazelaarweg, not sure whose idea that was as yet though it does look a bowl-first day.

 🌧 Weather Update 🌧  10392
And a few spots of rain around the Bos, nothing heavy but might cause a delay if it gets any worse. This band of drizzly unpleasantness is expected to drift South over the day, not enough to come off for but certainly enough to make things unpleasant for all concrened.

 VRA vs Excelsior  10:35
And Excelsior will be bowling here, out of choice it seems. Just the one change for the hosts, a slight thumb issue has sidelined Aryan Dutt, with Zaman Khan coming into the side. Meanwhile skipper Tom Heggelman returns for Exclesior and Brett Hampton is back from a long exile, with Luuk Kroesen Rens Heinsbroek missing out.

Bertus de Jong 10:26
Morning all. Greetings from a rather grim and chilly Amsterdamse Bos. Hope to have some toss news for you soon, in the meantime, do check out the preview if you’ve not already.

 Rod Lyall  10:20
There are a couple of very big games today, none bigger than the Group A meeting of HCC and Punjab at Het Zomercomplex. And then there’s the encounter in Group B between old rivals VRA and Excelsior; it’s likely that one of these two will make it into the Championship phase, but probably not both. Plus there’s always a chance of an upset elsewhere.

 Rod Lyall  10:15
Good morning, everyone (please adjust for the relevant timezone), and welcome to our live coverage of the second round of matches in the 2022 Topklasse. It’s going to be a busy weekend, with full programmes of games both today and tomorrow, and Bertus de Jong and I will be bringing you all the action right here, with Sander Tholen back to give us the pictures. The tosses are about 15 minutes away, so let’s get right into it.