Topklasse Live | Rounds 3 & 4 | As it Happened

played won lost tied n/r points NRR
VOC 4 3 1 12 1.169
VCC 4 2 1 1 9 1.298
EXC 4 2 1 1 9 0.376
PJB 4 2 1 1 9 0.336
HCC 4 1 3 7 3.540
HBS 3 1 1 1 5 1.439
VRA 4 1 2 1 5 0.611
ACC 4 1 2 1 5 -1.420
DOS 3 1 2 2 -0.853
SPT 4 3 1 1 -4.500

The Topklasse League Phase table after Round 4

 Bertus de Jong  19:26
And that’s a wrap from us here as well. Not exactly close games of cricket today but three more than we were expecting. HCC again the victims of the weather, the washout against Dosti their third abandonment of the season. For VOC Edwards and O’Dowd put on a show, but it was young Siebe van Wingerden that put the game to bed for them again. A valiant effort from Roel Verhagen wasn’t enough for Excelsior, who weren’t able to remove Myburgh early enough to stand a chance against Punjab. At Westvliet, you may recall, Vivian Kingma’s flying form continued, ensuring that VRA were bested and put on a bus back to Amsterdam before everyone else had finished lunch. Check back with us soon for scorecards, photos, reviews and such. We’ll be back live next weekend of course, until then this is Bertus de Jong signing off.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  19:17
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 99 all out (26.1/30 overs – Target 238)
And done at Hazelaarweg too, Ibrahimakhil charging O’Dowd, huge mow hits nothing. Watches de Kok take the bails off and that’s a wrap.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  19:15
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 193-4 (40 overs)
All over at the Zomercomplex though, Nidamanuru finishing things off with exactly ten overs to spare, a lovely lofted drive off Etman over mid off to bring up his fifty and seal the win for Punjab.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  19:12
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 93-9 (25/30 overs – Target 238)
Van Wingerden bowls out for figures of 6-23 from 6. Quite the weekend he’s had. Still one more to get before VOC can celebrate though. O’Dowd almost wraps it up as Sardha shanks him into the off side but van Wingerden can’t cling on to the catch over the shoulder one handed. Van Baren into the attack.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  19:05
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 185-4 (39 overs)
Roelfsema from the other end now, Sikander off the mark driving through cover to the rope. Van Troost returns and is pulled away square to the boundary by Nidamanuru first ball. Finds the outside edge three balls later but put down behind the stumps. Just seven needed now.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  19:04
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 71-9 (22/30 overs – Target 238)
And that’s a five-fer for the 17 year-old van Wingerden, draws Kwinana forward, turn and bounce takes the edge and loops to slip, lovely ball. Make that six-fer, conversely that was a horrible ball, full toss on leg but does the job – spoon into the on side and easily taken.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  18:59
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 169-4 (37 overs)
And a wicket at Zomercomplex too as Myburgh holes out straight off van Troost, wild celebrations from Excelsior as he goes for 82. Not convinced that’s a game-changer at this stage though. Sikander Zulfiqar in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:54
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 64-7 (20/30 overs – Target 238)
Another for van Wingerden, Hoornweg on the reverse and great anticipation behind the stumps, takes it right off the face of the bat. Kwinana in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:52
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 55-6 (19/30 overs – Target 238)
Van Wingerden bags another, holding this return chance low off the face of the bat, Balwantsingh gone for one. Hoornweg in an blocks it out. Three off O’Dowd’s next. Game long gone really.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  18:49
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 164-3 (36 overs)
Stubbs retruns for a second spell, Nidamanuru clubs his second ball out of the ground over square leg. Three balls later and driven straight for four more. On one knee again and repeats the first shot. This could be over quickly.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:44
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 50-5 (16/30 overs – Target 238)
Tough return chance for van Wingerden as Latif slaps a shorter ball right back at him, does well not to wear that on the chin, better still to take the pace off it, but can’t cling on for athe catch. He doesn’t have to wait long for a wicket though as Raza picks out long on two balls later. Manminder Singh in. Latif lofts Seelaar back for a straight four in the next but Sparta too far adrift for it to matter much at this stage. Latif isn’t going to die wondering though, short and wide from van Wingerden first ball of the next is crashed over extra, but the next ball he’s gone, flatter and quicker and under the bat as Latif slog-sweeps at air. Balwantsingh in and blocks out the over. O’Dowd into the attack.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  18:39
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 140-3 (34 overs)
Roelfsema replaces van Troost, pitched up on leg third ball and put away by Myburgh for four. He’s onto 77* off as many balls. Ingram bowls his last at the other end, finishing up an economical spell of 0-16 in ten.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:32
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 37-3 (13/30 overs – Target 238)
Seelaar takes over from Fletcher, just three runs off his first, and spin at the other end too with Siebe van Wingerden into the attack.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  18:30
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 131-3 (31 overs)
Nidamanuru still targetting van Troost, waiting for one he likes the look of ouside off, crouching low to launch that pover midwicket for six. Leaves the next three alone. Ingram still at the other end, he’s got two left.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:22
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 27-3 (10/30 overs – Target 238)
Bukhari goes, aiming a slog sweep at Jain but top edge goes up and comes down for O’Dowd at slip. Raza in.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  18:22
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 122-3 (29 overs)
Things have been calm at the Zomercomplex meanwhile as Nidamanuru and Myburgh consolidate, but that looks to be changing now. Myburgh connects with a brutal helicopter drive off van Troost for no run, having picked out the sweeper exactly, but Nidamanuru steps down a couple of balls later to put him over his head for a one bounce four.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:19
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 23-2 (9/30 overs – Target 238)
Fletcher floats up a slower ball that entirely undoes Tarr, straight enough bat but no danger of encountering the ball on its way to middle stump. Bukhari in at four, who inside edges past the stumps for four. Jain to continue at the other end.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:09
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 15-1 (7/30 overs – Target 238)
Eleven dot balls follow the wicket before Tarr finds his first runs driving Fletcher straight, well chased down by van Baren to keep them to three.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  18:06
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 112-3 (25 overs)
Saqib Zulfiqar replaces Asad, but doesn’t last long. Nelson on the board and van Troost profits, nipping back in and into the pads, up goes the finger. Nidamanuru in at five, he’s off the mark drilling van Troost back over his head, does well to get a hand to it and at least take the pace off, but can’t hold on for the catch.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  18:02
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 12-1 (5/30 overs – Target 238)
We’re rerassured that 238 is indeed the target, though at this stage it looks rather academic. Fletcher operating with four slips but doesn’t need them, pins Umar LBW in the fifth to bring Tarr to the crease. Just twelve runs on the board

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:53
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Sparta : 1-0 (2/30 overs – target 238?)
And they’re back out at Hazelaarweg, conflicting reports on how many runs DLS has added to the VOC total we are told either 227 or 238 will be the target, the latter strikes me as more plausible. Umar and Latif for Sparta, Pierce Fletcher takes the new ball for the hosts, starts with a maiden on Umar. Jain from the other end, just a single from his first.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  17:53
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 103-2 (21 overs)
Rens van Troost into the attack after drinks, semi controlled cut over the slips for four from Zulfiqar on the fourth ball but he’s beat the bat a couple of times too. Ingram still from the other end. Zulfiqar brings up the hundred for Punjab clapping van Troost away through point for four of the first ball, but four dots follow before van Troost knicks him off with the last.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  17:31
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 76-1 (17 overs)
Controlled first over for Ingram, just three off it, less so Kroesen at the other end as he loses his radar. Four wides in the 17th and Punjab looking well set.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:29
VOC : 223-0 (30 overs)
Edwards and O’Dowd turning the clock back here, shades of La Manga 2019 in this partnership as Edwards absolutely mullers a slog sweep of Balwantsingh over the on side for six to bring up the 200. Latif the bowl the last, O’Dowd generously gets Edwards on strike, who sweeps square for four to go to 91. Takes the single next ball though, so he’ll be left on 92*. O’Dowd steps down to put Latif dead straight and almost back into the clubhouse for another six, quick running off the final ball gets them one run past the 222 they posted that day in Spain, albeit taking three times as many overs to do it.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  17:25
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 76-1 (15 overs)
Myburgh swivel-pulls Kroesen over the on side for six, Kroesen finally breaks the partnership three balls later though inducing a soft lob into the covers from Rehmat Zulfiqar, caught for 18. Asad in to jon Myburgh, who’s on 57*. Ingram into the attack.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:19
VOC : 190-0 (28 overs)
Edwards gets another reprieve, gets under Latif looking to slog-sweep over backward square, picks out the man on the rope and that’s a sitter spilled over the rope. O’Dowd creams Latif over long on for six two balls later to go to 94, brings up his ton repeating the shot the following ball. Cut away for four through point to finish the over.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  17:15
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 68-0 (14 overs)
Myburgh goes to fifty driving Baker away square for four. Zulfiqar coming alive now at the other end too, driving Stubbs through the covers for four before slog sweeping behind square for four more. Gijs Kroesen into the attack.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:10
VOC : 167-0 (26 overs)
O’Dowd charges Ibrahimkhil third ball of the 24th, reaches to slap him back through mid off for four, Sparta making them work for the runs though, no boundary to be found off Bukhari’s next. O’Dowd picks up another six off Ibrahimkhil in the next though, lifted up over midwicket and just enough on it to clear the rope. He’s on to 85*, Edwards on 66*

 Excelsior vs Punjab  17:09
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 52-0 (12 overs)
Stubbs keeps Myburgh waiting for a hittable ball, no mean feat to bowl him a maiden once he’s set. Baker still from the other end, he and Stubbs stringing some dots together again now, just three runs off the last three overs.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  17:00
VOC : 146-0 (23 overs)
Tarr comes in for some tap, flighted and put away over midwicket by O’Dowd second ball, slog swept in front of square three balls later. Bukhari brings himself on for the 23rd, . Good from him, just four off it. Ibrahimkhil still at the other end.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  16:59
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 49-0 (9 overs)
Myburgh still finding the rope, cuts Stubbs away for four off of leg stump to go into the 40s . Zulfiqar the model opf restraint at the other end, only his second scoring shot off his 25th ball stroking Baker out through long off to the rope.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  16:53
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 38-0 (6 overs)
Myburgh welcomes Baker into the attack with a square cut to the rope, gets after Stubbs in the next too, on one knee and slog-swept over the deep square leg boundary for six. He’s on to 37* off 21.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  16:50
VOC : 126-0 (21overs)
And they’re back at Hazelaarweg, O’Dowd goes to fifty driving Singh up through through mid off for four, wide of the man there last ball of the over for four more. Looks like Tarr coming back now.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  16:46
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 26-0 (4 overs)
Myburgh continues to show plenty of aggression, Niels Etman pulle away for four in front of square, makes room to cut him away through point four balls later. Rehmat Zulfiqar becalmed at the other end, blocks out a maiden to Stubbs.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  16:38
VOC : 109-0 (18 .3 overs)
Manminder Singh into the attack, gragged short and O’Dowd set himself and sends it a long way back over midwicket. Short again but O’Dowd misses out, single out to the sweeper but the rain much heavier now, and they are coming off. Or are they? Umpires still out there and brightening up. Covers only make it half-way onto the field.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  16:36
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Punjab : 15-0 (1 over)
Steph Myburgh and Rehmat Zulfiqar open for Punjab as usual, Niels Etman with the first over from the Equestrian Centre End. BIG appeal for LBW first up gets no change from the umpire, and Myburgh adds injury to insult by planting the next onto the bijou (and unoccupied) second ground. The third’s driven through mid-on for four. Another off the next. A single off the final ball, and Punjab are off to a flyer. Stubbs from the Harbour End.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  16:34
VOC : 102-0 (18 overs)
Ibrahimkhil from the pavilion end now, Edwards misses a full toss first up and that’s the only real boundary ball of the over. Edwards down the track to Sardha third ball of the 17th and over long on, just clears the man on the rope. Latif back at the other end, driven through extra for four second ball by O’Dowd, creamed to the man a point for a single next ball and that brings up the hundred as the rain begins to fall. Edwards finds two down to fine leg to bring up his fifty too.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  16:24
VOC : 80-0 (15 overs)
too short from Ibrahimkhil and pulled away hard throuhg square to the rope by Edwards, wide either side of it too as he loses his line a little. Latif on from the other end, O’Dowd has a look and then steps back deep into the crease to get under a fuller ball, launches it back over Latif’s head for the first six of the innings. Spin now as Sardha replaces Ibrahimkhil,Sparta keeping things comparatively quiet still, five off it.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  16:14
VOC : 56-0 (12 overs)
Hoornweg bowls out, his six overs going for just 21, unlucky not to get the wicket of Edwars earlier too. Ibrahimkhil to continue from the Airport End, VOC have a platform here but will want to find some acceleration now in this abbreviated game. DLS will help them a little you’d think, but work to do.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  15:59
VOC : 45-0 (9 overs)
Hoornweg continues, too short fourth ball and pulled away by O’Dowd but good fielding saves the boundary. Ibrahimakhil replaces Tarr, wide outside off first up, tidy enough for the rest but score still ticking. Hoornweg still from the other end.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  15:57
Excelsior : 191-9 (50 overs)
Which they do pretty effectively, thanks to some enterprising, not to say comedy running. Sikander Zulfiqar the pick of the Punjab bowlers with four for 35 (I think), and good support from the rest to maintain pressure throughout the Excelsior innings. But 191 is a decent total in these conditions, and Punjab will need to bat better than they did yesterday if they are to take the points.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  15:50
Excelsior : 183-9 (48.1 overs)
A flurry of wickets at the Zomercomplex. Joost Kroesen fell for 32, caught by Myburgh off Bhatti’s bowling, then a dreadful mix-up led to Umar Baker’s being run out for 4. Klaas Roelfsema lasted just one ball, caught by Rehmat Zulfiqar off Sikander. So it’s left to Niels Etman and Gijs Kroesen to try to use up the last of the overs.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  15:49
VOC : 36-0 (7 overs)
And they’re back on at Hazelaarweg, Hoornweg to finish his over and should have had the wicket of Edwards, top edge on the cut and shelled by the keeper, insult to injury as the next ball is cut away for four. Garnett Tarr into the attack at the other end, rank long hop to start and pulled away for four by O’Dowd. Three balls later too much width, cut away for four more by O’Dowd, who’s doubtless grateful to feel ball on bat again after a torrid start to the season.

 VRA vs Voorburg  15:42
VRA : 80 all out (23.4 overs)
VCC : 82-1 (15.2 overs)
Abid back, round the wicket this time, but two balls into the over it’s done. Driven square off the back foot by de Leede and over the rope.

 VRA vs Voorburg  15:40
VRA : 80 all out (23.4 overs)
VCC : 76-1 (15 overs)
Consolation wicket for VRA, short from Singh and de Grooth goes after it looking to lift it over the off side, into to the hands of Eric Szwarczynski at deep third man. Bas de Leede in.

 VRA vs Voorburg  15:35
VRA : 80 all out (23.4 overs)
VCC : 74-0 (13 overs)
De Grooth and Hingorani look set to take the hosts home, full and straight from Borren and driven back past him low to the rope. Borren’s next goes even worse, de Grooth pulls him round the corner for four, Hingorani tucks him away behind square for four more, and the last is driven through extra by de Grooth off the back foot for four more. 16 runs off it as the wheels fall off for VRA.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  15:37
VOC : 20-0 (5.3 overs)
Apparently the umpires are now satisfied, and play will resume at 15:45. Another seven overs off, so 30 a side, and 24.3 left in the VOC innings.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  15:31
Excelsior : 171-6 (44.3 overs)
It comes to an end, though, as Shankar lofts Sikander (who’s switched ends) to Myburgh at point and departs with 10. Niels Etman joins Kroesen, who’s on 32.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  15:28
Excelsior : 169-5 (44 overs)
Bhatti back for Sikander, and Kroesen pulls him wide of midwicket to move on to 31*. Shankar’s on 9*, and this is a useful little partnership for the Schiedammers.

 VRA vs Voorburg  15:23
VRA : 80 all out (23.4 overs)
VCC : 50-0 (10 overs)
De Grooth showing some intent now, welcomes Vikram Singh to the attack with a lovely cut shot for four, an edge wide of the keeper for four more keeps Singh interested, but the next is driven through extra for four again. Fifty up. Borren brings himself on.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  15:19
VOC : 20-0 (5.3 overs)
We haven’t heard anything official, but body language suggested that the umpires might have some concerns about some areas at the edge of where the cover had been, and a posse of ground staff has now appeared to attend to the offending patches.

 VRA vs Voorburg  15:13
VRA : 80 all out (23.4 overs)
VCC : 35-0 (8 overs)
Abid and Gunning looking a bit more settled, maiden for Abid and five consecutive dots from Gunning, VCC won’t be too worried about the scoring rate just yet though and any pressure disappates on the final ball of the 7th over as Hingorani miscues Gunning up over extra cover and it runs away for four. More convincing stroke from de Grooth in Abid’s next as he drives square of the wickets for four more, Hingorani runs it down toward the rope at third for three more two balls later, and de Grooth puts the last ball through the covers, skidding across the outfield to the boundary.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  15:10
Excelsior : 146-5 (39.1 overs)
Verhagen’s long innings comes to an end as he tries to pull Sikander, keeper Asad Zulfiqar dives to his right, and Verhagen turns to see the umpire’s finger raised. He made 82. Sanjit Shankar in at seven.

 VRA vs Voorburg  15:03
VRA : 80 all out (23.4 overs)
VCC : 19-0 (5 overs)
Abid and Gunning both still struggling to find their lines, four wides apiece so far. Neither of the VCC’s openers looking terribly fluent but then they hardly need to be.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  15:00
Excelsior : 135-4 (37 overs)
Seven off that most recent Sikander over, including a four for Kroesen. And six off Saqib’s next, with a pulled four for Verhagen when he drops one short. On to 76* now.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  14:54
VOC : 20-0 (5.3 overs)
The covers are coming off at the Hazelaarweg.

 VRA vs Voorburg  14:53
VRA : 80 all out (23.4 overs)
VCC : 8-0 (3 overs)
Big shout for LBW on Hingorani in Abid’s first over, hard to judge the line from here. Might have been going down leg, as more than a few balls have so far. Extras top scorer at the moment for VCC. Anpother wide down leg from Gunning next over, then finds the edge but goes down in the slips. VRA can’t afford to be dropping any just now.

 VRA vs Voorburg  14:43
VRA : 80 all out (23.4 overs)
VCC : 2-0 (1 over)
And they’re back on at Westvliet. Hingorani and de Grooth opening for the hosts, Gunning with the new ball for VRA. They’re two runs closer to the 81-run target after that first over courtesy two wides, no runs off the bat as yet. Abid to start from the Paddock end.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  14:42
Excelsior : 116-4 (32 overs)
Drinks again at the Zomercomplex. Verhagen and Kroesen have some work to do here if Excelsior are to set a decent total. Seamer Sikander and leggie Saqib Zulfiqar operating in tandem now, and keeping things pretty tight. Hard to know what par might been in these conditions, especially after Punjab failed to chase 137 yesterday, but it’s probably well north of 180. Verhagen needs to build on his 67* if his side are going to get that far.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  14:21
VOC : 20-0 (5.3 overs)
And the rain is back at the Hazelaarweg. The players are off and the covers are on.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  14:19
VOC : 19-0 (5 overs)
A relatively quiet start from VOC, Bukhari and Hoornweg exacting respect from Edwards and O’Dowd with some controlled pace bowling.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  14:17
Excelsior : 102-4 (27.3 overs)
Sikander Zulfiqar into the attack, and Stubbs is undone by an attempted lofted back-foot drive which only carries a far as Hussain at long off. He goes for 17. Joost Kroesen joins Verhagen, who’s now on 60*.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  14:04
VOC : 6-0 (1 over)
They’re finally under way at the Hazelaarweg. Bukhari from the Airport End to Edwards, who takes a couple. The total’s helped by four byes. Hoornweg from the Pavilion End to O’Dowd.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  13:59
Excelsior : 85-3 (24 overs)
Stubbs gets off the mark by effortlessly lofting Hussain over midwicket for six. And a boundary off Hussain’s next over takes Verhagen to his half-century. A double and a hesitant single (and near run out) take him to 55*.

 Dosti-United vs HCC  13:56
Not that the early lunch made any difference: we gather that the match has been abandoned. That’s three in a row for unlucky HCC.

 VRA vs Voorburg  13:50
VRA : 80 all out (23.4 overs)
Borren takes a knee to Ahmed too, up and over midwicket for six more, down the track three balls later looking to go high and straight for his fifty but can’t clear the man on the rope and that’s the end of that.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  13:49
Word is a 37-over match will now start at 14:00.

 VRA vs Voorburg  13:47
VRA : 72-9 (23 overs)
Full toss from Boissevain allows Gunning to bag his first bounday, put away through midwicket, but Boissevain strikes back two balls later. Gunning goes back to one that skids on under the bat and into the stumps. Abid last man, survives the over. Ali Ahmed into the attack.

 VRA vs Voorburg  13:44
VRA : 68-8 (22 overs)
Kingma bowls through, he finishes with figures of 5-26 from his ten. Spin now as Boissevain takes over. Borren still trying to take the fight back to VCC, dug in by Boissevain and Borren takes a knee to heave him over the on side for four more. Nieuwoudt continues, Gunning flicks him to leg for a couple, inside edge in the same direction brings a single, then Borren goes hard at one outside off, thick edge flies wide of slip for four.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  13:42
Excelsior : 68-3 (20 overs)
A big shout for caught behind against Ingram off Hussain, and the finger goes up. He leaves with 15. Enter Tristan Stubbs,joining Verhagen on 45*.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  13:39
Best Laid Plans Department: we understand that the rain has returned at the Hazelaarweg.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  13:37
Excelsior : 64-2 (19 overs)
A flurry of runs off Tariq’s final over takes Verhagen on to 44*, but Tariq’s bowling a fine spell, a captain’s spell, finishing with one for 26.

 Dosti-United vs HCC  13:33
They’ve taken an early lunch at Drieburg in the hope that this will save valuable time later.

 VRA vs Voorburg  13:29
VRA : 50-8 (18 overs)
Borren still counter-punching, big six off the front foot back over Nieuwoudt’s head. He’s dragged his side past the fifty mark. Gunning still with him for now.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  13:29
Excelsior : 56-2 (18 overs)
Drinks at the Zomercomplex, with Verhagen on 36* and Ingram on 12*. Mubashar Hussain has replaced Nidamanuru at the Harbour End.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  13:24
But in fact things are moving faster than that: play will start at 13:30, with the match reduced to 41 overs a side. Sparta have won the toss and elected to field.

 VRA vs Voorburg  13:22
VRA : 39-8 (16 overs)
Borren looking to counterattack, perhaps aware of his dwindling list of potential partners. Sweeps Nieuwoudt through the gap in the onside field in front of square, speculative LBW appeal next up before Borren finds that same gap again. Kingma to continue.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  13:16
Excelsior : 48-2 (15 overs)
It’s started raining at the Zomercomplex, but the umpires are keeping their out there for now.

 VRA vs Voorburg  13:14
VRA : 30-8 (15 overs)
Maiden from Kingma on Gunning, finding both edges of the bat. Outside on the first ball falls short of slip, inside into the pads on the last. And that’s drinks.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  13:12
Excelsior : 48-2 (14 overs)
Ingram takes up where he left off yesterday, a lofted drive over extra cover and a pull behind square getting him goes with two boundaries. Verhagen responds in kind, lofting Nidamanuru back over his head for six and following it up with a brace of doubles. He moves to 33*

 VRA vs Voorburg  13:08
VRA : 30-8 (14 overs)
Nieuwoudt strikes first ball, Turmaine pushing forward away from the body and nicks behind. Gunning in.

 VRA vs Voorburg  13:05
VRA : 28-7 (13 overs)
More runs for Borren edging van Beek through vacant gully, Nashier off the mark an over later as he pulls a shorter ball from Kingma over midwicket for a couple, didn’t get all of it but enough to clear the infield.Two wides then short again and Nashier fends it straight to Bas de Leede at backward square. Four for Kingma, make that five! Lees in and out first ball, full, through the defences and into the stumps. Turmaine in to face the hattrick ball, and in an admittedly weak field that’s the shot of the day so far, checked drive through the covers for three. Nieuwoudt takes over from van Beek at the Pavilion end.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  12:57
Excelsior : 28-2 (9.3 overs)
Naturally, while I was posting that Van Troost was caught by Rehmat Zulfiqar off Nidamanuru. Lorenzo Ingram to the crease.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  12:54
Excelsior : 28-1 (9 overs)
Verhagen’s batting positively against Tariq and Nidamanuru. He’s moved on to 21*, with Van Troost on 4*.

 VRA vs Voorburg  12:45
VRA : 16-5 (10 overs)
The collapse continues. Swinging in from van Beek finds the inside edge and just clips the bail off of Szwarczynski’s leg stump. Nashier in.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  12:48
Next inspection at the Hazelaarweg at 13:30.

 VRA vs Voorburg  12:42
VRA : 16-4 (9 overs)
Three for Kingma! Fullish and shaping into Rasool, forward defending on the front foot but that’s into the pads and no hesitation from the umpire. Borren in earlier than he’d like, off the mark with a bottom edged four through the slips. VRA on the ropes early again.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  12:38
Excelsior : 11-1 (4.3 overs)
Tim Etman’s miserable start to the season continues, as he decides to take on Tariq’s gentle medium pace and succeeds only in holing out to Sohail Bhatti at mid-on. Rens van Troost pushed up the order to three.

 VRA vs Voorburg  12:34
VRA : 11-3 (7overs)
And a second for Kingma, Singh pops a leading edge looping high and down into the hands of sqaure leg. Shirase Rasool in for the first time this season.

 VRA vs Voorburg  12:26
VRA : 10-2 (6overs)
And another down at Wesvliet, Kingma removes Balbirnie’s off stump. Szwarczynski in. First boundary of the innings from him though not a particularly authoratative one, off the splice over the slips for four off van Beek.

 Excelsior vs Punjab  12:27
Excelsior : 0-0 (1 over)
They’re under way at the Zomercomplex, where Punjab won the toss and elected to field. Suleiman Tariq opens with a tidy maiden to a watchful Tim Etman. Teja Nidamanuru from the other end to Roel Verhagen.

 Dosti-United vs HCC  12:21
Claims that it’s hailing at Drieburg. There will, in any case, not be another inspection until 13:00.

 VRA vs Voorburg  12:20
VRA : 5-2 (4.1 overs)
The dream continues, as Kingma gets past Balbirnie’s defences and crashes the ball into the stumps. He departs for four, and is succeeded by Eric Szwarczynski. Great hostile pace bowling from Kingma and Van Beek.

 VRA vs Voorburg  12:09
VRA : 0-1 (2 overs)
A dream start for Voorburg: after an initial maiden from Viv Kingma to Vikram Singh, Ben Cooper nicks off from Logan van Beek to Tom de Grooth at slip. Another all-international start, and Voorburg get a key wicket before there’s a run on the board. Jack Balbirnie in at three.

 VRA vs Voorburg  11:37
First good news of the morning! They’re looking at a 12:00 start at Westvliet. Bas de Leede has won the toss and elected to bowl. Marcus Andrew, he of the 44-ball century yesterday, doesn’t play today, Shirase Rasool coming into the VRA side in his stead

 Excelsior vs Punjab  11:30
That ‘imminently’ was a bit premature, but we understand that the umpires are having a look at the Zomercomplex even as we speak.

 VOC Rotterdam vs Sparta 1888  11:10
It’s all looking pretty grey and damp at the Hazelaarweg as well, but if you want your morning/day/evening brightened with some cheery and well-informed Antipodean blether you could do worse than click the link to the live streams at the top of this page and tune in to the Rutgers-Fletcher pre-match (or possibly instead-of-match show) on the VOC YouTube channel.

 VRA vs Voorburg  11:02
We understand that the umpires will have a look at 11:15 at Westvliet. Optimistic noises emanating from there, so keep your fingers crossed!

 Excelsior vs Punjab  10:59
An inspection imminently at the Zomercomplex, the teams having arrived there after the transfer from Thurlede.

 Dosti-United vs HCC  10:44
There’s a delay at Sportpark Drieburg as well, with an inspection scheduled for 12:00 midday provided it’s not raining then.

 VRA vs Voorburg  10:32
There will be a delayed toss at Westvliet, where it’s currently raining.

 Rod Lyall  10:20
Plenty of showers about, but we must hope that the clear patches will allow all four of today’s games to reach a result. We’ll bring you all the news from the tosses as soon as we have it.

 Rod Lyall  10:15
Hello again. It seems like just yesterday that we were settling down to TKcricket’s coverage of an exciting round of Topklasse matches, and here we go once more. The weather has already taken a hand, the match between Excelsior and Punjab having been switched from Thurlede to the Zomercomplex after more rain overnight. The VRA-Voorburg game had, of course, already been moved to Westvliet, whence Bertus de Jong will be bringing you all the action while Sander Tholen captures the pictures. I’ll be doing the rest to the best of my ability, from TKcricket’s Sydney press box.

 Bertus de Jong  19:22
Well cricket the winner today with a hard-fought 3-1 victory over the weather, the elements only picking up 2 points at de Diepput today where VCC were denied a shot at chasing a gettable target against HCC. Other winners include VRA, who came back from a less-than-promising start to serve Sparta an absolute drubbing, Marcus Andrew’s belligerent 45-ball maiden century turning the game on its head, while Jack Balbirnie’s more measured almost-century held the VRA innings together before the tail ran up the score at the death to post what was in retrospect an unnecessarily high total of 314, and Sparta fell entirely to pieces in the chase. So too did Punjab in the Rotterdam Derby chasing an altogether more achievable 137, failing to capitalise on the good work of Mubashar Hussain and Saqib Zulfiqar with the ball. VOC youngsters Arnav Jain and Siebe van Wingerden wrecked the Punjab line-up after Jelte Schoonheim had removed the dangerous Stephan Myburgh, only Asad Zulfiqar showing any real resistance. On a day of calamitous collapses that of ACC stands out, however, if only because it was preceded by an opening stand of 164 between Anis Raza and Sahil Kothari. From 164 to 200 all out went ACC in the face of Gijs Kroesen and Tristan Stubbs, and despite showing some fight with the ball early on, once Stubbs joined Lorenzo Ingram at the crease the game was only ever going to end one way. We’ll be back again tomorrow, weather permitting, for the last four games of Round 3, do join us again then.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  18:54
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 192-2 (3.39/47 overs – Target 192)
Zaidi back and Stubbs puts him back over his head into the sight screen first ball, the next is swept over midwicket for four. Wide outside off eveades the keeper and they run one extra, Ingram cuts the next away over the rope to wrap up the game. He finishes on 80*, Stubbs on 71*.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  18:54
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 176-2 (39/47 overs – Target 192)
Stubbs thumps Napoleon over cover for four, the next is higher and harder to bring up his half-century with a six. Short on leg stump from Brouwer next over and just helped over the shoulder for four more. Big swing next ball and miscued high into the off side, should be gone but shelled. Brouwer not happy. Excelsior romping home.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  18:50
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 109 all out (42.4 overs)
Mubashar chips a return catch to Van Wingerden, giving him figures of three for 4. A remarkable win for VOC – it was the spinners wot done it, taking (I think) eight wickets between them. To defend 136 is a great effort, vindicating Pieter Seelaar’s decision to bat first, although Punjab will be very disappointed with the way they batted.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  18:40
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 152-2 (37/47 overs – Target 192)
No particular effort at containment there, miscued ramp from Ingram runs away toward fine leg fine, backward square lazily jogs after it as the batsmen run three, the man at point almost got there first. Brouwer into the attack to replace Kothari. Second ball is a head-high full toss outside off which Stubbs slaps away for two, two more off the free hit as Excelsior pass 150.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  18:38
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 106-9 (39 overs)
Jain’s last over, and Bhatti fails to get to the second delivery, chipping a simple overhead catch bck to the bowler. Mubashar Hussain is the last man.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  18:35
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 105-8 (37.5 overs)
And another one falls, as Hussain is trapped in front sweeping O’Dowd. Suleiman Tariq joins Bhatti with his side in deep trouble.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  18:32
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 102-7 (37 overs)
Ringing the changes, Seelaar brings Jain back from the Harbour End. Just the one from it. 35 needed from 13, but it’s all about the wickets.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  18:30
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 140-2 (35/47 overs – Target 192)
Tidy from Napoleon to start, but doesn’t trouble either bat. Kothari to bowl his last, just three off that too but containment won’t cut it from here.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  18:24
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 134-2 (33/47 overs – Target 192)
Ingram goes inside out over cover for four off Arya, misses on the sweep two balls later though. Not quite as chancless an innings as we’ve come to expect from Ingram but a crucial one nonetheless. Kothari continues and again Ingram misses the sweep, bit shout but pitching outside we think. Two balls later Stubbs takes a knee again and that’s away over square leg for six. ACC desperate for the breakthrough here. Napoleon into the attack.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  18:24
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 98-7 (34.2 overs)
It’s really tight now, as O’Dowd spears one through Asad’s defence and clips the top of off. He goes for 37, and Usman is joined by Mudassar Hussain. Before I can bring you this news Usman cuts Van Wingerden to cover, where the catch is taken by Rutgers. Sohail Bhatti in at nine.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  18:17
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 96-5 (32.3 overs)
Young Siebe van Wingerden into the attack, and Sikander can’t resist the meaty lofted pull to wide mid-on. Van Baren’s there, and a disconsolate Sikander departs. Yasir Usman joins Asad, who’s on 35*. This is a lot tighter than it probably ought to be, but VOC are bowling very well.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  18:12
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 116-2 (30/47 overs – Target 192)
Ingram sweeps Kothari hard behind point for four, pushes the nect toward mid off to move to 48*, Stubbs blocks out the rest of the over. Arya sneaks one under Ingram’s bat next over, but the next ball is slog-swept over the on side for six as Ingram goes past fifty.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  18:05
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 92-4 (30 overs)
Punjab don’t need to hurry, and they aren’t. Asad now on a very watchful 33*; both batters finding it very difficult to get the bowling of Fletcher and O’Dowd away.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  18:04
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 100-2 (27/47 overs – Target 192)
Stubbs straight back into the swing of things, lifts Arya back over his head for four, drives through cover to keep the strike. Kothari from the other end, Stubbs pushes him out to long off for one, Ingram works the next away to leg to bring up the 100 for Excelsior.

 HCC vs Voorburg  17:27
HCC : 176-7 (50 overs)
Voorburg : 27-0 (9/44 overs; target 167)
And the disappointing news from De Diepput is that the match has been abandoned. Just 11 overs were needed for a result.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  17:48
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 85-4 (25 overs)
Fletcher replaces Jain from the Harbour End and produces a lively over to Asad which yields just two runs. He’s on 31* now, brother Sikander on 3*. Max O’Dowd into the attack.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  17:40
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 93-2 (25.3/47 overs – Target 192)
So we’re looking at a 6pm resumption, just three overs off. So Excelsior will have a DLS target 192 in 47 overs.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  17:31
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 72-4 (20.1 overs)
When will I learn? Apologies to Nidamanuru, who hits a return catch to Jain and departs. VOC are up now, and Punjab need to be careful – their DLS situation will be a lot less favourable now!

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  17:25
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 93-2 (25.3 overs)
Conferences on the outfield now and covers coming off. Appreciably brighter now at Amstelveen, should be back on shortly if there’s no more rain.

 HCC vs Voorburg  17:27
HCC : 176-7 (50 overs)
Voorburg : 28-0 (9/44 overs; target 167)
They’re off again at De Diepput.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  17:25
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 70-3 (19 overs)
One over needed for a guaranteed result, and Punjab over halfway to their target. The light actually looks quite good at the moment, and Asad Zulfiqar and Nidamanuru seem comfortable enough.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  17:18
VRA : 314-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 67 all out (19 overs)
And it is now. Usman Saleem smacks a defiant boundary, then holes out to Cooper off Balbirnie. Four for 30 for Abid, three for 22 for Gunning. VRA win by 247 runs.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  17:14
VRA : 314-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 61-9 (18 overs)
It’s nearly all over now: Hoornweg caught by Vikram Singh off Balbirnie (some compensation, perhaps, for having missed his century by just one run), and then Abid removes Kux Kwinana, caught by Borren.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  17:10
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 65-3 (16.1 overs)
It was Saqib, and he made 7 before being caught behind by Edwards off the returning Arnav Jain. Teja Nidamanuru in at five, with Punjab probably still in front on DLS, if it comes to that.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  17:00
VRA : 314-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 49-7 (15 overs)
Another wicket at the Bermweg, and a third for Abid: Ibrahimkhil caught by Cooper for 8. Max Hoornweg in now.

 HCC vs Voorburg  16:56
HCC : 176-7 (50 overs)
Voorburg : 17-0 (5/44 overs; target 167)
Voorburg have made a steady start, Tom de Grooth back in his accustomed opening position and partnering Mohit Hingorani. Clayton Floyd and Reinier Bijloos operating for HCC.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  16:50
VRA : 314-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 42-6 (11 overs)
Bukhari put up some fight, making a 16-ball 15 before becoming Gunning’s third victim, and then a direct hit by Turmaine accounted for Balwantsingh. Manminder Singh and Ibrahimkhil out there now, but it’s hard to see how anything but a lot more rain can save Sparta here.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  16:45
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 93-2 (25.3 overs)
And the rain has arrived, covers coming on. Excelsior probably 10-12 runs ahead on DLS here if they don’t get back on, though there’s every chance they will.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  16:45
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 46-1 (11.1 overs)
Myburgh goes for 26, caught by Hanif off Schoonheim. Saqib Zulfiqar in at four.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  16:38
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 87-2 (24 overs)
That’ll help, Stubbs down on one knee to Raza and swings through, up and away over midwicket for six. Arya still at the other end, Stubbs lifts him back over his head, twice slips trying to get back for the second but the fielders have it no easier. Tossed up outside off and Stubbs goes inside out over the covers for four. ACC need at least a wicket to pull this back level. Still just light drizzle for now. Kothari back.

 HCC vs Voorburg  16:36
HCC : 176-7 (50 overs)
Voorburg :
The game has been reduced to 44 overs at De Diepput, Voorburg with a DLS target of 166.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  16:33
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 36-1 (9 overs)
Hanif gets a wicket with his second delivery, Zulfiqar caught by O’Dowd at mid-off. He’s succeeded by brother Asad. Jelte Schoonheim replaces Fletcher from the Equestrian Centre End.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  16:30
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 70-2 (22 overs)
And as I type Arya frinds the breakthrough, Verhagen stepping out looking to push into the off side, beaten and smart work behind the stumps. Stubbs in to join Inrgam and DLS too close to call without a printout now.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  16:25
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 70-1 (21 overs)
Arya’s first goes for just two, but crucially that’s enough overs for a game now. Raza from the other end after drinks, just one off it but Excelsior can afford to wait for the rain to come through now. Its a fairly narrow band of rain expected shortly, but so long as Excelsior have nine wickets in hand it will only help them.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  16:25
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 33-0 (8 overs)
Myburgh’s moved on to 24*, helped by two splendid drives off Fletcher’s last over, the first through mid-off, the second through mid-on. Bobby Hanif on now for Jain.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  16:15
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 67-1 (19 overs)
Kothari returns, taking over from Zaidi. Both batsmen set now though, and Verhagen shows just how set. On one knee and slog-swept over midwicket for six. He’s taken right back out of the attack and Zaidi continues his spell. Zaidi goes little better though, Ingram slogs him over backward square for four more. Raza tidy at the other end as the rain gets heavier. Excelsior well ahead of DLS though and they only need one more over for a game. Arya into the attack.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  16:14
VRA : 314-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 15-4 (3.2 overs)
Absolute mayhem at the Bermweg as Sparta start their chase: Quirijn Gunning bowls Ali Raza with the second delivery of the innings, Ashir Abid has Danish Umar caught behind by Lees in the following over, and then Gunning gets the vital wicket of Garnett Tarr, bowled without scoring. Then Abid traps Mamoon Latif in front for one. Bukhari and Balwantsingh in.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  16:10
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 17-0 (4 overs)
People go on about Myburgh’s square shots, his cuts and pulls, but his wagon wheel so far today is more of a wagon spoke – everything’s going straight. Jain and Fletcher have settled to their work, but VOC have to take quick wickets here if they’re to have any chance. Containment’s not an option.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  16:05
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 53-1 (16 overs)
Kothari returns, taking over from Zaidi. Both batsmen set now though, and Verhagen shows just how set. On one knee and slog-swept over midwicket for six.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  15:55
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 41-1 (14 overs)
Zaidi takes over from van Vliet as the first spots of rain arrive, bit wayward from him and six risk-free runs taken off his first over. Raza not looking too threatening either and Ingram and Verhagen just building back here. With rain expected ACC need to keep finding wickets here. Target for Excelsior one down at 20 overs would only be in the mid to late fifties you’d guess.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  15:56
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab : 7-0 (1 over)
Arnav Jain opens from the Harbour End to Stephan Myburgh, one of the many Netherlands A players whose kit is apparently still at Dublin Airport. This doesn’t seem to faze him greatly, however, as he belts Jain’s first ball back over his head for six. A single off the third brings Rehmat Zulfiqar on strike. He sees off the rest of the over. Pierce Fletcher from the Equestrian Centre End.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  15:43
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 22-1 (10 overs)
Raza turns one between Verhagen’s bat and pad, momentum back with ACC now even after that dramatic collapse. 200 still looks a good score on this ground. Misfield there as Verhagen flicks van Vliet away behind square allows them to get back for three, does not look easy out there for the batters though.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  15:40
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab :
And a 15:50 start. No indication of any reduction in the overs.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  15:36
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 15-1 (8 overs)
Ingram lifts van Vliet over mid on for the first boundary of the innings. Raza replaces Kothari at the other end, just a single off his first. Caution the watchword for Excelsior, three off van Vliet’s next, Verhagen a little unlucky as a straight drive is blocked by the stumps at the other end.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  15:35
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
Punjab :
The covers are coming off at the Zomercomplex, an encouraging sign.

 HCC vs Voorburg  15:26
HCC : 176-7 (50 overs)
Voorburg :
We gather it is or has been raining in Den Haag – hence the delayed restart.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  15:22
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 4-1 (4 overs)
Van Vliet strikes first ball of his second. Hung outside off, Etman slashes at it, bottom edge into the gloves, gone for one. Ingram in early at three.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  15:12
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
Excelsior : 2-0 (2 overs)
And we’re back at a blustery Loopveld, Tim Etman and Roel Verhagen opening for the visitors, Kothari with the new ball opens with a maiden on Etman. Van Vliet from the other end. Verhagen off the mark driving a full ball straight back past van Vliet for a couple, that’s the only scoring shot for now.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  15:13
VRA : 314-8 (50 overs)
A great little cameo from Turmaine, whose 31* comes from 23 deliveries with two fours and a six, well supported by Gunning (15* from 11), completes an incredible recovery from 67 for five. Tarr the most successful of Sparta’s bowlers with three for 52. But Sparta’s batters have a moderate Himalaya to climb.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  15:02
VRA : 288-8 (47 overs)
They’re back on in Capelle, and Garnett Tarr has deprived Balbirnie of what would have been a thoroughly deserved maiden Topklasse century, bowling him on 99. He faced 139 deliveries, and hit seven fours. That’s a third wicket for Tarr, who had had Lees caught by Hoornweg for 25 before that. Leon Turmaine and Quirijn Gunning at the crease now.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  14.30
VRA : 254-6 (42 overs)
And we’re told the rain has reached the Bermweg.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  14:29
VOC : 136 all out (39.3 overs)
No miracles for VOC, as Saqib gets Schoonheim caught by Nidamanuru for 11, to finish with four for 13, and then Nidamanuru takes a return catch from Hanif to end the innings. Three for 39 for Mubashar Hussain in a pretty convincing bowling effort from Punjab.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  14:26
ACC : 200 all out (49.2 overs)
French cut for a couple from van Vliet brings up the 200 for ACC, didn’t look like they’d even get there for a while. Remarkable implosion from 164 without loss. But that’s as far as they’ll get. Looking for a quick single off a block and Etman collects in his follow through, direct hit and ACC all out for 200 on the dot, having lost ten wickets for just 36 runs.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  14:22
ACC : 198-9 (48 overs)
The collapse continues, Brouwer pinned LBW by Kroesen. Napoleon in and out first ball, full and swining in from Kroesen through the gate into middle and leg. Nine wickets for 34 runs. Arya barely survives the hattrick ball, inside edge across the stumps. Stubbs still from the other end.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  14.22
VRA : 254-6 (42 overs)
Lees has moved to 23* without any fireworks, while Balbirnie’s reached 89*, batting with great concentration. A total in the region of 300 is still on the cards, thanks to Andrew’s extraordinary effort.

 HCC vs Voorburg  14:20
HCC : 176-7 (50 overs)
Patel finally holes out to Dutt in Van Beek’s final over and departs for 53. Ollie Klaus lasts two balls, Van Beek surgically removing his off stump. Crowley’s left on 62 not out, and his partnership with Patel – worth 116 – has given HCC a real chance. They’ll need to bowl well, though, against a strong Voorburg batting line-up.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  14:16
ACC : 196-7 (47 overs)
Pressure tells as ACC look for quick runs at the death, Kumar coming back for a second that was never there and run out by a yard and a half. Zaidi in. And a big wicket first b all of the 47th, Raza with a slog sweep aimed at Stubbs and that’s gone high off the top edge, come back down into safe hands. He goes for 85, Brouwer in. And Stubbs picks up his fourth, Zaidi castled. Impressive comeback from Excelsior this.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  14:12
VOC : 131-8 (36.4 overs)
Saqib Zulfiqar accounts for Jain and Pierce Fletcher, and VOC will do well to get past the 150 mark now. But Schoonheim’s still there, joined now by Bobby Hanif.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  14:06
ACC : 190-4 (45 overs)
Hannema doesn’t last long, slash across the line at Kroesen. Hannema misses, Kroesen hits. Excelsior coming back hard at the back end of the innings here as Aryan Kumar makes his way to the crease. Just two off Stubb’s next over, ACC struggling to capitalise on their platform here. Raza still there on 83* though. Kroesen to continue.

 HCC vs Voorburg  14:04
HCC : 165-5 (47.1 overs)
Fifty up for Crowley and the century partnership, and then Patel gets his half-century as well. HCC in with a real chance now.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  13:58
ACC : 184-3 (43 overs)
Another gone! Needless mix-up really as Raza edges Stubbs across the stumps, Babu half-way down the track and duly sacrifices himself as the throw comes in. He goes for 3, Hannema in at five to join Raza who is on 81*, survives a huge LBW shout first ball. Gijs Kroesen back.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  13:58
VOC : 123-6 (34 overs)
Van Baren gone for 7, caught by Rehmat Zulfiqar off Teja Nidamanuru, and Schoonheim’s in with Jain. Plenty of overs left, but VOC need a partnership.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  13:48
ACC : 175-2 (41 overs)
Etman from the other end, Hosur lifts him over mid off for four and holds the pose, the effect slightly undermined by the fact that he’s jogging down the pitch with his bat still frozen in the follow through. And Stubbs strikes again in his next, Hosur misses the sweep, into the pads and up goes the finger. He goes for 6 off 6, Ramesh Babu in. Off the mark pushing out to mid on. Raza still there on 74*.

 HCC vs Voorburg  13:53
HCC : 140-5 (45 overs)
The acceleration is duly delivered, much of it from Yash Patel who smacks sixes off both Qasim and Nieuwoudt. He’s suddenly on 41*, with Crowley on 41*. This is a pretty good recovery from 58 for five!

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  13:50
VOC : 116-5 (31 overs)
Slow progress at the Zomercomplex, too, where Seelaar has gone for 12, a third wicket for Hussain, and Rutgers for 13. Arnav Jain and Dirk van Baren at the crease now.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  13:46
VRA : 200-6 (30.5 overs)
A maiden Topklasse ton for Andrew, who gets there with his eleventh six. Just 44 deliveries, which must be among the quickest ever. But the next ball he faces he falls to Garnett Tarr, caught by Manminder Singh. The sixth-wicket stand with Balbirnie, now on 62*, was worth 133. Mitch Lees in at eight.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  13:40
ACC : 165-1 (39 overs)
Stubbs gets the breakthrough, Kothari on the back foot again trying to go over the on side, doesn’t get all of it and holes out on the rope. He goes for 88. Kiran Hosur in at three to join Raza, who’s on 71*.

 HCC vs Voorburg  13:40
HCC : 104-5 (42 overs)
Progress is slow at De Diepput, but Crowley and Patel are still there, on 26* and 19* respectively. Some acceleration is going to be necessary if HCC are to set a reasonable target.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  13:20
ACC : 153-0 (36 overs)
Stubbs still looking dangerous, beats Raza all ends up but the keeper fumbles. Two balls later and Raza’s down the track swinging at air again, bails off this time but the square leg umpire reckons he’s got back in time. Van Troost retruns, and is driven back over mid on for four by Kothari second ball, then guided own to third for two more. Raza still not picking Stubbs though, opts to sweep his way off strike. Van Troost back, and cut away but well fielded and almost a run out there, direct hit and Raza would have been gone. In the slot last ball of the over and Kothari launches that over deep midwicket for six more. He’s onto 84*. 153 the partnership now, we reckon that’s the second highest opening partnership for ACC in the modern Topklasse, passing Zakir Kathrada and Asad Zulfiqar’s 149-run stand against Dosti in 2017. Long way to go for first place though, Aponso and Schölvinck unbroken 278 partnership against away at VOC in 1993 the next marker.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  13:28
VRA : 171-5 (28 overs)
The plunder continues, the century partnership up now. A maiden half-century for Balbirnie, who’s on 57*, with Andrew on 76* from 37 deliveries, with three fours and nine sixes.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  13:20
VOC : 99-3 (24 overs)
They’re back on again – no sign of overs coming off as yet. Seelaar and Rutgers carrying on against Mubashar Hussain and Sikander Zulfiqar.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  13:10
VRA : 138-5 (25 overs)
A maiden Topklasse half-century for Marcus Andrew, from just 26 deliveries and including a remarkable six sixes. He adds a seventh before the over’s out, moving on to 56*, with Balbirnie now on 44*. They’ve added 71 in double-quick time.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  13:06
ACC : 126-0 (31 overs)
Fifty for Raza now too, sweeps Ingram hard behind square for four and then just pushed out into space wide of long on for two more. Finds the rope off Kroesen in the next too, full ball driven over mid on for four. Tristan Stubbs takes over from Ingram, immediately causing trouble for Raza, indide edge across the stumps and then a LBW shout, going down leg though. Too straight again and Raza gets off strike with a brush off the pads, and was that another chance? Kothari drills it back at Stubbs I think straight off the bat, he can’t hold on either way though.

 HCC vs Voorburg  13:03
HCC : 76-5 (32 overs)
Crowley and Patel engaged in a rebuilding exercise at De Diepput, with De Leede having now tried six bowlers in his quest for a wicket. Boissevain and Dutt operating now, the latter bowling off-breaks rather than the seamers he employed in Ireland.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  12:54
ACC : 107-0 (28 overs)
Raza takes his side to three figurs driving Ingram out to long off. Chance there off the last ball of Gijs Kroesen’s next over though as Raza drives uppishly toward mid on, but the fielder dives over it and it’s through him for four.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  12:54
VOC : 90-3 (20.2 overs)
Shortly before the heavens opened Hussain got the wicket Punjab so badly needed, Edwards caught by Yasir Usman for 40. Corey Rutgers in to join Seelaar, but only a few more deliveries possible before they have to come off.

 ⛈️ Weather Update ⛈️  10:52
The rain has arrived in earnest at the Zomercomplex, bucketing down and lightning about too. The weather’s coming up from the South so we can expect that to hit the rest of the games later on.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  12:51
VRA : 115-5 (22 overs)
Andrew’s onslaught continues, carrying him rapidly to 35*, while Balbirnie’s responding with some aggression of his own. He’s on 42* now, and this is a partnership Sparta need to break.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  12:45
ACC : 99-0 (26 overs)
Excelsior still working hard in the field as Kothari slog-sweeps Ingram over backward point, visibly irritated to see it fail to reach the rope again. He’ll be happy enough big picture though, already a half century to go with his ton on Thursday. He’s on 58*, Raza still with him on 38*.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  12:40
VOC : 78-2 (18 overs)
Things were looking ominous for Punjab with Edwards and De Kok well set, but then Mubashar Hussain has De Kok caught by Saqibsikander Zulfiqar for 25. Edwards now on 39, and Seelaar in at four.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  12:32
ACC : 89-0 (23 overs)
Ingram into the attack. Excelsior need a breakthrough here. No dice there, but just a single to point to spoil the over. Gijs Kroesen from the other end. Just one off his first as well. He and Ingram keeping a lid on things. But Kothari goes to his half-century in style, Ingram a little short, Kothari onto the back foot and put away over midwicket for six.

 HCC vs Voorburg  12:32
HCC : 58-5 (23 overs)
A first Toplasse wicket for Nieuwoudt, who has Floyd caught by Kingma for 6. Yash Patel in now, with Crowley still there on 6.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  12:27
VRA : 83-5 (18 overs)
VRA’s troubles grow deeper as Udit Nashier is caught and bowled by Saleem. Marcus Andrew in, and he promptly hoists Saleem for a six and a four, then another six. It’s an interesting approach, given VRA’s position well short of the halfway mark.

 HCC vs Voorburg  12:22
HCC : 53-4 (20 overs)
Hennop doesn’t last long: another for ex-HCCer Qasim as he’s snaffled at slip by ex-HCCer Tom de Grooth. Clayton Floyd in to join Crowley.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  12:19
VOC : 50-1 (14 overs)
They’re back on at the Zomercomplex, Edwards and De Kok pushing on against Mubashar Hussain and Sikander Zulfiqar. Looks pretty dark and miserable there!

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  12:12
ACC : 72-0 (18 overs)
Kothari steps down to Roelfsema and lofts him over mid off for four, few balls later and just flicked up off the toes and that looked like four more off the bat but well chased down again. Drinks now, Kothari on 44*, Raza 25*.

 HCC vs Voorburg  12:13
HCC : 44-3 (18 overs)
A run-out accounts for Musa Ahmada as well, and HCC have two new men at the crease as Ditmar Hennop joins Crowley.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  12:10
VRA : 61-4 (15.1 overs)
Balbirnie and Cooper have been rebuilding pretty effectively, Usman Saleem and Nasrat Ibrahimkhil on replacing Bukhari and Hoornweg. It takes a direct hit from Hoornweg to break the partnership, Cooper gone for 12. And then Saleem traps Peter Borren in front first ball. VRA teetering, but Balbirnie’s still there on 28.

 HCC vs Voorburg  12:06
HCC : 39-2 (16 overs)
Ali Ahmad Qasim brings one back on Gorlee and clips the off bail. He’s gone for 4, and Damian Crowley’s in to join Musa Ahmad, who’s on 19.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  11:59
ACC : 60-0 (15 overs)
Fout more to Kothari as he drives Baker up and over extra cover to bring up the fifty for ACC. Just a single off Roelfsma for the next, Raza goes high over mid on when Baker comes back but it plugs in the outfield and well chased to keep them to two. Roelfsmesa still from the other end.

 HCC vs Voorburg  11:57
HCC : 37-1 (14 overs)
Van Beek and Kingma give way to Ali Ahmad Qasim and Karl Nieuwoudt. Gorlee finally gets off the mark with a boundary off Qasim, while Ahmad has moved quietly on to 16.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  11:50
VOC : 34-1 (11 overs)
The first band of rain has reached Rotterdam, and they’re off at the Zomercomplex.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  11:45
ACC : 47-0 (11 overs)
Etman oversteps again, but again Raza can’t capitalise, bottom edged into the on side for one. He’s looked to be the aggressor so far but has struggled to find a clean connection. Excelsior’s medium pacers still nipping it this way and that. Spin now though as Baker comes on to replace Etman, reverse swept for a single by Raza first up. Lifted over the on side for a four by Kothari three balls later.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  11:39
VOC : 31-1 (8.4 overs)
With a fair degree of simultaneity a wicket falls in Rotterdam as well, Tariq getting the breakthrough for Punjab by trapping O’Dowd in front, also for 12. Edwards is on 17, and is joined by Tim de Kok.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  11:35
ACC : 33-0 (8 overs)
Kothari still providing driving lessons out there, Rens van Troost overpitching now and Kothari bisecting mids on and of. First bowling change now as Roelfsema takes over from van Troost. Bit of width and cut away by Kothari for a couple. He’s onto 18*, Raza on 14*. Etman still from the other end.

 HCC vs Voorburg  11:35
HCC : 20-1 (8.4 overs)
Kingma gets the breakthough, beating Staal’s defence and end the bails flying. He departs for 12, bringing Boris Gorlee in to join Ahmad.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  11:30
VRA : 21-2 (6.4 overs)
Singh goes as well, bowled by Bukhari for 10. Cooper in to join Balbirnie.

 HCC vs Voorburg  11:27
HCC : 19-0 (7 overs)
Ahmad and Staal grafting away at De Diepput, until the HCC skipper decides to take Kingma on and lofts him over mid-off, clearing the man and away to the boundary. Ahmad still in ultra-watchful mode.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  11:22
ACC : 17-0 (5 overs)
Kothari finds the first boundary of the innings, Etman drifts onto the pads and is whipped away uppishly behind square for four. Steady stuff from ACC, though it does look to be nipping around a little out there. Etman oversteps in the fifth but Raza can’t take advantage on the free hit. Kothari finds the rope on the fifth ball though, Etman overpitching, Kothari driving straight and low to the boudary.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  11:21
VOC : 21-0 (5 overs)
O’Dowd and Edwards going along comfortably at the Zomercomplex, although not with the pace of that opening over. Still, Punjab need to stop this partnership from taking root.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  11:16
VRA : 11-1 (4 overs)
First wicket of the day falls at the Bermweg, Szwarczynski caught behind by Ali Raza off Hoornweg’s second delivery without scoring. Jack Balbirnie in to join Singh.

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  11:08
ACC : 4-0 ( 2 overs)
Kothari and Raza opening again for ACC, Niels Etman takes the new ball. Kothari off the mark second ball, bunting into the leg side for one. Raza picks up two flicking square off his toes. Rens van Troost from the other end, finds Raza’s inside edge with the fourth ball but rolls away safe. Maiden from him, Etman to continue.

 HCC vs Voorburg  11:07
HCC : 4-0 (2 overs)
Musa Nadeem Ahmad and Tonny Staal, by contrast, start pretty cautiously against Viv Kingma and Logan van Beek, an all-Netherlands A contest.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  11:07
VOC : 10-0 (1 over)
A heavily front-loaded VOC open up with O’Dowd and Edwards, who start at a gallop, taking 10 off Suleiman Tariq’s first over. Sohail Bhatti to try to calm things down a bit.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  11:03
VRA : 5-0 (1 over)
They get under way a little early at the Bermweg, with Mudassar Bukhari opening up to Vikram Singh, who’s partnered by Eric Szwarczynski. Singh takes a brace of twos, and a wide completes the scoring. Max Hoornweg from the other end.

 Punjab vs VOC Rotterdam  10:52
VOC : (overs)
Pieter Seelaar makes the consensus complete after calling correctly at the Zomercomplex. Borren, Seelaar, Staal and Raza; who are we to disagree?

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  10:49
VRA : (overs)
It seems that there’s a captainly consensus about this batting business: Peter Borren called correctly and also put the opposition into the field.

 HCC vs Voorburg  10:42
HCC : (overs)
And Tonny Staal has also elected to bat after winning the toss at De Diepput. Interesting call!

 ACC vs Excelsior’20  10:35
The hosts win the toss at het Loopveld and, perhaps a little surprisingly, elect to bat first.

 Sparta 1888 vs VRA  10:35
VRA : (overs)
News from the Bermweg is that VRA will have a bat. Unclear, though, whether that’s entirely by choice.

 Rod Lyall  10:20
The radar points towards an on-again-off-again sort of day, though hopefully there’ll be sufficient breaks in the rain to allow all four matches to get a finish. But it certainly looks as if Messrs Duckworth, Lewis and Stern will have a busy afternoon, not to mention the umpires. Let’s hope lessons have been learned from last Saturday’s experience. Tosses should be about ten minutes away, so don’t go away!

 Rod Lyall  10:15
Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone, and welcome to TKcricket’s unique in-depth coverage of the first day of a scheduled double weekend of Topklasse action. How much action there’ll actually be, of course, depends on the weather, but we’ll be here to keep you up to date with what’s happening, or not happening. Bertus de Jong will be at Het Loopveld for the ACC-Excelsior game, Sander Tholen and his camera will be at the Zomercomplex for Punjab vs. VOC, and I, as always these days, will be reporting on the rest from my fastness in Sydney, back firmly turned on the Harbour lights. It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it . . .

 Bertus de Jong  19:22
And word is par at 47.1 was indeed 235, so that’s a 10 run win for ACC. Impressive effort from them coming in as underdogs against even a somewhat understrength HBS. Hard to say for the hosts if the presence of Tobias Visée or Ryan Klein might have helped them hold off ACC, much easier to say they’d likely have won if they’d held their chances in the field. Kothari took advantage of the repreives on offer, his century coming at nearly a run-a-ball and setting up an emminently defensible target. It was a team effort in the field from the visitors that saw them claim the win in the end though, and while Tayo Walbrugh’s certainly laid down a marker on Topklasse debut his 88 wasn’t enough to pull HBS back into the game. We’ll be back on Saturday for the rest of the round, or rather for the next round, with the rest of this round being played out on Sunday. I think. Either way join us on both days if you can, until then this is Bertus de Jong signing off in the sunshine, thankfully far from a rainswept Craeyenhout.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  19:12
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 225-6 (47.1 overs)
That’s all she wrote, ladies and gents. No more play today. We’re still waiting on an exact DLS margin of victory but ACC will take the four points home from Craeyenhout.

Angry skies over Craeyenhout | Photo – Robert van Oosterom

 ⛈ Weather Update ⛈  18:48
Sheeting down now, fair to say we’re done for the day. I reckon HBS are about 10 runs short of DLS par here. Give or take a run or two maybe but ACC undoubtedly comfortably ahead if they don’t get back on, which they definitely will not.

 ⛈ Weather Update ⛈  18:28
Rain coming down and flashes of lightning too, doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing much play in the near future, nor indeed at all for the rest of the day.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  18:27
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 225-6 (47.1 overs)
Ahmed survives a missed stumping on the first ball of the 48th, but that’s as far as we’ll go for now. Rain coming down and they’re off. ACC ahead on DLS as it stands.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  18:25
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 225-6 (47 overs)
Ahmed puts Kumar over the covers for four as the clouds roll in, three dots to close the over. Rain starting to come down now.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  18:22
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 219-6 (46 overs)
De Mey targetting cow corner, gets away with a couple but eventually goes too, mishit and and an easy grab for deep midwicket coming in off the rope. He’s gone for 32, Boddendijk in. Kumar still from the other end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  18:17
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 214-5 (45 overs)
The demands of the scoreboard do for Vink, down the track to Kumar and swinging at air, castled. Ahmed in. De Mey caught long on off a no ball, what drama. Free hit is short and hittable, and hit. Six over midwicket from de Mey and into the water hazard. ACC still on top here though, Napoleon back.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  18:09
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 202-4 (44 overs)
Raza still and first ball of the 44th he bags the crucial wicket, Walbrugh looking to brush that to leg, missed and into the stumps. Ferdi Vink in. He puts his third ball away over the covers for four to bring up the 200, mountain to climb from here though.

 ⛅ Weather Update ⛅  18:04
Still clear for now but rain on the way we hear. HBS six behind DLS par.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  18:04
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 194-3 (43 overs)
De Mey top-deges a sweep off Kothari but falls safe. Still no boundary to be found. Kothari finishes with figures of 1-39 from his ten. Raza still at the other end, dab sweep and good running brings three off the first ball, just three more from the over though. Tens required. Kumar replaces Kothari. Walbrugh looking to cut loose now, half volley absolutely creamed over long on hard and flat for six. Two balls later dug in short and pulled away in the same direction, same result. He’s on to 87*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  17:47
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 169-3 (40 overs)
Kothari drops short and is pulled away behind square by de Mey for four, sense of urgency creeping ito the HBS innings. Raza still from the other end, Walbrugh down the track and drives uppishly for a couple, can’t fins the rope though. Asking rate closing in on double figures. Kothari to bowl his last.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  17:35
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 152-3 (36 overs)
De Mey off the mark with a single off Raza, picks up a couple more off the outside edge in Kothari’s nexct. That wicket’s put them behind DLS though, and even if there’s no more rain they’ll need to find some acceleration. Raza obliges with a full toss to Walburgh wich is put away for six over the on side. 150 up. Search party sent out after the ball.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  17:26
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 139-3 (33 overs)
Walbrugh brings up his fifty in the next over, pushing Kothari out to long onfor one. A lot resting on his shoulders now. Kothari looking threatening still, de Mey yet to score, Walbrugh on 52*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  17:16
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 130-3 (30 overs)
And right after the break, Raza breaks the partnership. Singh creeping down the track, Raza pushes it full and wide, no connection and a very smart bit of work behind the wicket, Singh reckons he’s got back but the square leg umpire disagrees. De Mey in at five. Kothari returns from the Sportlaan end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  17:11
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 128-2 (29 overs)
Players are back out, we don’t think we’ve losty any overs yet as they do have the extra hour this round.

 ⛅ Weather Update ⛅  17:09
Brightening up again now, covers coming off.

 🌧 Weather Update 🌧  17:00
It’s been drizzling on an off for much of the HBS innings, just starting to get a bit heavier now. And the umpires judge that sufficient to take them off, HBS just ahead on DLS at this stage.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  16:59
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 128-2 (29 overs)
Lovely late cut from Singh off Raza for a couple to go to fifty. Zaidi still from the Sportlaan End and is driven staright for four more by Singh. Walbrugh picks up a boundary too, if in somewhat less convincing fashion. Outside edge through vancant slip.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  16:54
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 112-2 (27 overs)
Walburgh brings up the hundred for HBS cutting Napoleon in front of point for a single, this pair still content to just knock it around for now. Singh closing in on fifty too. He’s on 48*, Walburgh has 35 to his name. Asking rate over a run a ball now but 8 wickets in hand. First bowling change for a while Raza returns from the Bosjes van Pex end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  16:40
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 96-2 (23 overs)
Zaidi continues after drinks, just a couple of singles off the 19th. Napoleon back into the attack from the Bosjes van Pex End, Walburgh takes him for two boundaries in the 20th over, back of a length pulled away in front of square, then a textbook on drive off the front foot. ACC keep things tight for the next three overs though, still Napoleon and Zaidi for these middle overs, HBS building a base but the required rate creeping upward.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  16:14
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 77-2 (17 overs)
Walburgh bunts a quick single off Zaidi, collects five for it thanks to poor backing up, overthrows to the rope. He looks to have his eye in now, laces a lovely drive past extra cover for a couple off Kumar. Square drive off Zaidi for a couple more in the next. Singh into the thirties meanwhile, handy partnership this for the hosts this.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  16:04
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 61-2 (14 overs)
Singh finding some fluency here, driving Kothari through the covers for three before a lovely late cut uses the pace to find the rope fine of third. That straight drive from Wlaburgh still his only scoring shot through, Kumar bowls him another maiden. Zaidi into the attack.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  15:57
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 52-2 (12 overs)
Walburgh off the mark after facing eleven dots, driving Kumar handsomely and dead straight to the rope for four. Kothari still from the other end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  15:47
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 42-2 (9 overs)
Tidy from Kothari for his first, just the single from it. Kumar from the other end, short and hooked around the corner for four by Singh, followed by a risky single to square leg but the throw is just wide. And Kothari srikes next over, Mason on the back foot to wone that skids on with the arm, swatting helplessly at it, no connection until the ball clatters into the stumps. Walburgh in at four.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  15:36
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 33-1 (6 overs)
Napoleon and van Vliet both struggling with their radar a bit, almost half the total coming in extras so far. Van Vliet offers Singh too much width and is cut away through gully to the boundary. Kothari into the attack.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  15:26
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 20-1 (4 overs)
Napoleon replaces Raza, five dots and then too much width on the last, cut away toward the point bpoundary but well chased down. Van Vliet makes the first breakthrough on the first ball of the third, Singh looking to loft that over the off side but can only spoon up a steepling chance, held at cover by Zaidi. Navjit Singh to the middle as the rain begins to fall. Two balls later and van Vliet might have had another, Mason just too think of an inside edge to be reachable, flies away for four.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  15:19
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
HBS : 12-0 (2 overs)
And we’re back, Mason and Manminder Singh for HBS, Raza taking the new ball for ACC. Good start from him rather ruined by a long hop last ball of the first, slashed away for four through the on side by Singh. Van Vliet from the other end, two wides down leg second ball, then overcorrects and a wide outside off, final ball is too straight again and comes off the pads, away down leg to the rope. No runs off the bat but still an expensive over in the end.

 Bertus de Jong  14:32
Well a decent fightback from HBS in the field after Kothari had set ACC up for a potentially huge score, but they’d be chasing a lot less if they’d managed to hold on to a few more catches. Walbrugh as stand-in stand-in keeper can hardly be blamed, and took a great catch to dismiss Kumar, but the drops in the outfield less forgiveable. ACC’s top order meanwhile look much inproved, Kothari of course the stand-out but he received solid support too, especially from Hosur. 261 will be the target for HBS when we return after lunch.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  14:29
ACC : 260-8 (50 overs)
Vink drags it short on the fourth ball and Kumar pulls to the boundary, but gone next ball, great take by Walburgh behind the sticks, having to switch direction as Kumar gets a think inside edge, gone for a handy 10 off 5. Brouwer in. Wide down leg and then Brouwer tries for the ramp next ball, misses and that’s gone chest before wicket I think. Van Vliet in to join Raza. Stephan Vink with the last, Raza lucky that long on’s too far in off the rope, gets four off the first ball when he should have been caught. Rest of the over is tidy enough until the last ball, shanked into the on side on the pull, should have been one but they just keep running, some shambolic fielding allows them to get back for three in the end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  14:20
ACC : 244-6 (48 overs)
HBS have remembered how to catch it seems, Raza with the big heave targetting the long on boundary, miscues it back over Stephan Vink, whose brother makes good ground from mid off to hold a diving catch. Aryan Kumar to the middle, he’s gifted a full toss by Vink on the last ball of the 48th and duly dismisses it dead straight to the rope. Ferdi Vink to bowl the penultimate over.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  14:15
ACC : 237-5 (47 overs)
Vink returns. First ball is slog-swept by Hannema, all bottom hand over midwicket for four. Vink pushes long on wider and is duly rewarded with wicket of Hannema, same shot and straight to the man. Raza in.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  14:09
ACC : 230-4 (46 overs)
ACC looking to force the pace, and Double Nelson claims a victim. Zaidi can only hole out at long on, lifting Geenevasen into the hands of Ahmed on the rope. Ramesh Babu in now, De Mey continues. He should have had another wicket too but another drop, Hannema repreived at long on.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  14:03
ACC : 219-3 (44 overs)
Another drop! Hosur put down, a looping leading edge shelled at popint off Geenevasen. Zaidi put the next ball over mid off and the rope for four. De Mey finds the breakthrough in his next through, Hosur with a big swing straight looking to bring up his fifty, misses and loses his stumps. He goes for 47. Hannema in, survives anpother LBW appeal first up, hard to judge its merits from this angle.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  13:55
ACC : 206-2 (42 overs)
Zaidi brings up the two hundred working Vink away to leg for a single, ACC still keeping the scoreboard ticking. Hosur into the forties now, Vink still cycling through his bowlers as de Mey returns. Good from him, just two off it, HBS need wickets though. Geenevasen back.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  13:45
ACC : 198-2 (40 overs)
Picket fence with a wide in there yields seven from Ahmed’s first, Stephan Vink again from the other end now replacing Visée, five wides down leg first up, and another two wides later in the over. Rank long hop from Ahmed is swung away to the square leg boundary by Hosur in the next, ACC closing in on 200 now. Ferdi Vink back again.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  13:32
ACC : 169-2 (36 overs)
Just the three singles off the first over of Vink’s second spell. Visée continues and a rare bad ball, short and wide outside off and slapped to the rope in front of point by Zaidi. And again two balls later, cut behind point this time for four more. Ahmed now from the other end.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  13:17
ACC : 157-2 (34 overs)
And Yoran Visée strikes, Kothari maybe just letting his concentration lapse there, leaning forward and lookng to flick to leg, misses and polls everywhere. He goes for 100 exactly, Zazai in at four to join Hosur, who’s on 20*. Zazai survives an LBW appeal first up, two off the over in the end and of course the much needed wicket of Kothari. Ferdi Vink returns.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  13:10
ACC : 155-1 (33 overs)
Yoran Visée into the attack now, good start from him. Five dots on Hosur, a little short and staight on the last and turned away behind square for a couple. Boddendijk replaces Geenevasen at the other end, driven through extra for a couple, then a thick edge on the cut brings four. Ten off the over in the end, ACC beginning to run away with it here. Visée still proving hard to hit from the other end though, just four off his next. Three singles and a two off Boddendijk for the 31st as Kothari moves into the nineties. Visée’s discipline lapses in the next over and Kothari slaps a half-volley back over his head for six into the sloot. Single out to the sweeper off his 100th ball takes him to 97*, Hosur gets him right back on strike, blocks one and another out to the point boundary to keep the strike for the next over. Boddendijk continues, Kothari runs him down to third for a single to go to 99*, Hosur pulls round the corner for one, and then a slower ball almost does for Kothari, spooned up over short cover but just clears him, they run one and Kothari’s century, 100* off 104 balls. 150 up for ACC too in the meantime, and they have a serious platform here now.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  12:47
ACC : 119-1 (27 overs)
De Mey back into the attack, new batsman Hosur Krishna steps out to him last ball of the 24th and lifts him back dead staight over his head for four. Geenevasen still from the other end, four leg byes rather spoil an otherwise tidy over. Kothari still finding the rope regularly, putting de Mey away though the covers in the next over to bring up the hundred for ACC. Booming straight six off Geenevasen next over, another four two balls later lashed through midoff off the front foot. He moves on to 78*.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  12:27
ACC : 84-1 (23 overs)
Maiden from Geenevasen keeps Kothari waiting for his fifty, but brings it up in the next with another cracking drive off Stephan Vink. The next is in the slot and effortlessly deposited over long on for the first six of the day. McInerney still looking to find some acceleration at the other end, brings out the ramp again to Geenevasen but can only send up a simple catch, and for once it’s held. He goes for 18, Krishna in to join Kothari who’s on 58*. Geenevasen completes the wicket maiden.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  12:12
ACC : 73-0 (20 overs)
McInerney, having played extremely conservatively up til now, suddenly pulls out the scoop shot to take his first boundary off Geenevasen. Almost runs himself out two balls later driving straight to mid off but the throws just too far from the stumps. Kothari closing in on fifty, flicks Vink uppishly behind square for four to moe to 45*, and off strike with a single next ball. McInerney still on just 17 but showing signs of intent.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  12:04
ACC : 59-0 (18 overs)
Maiden from Stephan Vink on McInerney, who does look to be struggling a bit for fluency. He’s faced fifty balls for his 13 runs. Kothari looking to hit out now and is repreived again, goes high and straight off Geenevasen and dropped in the deep. Still Vink at the other end, Kothari still motoring along, width on offer and cut away behing point to the rope again. Thos drops look like they may prove costly indeed for HBS.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  11:51
ACC : 50-0 (15 overs)
Bit wayward from Geenevasen, couple of wides in his first over and twice cut away hard behind point by Kothari, but he’s got cover out there in the deep. Just two off Vink’s next, before Kothari brings up the fifty partnership with a textbook backfoot drive off Geenevasen for four. He moves into the thirties, McInerney still on 13

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  11:38
ACC : 36-0 (12 overs)
Vink finds McInerney’s leading edge on the fifth ball of his sixth over, but falls safe. Beats the outside edge on the last two, just one from it. First bowling change now, Stephan Vink takes over from de Mey. Vink takes the edge of Kothari on his second ball but flies through vacant second slip. Not much luck for the hosts for far McInerney finds his first boundary on the fourth, whipped away through midwwicket for four. Two balls later he cuts uppishly in front of point, half chance there but they’ll get four for it. This pair have ridden their luck a bit but a solid start for ACC. Geenevasen to take over from the younger Vink.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  11:28
ACC : 24-0 (9 overs)
Another boundary for Kothari, Fink overpitched and that’s laced through the covers again. McInerney yet to score at the other end. De Mey still at the other end, Kothari gets after him too, beautifully driven off the back foot, de Mey comes back two balls later with a quicker ball past the edge, and then should have had the wicket as Kothari goes back and edges behind. HBS without both their first and second choice keepers today and paying for it. Vink continues, McInerney finally off the mark with a single off the last ball of the ninth.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  11:17
ACC : 12-0 (5 overs)
Fink bowls another maiden to McInerney, looks to be getting some swing too. De Mey continues, first runs of the day as Kothari strokes de Mey out to cover for a single. Vink gives up his first runs in the next over, a rather more assured drive through the covers for two from Kothari. Even better four balls later for the first boundary of the match, follows it up next ball with another, cut away behind point.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  11:08
ACC : 0-0 (2 overs)
Four dots to start from Vink on McInerney, then finds the outside edge on the fifth but the chance goes down. Missing Visée perhaps, Walburgh something of a part time gloveman of course. Maiden. De Mey from the other end, beats Kothari’s edge on the fourth ball, and another maiden.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  10:58
Just one change to the ACC line up from their washout vs Dosti last week, with Quincey Brouwer in for Sherays Potdar. No Kelinor Visée for the hosts of course, they’re both over in Ireland of course, though Tayo Walbrugh will be making his debut for the Crows. McInerney and Kothari opening for ACC, Vink with the new ball.

 HBS Craeyenhout vs ACC  10:42
Word is the hosts have won the toss and invited ACC to bat first.

 Bertus de Jong  10:16
Welcome back one and all for this rather sparse round of Ascension Day fixtures, only HBS vs ACC survives of Round 3 today, the rest of the matches having been moved to Sunday for a combination of reasons religious and secular. That does mean of course that this weekend we will have a bumper crop of matches to play, more on the in this week’s double preview for rounds three and four. For now we are left with this round three outrider today, with the weather still clear (for now) we’ll hopefully have some news of the toss for you shortly.