Round 9 Preview

Bertus de Jong and Rod Lyall 11/06/2021

With the international Summer such as it was largely behind us (at least in as far as confirmed fixtures are concerned) attention returns to the serious business of the season. The league phase of the Topklasse approaches the half way point, and the table was just beginning to take shape before being thrown into confusion and then immediately settling down again. With the briefly-mooted idea of replaying washed-out games from May now dismissed again, there’s ten rounds left to go before the play-off phase, and six or seven teams still in with a decent shot at making the top four.

BdJ: Seventh-placed HCC’s hopes took a double blow over the past week however, when they were handed their second defeat of the season by new table-toppers Punjab before the decision to bin the idea of replays meant they would be stuck with three points from their three washed-out games.They head to Hazelaarweg looking to get their season back on track when they take on third-placed VOC Rotterdam, who slipped down from pole position last weekend when a weakened side slumped to defeat against Excelsior. Their international contingent will be back of course, and in the batting especially will benefit. The bowling looked decent enough even last week, with stand-in skipper Pierce Fletcher looking especially threatening, and Ramdas Upadhyaya also producing an impressive if brief spell of 2 for 3 in 2 overs. With young spinner and 2021 lead wicket-taker Siebe van Wingerden looking increasingly assured and Dirk van Baren stepping up with the bat, a full strength VOC at home looks a daunting outfit indeed. HCC will welcome back Musa Nadeem from international duty, but otherwise the side will likely look much the same as the one that lost to Punjab. In Clayton Floyd and Damien Crowley they have a serviceable spin attack to take to Hazelaarweg, and both Nadeem and Boris Gorlee have been in decent nick. The seam attack has rather lacked for penetration however and the rest of the batting has been in patchy form. As last year’s winners HCC don’t really warrant the label of underdogs, but you wouldn’t call them favourites either.

RL: HCC do indeed need to turn their season around again, following defeats by Excelsior and Punjab if they are to sustain their challenge for a top four place, and ultimately the championship. They have a good enough side on paper, but titles are won on the field, and a VOC smarting from last week’s defeat at Thurlede are scarcely ideal opponents for a team looking to avoid three losses on the trot. The Lions’ attack looks more threatening with Hidde Overdijk in it, and he, Reinier Bijloos and Ollie Klaus made Punjab work hard for their runs. But the return of O’Dowd, Edwards and Seelaar makes VOC a strong unit in all departments, and if they play to anything like their capacity it’s hard to see HCC returning to De Diepput with the points.

BdJ: Having claimed the top spot last week, Punjab Rotterdam have a chance to consolidate their position when they welcome ACC Amsterdam to the Zomercomplex on Saturday. ACC recorded their second win of the season against table-tailenders Sparta, and notably did so without any game-changing contribution from Sahil Kothari. Zaidi with the bat and Van Vliet with the ball were the stand-outs last week, while most every member of the side has a spell or a score to be proud of this season. They’ll need several players to fire at once to upset Punjab however, with Stephan Myburgh coming off a career-best effort in orange and Asad Zulfiqar stepping up with the bat in his absence. Punjab’s batting looks formidable, there’s little in the way of dead weight in the bowling either.

RL: One question is whether Saqib Zulfiqar will be fit to return to the Punjab side, having missed the last ODI against Ireland through injury, but Irfan ul Haq did well enough as his replacement against HCC to calm any worries the Rotterdammers might have on that front. In other respects, Punjab fully justify their current top spot: a nagging four-man seam attack which has the knack of taking wickets at just the right moment, the spin of Teja Nidamanuru, and one of the most powerful batting line-ups in the competition. But ACC just keep on punching above their weight, and if Kothari comes off and the rest of the batting gives him decent support, we could be in for a better contest than the teams’ relative positions on the table might suggest.

BdJ: If rumours are to be believed, VRA Amsterdam have prepared an honest-to-goodness grass wicket to honour the arrival of reigning champions Excelsior ‘20 Schiedam on Saturday. It’s unclear whether this aberration from the hosts is a tactical ploy, but it is worth noting that Excelsior generally don’t deal well with natural pitches other than their own, having won only once on somebody else’s turf in the last four seasons. Whether VRA have the bowling to take advantage of any such weakness is another question of course, having looked a seamer light even before Quirijn Gunning’s injury. The sunshine itself may also eat into the batting with a number of the host’s top order reportedly away to enjoy the weather elsewhere this weekend, though the return even of an out-of-form Ben Cooper will worry the visitors if the wicket is the sort that suits him. The Schiedammers certainly have form on their side, however, with the bowling clinically dismantling (an admittedly understrength) VOC last week, and of course Tristan Stubbs averaging a faintly ridiculous 231 with the bat in his debut season.

RL: Even without any absentees the VRA top order is a serious worry: the first five wickets have produced 100 runs just once this season, and that was against a Dosti side which in all fairness has been less than overwhelming for much of the campaign. As against that, the middle order has produced a couple of remarkable recoveries, not least the effort by Peter Borren and Mitch Lees at Craeyenhout last week. No Borren-led side can be written off, and Tom Heggelman will be well aware of his attack’s need to keep going all the way if they are dismiss VRA for a modest total. The Excelsior top order has exhibited a certain brittleness of its own in recent weeks, but Lorenzo Ingram is certainly due a score, and Borren’s men will not relish the prospect, having suffered at the hands of Tayo Walbrugh last time out, of Stubbs coming in at five.

BdJ: Meanwhile HBS Craeyenhout will get a run-out on grass as well for only the second time this season when they take on Voorburg at Westvliet. HBS will welcome back Tobias Visée from a weekend of sideline surfing and doubtless the destructive keeper-bat will relish the prospect of getting back on the field, especially one likely more suited to his style of play than the one he was sat next to at Kampong. That is just as well for the Crows, whose batting had looked a little reliant on Navjit Singh and Tayo Walbrugh, though given the latter’s form there’s clearly worse bats to rely on. The bowling is more of a concern, as with the exceptions of Ryan Klein and Julian de Mey the HBS attack has looked underwhelming thus far. VCC will be back at full strength with the return of their sizeable delegation to Utrecht; although the internationals weren’t needed last week against Dosti Voorburg will be glad to have an in-form seam attack when they face HBS. With all hands back on deck VCC do look the more balanced of the sides, but will need to find a way to remove or neutralise Walbrugh if they’re to bag four more points.

RL: HBS’s win last week took them into what some people still think of as the left-hand side of the table, just one spot outside the top four. They’re only one win behind Excelsior and two behind the rest of their rivals, but they will know that they can’t afford to lose too many encounters like this one if they are to keep within striking distance of a play-off place, and Voorburg at Westvliet is a tough proposition indeed. The home side will no doubt have spent quite a bit of time thinking about how to deal with Visée, who is a known quantity, and Walbrugh, who isn’t, and Van Beek and Kingma’s performances against Ireland confirm that they are a fearsome proposition, even on a pitch which may offer them less than Maarschalkerweerd. Voorburg’s batting isn’t quite up to the exceptionally high standard of the attack, but with Bas de Leede, Sybrandt Engelbrecht, Aryan Dutt and perhaps the returning Tom de Grooth it remains a force to be reckoned with.

BdJ: Finally in what already looks like a dress rehearsal for the dress rehearsal that is the non-relegation play-off, one or other of Sparta 1888 and Dosti-United will likely find their first win of the season when they meet at Bermweg. While the advent of Garnett Tarr has bolstered the Sparta batting somewhat and the veteran Mudassar Bukhari has been in fine form with the willow, the rest of Sparta’s batting has thus far failed to deliver. In the bowling department only Max Hoornweg has seen consistent success this season, with even Bukhari looking rather off the boil by his standards. Nonetheless the Capellenaars will be solid favourites at home against Dosti, who were categorically beaten at home last week by a VCC side missing half its first choice eleven. Though Dosti have looked competitive in phases and individual players have impressed at times, their next win still looks a long way off from here.

RL: My understanding is that the wooden spoon will be handed out after the round robin phase, with the lower-ranked clubs now spared a play-off phase, and barring a miraculous turnaround one of these two sides will be the recipient. While Dosti’s bowling has at times been up to the demands of the Topklasse, Waheed Masood, Asief Hoseinbaks, Sami Naseri and hard-pressed skipper Vinoo Tewarie turning in serviceable spells on occasion, the batting has looked hopelessly out of its depth, and even the return of Rahil Ahmed hasn’t produced the much-needed stability at the top of the innings. Sparta’s attack, spearheaded by Bukhari and Max Hoornweg, is unlikely to offer them much relief, while Tarr, Ali Raza and the rest of the home side’s batting may relish the opportunity to gather some runs and open up a gap to bottom place into the bargain.


BdJ’s picks: VOC, Punjab, VRA, VCC, Sparta.

RL’s picks: VOC, Punjab, Excelsior, VCC, Sparta.

KNCB Board thinks again on replays – again

Rod Lyall 10/06/21

Days after announcing that it was moving to satisfy the desire of the Topklasse and Women’s Hoofdklasse clubs to arrange for matches which were abandoned in the course of May to be replayed over the next three weeks, the KNCB Board has returned to the original plan for no replays.

It is understood that several clubs, having originally argued for replays, reversed their position once the new schedule had been published, on the grounds of problems with player availability for three consecutive weekends and the need for players to be free to coach youth teams.

The KNCB youth competitions got under way last week after a relaxation in government restrictions relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The previous consultation had been a response by the Board to criticism of the new points system, under which teams receive four points for a win, two for a tie, but only one for an abandoned match.

With three Topklasse clubs having lost three games to the extreme May weather there was some feeling that they had been unduly disadvantaged, but the practical difficulties associated with organizing the replays seem now to have outweighed those concerns.

The Board, having taken new representations from the clubs into account, has now rescinded the decision to organise replays.

The competition playing conditions as originally published, including the new points system and no provision for replaying abandoned matches, will now apply, and there will be an evaluation and review of the system at the end of the season.

Scorecard | HCC vs Punjab | 05.06.21

HCC I Vs Punjab I
1-Innings Match Played At De Diepput, Den Haag, 05-Jun-2021, Topklasse
Punjab I Win by 4 wkts
Round 8
Toss won by HCC I
Umpires D Das – PJ Jansen
Home Side HCC I
Points Awarded HCC I 0, Punjab I 4
HCC I 1st Innings 173/10 All Out (Overs 48.2)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
DA Trijzelaar   b S Tariq 4 11 1 0
AJ Staal*   b S Tariq 6 20 1 0
BHG Gorlee c AA Zulfiqar b AT Nidamanuru 68 92 2 3
DG Crowley c Mudassar Hussain b SA Zulfiqar 22 37 4 0
HC Overdijk c Mubashar Hussain b AT Nidamanuru 7 22 0 0
C Floyd c AA Zulfiqar b I Ul Haq 5 23 0 0
YJ Patel+ c AA Zulfiqar b S Bhatti 34 49 5 0
DJ Hennop   c&b AT Nidamanuru 1 8 0 0
OO Klaus   b S Bhatti 6 14 0 0
H Venter   b S Bhatti 2 9 0 0
RR Bijloos not out   1 6 0 0
extras   (b2 lb3 w12 nb0) 17      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 173      
1-10(DA Trijzelaar) 2-21(AJ Staal) 3-76(DG Crowley) 4-109(HC Overdijk) 5-122(BHG Gorlee) 6-124(C Floyd) 7-130(DJ Hennop) 8-164(OO Klaus) 9-170(H Venter) 10-173(YJ Patel)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
S Tariq 9 1 28 2 1
S Bhatti 9.2 1 36 3 7
SA Zulfiqar 6 0 32 1 1
Mubashar Hussain 7 0 23 0 1
AT Nidamanuru 10 1 36 3 1
I Ul Haq 7 0 13 1 1
Punjab I 1st Innings 175/6 (Overs 45.5)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
RU Zulfiqar c DG Crowley b RR Bijloos 16 18 4 0
AA Zulfiqar+ not out   66 130 6 0
AT Nidamanuru c YJ Patel b RR Bijloos 5 12 0 0
SA Zulfiqar lbw b HC Overdijk 3 5 0 0
Y Usman c OO Klaus b C Floyd 12 24 2 0
S Tariq* hit wicket b C Floyd 11 8 2 0
Mudassar Hussain c AJ Staal b RR Bijloos 27 51 4 0
I Ul Haq not out   18 23 2 0
Mubashar Hussain dnb          
S Bhatti dnb          
H Cheema dnb          
extras   (b0 lb5 w12 nb0) 17      
TOTAL   6 wickets for 175      
1-18(RU Zulfiqar) 2-27(AT Nidamanuru) 3-30(SA Zulfiqar) 4-73(Y Usman) 5-90(S Tariq) 6-141(Mudassar Hussain)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
C Floyd 10 1 33 2
HC Overdijk 9.5 3 31 1
RR Bijloos 10 1 31 3 5
H Venter 5 0 26 0 3
OO Klaus 7 0 36 0 4
DG Crowley 4 0 13 0

Scorecard | Excelsior vs VOC | 05.06.21

Excelsior 20 I Vs VOC I
1-Innings Match Played At Thurlede, Schiedam, 05-Jun-2021, Topklasse
Excelsior 20 I Win by 6 wkts
Round 8
Toss won by VOC I
Umpires ML Hancock – WPM van Liemt
Scorers EM Heggelman – CCH Kaulingfreks
Home Side Excelsior 20 I
Points Awarded VOC I 0, Excelsior 20 I 4
VOC I 1st Innings 102/10 All Out (Overs 45.2)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
MA Durrani c LT Ingram b NT Etman 0 1 0 0
ZDA van Baren lbw b RWA van Troost 46 78 5 0
TIM de Kok+ c RTF Verhagen b TJ Heggelman 11 23 0 1
A Jain lbw b TJ Heggelman 0 3 0 0
CL Rutgers c SG Shankar b GG Kroesen 2 18 0 0
JD Schoonheim c T Stubbs b UF Baker 8 14 0 0
R Malik   b LT Ingram 3 26 0 0
RR Upadhyaya c RTF Verhagen b LT Ingram 10 33 1 0
PJ Fletcher* c NT Etman b T Stubbs 13 32 0 0
BW Hanif c LT Ingram b UF Baker 0 9 0 0
SB van Wingerden not out   4 36 0 0
extras   (b0 lb0 w4 nb1) 5      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 102      
1-0(MA Durrani) 2-30(TIM de Kok) 3-30(A Jain) 4-42(CL Rutgers) 5-70(ZDA van Baren) 6-70(JD Schoonheim) 7-85(R Malik) 8-86(RR Upadhyaya) 9-87(BW Hanif) 10-102(PJ Fletcher)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
NT Etman 4 1 18 1 1
TJ Heggelman 7 1 11 2
RWA van Troost 10 2 24 1
GG Kroesen 3 0 14 1 2
UF Baker 10 2 22 2 2
LT Ingram 9 0 8 2
T Stubbs 2.2 0 5 1
Excelsior 20 I 1st Innings 103/4 (Overs 25.1)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
TC Etman c TIM de Kok b RR Upadhyaya 44 68 4 1
RTF Verhagen+ c TIM de Kok b PJ Fletcher 4 4 1 0
LT Ingram c SB van Wingerden b A Jain 14 27 2 1
J Kroesen c sub b RR Upadhyaya 17 39 3 0
T Stubbs not out   20 12 2 1
SG Shankar not out   0 1 0 0
NT Etman dnb          
RWA van Troost dnb          
TJ Heggelman* dnb          
GG Kroesen dnb          
UF Baker dnb          
extras   (b1 lb0 w3 nb0) 4      
TOTAL   4 wickets for 103      
1-5(RTF Verhagen) 2-32(LT Ingram) 3-77(J Kroesen) 4-86(TC Etman)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
A Jain 10 0 45 1 2
PJ Fletcher 10 3 29 1
SB van Wingerden 3 0 25 0
RR Upadhyaya 2.1 0 3 2 1

Scorecard | HBS vs VRA | 05.06.21

1-Innings Match Played At Craeyenhout, Den Haag, 05-Jun-2021, Topklasse
HBS I Win by 34 runs
Round 8
Toss won by HBS I
Umpires S Bhagat – J Kolli
Scorers MAP Wiegers – K Holdsworth
Home Side HBS I
Points Awarded HBS I 4, VRA I 0
HBS I 1st Innings 272/5 Closed (Overs 50)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
RP Mason c MB Lees b A Abid 7 16 1 0
JI de Mey c U Nashier b A Abid 6 30 1 0
T Walbrugh not out   171 139 16 9
Navjit Singh c PW Borren b J Balbirnie 30 67 1 0
R Klein c MB Lees b J Balbirnie 24 39 2 0
Manjinder Singh run out L Hartsink   16 11 2 0
A Ahmed not out   0 0 0 0
FJ Vink* dnb          
BFL Boddendijk dnb          
SP Vink dnb          
MM Scholte+ dnb          
extras   (b0 lb1 w16 nb1) 18      
TOTAL   5 wickets for 272      
1-19(RP Mason) 2-32(JI de Mey) 3-125(Navjit Singh) 4-200(R Klein) >5-272(Manjinder Singh)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
A Abid 8 0 57 2 8
PW Borren 6 0 44 0 4
V Singh 2 1 9 0
LA Turmaine 10 0 73 0 1
L Hartsink 10 2 23 0 2
U Nashier 5 0 21 0
M Andrew 3 0 18 0 1
J Balbirnie 6 1 26 2 2
VRA I 1st Innings 238/10 All Out (Overs 47.3)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
V Singh c T Walbrugh b R Klein 3 12 0 0
SR Rasool c JI de Mey b R Klein 5 24 0 0
J Balbirnie c JI de Mey b BFL Boddendijk 19 32 2 0
ES Szwarczynski c MM Scholte b BFL Boddendijk 6 20 0 0
PW Borren* c SP Vink b BFL Boddendijk 104 97 10 2
M Andrew c Manjinder Singh b BFL Boddendijk 12 9 1 1
MB Lees+ c R Klein b BFL Boddendijk 67 71 7 1
LA Turmaine   b R Klein 1 6 0 0
U Nashier lbw b R Klein 0 1 0 0
A Abid not out   6 12 0 0
L Hartsink c JI de Mey b BFL Boddendijk 0 2 0 0
extras   (b0 lb1 w13 nb1) 15      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 238      
1-6(V Singh) 2-13(SR Rasool) 3-30(ES Szwarczynski) 4-33(J Balbirnie) 5-51(M Andrew) 6-182(MB Lees) 7-183(LA Turmaine) 8-183(U Nashier) 9-238(PW Borren) 10-238(L Hartsink)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
R Klein 9 3 23 4
FJ Vink 9 1 34 0
JI de Mey 10 0 51 0 6 1
BFL Boddendijk 9.3 1 67 6 3
Navjit Singh 6 1 38 0
SP Vink 2 0 16 0 4
A Ahmed 2 0 8 0

Scorecard | ACC vs Sparta | 05.06.21

ACC I Vs Sparta I
1-Innings Match Played At Het Loopveld West, 05-Jun-2021, Topklasse
ACC I Win by 49 runs
Round 8
Toss won by ACC I
Umpires PGHA van Giezen – Z Hussain
Home Side ACC I
Points Awarded ACC I 4, Sparta I 0
ACC I 1st Innings 242/7 Closed (Overs 50)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
S Kothari   b MB Hoornweg 3 15 0 0
MA Raza*   b MB Hoornweg 1 5 0 0
KHA Krishna c A Raza b N Ibrahimkhil 34 67 1 0
A Zaidi not out   87 118 2 0
RK Ramesh Babu   b MB Hoornweg 1 3 0 0
CM Knoll c A Raza b N Ibrahimkhil 28 48 3 0
RA Kumar c CP Ambrose b Manminder Singh 5 15 0 0
S Hannema+ c A Raza b IS Hoornweg 50 28 1 4
M van Vliet not out   5 3 0 0
AE Alangara Napoleon dnb          
D Arya dnb          
extras   (b1 lb2 w23 nb2) 28      
TOTAL   7 wickets for 242      
1-5(MA Raza) 2-6(S Kothari) 3-84(KHA Krishna) 4-89(RK Ramesh Babu) 5-143(CM Knoll) 6-153(RA Kumar) 7-230(S Hannema)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
M Bukhari 10 2 33 0 4
MB Hoornweg 10 1 42 3 4
N Ibrahimkhil 10 0 33 2 3
PB Balwantsingh 4 0 23 0 5
Manminder Singh 9 1 42 1 3
M Latif 5 0 38 0 3 1
IS Hoornweg 2 0 28 1 1 1
Sparta I 1st Innings 193/9 Closed (Overs 50)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
A Raza+ c S Kothari b M van Vliet 10 22 0 0
M Latif lbw b RA Kumar 2 15 0 0
G Tarr   b MA Raza 63 98 3 3
CP Ambrose c RK Ramesh Babu b M van Vliet 0 7 0 0
M Bukhari* lbw b MA Raza 71 99 4 3
Manminder Singh st S Hannema b S Kothari 12 13 1 0
PB Balwantsingh   b S Kothari 12 24 0 0
N Ibrahimkhil   b MA Raza 6 5 1 0
MB Hoornweg c S Hannema b S Kothari 1 3 0 0
D Umar not out   10 13 1 0
IS Hoornweg not out   0 1 0 0
extras   (b1 lb1 w4 nb0) 6      
TOTAL   9 wickets for 193      
1-7(M Latif) 2-13(A Raza) 3-21(CP Ambrose) 4-144(G Tarr) 5-155(M Bukhari) 6-169(Manminder Singh) 7-178(N Ibrahimkhil) 8-181(MB Hoornweg) 9-190(PB Balwantsingh)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
RA Kumar 6 1 29 1
M van Vliet 10 3 20 2 2
AE Alangara Napoleon 6 0 21 0
CM Knoll 5 0 15 0 1
D Arya 6 1 24 0
A Zaidi 4 0 14 0
S Kothari 8 0 33 3
MA Raza 5 0 35 3 1

Scorecard | Dosti vs VCC | 06.06.21

Dosti United I Vs Voorburg I
1-Innings Match Played At Sportpark Drieburg, 06-Jun-2021, Topklasse
Voorburg I Win by 9 wkts
Round 8
Toss won by Voorburg I
Umpires DJ Kalloe – M Prabhudesai
Home Side Dosti United I
Points Awarded Dosti United I 0, Voorburg I 4
Dosti United I 1st Innings 64/10 All Out (Overs 24.1)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
RI Ahmed+ c ST Mulder b GK Nieuwoudt 2 10 0 0
S Raji c M Hingorani b GK Nieuwoudt 9 6 2 0
JRM Wegecsanyi   b AA Qasim 3 8 0 0
VAB Tewarie*   b GK Nieuwoudt 3 6 0 0
M Hans lbw b GK Nieuwoudt 2 18 0 0
S Ravichandran lbw b ST Mulder 22 44 2 0
W Masood   b ST Mulder 0 5 0 0
Arief Hoseinbaks   b S Kamal 7 17 1 0
Asief Hoseinbaks lbw b AA Qasim 3 13 0 0
S Shazai c M Hingorani b AA Qasim 1 9 0 0
NH Sayed not out   2 9 0 0
extras   (b0 lb2 w8 nb0) 10      
TOTAL   10 wickets for 64      
1-10(S Raji) 2-15(RI Ahmed) 3-19(JRM Wegecsanyi) 4-19(VAB Tewarie) 5-35(M Hans) 6-43(W Masood) 7-53(S Ravichandran) 8-57(Arief Hoseinbaks) 9-60(Asief Hoseinbaks) 10-64(S Shazai)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
AA Qasim 6.1 2 13 3 1
GK Nieuwoudt 6 0 22 4 2
ST Mulder 6 0 12 2 3
S Kamal 5 0 14 1 1
A Dutt 1 0 1 0 1
Voorburg I 1st Innings 68/1 (Overs 14.5)
Batter Fielder Bowler Runs Bls 4s 6s
AA Qasim st RI Ahmed b Asief Hoseinbaks 9 19 1 0
M Hingorani+ not out   15 40 1 0
A Dutt not out   38 30 7 1
SA Engelbrecht* dnb          
R Pieterse dnb          
GK Nieuwoudt dnb          
R van der Giessen dnb          
S Kamal dnb          
L Boissevain dnb          
ST Mulder dnb          
FJ de Lange dnb          
extras   (b4 lb0 w2 nb0) 6      
TOTAL   1 wickets for 68      
1-17(AA Qasim)
Bowler Overs Maid Runs Wkts wd nb
Asief Hoseinbaks 4 0 15 1 1
W Masood 3 0 6 0
NH Sayed 4 1 6 0
M Hans 2 0 15 0
S Ravichandran 1.5 0 22 0 1

Punjab battle their way to top spot

Rod Lyall 07/06/21

It was a tight, low-scoring battle at De Diepput on Saturday, but in the end Punjab Rotterdam prevailed over HCC to edge to the top of the Topklasse table, a single point ahead of Rotterdam rivals VOC.

On a pitch that was never easy for the batters, two stood out: HCC’s Boris Gorlee, who made 68 out of his side’s total of 173, and Punjab’s Asad Zulfiqar, who, in the absence of internationals Stef Myburgh and Saqib Zulfiqar, steadied a faltering ship and saw his team through to a four-wicket victory.

HCC were also without international opener Musa Nadeem Ahmad, but the batting problems which have started to show after a storming start to the season are not solely due to his absence, and they were fully exploited by the Punjab attack, which makes up in guile what it lacks in pace.

Suleiman Tariq removed both openers and then Teja Nidamanuru spun out the middle order, including the wicket of Gorlee, before Tariq’s new-ball partner Sohail Bhatti returned to clean up the tail, although Yash Patel again provided valuable late-order resistance with 34 before he was last man out.

Nidamanuru and Bhatti ended with the same figures, three for 36.

Reinier Bijloos and Hidde Overdijk, a couple of yards faster than Punjab’s seamers, soon had the visitors’ batting under pressure, and with Rehmat and Sikander Zulfiqar and Nidamanuru all gone by the time 30 was on the board that total of 173 looked a lot better than it had half an hour earlier.

But Asad was rock solid at the other end, and in partnership first with Yasir Usman, and then with Tariq and Mudassar Hussain, he steadily worked his way towards the target.

When Hussain went 33 were still needed, and HCC threw everything into a push for the four remaining wickets.

In Irfan ul Haq, however, Asad found the ideal partner in such pressured circumstances, and it was his boundary which sealed the issue with more than four overs to spare.

At Thurlede, VOC Rotterdam were also without their international stars, and were no match for an Excelsior ‘20 attack which had the previous week dismissed HCC for 91.

The match was a personal landmark for Excelsior captain Tom Heggelman, who captured his 300th top flight wicket when he trapped Arnav Jain in front.

VOC’s main resistance came from Dirk van Baren, promoted to open in the absence of Max O’Dowd, and his 46 held the innings together until he was fifth out with the score on 70.

Ramdas Upadhyaya and captain-for the-day Pierce Fletcher managed to get the total into three figures, but with all seven Excelsior bowlers amongst the wickets the total of 102 was well short of what was needed.

Tim Etman chose this moment to hit his way into form, making 44 with four fours and a six, and although VOC took four wickets along the way Excelsior needed only 25.1 overs to complete their ix-wicket victory.

By contrast with these low-scoring encounters, the clash between HBS and VRA Amsterdam at Craeyenhout produced two outstanding centuries before the home side secured a 34-run win.

Tayo Walbrugh’s unbeaten 171, made from 139 deliveries with 16 fours and nine sixes, was a masterly display of hitting, as he treated VRA’s mostly young and inexperienced attack with controlled brutality.

He dominated stands of 93 with Navjit Singh for the third wicket, of 75 with Ryan Klein, and of 72 with Manjinder Singh, and HBS closed on 272 for five after young Ashir Abid had initially reduced them to 32 for two.

VRA then slumped to 51 for five in another top-order batting collapse, Ryan Klein again impressive with pace and accuracy.

But Peter Borren was still there, and when he was joined by Mitch Lees the pair set about reversing the course of the game; together they added 131 for the sixth wicket, and in the process Borren achieved the day’s other major landmark, scoring his 8000th top flight run for VRA when he passed 28.

Benno Boddendijk, who already had three wickets, returned to break the stand by removing Lees for 67, but Borren was not done yet, and although wickets continued to fall at the other end and the asking rate was approaching ten an over, he continued to take the fight to the HBS attack.

He and Abid added 55 for the ninth wicket of which Abid’s contribution was 6, and it was only when Borren, on 104, holed out at deep midwicket trying for another six off Boddendijk, that HBS could regard themselves as safe.

Boddendijk claimed the last to finish with six for 67, while Klein had four for 23.

At Het Loopveld, ACC’s total of 242 for seven against Sparta 1888 was due to contrasting knocks from Ammar Zaidi, whose not out 87 came from 118 deliveries and included just two fours, and Stephan Hannema, who came in with the innings effectively becalmed on 153 for six and smashed a 28-ball 50, including a four and four sixes.

Max Hoornweg had been instrumental in causing the home side early problems and after taking some punishment from Hannema finished with three for 42.

Sparta were in with a chance while Garnett Tarr (63) and Mudassar Bukhari (71) were putting together a fourth-wicket stand of 123, but once Anis Raza had removed them both the middle and lower order again struggled.

With Raza claiming three for 35 and Sahil Kothari three for 33 the innings petered out, and closed on 193 for nine, giving ACC a 49-run victory.

Voorburg, without four internationals, made short work of Dosti United at Sportpark Drieburg on Sunday, bowling them out for just 64 and knocking off the runs in 14.5 overs to win by nine wickets.

Karl Nieuwoudt, given the new ball in the absence of Viv Kingma and Logan van Beek, celebrated by claiming three wickets in his first three overs, and Dosti never recovered from this onslaught.

Satish Ravichandran was the only man to reach double figures, his 22 contributing a third of his side’s runs, while Nieuwoudt finished with four for 22 and Ali Ahmed Qasim three for 13.

Aryan Dutt made sure of the points with a rapid 38 not out, hitting seven fours and a six, as Voorburg moved level with VOC on points and into second place on net run rate.

KNCB adjusts competition schedule after consulting clubs

Rod Lyall 05/06/21

After consultation with the clubs taking part in the Men’s Topklasse and the Women’s Hoofdklasse the KNCB Board has decided upon some changes to the rules governing this year’s competitions.

The reconsideration was occasioned by criticism of the new points system, under which four points are awarded for a win, two apiece for a tie, and one each for abandoned matches.

This was felt by some to be unfair to clubs who, through no fault of their own, were unable to play fixtures as a result of bad weather, and the dissatisfaction was heightened by an unseasonably wet May which led to some teams having half their first six matches cancelled.

There was strong support among the clubs for the principle that the fairest competition is one in which all teams have played the same number of matches.

Following further discussion the Board has decided to stay with the new point system until at least the end of the season, after which there will be an evaluation, but to arrange in the meantime for abandoned matches to be replayed wherever possible.

The main limitation to this is the availability of suitable grounds, a problem which will become acute once the T20 Cup gets under way, and even more so should the remaining competitions be able to start once the current Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Competition leader Bart Kroesen explained this week that this meant it would be impossible for matches to be replayed after 10 July, but that until then grounds were available.

This means that all ten Men’s Topklasse matches and the two Women’s Hoofdklasse matches so far rained off will now be replayed.

Topklasse matches have been scheduled as follows:

Sunday, 13 June:
Sparta – Excelsior’20
Punjab CCR – HBS
ACC – Dosti

Sunday, 20 June:
Excelsior’20 – Dosti

Sunday, 27 June:
VRA – Punjab CCR
HBS – Excelsior’20
Dosti – HCC

TKcricket will replace the results of the rained-off games in the Points Table with those of the replays as the latter take place.

Another outcome of the consultation process is that play-offs for the Topklasse title have been confirmed: the leading side after the round-robin phase will play the team placed second, the winner going straight into the final, while the sides in third and fourth place will also play each other.

The loser of the match between No. 1 and No. 2 will then meet the winner of the game between No. 3 and No. 4, the winner of this contest reaching the final.

This system was last used in 2012, when Excelsior ’20, after finishing fourth, beat VRA Amsterdam in the semi-final and ACC in the elimination final before going on to take the title with a 102-run victory over Dosti Amsterdam in the final.

HBS vs VRA at Crayenhout Round 8|05.06.21