Topklasse Live | T20 Finals Day | 24.08.19

Rod Lyall 20:17
That’s all from our live coverage from Westvliet today, but I’ll be back tomorrow to bring you news of the vital relegation battle between Voorburg and Quick Haag, while Bertus de Jong will be keeping you up to date with all the other action and Sander Tholen will, as always, be taking the photos which capture the atmosphere of these games. So until tomorrow this is Rod Lyall saying, on behalf of the whole TKcricket team, goodnight and good luck.

Rod Lyall 20:14
As the light fades and the ground staff water the pitch in preparation for tomorrow’s Topklasse fixture here, KNCB chair Betty Timmer presents the trophy, not before thanking the host club, the Event Technical Committee, umpires and scorers etc. The Players of the Match are respectively Julian de Mey (HBS) and Max O’Dowd (VOC) from the semi-finals, and from the final Scott Edwards (VOC). Flowers all round, and then Pieter Seelaar collects the trophy.

Rod Lyall 20:07
That completes a very entertaining day’s T20 cricket, with VOC deservedly the winners and able to defend their European Champions’ League title in La Manga next year. HBS fought all the way, but in the end Scott Edwards’ innings – and the very valuable contribution of Jelte Schoonheim – were decisive. Nor should we forget the bowlers, who did very well to contain HBS to a chaseable 129.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:52
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC : 132-7 (18.5 overs)
Visee in to short cover as Westdijk bowls to Van Lent; he opens with a wide, and after a couple of dots Van Lent manages to get something on a very quick delivery and they scramble a single. Another wide, this time to Edwards, and then the latter squeezes the ball to deep point, where a little misfield gives them a second. Then a third wide, and an edge from Edwards between keeper and third man runs down to the rope, giving VOC the win and Edwards his half-century, made from 42 balls.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:52
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 122-7 (18 overs)
A single to Edwards off Gibson’ first ball, then Van Lent plays at and misses a series of good-length deliveries outside off stump. The fourth of them he manages to edge, Elkin dives to his right, but can’t hold onto the catch. Two off the over; eight needed off twelve balls.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:48
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 120-7 (17 overs)
Durrani pulls him to deep square leg for a couple, and then creams a drive through the covers for four. But he edges the last, short and outside off, to the keeper. As the shadows spread across Westvliet, the game’s back in the balance.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:45
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 114-6 (16.2 overs)
David Mullett comes in, and edges his first ball, from Westdijk, straight through to Elkin. Ayaz Durrani in, as suddenly HBS sense a turnaround.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:42
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 113-5 (16 overs)
Edwards is chancing his arm, lofting the ball twice into space on the on side, and then Schoonheim apparently decides to give up cricket in favour of caber tossing, literally flinging his bat towards square leg as he swings and misses. He doesn’t miss the last of Coster’s over, and smacks it straight down the throat of De Mey at long on.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:36
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 110-4 (15 overs)
Another tight-run thing for Schoonheim, this time as they push for a second to Gomes at deep mid-on. But he’s in again, and the 50 stand comes up in De Mey’s next, off exactly 50 deliveries. Two boundaries for Schoonheim in the over, and now VOC are cruising.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:28
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 93-4 (13 overs)
Gibson back, but he can’t find his length and they milk him for four singles. 37 needed off seven overs.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:25
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 89-4 (12 overs)
And it almost comes as Schoonheim runs a rather casual single and is nearly undone by the direct hit. But he was in, and Ferdi Vink’s initial over yields seven. Edwards on 32 now, and Schoonheim with a run-a-ball 17.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:22
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 82-4 (11 overs)
Gomes can’t hold on to a half-chance from Edwards at extra cover off Vink, but it would have been an absolute stunner if he’d taken it. But VOC don’t need to do anything silly at the moment; the fact that only three come from Coster’s over doesn’t really harm their chances. HBS need a breakthrough.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:15
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 74-4 (9 overs)
Which is not to say that Schoonheim has no contribution to make, as he pulls De Mey behind square for four. With two for Edwards and a string of singles, 10 come from the over.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:12
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 64-4 (8 overs)
Stephan Vink bowls a tidy over, which might have been better than tidy had he been able to hold onto a blistering return catch from Edwards. As it is, Edwards has moved onto 20, and with O’Dowd and Seelaar back in the tent he clearly holds the key.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:06
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 55-4 (6.2 overs)
Julian de Mey, who took HBS into this final with his four-wicket spell against Excelsior, comes on at the Paddock End. Van Baren decides to reverse sweep the first ball he receives from him, and hits it straight into the hands of Visée at backward point. Which brings Jelte Schoonheim to the crease.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 19:02
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 54-3 (6 overs)
Farshad Khan on at the Pavilion End, and Edwards despatches him wide of mid-on twice, the first bouncing centimetres over the line, the second one bounce and over the rope. With three singles, the over yields 13, and VOC are well up with the rate.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 18:58
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 41-3 (5 overs)
Wessel Coster replaces Westdijk, but Seelaar pulls him for a couple and then smacks him through mid-on for four. But the last ball of the over is outside off; Seelaar chases it, and it looks to De Mey at shortish third man. Dirk van Baren in at number five.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 18:54
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 34-2 (4 overs)
A bit of everything in that Gibson over: five wides, and another overpitched delivery clipped through midwicket by Seelaar for four, but interspersed with a couple of excellent balls.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 18:49
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 22-2 (3.1 overs)
Another superb cover drive from Seelaar, this time off Westdijk, followed by a crisp one back straight. Seelaar races to 14, while Rutgers has faced just one ball, a leg-bye. His second, from Gibson, is cut to backward point, where’s it’s very well (and painfully) caught by Westdijk. Enter Scott Edwards.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 18:43
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 10-1 (2 overs)
Gibson’s fourth ball is overpitched, and Seelaar drives it sweetly through extra cover for four. Gibson comes back with a couple of excellent deliveries.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 18:40
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
VOC: 6-1 (1.1 overs)
And O’Dowd edges his first delivery through to Elkin. He doesn’t look at the umpire, and he’s on his way. Pieter Seelaar in early.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 18:38
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
6-0 (1 over)
Berend Westdijk starts from the Paddock End, opening with a wide to Max O’Dowd. He generates a fair bit of pace, but after three dots (one of them thanks to a fine stop by Gomes at point), O’Dowd eases him through midwicket for four. A single tucked behind square finishes the over. Zak Gibson from the Pavilion End.

HBS Craeyenhout vs VOC Rotterdam 18:16
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
. . . Will it be enough? VOC had comparatively little trouble chasing down ACC’s 140 earlier, but perhaps the HBS attack is a tad more challenging. It seems pretty clear that the Hazelaarweg Three hold the key: if you get O’Dowd, Seelaar and Edwards cheaply you’re in with a chance. Otherwise . . . . .

 Bertus de Jong  18:18
So 130 will be the target for VOC, sub-par even on a difficult and deteriorating track you’d think, though it’s not been a high-scoring day. HBS will need to get rid of O’Dowd early on one would think if they’re to defend theit title and book themselves an ECL berth alongside their opponents today. That’s all from me for now, I leave you all in the capable hands of Rod Lyall…

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  18:16
HBS : 129-9 (20 overs)
Westdijk misses out on a full toss first up, can only drag it down tom midwicket for one. Gets away with a swirling top edge two balls later as it’s shelled at deep backward point. Looks for the lap-sweep on the final ball, edged through and a fine take from Edwards behind the stumps to wrap up the innings.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  18:12
HBS : 125-8 (19 overs)
Westdijk drives Said’s first ball of the over hard for a flat six through mid off, a no ball follows but he can’t clear mid on off the free hit. Some good fielding from Rutgers at mid-on sahves a run at least off the over, which yields ten runs all told. Bobby Hanif will bowl the last, Westdijk facing.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  18:07
HBS : 115-8 (18 overs)
Just two singles off Hanif for the 17th, Seelaar takes the 18th from the paddock end, and second ball bowls de Mey round his legs. Westdijk comes in at ten, just one off the over. Two to come, Said will bowl the 19th.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  18:00
HBS : 112-7 (16 overs)
Nelson strikes! Full toss from Rutgers, Gomes looks to sweep him high behind square, doesn’t get hold of it and O’Dowd comes off the rope to take a fine low catch diving forward, Gomes departs for 31. Stephan Vink in to join de Mey. Hanif to bowl the 17th

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:55
HBS : 104-6 (15 overs)
Swept hard in front of square by Gomes to bring four runs and muted cheers from the HBS tent, seven off the 14th over. Said returns for the 15th, opens with a wide. Gomes brings up HBS’ 100 running him down to third man for one, otherwise uneventful. Rutgers returns.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:46
HBS : 91-6 (13 overs)
Another for O’Dowd, Coster stumped down the leg side, curiously not given wide. Sharp work there from Edwards, Gibson joins Gomes and an immediate shout for LBW, but no joy. They have better luck a couple of balls later though on what looked a more optimistic shout, Gibson a long way forward to that but up goes the finger. De Mey at eight, Seelaar to continue.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:41
HBS : 87-4 (12 overs)
HBS’ woes continue as O’Dowd draws Singh forward and the ball turns back through the gate, bowled for three. Wessel Coster joins Gomes. Seelaar comes back from the paddock end for the 12th, Gomes and Coster happy to milk him for singles it seems. O’Dowd to bowl out from the pavilion end.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:35
HBS : 74-3 (10 overs)
O’Dowd makes the same mistake as Seelaar, and Elkin emulates Gomes with a pull behind square for four. Smattering of singles for the rest and ten off the over. Hanif returns for the 10th, and Elkin sweeps the firsth ball over backward square for a one-bounce four, but Hanif comes back to take his off stump next ball. Navjit Singh joins Gomes, still O’Dowd from the pavilion end.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:26
HBS : 56-2 (8 overs)
Seelaar strikes with his first ball, Vink back in front of the stumps looking to brush it off his pads, stone dead. Sharn Gomes comes in at at four and off the mark glancing behind square for one. Another singles but then Seelaar drags it down short and Gomes swivel-pulls behind backward square for four. O’Dowd will continue.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:22
HBS : 49-1 (7 overs)
Five off Hanif’s first over to leave HBS on 46-1 at the end of the power play, O’Dowd on for the 7th, and tidy from him too just three off it. Seelaar brings himself on from the paddock end.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:16
HBS : 41-1 (5 overs)
Visee puts Rutgers a long way back over long off first ball, then lifts him over cover on the next. A hard run two and it all looks to be going wrong for Rutgers, until Visee drills the fourth straight to Seelaar at extra cover. Gone for 31 and he’s furious with himself. Vink in at three, Elkin sweeps the final ball hard behind square for four to end an eventful over. 17 from it and for the cost of Visee’s wicket. VOC probably happier with that trade. Hanif into the attack.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:11
HBS : 24-0 (4 overs)
Second Said over goes little better. Visee takes him for back-to-back fours, the second off a no ball. A wide follows but he then hits his yorker to dot out the free hit. Rutgers again for the next, pretty heavy workload this by his standards. Not sure he’s ever bowled three on the trot before.<

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:07
HBS : 12-0 (3 overs)
Second Rutgers over proves ill-advised. Visee puts away a full toss over long off, some debate as to whether its six or four. Looked to have cleared the rope from here, the crowd sends the umpire mixed messages, four it is in the end, as is the next ball, swept behind square.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  17:01
HBS : 3-0 (2 overs)
The Rutgers gambit pays off for VOC, three dot balls and three singles off the first over. Said from the other end and starts with a maiden. Two overs in and HBS still on three. Rutgers is rewarded with another over.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  16:57
HBS : 0-0 (0 overs)
And we’re good to go. Visee and Elkin for HBS, Rutgers opening the bowling for VOC.

 HBS Crayenhout vs VOC Rotterdam  16:35
And word from the middle is that Toby Visée has won the toss and HBS will be batting first.

 Bertus de Jong  16:34
So the 2019 T20 Final is about half an hour away, defending Dutch champions HBS Craeyenhout will take on reigning European champions VOC Rotterdam. The exact format and qualifying criteria for next years’ ECL have yet to be formally finalised, but the word is that as currently planned VOC will return regardless to defend their title, but HBS will make the cut only by winning today. An HBS victory would thus see two Dutch teams at the next edition, whereas should VOC claim the Dutch title this afternoon they will return to the ECL as the sole representatives of the Netherlands.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:20
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 143-2 (18.2 overs)
Edwards knows how he wants to finish it, doens’t connect on the first ball but the second gets the treatment, down on one knee and swept high and far over midwicket for six.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:19
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 137-2 (18 overs)
Kumar still for the 18th, Edwards finds the rope again galncing very fine off the hip, just four runs needed now and two overs to get them in. Saqib brings himself on for the 19th.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:15
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 129-2 (17 overs)
Edwards takes a maximum off Kumar with a trademark slog-sweep over backward square, then four more over midwicket bringing the reuired rate under a run a ball. Sikander continues from the paddock end and almost finds the breakthrough. One ball after Edwards brough up the fifty partnership O’Dowd skews one high up into the off side, but it falls between three reluctant fielders. Hard swept four from Edwards on the last ball adds injury to insult.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:06
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 107-2 (15 overs)
More alert running from this pair as they steal a second after a return throw ricochets off the stumps. Boundaries have rather dried up though. required rate creeping back up towards sevens. Kumar back, from the pavilion end this time.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  16:01
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 103-2 (14 overs)
Edwards deploying the sweep to great effect as usual, keeping the board ticking over. Barends brought back for the 14th, O’Dowd brings up VOC’s hundred dinking wide of the keeper and they sneak the single despite the keeper gathering, a trick they rehearsed in Spain of course. Just five off the over, but Barends bowled out now. Sikander returns.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:54
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 89-2 (12 overs)
Almost a run out on the first ball of the 12th, O’Dowd dabs to third man but is unmoved by Edwards call. Edwards presses on regardless, but the fielder can’t gather cleanly. Edwards ends up running two on his own, which doesn’t even count for one of course. O’Dowd lifts the next ball over the covers for four more, then brings up his half-century the following ball.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:49
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 76-2 (11 overs)
A breakthrough they needed and a breakthrough they get, Raza strikes with his second legal delivery, Seelaar looking to slog sweep that high over midwicket put picks out the man on the rope, gone for 21. Edwards joins O’Dowd,gets off the mark punchig out wide of long on off the back foot for two.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:45
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 73-1 (10 overs)
Uppish straight drive from O’Dowd brings shouts of “catch!” but the man on the rope is content to let it bounce ahead of him. Would have been a very tough chance but ACC need a breakthrough here. Raza into the attack

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:41
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 68-1 (9 overs)
O’Dowd down the track to Saqib and lifts it high and wide of mid on for four, eight off the over and they’re still easily up with the rate. Seelaar a little fortunate to get four from a big top edge off Sikander that the keeper next over, and O’Dowd brings up the 50 partnership three balls later with a flick behind square for a couple. Saqib to continue.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:35
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 50-1 (7 overs)
Great over from Barends to finish the powerplay, beats O’Dowd’s outside edge three balls in a row, single out to extra cover the only run to come from it. He’s only got one more over to bowl though. Sikander Zulfiqar on from the Paddock End, concedes just a smattering of singles. VOC looking a bit bogged down of a sudden. Saqib brings himself on for the 8th.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:27
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 46-1 (5 overs)
Wide and high full toss ruins a promising start from Kumar, O’Dowd chases it and lifts it over thrid man for four, then deposits the free hit half way up the sight screen. Single to out through point brings Seelaar onto strike and a lofted straight drive to the rope caps off a fine over for VOC. Barends to continue.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:22
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 29-1 (4 overs)
Seelaar down on one knee to swipe Arya over midwicket for four, spoiling what might otherwise have been a wicket maiden. A thick edge and a misfield at short third gifts O’Dowd another boundary, but the four off the last ball is entirely earned, slashed away square off the back foot. Kumar replaces Arya.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:22
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 29-1 (4 overs)
Seelaar down on one knee to swipe Arya over midwicket for four, spoiling what might otherwise have been a wicket maiden. A thick edge and a misfield at short third gifts O’Dowd another boundary, but the four off the last ball is entirely earned, slashed away square off the back foot. Kumar replaces Arya.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:16
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 17-1 (2.2 overs)
Barends looking tidy until he strays onto Rutger’s pads fourth ball and is whipped away over backward square for four. The next is chipped up high and straight but eludes the man backtracking from mid off, miscued drive up over cover brings two more. Nine from the over, but Rutgers luck runs out two balls later when he’s trapped LBW on the sweep by Arya. Seelaar at three.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:09
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 8-0 (1 over)
O’Dowd opens his account with a back foot on-drive for four through long on, then sweeps Arya fine for four more two balls later. A dot follows and then a huge shout for LBW as he’s pinned back on the crease, looked a good shout from here but not from where the umpire’s standing. Barends from the other end.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  15:06
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
VOC : 0-0 (overs)
And we’re about ready for the restart here, the unmistakable Max O’Dowd with looks like Corey Rutgers opening for VOC, Arya with ball in hand.

  ☀ Weather Update ☀   14:57
The Dutch Summer has returned just in time for the day’s proceedings, hot and sunny with slight breeze blowing across right to left from the perspective of the pavilion end, lovely weather or cricket all told, and expected to stay that way.

 Bertus de Jong  14:55
So a remarkable fightback from VOC in the middle overs after Raza and Rehmat Zulfiqar got the Amsterdammers off to a flier in the powerplay, the slow bowlers again proving difficult to get away on a slightly tacky track. Knoll and Sikander Zulfiqar have lifted them to what looks a competitive total though.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  14:52
ACC : 140-6 (20 overs)
Knoll gets the message, smacking Hanif back straight for six, and Sikander starts to find room for twos before lashing Van Baren wide of long on for another six. Thanks to that excellent partnership ACC finish with a better total than seemed likely when Knoll joined Sikander, who finishes on 29. We’ll be back in a few minutes, with Bertus de Jong bringing you VOC’s reply.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  14:45
ACC : 115-6 (18 overs)
ACC are making heavy weather of this, on a pitch which maybe favours the bowlers more than most T20 pitches do. Sikander is dealing entirely in singles so far, and there hasn’t been a boundary off the bat since Rasool’s edge past the keeper in the eighth over.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  14:32
ACC : 98-6 (14.4 overs)
VOC’s online scorer Frank van Lent observes that for the third time a wicket falls off the ball after a wide. This time the victim’s Mulready, who skies Hanif into the safe hands of O’Dowd at cover. Chris Knoll in now.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  14:23
ACC : 89-5 (12.1 overs)
And swiftly out, as O’Dowd gets one through his defences and the bails fly. Jamieson Mulready joins Sikander, with ACC struggling against the spinners.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  14:20
ACC : 78-4 (11.5 overs)
But it’s Seelaar’s show, as Raza fires one back at him shoulder-high and he takes a smart catch. Brady Barends in at six.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  14:14
ACC : 78-3 (10.3 overs)
O’Dowd joins the party, trapping Saqib in front with one that keeps a bit low. Sikander Zulfiqar replaces brother Saqib.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  14:10
ACC : 73-2 (9.4 overs)
Another wicket for Seelaar, as he traps Rasool in front for 8. Saqib Zulfiqar joins Raza.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  14:03
ACC : 59-1 (7.3 overs)
Seven bowlers in eight, and it’s Seelaar who’s rewarded with the wicket of Rehmat Zulfiqar, caught at long off by Bobby Hanif for 36, made off 25 deliveries. Shirase Rasool in at three.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:58
ACC : 53-0 (6 overs)
Pieter Seelaar has tried five bowlers in six overs, Ashiqullah the only one to be invited back for a reprise. None of it has made much difference, though, as Rehmat (now on 33) and Raza, aided by some pretty awful fielding, continue to ride their luck and produce some splendid shots into the bargain.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:47
ACC : 27-0 (3 overs)
Ashiqullah’s over yields ten, including a sweet cover drive for four by Raza, and then Zulfiqar plants Bobby Hanif back over his head for the first six of the match. A glorious cover drive for four follows.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:37
ACC : 4-0 (1 over)
Corey Rutgers opens from the Pavilion End to Anees Raza, with Rehmat Zulfiqar at the other end. A single apiece, and then Raza cuts the last through point for a couple. Ashiqullah Said from the Paddock End.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  13:20
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 114-7 (20 overs)
A terrific final over from Westdijk: full and straight to Van Wyk produces three dot balls, then a couple of singles leaves Van Wyk needing a six off the final delivery for a tie. And a Super Over. But another full delivery yields only a single, and HBS win by 5 runs. Van Wyk remains not out on 43.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  13:06
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 111-7 (19 overs)
And it wouldn’t be a proper game if we didn’t have a moment of weird controversy. In an otherwise excellent over Gibson bowls a very wide wide, and umpire Mohamed calls a no ball because of the unique Dutch rule that a ball which pitches wide of the mat is a no ball. HBS point out that they’re playing on turf, but the decision stands. Happily, the free hit is a dot. Nine needed off the last.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  13:06
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 106-7 (18 overs)
Another huge six by Van Wyk, this time off Westdijk, keeps Excelsior in the game. 14 needed off the last two.

 VOC Rotterdam vs ACC  13:01
The toss has already taken place for the next game, and VOC have won the toss and elected to field.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  12:38
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 76-7 (14 overs)
Lenert van Wyk is really Excelsior’s one remaining hope, and he hammers Khan back over his head and into the ditch – that’s a massive blow!.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  12:38
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 64-7 (12.3 overs)
Stephan Vink on at the Paddock End, and he knocks back Van Troost’s leg stump as the collapse continues.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  12:29
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 55-6 (9.5 overs)
Farshad Khan on now, and Zac Elkin completes a very shrp stumping to account for Heggelman. Rens van Troost in as Excelsior plunge ever-deeper into trouble.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  12:24
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 52-5 (8.6 overs)
Another bizarre moment, as Shankar lets one go down leg, and it turns sharply to take his leg stump. Four wickets for De Mey! Tom Heggelman in.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  12:17
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 48-4 (6.6 overs)
Verhagen survives the hat-trick ball, but is trapped in front by the next. Three wickets in four balls for De Mey, and the match is indeed turned on its head as Sanjit Shankar joins Van Wyk

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  12:13
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 48-3 (6.4 overs)
Parchment drives De Mey superbly through long off, but then he holes out to Gibson as he tries to go big. Lenert van Wijk joins Lorenzo Ingram. They crossed, and next ball Ingram’s caught down the leg side by keeper Elkin. Roel Verhagen in as HBS sense a turnaround.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  11:57
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 43-1 (5.5 overs)
Julian de Mey and Wessel Coster on for Westdijk and Zak Gibson, and it’s the latter who gets the much-needed breakthrough as Etman, on 21, skies a drive to Visée at mid-on, and he makes no mistake.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  11:57
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 25-0 (3 overs)
Excelsior off to a flyer: three fours for Parchment already, onto anything loose with lightning speed, and Etman driving Westdijk splendidly through the covers. HBS already in serious need of a wicket.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  11:46
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
Excelsior 8-0 (1 over)
Berend Westdijk starts from the Paddock End to Tim Etman, who skies the first delivery to cover. Gomes drops back, but he can’t hold onto a testing catch. They get three, and then Brenton Parchment creams the third ball over Gomes’s head for four.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  11:27
HBS : 119-7 (20 overs)
And a flurry of runs at the end sees HBS through to a decent 119, with Zak Gibson unbeaten on 42 from 32 deliveries.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  11:24
HBS : 109-7 (19.2 overs)
An outstanding partnership ends on 49 as a direct hit from the long boundary by Tom Heggelman finds De Mey short on the second run.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  11:18
HBS : 99-6 (18 overs)
Ingram and Parchment back to finish off, but Gibson takes a couple of boundaries off the former. Just singles, (and a no ball) off Parchment. And its Bhatti to bowl the last from the Pavilion End.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  11:07
HBS : 80-6 (16 overs)
Gibson and De Mey are building a little rally here, with Gibson driving Van Troost back straight for four and cracking Arun through the covers, and De Mey sweeping Umar Baker fine. It’s still a sizeable way short of what you’d think they need, though.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  10:51
HBS : 60-6 (11.5 overs)
Another bowling change, another wicket. Rens van Troost from the Paddock End, draws Coster forward, and Verhagen whips the bails off. HBS’s travails continue, as Julian de Mey joins Gibson.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  10:41
HBS : 53-5 (8.5 overs)
Akil Arun into the attack, bowling his left-arm spin. He’s a little unlucky, too, as a catch off Wessel Coster goes down at long on. But then Navjit swings across the line at the next, misses, and Arun hits. Zak Gibson in at seven.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  10:32
HBS : 46-4 (6.1 overs)
A moment of true weirdness, as Gomes edges Ingram through to Roel Verhagen, who drops the catch. But he drops it onto the stumps and Gomes is out of his ground. You’d watch a lot of cricket before seeing one of those!. Gomes can scarcely believe it.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  10:28
HBS : 46-3 (5.3 overs)
Heggelman from the Paddock End, and after a boundary and a single for Gomes Visée tries an ambitious ramp shot and sees his leg stump knocked back. Navjit Singh joins Gomes.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  10:22
HBS : 40-2 (5 overs)
Lorenzo Ingram, Excelsior’s T20 captain, brings himself on from the Pavilion End, and Visée lofts him twice over his head for six, the second a very big blow indeed.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  10:14
HBS : 21-2 (3 overs)
Visée’s response to that crisis is completely predictable: he smacks Bhatti for four consecutive boundaries, through midwicket, back straight, and then twice over extra cover. With a two to start and a single to finish, that’s 19 off the over.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  10:08
HBS : 2-2 (1.6 overs)
After blocking a couple, Vink fails to get on top of a firmer shot, and Parchment snaffles a waist-high return catch. Enter Sharn Gomes.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  10:06
HBS : 2-1 (1.3 overs)
And after another single, Elkin flashes at Parchment’s third delivery, and Lorenzo Ingram dives to his right to take the catch. Jamaica 1, HBS 0. Ferdi Vink in at three.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  10:03
HBS : 1-0 (1 over)
Sohail Bhatti opens from the Pavilion End to Tobias Visée. A quiet start, although Visée spars with a legside ramp shot which makes no contact. A full-blooded drive off the final delivery earns him a single after a little misfield. Brenton Parchment from the Paddock End, with Zac Elkin still a spectator.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  09:54
HBS are without Wesley Barresi and Adil Ahmed today, and in their stead we have a brace of Vinks (what is the collective noun for Vinks?), Ferdi and Stephan. Excelsior have their full T20 side, which means that Akilesh Arun, rather than Topklasse specialist David Woutersen. And here come the umpires.

 HBS vs Excelsior ‘20  09:38
And the initial news from the middle is that HBS have won the toss and elected to bat.

Rod Lyall 09:35
Good morning everyone, and welcome to TKcricket’s live coverage of this year’s T20 finals day from Westvliet in Voorburg. It’s a beautiful day, and I’m sure we’re in for a thoroughly enjoyable day’s cricket. And of course, this year participation in the European Champions’ League is also at stake. First up we have defending T20 champions HBS Craeyenhout and the newly-crowned Topklasse winners Excelsior ’20.