Topklasse Live | Round 18 | As it Happened

 Rod Lyall  18:45
So the only change in the table as a result of today’s matches is that Voorburg move back above VRA. Excelsior confirm their position as worthy champions, and Quick go down, to be replaced by Punjab Rotterdam next season. There will be time for reflection on the season’s events, and we will certainly wish to contribute our ten Eurocents’ worth to any discussion of the future shape of the competition. And of course, we will bring you our selection of our Topklasse Team of the Year. So don’t stop visiting TKcricket for the most substantial coverage of the highest level of Dutch domestic cricket! We hope you’ve enjoyed what we’ve been able to offer over the past four months, and on behalf of Bertus de Jong, Sander Tholen, Max Charlesworth and myself, this is Rod Lyall saying goodnight and good luck from a sunny, extremely celebratory Westvliet.

played won lost tied n/r points x̅ pts NRR
[C] EXC       17 14 2 1 1 29 1.71 0.826
HCC 16 12 4 2 24 1.50 0.563
ACC 17 11 6 1 22 1.29 0.358
HBS 18 11 7 22 1.22 0.294
DST 17 8 9 1 16 0.94 0.449
VCC 16 7 9 2 14 0.88 -0.564
VRA 17 7 10 1 14 0.82 -0.121
VOC 17 6 11 1 12 0.71 -0.223
SPT 17 4 12 1 1 9 0.53 -0.819
[R] QCK       18 4 14 8 0.44 -0.806

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  18:21
HCC : 237-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 201 all out (~48 overs)
Century for Bukhari but wickets falling around him, and finally holes out himself off Itagi for 103. A valiant effort from him, but it was VCC that saved Sparta in the end.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  18:09
HCC : 237-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 190-5 (46 overs)
They’re going for it alright. 47 needed off the last 4 overs. Bukhari on 96*

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  17:47
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
VRA : 162 all out (41.4 overs)
Tim Etman deals the final blow, as Graber is caught by Parchment for 9. Excelsior finish the season on an even higher high, 59 runs the margin.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  17:33
HCC : 237-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 156-5 (41 overs)
Sparta lose another wicket, Raza bowled Street for, But Bukhari’s still there somewhere in the 70s. News will surely have filtered through that VCC have saved them, which is fortunate as 82 off 9 remains a tall order.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  17:47
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
VRA : 151-9 (39 overs)
VRA duly slouching toward defeat now, Lees gone for 8, becoming Ingram’s third victim. Graber and Gul the last pair holding up Excelsior’s celebrations.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  17:38
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 161 all out (39.1 overs)
A most entertaining last wicket stand of 17 is brought to an end as Hoseinbaks offers Arya a sharp return catch, which he gratefully accepts. Atwarie left stranded on 0*, denied the chance to be the 8th batsmen of the day to record a duck.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  17:33
HCC : 237-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 147-4 (39 overs)
Bukhari presses on, but Sparta are safe now regardless. 91 needed with 11 overs to go.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  17:26
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 143 all out (36.5 overs)
And it’s official: Schiferli sweeps Boissevain into the hands of Clayton Floyd on the square leg boundary, and Quick lose by 67 runs. They remain at the foot of the table, and will be playing in the Hoofdklasse next season. Philippe Boissevain finishes with four for 20 and Nic Smit three for 16.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  17:26
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 142-9 (36.2 overs)
Diwan gets well down the pitch to Boissevain, but it doesn’t save him when the ball takes the pad and umpire Kaulingfreks’ finger goes up. In comes the injured Dake as last man.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  17:27
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
VRA : 134-7 (34.2 overs)
Borren gone, bowled Ingram for 40. Hard to see VRA spoiling Excelsior’s party now. Lees joins Turnmaine, but Turmaine doesn’t stay with him long. Caught off Ingram and Tom Long to the crease with 88 runs still to get.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  17:23
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 150-9 (36 overs)
A defiant 26 from Diwan includes a six onto the clubhouse roof, briefly distracting those within from the astonishing proceedings at Headingley, but he’s caught off Sikander and it’s just for show now you’d think. A fine show this over though as Arief Hoseinbaks drives Arya through extra for four.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  17:17
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 134-8 (34.3 overs)
Almost a carbon copy as Van Schelven cuts Boissevain to Mulder at backward point. Sumeet Diwan joins Schiferli. They take a drink, probably Quick’s last in the Topklasse for a year at least, regardless of what happens at the Bermweg.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  17:16
HCC : 237-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 125-4 (35.2 overs)
Buurman goes, caught off Klaus, and leaves Bukhari with a nigh-impossible task. Though probably not a necessary one given how things are going at Westvliet.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  17:12
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 133-7 (33.4 overs)
Vierling makes room to cut Smit, but only into the hands of Foget at backward point. Van Schelven in.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  16:47
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
VRA : 121-5 (30 overs)
Turmaine off the mark on his tenth delivery, Borren keeping them up with the rate though with 38* off 41 so far.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  17:03
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 128-6 (31.2 overs)
As the music would have put it yesterday, another one bites the dust. Stokkers beaten by Smit, and he’s bowled for 2. Daan Vierling to the crease.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  16:56
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 124-5 (29.4 overs)
Mol down the pitch swinging at Nic Smit, who’s on for Floyd, and hears the dread rattle behind him. He made a fine 31, but that might be the match. Edgar Schiferli in.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  16:50
HCC : 237-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 91-3 (27.4 overs)
And Hay breaks the partnership at Bermweg, de Kok caught for 29. Required rate around sevens now.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  16:47
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
VRA : 101-5 (25.1 overs)
Hundred up for VRA meanwhile, Cooper on to 35* and Borren with a brisk 19* so far. And as I type Heggelman finds the big wicket, Cooper caught Ingram for 35. Turmaine joins Borren.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  16:46
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 116-4 (26.1 overs)
Boissevain gets the breakthrough, bringing one sharply back at Brand and hitting his off stump. He goes for 26. Voorburg regain a slight advantage as Stokkers joins Mol, who’s on 25.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  16:45
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 120-7(26 overs)
A full five slips in for Barends’ final over but Hoseinbaks unsportingly refuses to edge it, Barends finsihes with 4-34. Saqib continues and Diwan shows little concern for the situation, slog-sweeps him over midwicket for a sizeable six.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  16:40
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 110-3 (25 overs)
Spin at both ends now, as Boissevain replaces Mulder. Quick are going along at two an over at the moment, and the asking rate has risen gradually to fours.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  16:27
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 111-7(24 overs)
Nelson strikes here, Ghori chasing a wide one from Saqib and a thick edge well taken by Rehmat diving forward from gully. Hoseinbaks in.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  16:33
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
VRA : 83-4 (22 overs)
VRA continue to lose wickets, Szwarczynski goes for four, bowled by Bhatti. Borren in with Cooper now, make-or-break partnership you’d say.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  16:30
HCC : 237-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 61-2 (20 overs)
De Kok and Bukhari still for Sparta. Required rate creeping up toward a run-a-ball though.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  16:27
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 102-6 (21 overs)
Make that 7 ducks. Vimal Tewarie joins the skein, though not happily. He’s given LBW to Barends but seems pretty convinced he’s hit it and even the ACC crowd acknowledge he might have a case there. No doubt about the next call though, Ahmed throws the bat after a high and rising delivery outside off and sends it more or less straight up off the full face of the bat. Gone for 59, good knock till then. Diwan and Ghori now.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  16:20
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 100-4(20.1 overs)
Ahmed brings up the hundred pulling van Vliet hard in front of square to the rope, but Barends bags another at the other end, Davids’s poles uprooted, sixth duck of the day. Vimal Tewarie in.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  16:19
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 96-3 (18 overs)
A really tense finish is building here, as Mol and Brand dig in. Brand is the more aggressive, as three boundaries off Mulder’s third over (after two maidens) attest; one’s rather fortunate, but a lofted drive to the sightscreen is lovely shot. The umpires have confirmed, BTW, that the additional runs off Kingma’s first two no-balls should have been signaled as byes; so Bista’s score is 34.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  16:13
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 92-3 (19 overs)
Barends returns and deprives Ahmed of another partner, Zakhil bowled without scoring, Davids in.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  16:11
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
VRA : 58-3 (17 overs)
Singh gone for 28, caught off Bhatti. Szwarczynski joins Cooper with VRA in need of a partnership.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  16:04
HCC : 237-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 42-2 (15 overs)
De Kok and Bukhari for Sparta now, a long way to go still if they’re to secure their Topklasse survival by their own hand.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  15:58
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 90-2 (18 overs)
nine ball duck for Hans, bored into charging Saqib bit can only spoon up a leading edge to van Vliet coming in from mid on. Zakhil joins Ahmed, who brings up his fifty with a thick edge wide of slip.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  16:03
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 76-3 (14 overs)
Clayton Floyd and Stef Mulder are on now; Mulder begins with a maiden to Brand, but Mol takes two boundaries off Floyd to keep Quick up with the rate, the first of them bouncing millimetres inside the rope at long on.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  15:59
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
VRA : 48-2 (15 overs)
Bhatti and van Troost now for Excelsior, Singh still there on 27*, Cooper on 8*.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  15:58
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 87-0 (16 overs)
Saqib brings himself on and it proves a judicious decision, has Tewarie beaten on the sweep into the pads and up goes the finger. Hans at three to join Ahmed, who’s on 47.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  15:54
HCC : 237-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 24-2 (11 overs)
Sparta another wicket down and well off the pace meanwhile.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  15:53
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 83-0 (15 overs)
Drinks here, and it’s been hot work for ACC. Ahmed and Tewarie ahve hasd them chasing the ball to all corners, they’re on 45* and 28* respectively.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  15:47
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 58-3 (10.1 overs)
Glover, who has bowled splendidly throughout Kingma’s travails, gets the key wicket: Bista goes after another lifting delivery outside off stump, and edges to Croes. He made 40, which may conceivably turn out to be 34 once the high no-balls issue has been resolved with the umpires. Jeroen Brand joins Mol.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  15:45
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
VRA : 35-2 (12 overs)
Dasgupta bowled van Troost for an 11-ball duck, Cooper in at four.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  15:37
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 50-2 (8 overs)
But Kingma has switched from a high full toss problem to an overstepping problem, and from two free hits in the rest of that over Bista smacks him for two fours. It’s hard to believe what’s happening here.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  15:34
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 36-2 (7.2 overs)
And after a Glover over yields another eight, Kingma comes back with a catch behind the stumps, well taken low by Croes to remove Van Gigch. Geert Maarten Mol in at four.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  15:33
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 50-0 (11 overs)
Fifty up for Dosti meanwhile, far from chanceless so far from Ahmed and Tewarie but going along at a good clip now.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  15:30
HCC : 237-8 (50 overs)
Sparta : 11-1 (5.1 overs)
Big wicket at Bermweg as Street pins Fletcher in front.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  15:29
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 28-1 (6 overs)
An extraordinary over from Kingma, who begins with four high full tosses, which whistle at various levels above (or at least approaching) sea level past Bista’s anatomy. The first two are called no balls, the third goes for five wides, and the fourth, another no ball, finally draws a warning from umpire Van den Dries. One can only assume that the first couple weren’t deemed to be dangerous, otherwise Kingma would have to be removed from the attack. The result, though, is that 19 come from the over.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  15:30
VOC : 183 all out (34.4 overs)
HBS : 187-4 (24.2 overs)
All over at Hazelaarweg, Elkin unbeaten on 76* and wraps up the game inside of 60 overs all told. Efficient work, everyone.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  15:25
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
VRA : 23-1 (7 overs)
VRA lose their first wicket at Thurlede as van de Burg is castled by Parchmet for 10. Dasgupta promoted to number three we hear.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  15:24
VOC : 183 all out (34.4 overs)
HBS : 174-4 (23 overs)
HBS rapidly closing in on the win, though Gomes is run out for 71.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  15:16
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 9-1 (5 overs)
Glover and Kingma are generating some serious pace, and if they haven’t (yet) got Bista they have gone a long way towards neutralizing his threat. He’s been very watchful, while Ekelmans is largely reduced to wafting hopefully at lifting deliveries outside off stump. Which I had just finished writing when Glover switches to a straighter line and crashes the final ball of the over into the stumps. Van Gigch in at three.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  15:15
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 24-0 (6 overs)
Ahmed has made his way to 16* aided by a little luck, edging Barends over slip for four in the third over. Tewarie more circumspect on 2*. Still Barends and Kumar for ACC.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  15:02
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
VRA : 2-0 (1 over)
They’re back on at Thurlede too, Singh and van den Burg opening for VRA, while Parchment and Heggelman share the new ball.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  14:58
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Quick : 7-0 (1 over)
We’re back on at Westvliet, with Brandon Glover bowling initially to Jay Bista from the Paddock End. Initially, because the first ball crashes into Bista’s pads, and they take a leg-bye while Voorburg are busy appealing. It’s an eventful first over, because Stefan Ekelmans is already struggling with a leg muscle issue, barely able to run, and Bista, back on strike, turns the fourth ball in front of square for four. Viv Kingma from the Pavilion End.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  14:59
VOC : 183 all out (34.4 overs)
HBS : 120-3 (17 overs)
And we have word from Hazelaarweg! Elkin and Gomes have done a fine job repairing the innings after those three early wickets, closing in on a centruy partnership. Just 64 more to get with plenty of time and wickets to play with.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  14:01
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Dosti : 11-0 (2 overs)
And we’re back in action here, Ahmed and Tewarie opening for Dosti, Barneds and Kumar sharing the new ball. Wide first up and then Ahmed dropped off the next ball from Barends, albeit a very tough chance at mid off diving forward.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  14:50
VOC : 183 all out (34.4 overs)
HBS : 37-3 (5.3 overs)
HBS and VOC’s social media departments have turned their attention to the football it seems. Do get in touch if you have any updates on the cricket. I can tell you that VOC trail Boshuizen by 2 goals to nothing at half-time, whilst HBS are 3-1 down against DHC, if that’s of any interest. Maybe best stick to cricket, chaps.

Guard of honour for Westdijk on his final appearance for HBS Photo Mr Vink

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  14:36
HCC : 237-8 (50 overs)
A classic Walhain cameo does some damage at the death, 40 runs off the last 4 overs and HCC finish on 237-8, second highest 1st innings total of the season at Bermweg, nobody’s chased anything like that yet.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  14:18
HCC : 197-8 (46 overs)
Two in three balls for Fletcher as HCC push toward 200, Overdijk and Qasim gone caught behind and LBW respectively. Klaus in with 4 overs remaining.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  14:16
Excelsior : 221-9 (50 overs)
Excelsior meanwhile finish on 221-9 from their fifty overs, birthday boy Tom Long taking his third catch of the innings to dismiss Baker off the bowling of Graber, Tomm Heggleman, curiously batting at 11, adding a single run to the total.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  14:15
VOC : 183 all out (34.4 overs)
HBS : 37-3 (5.3 overs)
HBS have set about this chase with the same reckless abandon shown by their opponents, and have lost three wickets already for their pains. Not sure who exactly at this point though.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  14:11
Voorburg : 210-9 (50 overs)
Funny game, cricket. Unnikrishnan Etungapaddy comes in, and is bowled first ball by Schiferli. Who then bowls Bart Foget with the final delivery of what proves to be a double wicket maiden. Not a bad way to finish your return to first-team cricket. It’s a decent total in the end, but distinctly gettable if Quick bat as well as they’re capable of, and considering the problems with their attack – and where Voorburg were at 40 overs – they’ll feel at least as happy as Voorburg at this stage.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  14:07
HCC : 187-6 (44.2 overs)
Itagi caaght off Snoep for 51, and now Matt Hay follows him. Walhain joins Overdijk, eight overs still to come.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  14:04
Voorburg : 210-7 (49 overs)
The sub-plot here is that Croes is edging his way towards a century, and although Kingma is caught by De Mooij at mid-off trying to hit Brand for six, the effect is to get his partner back on strike. He responds by pulling to the midwicket boundary, and a single gets him to 97. A single for Brandon Glover, and then when Glover calls him through for a very tight single he can’t get there before Vierling’s throw to Brand, and he’s run out for 97.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  14:01
ACC : 196 all out (49.4 overs)
Diwan wraps it up, taking te Boekhorst’s poles to finish with figures of 4-15. Sikander left unbeaten on 31*, 197 will be the target, a tall order on this ground even if the boundaries are a bit shorter than usual.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  13:59
Excelsior : 209-8 (47.4 overs)
Fifty for Sohail Bhatti, brings it up with a dink down to third man. It came at almost a run-a-ball with 2 fours and 3 sixes so far. He’s lost Woutersen though, who’s caught off Borren for 32 to end a 90-run partnership for the 7th wicket. And as I type Bhatti falls for 54, caught Borren off Graber. van Troost and Baker in now with 14 balls to go.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  13:53
HCC : 174-4 (40 overs)
Wiffen’s innings brought to and end as Fletcher traps him LBW for 64. Fifty for Itagi meanwhile, he’s joined by Overdijk with ten overs to go.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  13:52
ACC : 188-8 (48 overs)
All Dosti at at the death, Sikander holes out off Diwan and Kumar trapped LBW two balls later. Van Vliet in, may not make 200 from here.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  13:49
Voorburg : 186-5 (45.5 overs)
Boissevain looks for an imaginary run and is beaten by Van Gigch’s direct hit when he’s sent back. Enter Viv Kingma.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  13:46
Voorburg : 182-4 (44.5 overs)
Voorburg’s momentum has been slowed by the dismissal of Smit, and Floyd is the next to go as he tries to put Brand over the rope and finds Bista, who’s back on and fielding at long on. Philippe Boissevain the new man.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  13:45
ACC : 186-6 (47 overs)
ACC struggling to find late acceleration, too hot for twos out there despite some occasionally sloppy fielding from Dosti.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  13:38
Voorburg : 172-3 (42.4 overs)
A curate’s egg of an over from Jeroen Brand, beginning with a high no ball which is smacked for two, a two and a four for Smit, and then a wicket as Smit goes big and succeeds only in holing out to sub Tycho de Mooij at long on. He goes for 46 and is replaced by Clayton Floyd; Croes, meanwhile, has gone on to 80.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  13:19
Excelsior : 162-6 (41 overs)
Fifty partnership for Woutersen and Bhatti meanwhile. They’re on 25* and 19* respectively, VRA bowling rather erratic again, 10 wides already in the innings.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  13:27
Voorburg : 162-2 (41 overs)
They take another drink at Westvliet, with the stand between Croes and Smit now extended to 78. Bista has bowled out, finishing with two for 22, and although Dake is back on the field it’s hard to see him returning to the attack, even if he’s been back long enough. Geert Maarten Mol hasn’t been used as yet, which seems strange unless he’s carrying an injury as well. And to add to the atmosphere of desuetude, Jay Bista has left the field at drinks.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  13:28
ACC : 165-6 (42 overs)
Barends drives Zakhil straight to Vimal Tewarie mid on, gone for 10, to be replaced by Chris Knoll, but not for long. Cleaned up next ball. Te Boekhorst in to join Sikander, who’s on 13. Solid forward defense and survives the hattrick ball.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  13:19
Excelsior : 151-6 (38 overs)
150-up for Excelsior meanwhile, Sohail Bhatti making the most of his excursion up the order. He’s added a handy 39 with David Woutersen for the 7th wicket.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  13:13
HCC : 133-3 (30 overs)
Itagi and Wiffen still for HCC, the latter presumably has fifty by now, though we’ve been unable to confirm…(edit: he doesn’t, he’s on 44* and Itagi’s raced to 30*)

 ACC vs Dosti-United  13:09
ACC : 147-3 (36.1 overs)
Davids into the attack and serves up a rank full toss first ball, for which he is rewarded with the wicket of Saqib Zulfiqar, who slaps it straight into the hands of Diwan and mid on. Gone for 67, Barends in.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  13:05
VOC : 183 all out (34.4 overs)
VOC innings brought to an end with 15 overs remaining, 183 all out in the end. They’d have taken that at 98-8 though you’d think.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  13:02
ACC : 141-2 (35.4 overs)
Lost ball break here and some welcome drinks. Very hot indeed now. Saqib Zulfiqar warming to his task too, he’s out there with his brother Sikander now, Rasool having fallen to Diwan after an entertaining 36.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  12:59
Voorburg : 135-2 (34 overs)
Bista returns, but the half-century stand comes up nevertheless, two coming from the over. He’s now operating in tandem with Van Schelven, but Croes has moved on to 62, and Smit’s on 27.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  12:55
VOC : 181-9 (30 overs)
The VOC counter-attack continues 83 runs added for the last two wickets. Hanif on to 56* now – his first Topklasse fifty. “Are you watching, Ryan Campbell?” enquires our man at Hazelaarweg.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  12:53
Excelsior : 115-6 (30 overs)
Double strike by Ben Cooper at Thurlede, and big wickets both. Removes van Wyk and Parchment in the space of four balls, caught and caught behind respectively. Follows it up in his next over clean bowling Shankar, game-changing spell from what we may have to get used to calling the off-spinning all-rounder. Bhatti and Woutersen in now, and Excelsior in trouble.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  12:49
HCC : 90-3 (23 overs)
Breaktrhough at Bermweg meanwhile as Gorlee is pinned LBW by Manminder Singh, Itagi almost follows him as he is put down on 0. This over rate is nothing to write home about, must be said.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  12:56
ACC : 118-2 (32 overs)
ACC have upped the rate markedly meanwhile, Rasool and Zulfiqar going for their shots now, both have cleared the ropes twice in recent overs.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  12:45
Voorburg : 111-2 (29 overs)
Croes plants Van Gigch into one of the gardens over on the far side to move to 49 and then pushes a single to bring up an 87-ball half-century. After taking a while to settle Smit hammers Lesley Stokkers over extra cover to get going, and a misfield at mid-off in Van Gigch’s next allows a second boundary. Voorburg still on course for a solid total as Dake returns to the field.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  12:43
VOC : 159-9 (30 overs)
The unlikely figure of Bobby Hanif has inspired something of a recover at Hazelaarweg, meanwhile. He dominated the scoring in a 47-run partnership with Corey Rutgers, and has now moved on to 39*. Down to his last partner how though.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  12:38
Excelsior : 100-3 (26 overs)
Hundred up for Excelsior meanwhile, Parchment and van Wyk looking solid, Cooper operating now in tandem with Graber.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  12:31
Voorburg : 90-2 (26 overs)
A rather chancy start by Smit, who drives Van Gigch uppishly into the covers and then edges Bista just past the keeper. And then he survives a loud appeal for a catch at the wicket off the final ball of Bista’s over.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  12:26
ACC : 78-2 (25 overs)
Things are really heating up now at het Loopveld, though only in the strictly literal sense. Rasool and Zulfiqar continue to milk runs where they can find them, not taking any chances here as the temperature edges into the 30s. Hans returns to the attack.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  12:21
Voorburg : 84-2 (22 overs)
And another for Bista, as Gigani goes back on his stumps and hits a dolly of a return catch. Nic Smit in at four.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  12:21
HCC : 64-2 (17 overs)
Wiffen and Gorlee still for HCC, closing in on a fifty partnership.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  12:17
Excelsior : 74-3 (19 overs)
Another down at Thurlede, Etman run out for 27 by Gul. Lennert van Wyk in at five.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  12:13
Voorburg : 80-1 (20 overs)
Just when I remark that this is Voorburg’s highest opening stand of the season, Jay Bista (who else?) gets one through De Grooth’s defences and traps him in front for 41. Nehaan Gigani joins Croes, who’s on 37. But not before they take a drink.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  11:46
Voorburg : 76-0 (19 overs)
It’s traditional at this point to talk about an end-of-term feeling to proceedings, but that’s because it’s often true, even in a match like this where there’s plenty at stake, at least for one of the teams. De Grooth having belted a Van Schelven full toss for six in his previous over, the left-armer is replaced by Bob van Gigch. He delivers a tidy first over, exacting respect from both batsmen, but the score continues to creep upwards. Croes now on 35, De Grooth having overtaken him, on 39.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  11:50
VOC : 91-7 (18.2 overs)
The silliness continues at Hazleaarweg, VOC may indeed be all out inside of 20 overs at this rate..

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  12:03
HCC : 48-2 (14 overs)
HCC have staged something of a recovery after a wobbly start, Wiffen and Gorlee taking them to 48-2 in 14.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  12:01
ACC : 52-2 (20 overs)
Dosti have quietly raced through these overs here, 20 done before noon. ACC have lost Mulready clean bowled by Zakhil. Rasool in with Saqib now.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  11:57
Excelsior : 57-2 (15 overs)
Big wicket at Thurlede, Tom Long the man to claim it as he has Ingram caught behind for 9. Parchment joins Etman, who’s added 2 more runs to his tally since we last checked in on them.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  11:50
VOC : 81-4 (13 overs)
VOC showing why they’re T20 champions, those four wickets have not appreciably slowed the scoring. If anything they seem to have accelerated it.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  11:46
Voorburg : 43-0 (12 overs)
Van Schelven continues from the Paddock End, and Jeroen Brand replaces Schiferli after a decent five-over spell. And Croes and De Grooth continue unperturbed, content to stroke the ball around and collect runs as they can. After taking 17 deliveries to get off the mark, De Grooth is keeping pace with his partner now.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  11:40
VOC : 56-4 (10 overs)
HBS’ decision to insert VOC is paying off handsomely meanwhile, VOC lose four in the first ten overs – Berend Westdijk responsible for three of them.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  11:39
Excelsior : 41-1 (9 overs)
One down at Thurleded too, as Verhagen is bowled by Haseeb Gul. Ingram joins Etman, who’s on 21. And VRA turn to spin as Turmaine replaces Borren.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  11:36
ACC : 28-1 (12 overs)
First wicket down here, Rehmat caught off Hans for 18, Saqib in at three..

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  11:32
HCC : 19-2 (5.3 overs)
HCC looking anything burt steady at Bermweg, however. Staal out second ball caight Fletcher off Bukhari, and Street gone too now, caught behind off Snoept for 7. Gorlee in with Wiffen now.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  11:31
Voorburg : 25-0 (7 overs)
Two more boundaries for Croes, now off Schiferli, the first flat-batted through mid-on, the second off the bck foot and straighter, a much better shot. Then drama, as Dake pulls up after the third delivery of his fourth over, clutching his hamstring and limping from the field, the rest of his over bowled by Thijs van Schelven.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  11:26
ACC : 22-0 (10 overs)
Here at hot Loopveld Jamie Mulready and Rehmat Zulfiqar have got the hosts off to a steady if unshowy start.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  11:17
Voorburg : 14-0 (4 overs)
Schiferli starts with a maiden to Tom de Grooth, and beats Croes a couple of times in his second before the batsman produces another lovely cover drive, following it up with a cut behind point for a couple. Interesting contrast between Dake’s pace and Schiferli’s easier-paced but equally testing skills.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  11:07
VOC : 18-1 (1 over)
Eaely news from our man at Hazelaarweg: “Max O’Dowd believes he is in T10 mode and takes Westdijk for 18 off 5 and then is bowled off the last ball of the over. What a start to the match.”

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  11:05
Voorburg : 4-0 (1 over)
Prathamesh Dake opens from the Paddock End to Noah Croes, who gets going by dispatching the third delivery gloriously through the covers for four. The rest of the over is tidy, and the final ball generates a loud but unsuccessful appeal for leg-before. AND into the attack comes the Dame Nellie Melba of Dutch cricket, Edgar Schiferli making another comeback tour from the Pavilion End.

 VOC vs HBS Crayenhout  10:44
HBS buck the trend at Hazelaarweg, opting to put VOC in to bat.

 Sparta 1888 vs HCC  10:43
HCC win the toss at Bermweg, they fancy a bat too it seems.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  10:41
Voorburg have won the toss here, and elected to bat. With their Seconds playing a crucial promotion match in the Overgangsklasse today, Voorburg have brought up a couple of reserves for this game, in the persons of Bart Foget and Unnikrishnan Ettungapaddy. For Quick, Geert Maarten Mol is back, and Edgar Schiferli plays for the first time this season.

 ACC vs Dosti-United  10:37
And at het Loopveld the hosts have the toss, ACC will bat first too.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs VRA  10:32
First word from Thurlede, Excelsior have the toss and will bat.

 Voorburg vs Quick Haag  10:27
And good morning again from sunny Westvliet, where the teams are warming up on what looks like a perfect day for cricket. The toss is just a few minutes away.

  ☀ Weather Update ☀   10:18

Lovely day for it. Get along to a game if you can.

 Bertus de Jong  10:09
Good morning all, for the final time this season. Thanks for joining us for the 2019 season denouement. The championship has already been decided of course, Excelsior the deserved winners will merely be looking to sign off in style against VRA today. All that remains to decided is the relegation battle betweem Quick Haag and Sparta 1888. The latter has thee upper hand in that regard, a win over HCC at Berweg today will be enough to secure Sparta’s survival. Quick meanwhile need to take two points off VCC at Westvliet and hope Sparta lose. Meanwhile at het Loopveld ACC will take on Dosti in the cross-Amstel derby, whilst HBS travel to VOC to refight old battles, looking for revenge after the Rotterdammers denied them a place in the European Championship yesterday. More on all that in the preview as ever, should have some toss news in about 20 miniutes or so.