Topklasse Live | Round 6 | As it Happened

played won lost tied n/r points NRR
VOC 6 4 1 1 17 1.784
PJB 6 3 1 2 14 0.653
HCC 6 2 1 3 13 2.787
VCC 6 3 2 1 13 0.623
EXC 6 2 1 3 11 0.376
HCC 6 2 1 3 13 2.787
VRA 6 2 2 2 10 0.478
HBS 5 1 1 1 2 8 1.166
ACC 6 1 3 2 6 -1.188
DOS 5 2 3 3 -2.861
SPT 6 5 1 1 -4.124

The Topklasse League Phase Table after Round 6

 Bertus de Jong  20:06
No doubt there will be some people digging out the rulebooks, but it looks like everyone at the ground at least agreed that HCC had earned the four points. This scenario has been a point of contention in matches past, though not to my recollection in the Topklasse. In any event the umpires were reportedly quite clear that under their understanding of the Competition rules HCC were the winners. And looking at the game state it’s hard to argue that that would be the most reasonable conclusion.

 Bertus de Jong  19:26
Well it’s all over bar the shouting, but one suspects their might be a fair bit of that to come. HCC had raced to 88-2 in pursuit of Sparta’s modest 116-run total, but they’ve done it in just 5.5 overs. It’s raining of course, as it had been for much of the innings, but far too heavily to ever restart. Those 5.5 overs doesn’t constitute a game, but HCC are already well above what their target would be had their innings been reduced to the minimum 20 overs. Official word is that Sparta have accepted defeat, with the match apparently reduced to 21 overs despite the players not actually taking the field again. Essentially as overs were lost the revised target continued to fall until it was under HCC’s actual total and then everyone sensibly shook hands.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  19:10
VOC : 177-6 (23/23 overs)
Dosti: 44 all out (17.4/23 overs; target 185)
And it’s all over at Drieburg as well, with Kumar run out to end Dosti’s innings. We don’t have the final figures for Jain and Van Wingerden, unfortunately, but there’s no question they’ll be impressive.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  19:07
ACC : 118-7 (31 overs)
VRA : 129-7 (30.2/31 overs; target 129)
Miscued into the leg side by Abid, hurried single but they get there. Lees throws hands again and that’s over the covers, and that will be the game. Phenomenal fightback from ACC but in the end there was only so much hlep that VRA were prepared to offer them. A game effort at losing from an impossible position, but Lees and Abid take them home in the end.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  19:04
ACC : 118-7 (31 overs)
VRA : 127-7 (30/31 overs; target 129)
They steal two more off Lees’ outside edge, wild trhow from the man at third gives and easy two, Next is clipped down leg for one. And Abid’s gone hard after that driving out past long on for two more. Quick single off the fifth, and Lees wants to finish it, throwing hands outside off flies up forward of point, shouts of catch but two to the total in the end, just two more needed off the last. Looks like Arya will bowl it.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  19:02
VOC : 177-6 (23/23 overs)
Dosti: 42-9 (16/23 overs; target 185)
Jain and Van Wingerden give way to Pieter Seelaar and Rohan Malik, but the Dosti last pair of Arief Hoseinbaks and Jatin Kumar show more resistance than some who went before them.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  19:00
ACC : 118-7 (31 overs)
VRA : 119-7 (29/31 overs; target 129)
Abid gets lucky inside edging Arya across the stumps for one. Wants two but Lees sends him back. Stealing the singles here as they run one to the mid off fielder, who misfields. Five off it. Ten off two needed now.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  18:57
ACC : 118-7 (31 overs)
VRA : 114-7 (28/31 overs; target 129)
One off Arya’s next brings up the Nelson. 18 needed now off the last four overs. Raza to bowl the 28th. Bit of width second ball and Lees cuts away for one. Two ball later Abid helps on down leg for another, but they’re not going to get there that way. Lees pushes through cover for one more. Three off the over. Arya still. 14 needed from 3.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  18:53
Voorburg : 126-9 (30/30 overs)
Punjab : 127-3 (16.1/30 overs)
A truly inspiring knock by Teja Nidamanuru sees Punjab to victory: coming in at 30 for three, he’s made an unbeaten 80 from 39 deliveries, hitting five fours and eight sixes, and shared a stand of 97 with Rehmat Zulfiqar. Stirring stuff! .

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  18:50
ACC : 118-7 (31 overs)
VRA : 110-7 (27/31 overs)
Just two off Knoll’s next as ACC turn the screw. A little under five an over needed now and looking very hard to score of a sudden.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  18:48
ACC : 118-7 (31 overs)
VRA : 108-7 (25/31 overs; target 129)
Balbirnie taking the initiative now, down on one knee to Knoll and swept up over square for four. Much needed. Arya into the attack, Lees picks up one with what one might generously call a controlled edge wide of slip, gets Balbirnie on strike and regrets it as Balbirnie goes down the track swninging hard and the leading edge is held in the off side. Abid in, ACC back on top.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  18:45
VOC : 177-6 (23/23 overs)
Dosti: 26-7 (9.1/23 overs; target 185)
The Dosti collapse continues, with another one for Jain and two for Van Wingerden. This is a truly dispiriting effort.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  18:38
ACC : 118-7 (31 overs)
VRA : 101-6 (23/31 overs; target 129)
Kothari with a maiden for the 22nd, Three off Kumar’s next, Lees off the mark, slashing Kumar through cover for a couple and dragging VRA past three figures. The asking rate will start to come into play here. 129 is the target and eight overs to go.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  18:39
Voorburg : 126-9 (30/30 overs)
Punjab : 82-3 (13/?? overs; target ??)
They’re back on after a break at the Zomercomplex; not sure what effect that will have on the DLS situation. But Nidamanuru has moved on to 45*.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  18:35
VOC : 177-6 (23/23 overs)
Dosti: 21-4 (6/23 overs; target 185)
Hans departs as well, succeeded by Ravichandran. Two wickets apiece for Jain and Van Wingerden.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  18:28
ACC : 118-7 (31 overs)
VRA : 94-6 (19/31 overs; target 129)
Turmaine is done by what I suppose you’d call a slower bouncer from Kumar, sat up outside off and Turmaine waits on it, top edge straight up off the pull and gone. Lees in. VRA in a state. Remarkable comeback from the hosts here. Kothari back.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  18:31
VOC : 177-6 (23/23 overs)
Dosti: 19-3 (4/23 overs; target 185)
Dosti, too, in deep trouble, against Arnav Jain and Siebe van Wingerden. Masood, Rahil Ahmed and Vinoo Tewarie all gone, Raji and Hans now in the middle.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  18:22
ACC : 118-7 (31 overs)
VRA : 92-5 (17/31 overs; target 129)
The VRA top order, meanwhile, have collapsed in a heap. Cooper’s dismissal has triggered disaster for the visitors as ACC surge back into the game. Borren gifts Kothari his second wicket taking a knee and spooning to long on, Shirase Rasool popped a leading edge to point off Kumar for a duck, Marcus Andrew falls first ball, another leading edge flying to cover. Turnamaine and Balbirnie rebuilding, 37 still needed.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  18:23
Sparta : 116 all out (29/29 overs)
HCC : 88-2 (5.5/29 overs; target 113)
It’s hard to believe, but the same rain that’s ended the game at Craeyenhout has driven them off at De Diepput. It would be cruelty itself if they can’t get back, HCC needing just 25 runs at this stage. Musa Ahmad has 40* from 15 deliveries.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  18:14
HBS : 165-9 (25 overs)
The rain, meanwhile, has returned at Craeyenhout. They’re throwing in the towel. Match abandoned

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  18:13
Voorburg : 126-9 (30/30 overs)
Punjab : 71-3 (11.3/30 overs)
Nidamanuru has set about dispelling any suggestion of another batting collapse, hitting two fours and three sixes so far to go to 32*.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  18:10
Sparta : 116 all out (29/29 overs)
HCC : 74-2 (5/29 overs; target 113)
Gorlee hits a six and a four and departs, but HCC are clearly intent in getting this over with a.s.a.p. Musa Ahmad smacks successive sixes off Ibrahimkhil to underline the point.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:51
ACC : 118-7 (31/31 overs)
VRA : 82-2 (12.1/31 overs; target 129)
Cooper’s whirlwind innings comes to an end, but not before he’s smashed 64 from 35 deliveries, with four fours and three sixes. Peter Borren joins Balbirnie.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  18:03
VOC : 177-6 (23/23 overs)
A flurry of late wickets after O’Dowd departs for 131, Vinoo Tewarie taking three for 31. He’ll not thank us for noting that’s off two overs, but he was a brave man to bring himself on in the face of the gale that was O’Dowd today. There will be a DLS adjustment here as well, no doubt in VOC’s favour.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  17:57
Sparta : 116 all out (29/29 overs)
HCC : 45-1 (3/29 overs; target 113)
HCC off at a gallop as well, Tonny Staal hitting two fours and two sixes in the space of 10 deliveries before he’s caught by Wahab Umar off Nasrat Ibrahimkhil for 22. Boris Gorlee joins Musa Nadeem Ahmad.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  17:49
HBS : 165-9 (25/25 overs)
HBS still struggling to find the rope, de Mey aims a reverse swipe at Stubbs but can’t connect, Ahmed tries to go inside out over cover, better connection but won’t make the boundary. Kroesen to bowl the last. De Mey continues to improvise, moving around the crease and walks across looking for the lap-sweep but there’s not enough pace on it and his lifts it straight to fine leg. Boddendijk in, and another for Kroesen as a thick outside edge flies to point and taken. Stephan Vink drives then last ball back to Kroesen, who gathers and polishes off the innings by running out Ahmed, who is understandably well down the track. Impressive comeback from Excelsior to rope this back in. They’ll take the momentum into the second innings.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:51
ACC : 118-7 (31/31 overs)
VRA : 61-1 (9/31 overs; target ??)
Singh goes, bowled by Chris Knoll for 9, but Cooper’s reached a 28-ball half-century, batting now with Jack Balbirnie. Five bowlers used so far by ACC, but just the one success.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  17:43
Voorburg : 126-9 (30/30 overs)
Punjab : 31-3 (7/30 overs)
Kingma strikes again to remove Saqib Zulfiqar, and Punjab may be getting echoes of their unsuccessful chase against VOC. Nidamanuru now at the crease with Rehmat Zulfiqar.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  17:47
VOC : 164-1 (21/23 overs)
Another Hoseinbaks delivery disappears in the direction of Amstel Station, followed by a four, and O’Dowd moves on to 130*.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  17:43
Voorburg : 126-9 (30/30 overs)
Punjab : 26-2 (5/30 overs)
It’s all happening at the Zomercomplex, where Ali Ahmed Qasim removes the dangerous Stef Myburgh, and then Viv Kingma dismisses Asad Zulfiqar, both caught by De Leede. Rehmat and Saqib the current Zulfiqars.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  17:40
HBS : 155-5 (23/25 overs)
And wicket first ball for Kroesen, back of a length and Vink meets it with a cross-batted swipe, doesn’t egt a hold of it though and caught at long on. Ahmed in to join de Mey. Excelsior just dragging this back now. Run rate under 7. Stubbs to continue.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:39
ACC : 118-7 (31/31 overs)
VRA : 31-0 (6/31 overs; target ??)
Cooper making the running here, with two fours and a six in his 17-ball 26*. Singh content to be his straight man, and whatever the target is is a deal closer now.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  17:34
VOC : 130-1 (18.2/23 overs)
A wicket at last as Asief Hoseinbaks gets Jain leg-before with the total on 107, but O’Dowd is in domineering mood, reaching 97* from just 72 deliveries. He needs just one more to reach his century, dispatching Vinoo Tewarie over the midwicket boundary. The next one’s onto the football ground.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  17:34
VOC : 130-1 (18.2/23 overs)
A wicket at last as Asief Hoseinbaks gets Jain leg-before with the total on 107, but O’Dowd is in domineering mood, reaching 97* from just 72 deliveries. He needs just one more to reach his century, dispatching Vinoo Tewarie over the midwicket boundary. The next one’s onto the football ground.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  17:28
Sparta : 116 all out (29/29 overs)
A six from Balwantsingh helps the cause considerably, but you’d think that Sparta will need to bowl very well indeed to keep HCC under whatever target DLS decrees for them.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  17:23
HBS : 133-5 (19/25 overs)
Excellent again from Baker, just three singles off it. Rens van Troost takes over at the other end. Pace off and beats him back of a length first up, but the next offers too much width and de Mey drives through cover for four. Two balls later and that is in the slot, Singh swings through the line and that’s high and handsome over square leg for six. Van Troost strikes next ball though, just nipping away off the seam as Singh looks to go high and straight, skews away off the edge and well taken. Ferdi Vink in, HBS just wobbling a little now.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  17:23
Sparta : 102-9 (28/29 overs)
Some encouraging resistance from Balwantsingh, now on 20* and partnered by young Ivo Hoornweg. Jan-Wieger Overdijk to bowl the last.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:20
ACC : 118-7 (31/31 overs)
VRA : 7-0 (1/31 overs; target ??)
Vikram Singh and Ben Cooper open for VRA; they’re not telling us what the DLS target is, but a boundary for Cooper off Raza gets them off to a decent start.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  17:15
HBS : 119-4 (17/25 overs)
Tidy again from Baker, who has been quietly effective today. Just four singles off it. HBS maybe conscious of the length of the tail. Singh and de Mey fairly cautious with 8 overs still to go and plenty already on the board. Baker will continue.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  17:15
VOC : 74-0 (14/?? overs)
O’Dowd continues on his merry way: he’s made 61 of VOC’s runs, with Jain content to let him blast away. And the sun is shining on Drieburg!

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  17:12
ACC : 118-7 (31/31 overs)
A Hannema six in the last over gets ACC up to 118, although there will doubtless be a DLS adjustment to VRA’s target.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  17:10
Voorburg : 126-9 (30/30 overs)
Boissevain reaches 28 before he’s run out by Asad Zulfiqar, and then Sikander Zulfiqar has Ali Ahmed Qasim caught by Myburgh to finish things off. Saqib Zulfiqar again the most successful bowler for Punjab with three for 27.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  17:07
HBS : 112-4 (15/25 overs)
Six off Baker’s next, decent enough in the circumstances. Ingram replaces Stubbs, and near instant reward. Tossed up and Klein looks to put it away over the on side, dips and turns enough to take the inside edge into the stumps. Klein gone, Julian de Mey joins Singh, who’s on 21*.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  17:05
Sparta : 79/8 (23/29 overs)
Manminder Singh falls to Floyd, caught by Gorlee for19, and then Klaus removes Ibrahimkhil before running out Wahab Umar. Desperate times for Sparta.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  16:59
HBS : 104-3 (13/25 overs)
Spin at both ends as Stubbs comes into the attack, Walburgh breaks out the sweep to the leggie just helping him round the corner for four off the fourth ball. Moves into the forties next over, half chance off Baker in the next as he drives hard and low therough the covers but nobody can get to it, four more. No fifty for Walburgh today though, Baker finds the breakthrough with the last ball of the over, one that just dips and skids on, Walburgh on the sweep maybe thinks he’s got an edge on it, umpire disagrees as it’s into the pads and gone for 44 off 25. Klein in to join Singh, who takes four off Stubbs next ball with a lovely square drive. Klein opens his account whipping the last ball round the corner for four more.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:58
ACC : 106-7 (30/?? overs)
It’s hard to keep track, but they’re on again, and Potdar and Babu have both departed. Another run-out for Turmaine and a wicket for Jack Balbirnie. Stephan Hannema and Quincy Brouwer carrying on the fight for ACC.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  16:54
Voorburg : 105-7 (27/30 overs)
Sohail Bhatti returns to remove De Grooth and Viv Kingma with successive deliveries. Floris de Lange survives the hat-trick ball, but Voorburg look like finishing short of a decent total.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  16:49
HBS : 81-2 (10/25 overs)
Walbrugh takes up where Visée left off: he’s got 34* off so, with two fours and two sixes, and Excelsior are under the pump. Navjit Singh again keeping him company.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  16:45
Voorburg : 94-5 (25/30 overs)
De Groot hand Boissevain have added 20 precious runs, but they need a big last five overs to set Punjab a challenging target.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  16:42
Sparta : 56-5 (18/29 overs)
Tarr goes, caught by Hennop off Crowley, and Iqbal soon follows, a wicket for 100-up Ollie Klaus. Manminder Singh and Prithvi Balwantsingh have a massive rebuilding job here.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  16:39
VOC : 36-0 (8/25 overs)
Down to 25 overs here, O’Dowd reacts appropriately, one ball sighter from Hans and then launched over long on onto the Korfball courts, then dabs his way off strike. Hans skids one on under Jain’s bat next ball. And the rain’s back again. Covers on. What a day for cricket.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:37
ACC : 88-5 (28/?? overs)
Another rain delay at ‘t Loopveld, it seems, but ACC must be getting close to the end of their innings.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  16:33
Voorburg : 81-5 (22/30 overs)
Van Beek departs, caught and bowled by Saqib Zulfiqar for a 19-ball 25. Three wickets for Saqib, and Boissevain joins De Grooth in the middle.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  16:30
VOC : 28-0 (7/?? overs)
All five games in action now, as VOC resume at Sportpark Drieburg.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  16:26
HBS : 43-2 (5/25 overs)
Visée cuts loose, hitting three sixes off Heggelman and another off Lorenzo Ingram. But then Heggelman gets his revenge as the HBS skipper is caught by Tim Etman for a 20-ball 33.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  16:24
Sparta : 30-3 (13/29 overs)
Bukhari’s gone, caught by Crowley off Henrico Venter. Faisal Iqbal in now with Tarr.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:19
ACC : 76-5 (25/?? overs)
Aryan Kumar’s another victim for Hartsink, caught by Turmaine for 7, but Babu’s still there, joined now by Shreyas Potdar.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  16:15
Voorburg : 57-4 (17.5/30 overs)
Hingorani’s long vigil comes to an end, as he’s caught by Yasir Usman off Saqib Zulfiqar for a 52-ball 18. Tom de Grooth in to join Van Beek, who’s showing signs of wanting to get on with it.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  16:11
HBS : 4-1 (1/25 overs)
And we have action at Craeyenhout! Tom Heggelman, back for Excelsior, called correctly, and HBS bat first in a 25-over game. An immediate breaktrhough for Heggelman: Reece Mason caught by Joost Kroesen for 4. Tayo Walbrugh in early, joining Tobias Visée.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  16:06
ACC : 60-4 (20.1/?? overs)
They’re under way again in Amstelveen. Not sure how many overs they’re playing now. But Hartsink strikes immediately, Knoll stumped by Lees for 16.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  15:58
ACC : 56-3 (19/43 overs)
The covers are coming off again at ‘t Loopveld.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  15:56
Voorburg : 37-3 (13.4/30 overs)
Sikander Zulfiqar into the attack, and another catch for elder brother Rehmat as De Leede goes for 13. Aryan Dutt joins Hingorani, who’s on 13*. And Dutt is run out almost immediately. Voorburg suddenly in a spot of bother.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  15:46
Voorburg : 34-1 (12/30 overs)
Hingorani and De Leede are still there and De Leede has hit a couple of boundaries. But there’s no sign yet of their really taking the bowling by the scruff of the neck.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  15:41
Sparta : 11-2 (6/45 overs)
And the covers are off at De Diepput, and they’re aiming for a restart at 16:00. The game’s down to 29 overs.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  15:39
We understand there will be an inspection at Craeyenhout very soon.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  15:25
Voorburg : 16-1 (8/30 overs)
Mubashar Hussain gets the breakthrough: Pieterse caught by Rehmat Zulfiqar for 7. Bas de Leede joins Hingorani.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  15:25
Voorburg : 15-0 (7/30 overs)
A steady start from Hingorani and Pieterse, although it’s hard to say what would be a decent total here. It’s certainly a good bit more than two an over!

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  15:16
Sparta : 11-2 (6/45 overs)
They were taking the covers off at De Diepput, but then the rain returned again. Very frustrating for all concerned.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  15:11
Voorburg : 4-0 (3 overs)
With everything else at a standstill, a 30-over game has started at the Zomercomplex. Suleiman Tariq and Sohail Bhatti bowling to Mohit Hingorani and Righardt Pieterse.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  14:59
Raining again at Craeyenhout.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  14:55
VOC : 23-0 (5 overs)
And they’re underway at Drieburg. Arnav Jain up the order to open with O’Dowd with Edwards briefly indisposed, Hoseinbaks with the new ball for Dosti. 36 overs each way today if the rain stays away. Quiet start so far, O’Dowd blocks out a maiden to start. Masood (we think) from the other end, keeps things tight too. O’Dowd puts Hoseinbaks back over his head for four in the third though, two balls later and same shot clears the rope. And the rain is back. They’re staying on for now though, nobody wants to go home with just one point. O’Dowd seems happy enough though, runs coming quick. Time for another four and six again off Hoseinbaks’ next over before they finally accept the obvious. It really is raining.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  14:45
ACC : 56-3 (19/43 overs)
The rain’s back at ‘t Loopveld, and the covers are on.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  14:27
ACC : 54-3 (18/43 overs)
Slice of luck for Knoll as he’s missed by Andrew at slip off Turmaine; it was low to his left, and it’s a long way down for the big man. But then Turmaine gets Raza, who was beginning to look to move things along but is well caught by Hartsink at midwicket for 28. Ramesh Babu joins Knoll.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  14:34
And there’s the prospect of action at Sportpark Drieburg, where Pieter Seelaar has lost the toss and Vinoo Tewarie has invited VOC to have a bat. No indication of how many overs.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  14:27
ACC : 39-2 (15/43 overs)
Knoll goes after Turmaine, lofting him over the long on boundary – first boundary of the innings. Luke Hartsink on for Singh; three singles from a tidy first over.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  14:21
ACC : 28-2 (13/43 overs)
Vikram Singh operating from the City End, keeping it tight, with Turmaine doing likewise from the River End. Not a lot on offer here so far, but Raza and Knoll keep the board ticking over with some sharp running.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  14:15
They’re currently having lunch at Craeyenhout, and we understand there will be an inspection at 14:30.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  14:07
ACC : 19-2 (9.3/43 overs)
Leon Turmaine on in place of Abid, as Raza and Krishna continue to dig in, the runs slowly starting to come. But then disaster for ACC is Krishna is run out. Raza’s on 9*, and is joined by Chris Knoll.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  13:56
The covers are coming off at Craeyenhout.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  13:54
ACC : 8-1 (6/43 overs)
Glacial progress for ACC at ‘t Loopveld, with Gunning and Abid keeping things extremely tight.

Today’s first centurion – 100 caps for Ollie Klaus | photo – Johan Domela

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  13:38
ACC : 2-1 (1.2/43 overs)
And a crucial early strike for VRA, as Abid has Kothari caught behind by Mitch Lees. Krishna Hosur joins Anis Raza in the middle.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  13:32
ACC : 1-0 (1/43 overs)
They’re under way at ‘t Loopveld; just a single to Sahil Kothari off Quirijn Gunning’s opening over. Ashir Abid from the other end.

 🌧 Weather Update 🌧  13:32
The rain has arrived at de Diepput, and if it’s the same shower that just hit Craeyenhout expect a lot of water to come down. Covers on, the wait begins. One of those days I fear.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  13:30
They’re taking an early lunch at the Zomercomplex, where Punjab won the toss and elected to field.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  13:28
Sparta : 11-2 (6/45 overs)
Just one off Bijloos’ next, beats Tarr’s outside edge for good measure. Maiden from Floyd to follow. Pressure on Sparta who may well welcome this rain that’s just appeared, though it won’t help them on DLS.

 ACC vs VRA Amsterdam  13:25
ACC : (overs)
It seems that at ‘t Loopveld ACC have won the toss an elected to bat. We’re told they’re starting at 13:30, but we don’t know how many overs they’re playing.

 Dosti-United vs VOC Rotterdam  13:21
But there’s better news from Sportpark Drieburg, where there will be an inspection at 14:00, with a view to a 14:30 start. If there’s no more rain in the meantime . . .

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  13:19
More rain at the Zomercomplex, too, no doubt undoing some of the good work already done.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  13:18
Sparta : 7-2 (3/45 overs)
Floyd strikes with the first ball of the third, Umar prodding on the front foor, into the pads and up goes the finger. He doesn’t look happy, but hard to tell from this angle if that’s got more to do with his shot or the decision. Bukhari in, off the mark brushing to leg off the pads.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  13:14
The rain is unfortunately back at Craeyenhout, and it doesn’t look good for places further north, either.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  13:12
Sparta : 7-1 (2/45 overs)
And we have cricket! Clayton Floyd delivers the first ball of the day for HCC, Umar off the mark cutting in front of point for one. Raza picks up his first with a similar shot two balls later. Speculative LBW shout on Umar the only other notable occurance. Bijloos from the other end to bowl the second of the 45 overs the teams will get today (barring further interruption) and starts with a wide down leg, the next is driven back past him for a straight four. The next ball is right on the money though, shaping in, yorker length, into the base of the stumps. Tarr in at three.

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  12:40
Hope somewhat deferred at the Zomercomplex: the outfield is still pretty wet, and they’re planning another look at 12:50. Maybe a toss ten minutes after that, and a start at 13:30?

Hard at work on the pitch at Craeyenhout. | photo – Rizwan Akram

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  12:33
HCC have won the toss at De Diepput and elected to field. It’s a 45-over game. Ladies and gentlemen, we are about to have some cricket!

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  12:19
No joy as yet, we’ll have another look in half an hour.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  12:15
Another inspection at 12:30 at De Diepput, with a view to a 13:00 start.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  12:06
An inspection in ten minutes’ time is the word. Still some concern about the bowlers’ run-ups though. Fingers crossed!

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  11:46
There will be an inspection at 12:00 at De Diepput. Things are looking up . . .

 Punjab Rotterdam vs Voorburg  11:44
And some real hope: there’s a plan to do the toss at 12:10 at the Zomercomplex!

 HBS Craeyenhout vs Excelsior ‘20  11:20
It is dry now at Craeyenhout, we hear, but there’s atill a lot of work to be done. Still very damp out there, no word on an inspection as yet.

 HCC vs Sparta 1888  11:10
The main ground at De Diepput has been declared unfit, but the option remains of playing on the second ground, which has an artificial outfield. We’ll bring you more news as soon as we get it.

 Rod Lyall  10:25
The slightly more encouraging factor is that once the current band of rain has passed, the afternoon looks fairly clear. It’s all a question of how quickly the grounds can recover from their drenching.

 Rod Lyall  10:15
So, it’s déja vu all over again. A broad band of rain has been passing slowly over the country overnight and this morning (if you’re in the Netherlands this presumably won’t come as a surprise), and it doesn’t look as if it will start clearing Cricketland until 11:00 at the earliest. A good bit after that if you’re in Amsterdam. Quite apart from the stuff still coming down, it’s obviously a question how the already waterlogged grounds have coped with what’s fallen in the past twelve hours. Nevertheless, we hold ourselves ready to bring you all the news, and all the action should we eventually get started. So welcome to TKcricket’s always devoted, always unique coverage of the day’s Topklasse cricket.