Topklasse Live | Round 5 | As it Happened

played won lost tied n/r points NRR
VCC 5 3 1 1 13 1.208
VOC 5 3 1 1 13 1.169
EXC 5 2 1 2 10 0.376
PJB 5 2 1 2 10 0.336
HCC 5 1 1 3 9 2.185
HBS 4 1 1 1 1 7 1.166
VRA 5 1 2 2 6 0.611
ACC 5 1 2 2 6 -1.420
DOS 4 1 3 3 -0.853
SPT 5 4 1 1 -3.787

 Rod Lyall  19:49
Well, I hope that was exciting enough for you. Just the two games survived the weather, but what games they were! Sparta put up a much improved display before losing to Voorburg, and then HBS and HCC slugged it out all the way to the very last ball, Musa Nadeem Ahmad’s fine 68 balanced by that outstanding, gutsy final over from Ryan Klein. We’ll be back again on Monday for what we hope will be a full Pentecost round, so join us again then. Oh, and the other double centurion? VOC’s Ton Bakker.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  19:45
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : `183-5 (31 overs)
The fifth ball’s a dot! Then Overdijk hits the final ball to the boundary, and the scores are level. A superb final over from Klein, and HBS have rescued two points from the match!

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  19:40
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : `179-5 (30.4 overs)
A leg-bye off the first brings Overdijk on strike. A swing and a miss, then a single. Five off three. Floyd goes big off the fourth, and this time it’s taken at long on by Van der Raad! Five off two, and Yash Patel in. Overdijk on strike.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  19:36
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : `177-4 (30 overs)
Overdijk’s dropped at long on with nine needed from nine deliveries! Ferdi Vink’s over goes from just four, so seven are needed off the last, to be bowled by Ryan Klein.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  19:32
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : `173-4 (29 overs)
Conditions certainly haven’t been ideal for the bowlers as the rain’s returned in the past half-hour. And on the brink of victory Musa Ahmad departs, caught by Visée off Stephan Vink for 68. 11 needed off two overs as Clayton Floyd joins Overdijk.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  19:26
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : `162-3 (28 overs)
Two boundaries for Overdijk and one for Ahmad in that Ferdi Vink over wing things firmly HCC’s way, with just 21 needed now from 18 deliveries. It’s been a fluctuating battle, but HCC have always had wickets in hand.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  19:18
Sparta : 160 all out (30 overs)
Voorburg : 161-5 (26.2 overs)
It’s all over at Westvliet, Van Beek’s unbeaten 24 steering Voorburg to victory after a great battling effort from Sparta.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  19:14
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : `141-3 (25.2 overs)
A magnificent delivery from Ferdi Vink rattles Crowley’s stumps, and he goes for 34. It’s raining now at Craeyenhout, and the DLS situation seems to shift with every ball. Hidde Overdijk joins Ahmad, on 57*.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  19:10
Sparta : 160-9 (30 overs)
Voorburg : 134-5 (24.5 overs)
A stunning one-handed catch by Bukhari at midwicket off Max Hoornweg brings De Grooth’s innings to an end on 59. Karl Nieuwoudt joins Van Beek, and Sparta haven’t given this up yet!

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  19:01
Sparta : 160-9 (30 overs)
Voorburg : 120-4 (23 overs)
Dutt down the wicket to Max Hoornweg, struck on the pad, and given. Logan van Beek joins De Grooth, who’s on 54*. 41 needed from 42 deliveries.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  18:57
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : 112-2 (22 overs)
Julian van der Raad into the attack, and his first over goes for 18. That’s a big swing, and even after a tidy over from Stephan Vink HCC now need 62 from nine overs. They’re just a tad behind on DLS. Musa Ahmad’s brought up his half-century, and he’s clearly crucial to this chase.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  18.51
Sparta : 160-9 (30 overs)
Voorburg : 111-3 (21 overs)
Maybe they can, at that, as Bukhari removes Engelbrecht. Aryan Dutt the new man.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  18.45
Sparta : 160-9 (30 overs)
Voorburg : 108-2 (19.2 overs)
Another for Manminder Singh, as De Leede is bowled for 1. Engelbrecht in. Can Sparta haul their way back into this game?

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  18.37
Sparta : 160 all out (30 overs)
Voorburg : 107-1 (18 overs)
Both batters reach their half-centuries, but then Hingorani, sweeping Manminder Singh, falls to a superb diving catch by keeper Ali Raza. He leaves with 51. De Grooth’s on 50*, and is joined now by Bas de Leede.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  18:32
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : 73-1 (16.3 overs)
A wicket for Mr Drinks, as Ryan Klein returns immediately after the break and promptly traps Gorlee in front for 42. Damian Crowley joins Ahmad.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  18.32
Sparta : 160 all out (30 overs)
Voorburg : 103-0 (17 overs)
Century partnership for Hingorani and De Grooth, made at a run a ball. They’re on 48* and 49* respectively, and at this stage Voorburg look to be cruising.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  18:26
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : 72-1 (16 overs)
With 15 overs left and over 100 still required the game is nicely poised. HBS could do with a wicket, but with just four off that Boddendijk over HCC need a gear change. Gorlee’s on 42*, Ahmad on 27*, and they need 112 off 90. With nine wickets in hand, obviously.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  18.18
Sparta : 160 all out (30 overs)
Voorburg : 81-0 (14 overs)
Kwinana off and debutant Ivo Hoornweg gets his first bowl in the Topklasse. Decent enough start, but it’s a tough ask for the youngster against two experienced and well-set batters. Hingorani’s now on 40*, De Grooth on 35*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  18:04
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : 47-1 (10 overs)
Gorlee greets left-armer Benno Boddendijk by despatching him for six, but the rest of the over is tidy enough. De Mey’s on the spot from the other end, but the HCC pair are quietly laying a solid foundation.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  18.03
Sparta : 160 all out (30 overs)
Voorburg : 58-0 (10 overs)
Kux Kwinana and Mamoon Latif operating now as Bukhari rings the changes, but to no immediate effect. Hingorani is going along nicely, and De Grooth punishes anything loose. Sparta in serious need of a wicket here!

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  17:53
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : 30-1 (7 overs)
Julian de Mey into the attack, but Musa Ahmad and Gorlee are intent on rebuilding after that early setback.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  17:51
Sparta : 160 all out (30 overs)
Voorburg : 39-0 (7 overs)
And the result of the Westvliet jury does seem to be 160. Bukhari has given way to Prithvi Balwantsingh, but Hingorani and De Grooth continue untroubled.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  17:34
Sparta : 159 all out (29.5 overs)
Voorburg : 14-0 (3 overs)
Bukhari’s right on the money, his second over a maiden, but Hingorani and De Grooth target Hoornweg, whose first over goes for 13.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  17:29
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
HCC : 4-1 (1 over)
They’re back at Craeyenhout as well, Klein bowling from the Sportlaan End. Musa Nadeem Ahmad strokes a four, but then disaster strikes as Staal slips looking for a single and is run out without facing a ball. Boris Gorlee in; Ferdi Vink from the Scoreboard End.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  17:24
Sparta : 159 all out (29.5 overs)
Voorburg : 1-0 (1 over)
Bukhari opens from the Pavilion End to Mohit Hingorani, whose partner is Tom de Grooth. The uncertainty about the total remains: the target is either 160 or 161. We’ll go with the higher figure, for safety’s sake. Just an initial wide off the over. Max Hoornweg from the Paddock End.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  17:09
Sparta : 159 all out (29.5 overs)
Voorburg :
It seems the flurry of wickets flurried too much for the scorer on the live stream.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  17:05
Sparta : 160-9 (30 overs)
Ali Ahmed Qasim returns to remove Manminder Singh, and then Butt follows later in the same over. Then the wickets start to tumble, but the contributions of Tarr and Bukhari mean that at least they tumble from a decent height. For the first time this season, Sparta’s batters have given the attack something to bowl at.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  17:03
HBS : 183-5 (31 overs)
Adil Ahmed holes out to Jan-Wieger Overdijk off Damian Crowley. Ferdi Vink to join Klein, and with some uninhibited hitting, including six for Klein off the final delivery, they get the total up past 180.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  16:49
HBS : 161-3 (27.3 overs)
Navjit Singh is caught by Klaus off Floyd for 44, made from 43 deliveries. Walbrugh follows immediately, caught and bowled for 59. Klein and Adil Ahmed together now.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  16:45
Sparta : 143-4 (26.1 overs)
Bukhari goes for 59, well caught at deep midwicket off Boissevain. Sherry Butt comes in with 23 deliveries left.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  16:40
Sparta : 128-3 (25 overs)
Bukhari posts the third half-century of the day, with a six off Boissevain. On a day when you might have expected the bowlers to be in control, it’s the batters who are making hay.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  16:17
HBS : 142-2 (25 overs)
Fifty for Walbrugh as well, and he and Navjit Singh have now added 68 for the third wicket. They’re on 52* and 33* respectively. Six overs left.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  16:29
Sparta : 110-3 (22 overs)
Tarr unleashes a glorious drive through extra cover off Engelbrecht to bring up his hlf-century, and then falls leg-before, sweeping at the next delivery. He goes for 52, and is replaced by Manminder Singh. Bukhari’s on 39*.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  16:19
Sparta : 97-2 (20 overs)
Tarr and Bukhari post their fifty partnership, with Philippe Boissevain bowling now from the Pavilion End. Tarr’s on 45*, Bukhari on 34*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  16:17
HBS : 104-2 (20 overs)
Jan-Wieger Overdijk on from the Sportlaan End, and Walbrugh immediately goes after him, hitting him for a four and a six. 13 off the over, and Walbrugh on to 36*.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  16:08
Sparta : 79-2 (17 overs)
Aryan Dutt on from the Paddock End, but Tarr and Bukhari seem to be in command, now on 41* and 20* respectively. This is the best position Sparta have found themselves in with the bat all season.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  15:58
HBS : 74-2 (15.2 overs)
Mason goes for 24, clipping Klaus off his toes to Staal at wideish mid-on. Navjit Singh in, but first they’ll take a drink.

 VRA vs Punjab Rotterdam  15:55
The game in Amstelveen has also been abandoned. Pluvius 3: Cricket 2.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  15:50
Sparta : 58-2 (12 overs)
This is a vital partnership for Sparta, and it’s going pretty well so far. The boundaries are coming, and Tarr and Bukhari have moved on to 33* and 9* respectively.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  15:44
HBS : 57-1 (10 overs)
Reinier Bijloos and Ollie Klaus into the attack now, but Mason and Walbrugh are making good progress against them.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  15:39
Sparta : 33-2 (8.3 overs)
Stef Mulder into the attack, and he immediately has Umar caught behind by Mohit Hingorani. Mudassar Bukhari in to join Tarr.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  15:33
Sparta : 32-1 (8 overs)
Umar and Tarr building a stand at Westvliet, against Van Beek and Ali Ahmed Qasim.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  15:31
HBS : 35-1 (5.4 overs)
An escape for Visée when Overdijk, falling backwards, can’t hold on to a return catch, and he celebrates with a six over midwicket. But then he pulls the next ball straight to Jan Wieger Overdijk at backward square leg and departs for 29. Tayo Walbrugh in at three.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  15:23
HBS : 24-0 (4 overs)
Visée is showing he’s ready to go for his shots, driving Floyd uppishly through the covers, then pulling Overdijk when he drops short before slashing him over backward point. He’s on 20 already, from 14 deliveries.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  15:15
Sparta : 8-1 (3 overs)
Sparta start with an early setback again: Ali Raza caught by Kingma off Van Beek from the first ball he receives. Garnett Tarr joins Danish Umar.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  15:11
HBS : 2-0 (1 over)
Clayton Floyd opens from the Scoreboard End, and there’s a single apiece for Reece Mason and Tobias Visée. Hidde Overdijk, who’s back for HCC, starts from the Sportlaan End.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  14:56
They’re playing 30 overs at Westvliet, where Sparta have won the toss and decided to have a bat.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  14:54
And we have the prospect of cricket!!! A start at 15:05, 31 overs a side. Tonny Staal calls correctly, and invites HBS to have a bat.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  14:25
The inspections continue at Craeyenhout, where the pitch is drying out only slowly. There’s talk of a start at 15:00, at which point there’d be 31 overs a side.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  13:38
Meanwhile, back at the cricket, there’s an inspection scheduled for Westvliet at 14:15, with a view to a possible start at 14:45. Fingers crossed, everyone!

 Rod Lyall  13:30
Sjoerd Weurman, our trusty informant from Craeyenhout, identifies Ben Cooper as another of the double centurions. He’s seconded by Jim Congdon, from far-off Adelaide, and by Peter Borren, no less. The most recent, indeed, with 202 for VRA against Hermes-DVS in 2013. Which leaves the earliest of the four for you to figure out.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  13:20
They’re having an early lunch at Westvliet as well.

 VRA vs Punjab Rotterdam  13:14
Lunch is being taken at VRA, in the hope that time, the Great Healer, will ensure that ground conditions improve in the meantime.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  13:09
There has been an extended conference out in the middle at Craeyenhout, and we understand there will be another inspection at 13:35. They want to allow more time for the pitch to dry out.

 Voorburg vs Sparta 1888  12:55
And they’re working on the ground at Westvliet, too, so there’s a definite hint of cricket in the offing!

 Rod Lyall  12:48
Karel Philipsen correctly names Nolan Clarke and Kenny Jackson as two of the three double centurions. Nolan did it twice: 265* for Quick Haag against Bloemendaal in 1990 and 213 for Sparta 1888 against Rood en Wit in 1995. And (ahem), I have to admit I’d missed one, so we’re still looking for two!

 VRA vs Punjab Rotterdam  12:39
Covers off in the Amsterdamse Bos as well, and the umpires are having a first look.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs HCC  12:17
The covers are off at Craeyenhout, and the blower is out. All looking a bit more hopeful!

 Rod Lyall  11:56
How’re you going with those double centurions? Clue: one of them did it twice.

 Rod Lyall  11:54
And it’s still raining at Craeyenhout, though reportedly not at Westvliet. What a difference a few kilometers make!

 Rod Lyall  11:52
Five Green Bottles Department: we are informed that the match between VOC and ACC at the Hazelaarweg has been abandoned. And then there were three . . .

 Rod Lyall  11:35
No significant developments yet, but it still looks as the rain might start clearing in half an hour or so.

 Rod Lyall  11:00
Voorburg are reporting that if the rain has indeed gone around midday and there’s no leakage or seepage under the covers, they’re hoping for a start around 14:00. HBS have an artificial outfield, so you’d hope they might get under way a little earlier. It may stop raining in Amstelveen first, but the VRA ground is reportedly very wet. The rain’s likely to clear Rotterdam and VOC’s ground last.

 Rod Lyall  10:45
The encouraging feature is that the band of rain which is passing across the country from west to east seems to start clearing the Randstad, where all the Topklasse grounds are, soon after midday. So, allowing for some clearing-up time, we should get cricket in the earlyish afternoon. If nothing changes . . .

 Rod Lyall  10:35
As we wait for further tidings from around the grounds, here’s something to exercise the little grey cells: which three batters have scored double hundreds in the men’s top division since World War 2? Tweet your answers to @tk_cricket.

 Rod Lyall  10:20
If more games are called off it won’t be for lack of trying: here’s the scene at Westvliet at the moment.

 Rod Lyall  10:15
Welcome once again, everyone. Pointless to wish you good morning, since it so clearly isn’t. But we at TKcricket are undeterred, and we will continue to bring you whatever news there is, hopefully including some actual cricket at some stage. I can tell you it’s been a beautiful, sunny winter’s day here in Sydney, and I can also bring you the diappointing news that one match has already succumbed to the overnight rain: Thurlede is again waterlogged, and Excelsior’s match against Dosti Amsterdam has been abandoned.