Topklasse Live | Round 3 | As it Happened

Group B

played won lost tied n/r points NRR
PJB 3 3 6 2.288
HBS 3 3 6 0.848
HCC 3 2 1 4 0.784
SPT 3 1 2 2 -0.365
KAM 3 3 0 -1.723
ACC 3 3 0 -2.004

Group B

played won lost tied n/r points NRR
VCC 3 3 6 1.109
EXC 3 2 1 4 1.912
VRA 3 2 1 4 1.559
VOC 3 1 2 2 -0.075
SAL 3 1 2 2 -1.511
DOS 3 3 0 -2.610

 Bertus de Jong  18:34
And that’s it from us for today too, VCC keep ahead of the pack in Group B, with Excelsior and VRA nipping at their heels. Punjab and HBS also escaped the round with their unbeaten records intact on the other side of the draw, though both looked eminently beatable today. We’ll be back next week for round 4 of course, with all sorts of reviews, previews, galleries and such likely to pop up here in the interim, so do check back. For now though, this is Bertus de Jong signing off from the Amsterdamse Bos.

 Voorburg vs VOC  18:29
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 190-9 (46.5 overs)
And Bobby Hanif’s knee isn’t up to it, he won’t be coming out to bat so that’s the game. A spirited effort from VOC but they never got ahead of the game. Seelaar left unbeaten on 39, VCC bag another couple of points.

 Voorburg vs VOC  18:28
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 190-9 (46.5 overs)
Kingma still at the other end, and Hoornweg’s gone, looking to pull one that’s too full and under the bat and takes the bails. Fletcher in and off the mark glancing a full ball fine for four, then gone next ball puching forard and hit on the pad. Good enough for the umpire.

 Voorburg vs VOC  18:18
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 181-6 (45 overs)
Potgieter gets Schoonheim, well-directed bouncer and finds the top edge off a no-look swipe. Hoornweg in, Seelaar on 36*. 53 needed off five. De Leede from the other end.

 Voorburg vs VOC  18:13
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 179-6 (44 overs)
Kingma back now, Schoonheim looks intent on putting every ball over midwicket, but only finding singles. Seelaar on 35* off 37, 55 to get off the last six.

 Voorburg vs VOC  18:03
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 171-6 (42 overs)
Boissevain findas the breakthrough, flashing drive from Jain dead straight and it’s catchit of wear it there. Boissevain opts for the former and Jain gone for 31. Seelaar still there on 29 off 31 though, Schoonheim joins him and last ball of the 32nd gets hold of one, too full and launched over long on for six. Potgieter from the other end.

 Voorburg vs VOC  17:45
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 152-5 (38 overs)
Well Seelaar still believes, takes a knee and and sweeps Ahmad well back over the square boundary last ball of the 38th. 150 up. When do VCC start worrying?

 Voorburg vs VOC  17:39
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 135-5 (36 overs)
Jain sweeps Ahmad behind point for three to reduce the deficit to under 100, he and Seelaar have remained positive, 14 overs to go and 99 to get. One feels this pair will have to get a fair chunk of them if it’s gonna happen. Drinks for now.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  17:27
HBS : 139 all out (44.5 overs)
Sparta : 103 all out (34.5 overs)
And Ryan Klein finishes it, bowling Saleem. Ahmadi remains on 23 not out. Five for 27 for Klein.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  17:23
HBS : 139 all out (44.5 overs)
Sparta : 102-9 (34 overs)
Ryan Klein comes back to dismiss Snoep, caught by Walbrugh without scoring. Ahmadi has 21*, batting now with Saleem.

 Voorburg vs VOC  17:19
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 109-5 (30 overs)
Niaz doesn’t last either, LBW to Nieuwoudt for one and Seelaar to the crease with his side in a hole…

 Voorburg vs VOC  17:15
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 108-4 (29.1 overs)
Shariz Ahmad bags another, Durrani steps out and miscues, caught in the deep for five. Niaz in with VCC in the ascendant.

 Kampong vs HCC  17:12
Kampong : 158 all out (49.5 overs)
HCC : 159-3 (35 overs)
Worden and Overdijk tick off the remaining runs, and the game ends rather anticlimactically with a run off a Sharma wide. Worden has 65* and Overdijk 40*. Kampong didn’t have enough runs on the board, and this pair controlled the game with consummate skill.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  17:08
VRA : 253-5 (50 overs)
Dosti : 70 all out (28.3 overs)
And all over here at he Bos, Nasier returns and third ball Raja aims a slog across the line, leading edge and another catch for Turmaine coming in from mid off. That was not close.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  17:05
HBS : 139 all out (44.5 overs)
Sparta : 81-8 (31.2 overs)
Malik’s run out, and HBS take another step towards what would be a pretty remarkable win.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  17:03
VRA : 253-5 (50 overs)
Dosti : 70-9 (28 overs)
Turmaine has another, Hoseinbaks goes back to pull but it skids through under the bat into the pads and the finger goes up. Atwarie last man.

 Kampong vs HCC  17:02
Kampong : 158 all out (49.5 overs)
HCC : 141-3 (33 overs)
Nana joins what may well prove to be the final onslaught, but it’s more a gentle breeze than a raging tornado, and Worden and Overdijk are well set. They’re now on 59* and 31* respectively.

 Voorburg vs VOC  17:00
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 98-3 (26 overs)
Shariz Ahmad gets the big wicket, O’Dowd back in the crease and looks to force it over the leg side, doesn’t get enough of it and caught for 59 off 92. Durrani in to join Jain and VOC still needing 135 off the next 24 overs.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  16:55
HBS : 139 all out (44.5 overs)
Sparta : 73-7 (29.1 overs)
De Mey turns it HBS’s way by removing Ibrahimkhil. Malik and Ahmadi together now, but 140 looks a long way off.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:52
VRA : 253-5 (50 overs)
Dosti : 66-8 (24 overs)
Turmaine has Hanoeman, half forard and skids on through him into the stumps. Asief Hoseinbaks in and gone next ball, prodding a low return catch back to Turmaine. Arief Hoseinbaks and Raja in now. Visser back at the other end.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  16:50
HBS : 139 all out (44.5 overs)
Sparta : 73-6 (28 overs)
Kaplan ends Singh’s long vigil, caught by Ryn Klein for 10, and the game is still up for grabs. Ahsan Malik in with Ibrahimkhil, who’s on 15*.

 Kampong vs HCC  16:47
Kampong : 158 all out (49.5 overs)
HCC : 123-3 (29 overs)
Malik brings back Roy in search of a desperately-needed wicket but without effect, and off Van der Harten’s next Worden goes to 50 with a push to cover point. Overdijk picks up a two and a four, and only 36 are needed now.

 Voorburg vs VOC  16:48
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 86-2 (22 overs)
Boissevain gifts O’Dowd a shin-high full toss and is duly slogged over long on for six, and two balls later serves up another and is put away over midwicket. That’s fifty for O’Dowd, crucial for VOC that he kicks on from here.

 Voorburg vs VOC  16:38
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 73-2 (20 overs)
Edwards has gone at Westvliet meanwhile, holing out a deep backward square off de Leede, but Tim de Kok is in with O’Dowd now and they’re keeping the score ticking up. Or rather they were, as I type de Kok looks to get after Boissevain but can only loft him to long on. Jain in.

 Kampong vs HCC  16:28
Kampong : 158 all out (49.5 overs)
HCC : 94-3 (24 overs)
A maiden over from Malik, but then the debutant Sharma has trouble with his length, and Worden takes full advantage. He’s on 39* now, and HCC look to be cruising.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:34
VRA : 253-5 (50 overs)
Dosti : 50-6 (19 overs)
And Dutt has another here, Hans picking out Singh at cover. Raja in.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:24
VRA : 253-5 (50 overs)
Dosti : 43-5 (17 overs)
Drinks here at VRA, where Hans and Hanoeman are trying to salvage something of the innings. Dutt and Nashier have kept them pretty quiet, asking rate up over a run a ball. Turmaine to take over after the break.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  16:15
HBS : 139 all out (44.5 overs)
Sparta : 44-5 (17 overs)
Stephan Vink gets into the act, Latif caught by Walbrugh for 8. Ibrahimkhil in to join Singh.

 Kampong vs HCC  16:11
Kampong : 158 all out (49.5 overs)
HCC : 70-3 (18.5 overs)
Big wicket for Kampong, as Robert van der Harten removes Gorlee for 13, caught by Kertan Nana. Hidde Overdijk in at five.

 Punjab vs ACC  16:07
ACC : 87 all out (39.1 overs)
Punjab : 90-5 (20.4 overs)
Done and dusted in Rotterdam, with Nidamanuru finishing on 43*, the same score he had yesterday, but this time from only 30 deliveries. Three out of three for Punjab.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  16:05
Salland : 123 all out (39.1 overs)
Excelsior : 124-3 (23.5 overs)
And all obver at Thurlede, Ingram strokes Khan through the covers toward the rope, they’ll have to run them but there’s a three on offer and the hosts wrap it up with 26.1 overs and 7 wickets to spare.

 Kampong vs HCC  16:04
Kampong : 158 all out (49.5 overs)
HCC : 69-2 (18 overs)
The runs aren’t much easier to come by now than they were earlier, but Worden and Gorlee know what they have to do, and the importance of wickets in hand. So they’re hppy to pick up the singles and pick off anything loose. The game’s drifting HCC’s way at the moment.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  16:04
VRA : 253-5 (50 overs)
Dosti : 28-5 (11 overs)
Spin at both ends now, Nashier and Dutt in tandem for the hosts, and it gets no better for Dosti, Tewarie down the tarck to Dutt and misses, Lees doesn’t take it cleanly but Tewarie’s along way down, Lees gather’s and flamboyantly wrecks the stumps from a prone position. Hanoeman in to join Hans.

 Punjab vs ACC  15:57
ACC : 87 all out (39.1 overs)
Punjab : 81-5 (19 overs)
Nidamanuru, now 37*, and Sikander Zulfiqar, 21*, have brought Punjab back from the brink, and to the brink of victory.

An unexpectedly nice day for it. Shame about the daisies | Photo – Bertus de Jong

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  15:53
HBS : 139 all out (44.5 overs)
Sparta : 36-4 (13 overs)
Sparta in trouble now, Ryan Klein having had Bukhari caught behind and his brother having removed Allen for 16. Mamoon Latif and Manminder Singh with a rescue mission ahead of them.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  15:53
Salland : 123 all out (39.1 overs)
Excelsior : 110-3 (21 overs)
Kroesen was looking well set to sneak in a fifty in a low chase, but plays around a slower ball from Paulbritto and is bowled for a 40-ball 38. Joost Kroesen replaces him.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  15:48
Salland : 123 all out (39.1 overs)
Excelsior : 104-2 (20 overs)
Kroesen drives Paulbritto square for a couple to take Excelsior to three figures, he’s ticking along at a run a ball without undue risk, on to 38* now, and Ingram into the twenties. Wont be long now.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  15:44
VRA : 253-5 (50 overs)
Dosti : 25-4 (7 overs)
Dosti lose another, Ghori fencing at a shorter ball outside off and nicks through to Lees.

 Kampong vs HCC  15:44
Kampong : 158 all out (49.5 overs)
HCC : 43-2 (13 overs)
Abhyankar’s gentle medium pace from the University End now, with Malik operating from the other. Worden and Gorlee untroubled at the moment, though, and no pressure from the scoreboard.

 Voorburg vs VOC  15:44
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 19-0 (8 overs)
It’s been a slow start to the chase for VOC, and we’re sevev overs in before O’Dowd finds the first boundary driving Nieuwoudt through extra for four. Edwards breaks out a rolling paddle sweep for his first boundary on the last ball of the 8th, but a long way to go and it doen’t look easy out there.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  15:38
HBS : 139 all out (44.5 overs)
Sparta : 31-2 (10 overs)
Ryan Klein has bowled Raza for 11, and Bukhari’s now joined Allen in the middle.

 Kampong vs HCC  15:35
Kampong : 158 all out (49.5 overs)
HCC : 25-2 (7.5 overs)
Roy strikes again, as Staal, having hit him over mid-off for four, mistimes an awkward-looking scoop and holes out to Sharma at midwicket. Boris Gorlee in at four.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  15:33
VRA : 253-5 (50 overs)
Dosti : 16-3 (4 overs)
And another down, Diwan rushed on the pull and a big to edge goes up almost straight, Balbirnie wants it and makes that very clear. Holds it cooly too and that’s Anish Shah’s first Topklasse wicket. And two in two for Shah! Rahil Ahmed comprehensively yorked first ball. Tewarie in earlier than he’d like again.

 Punjab vs ACC  15:27
ACC : 87 all out (39.1 overs)
Punjab : 49-5 (4 overs)
Teja Nidamanuru played a crucial knock yesterday, and he’s picked up from there today, lofting Reddy back over his head for six and then going wider to move to 25* from 15 deliveries. Sikander Zulfiqar’s with him at the moment.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  15:27
VRA : 253-5 (50 overs)
Dosti : 11-1 (3 overs)
Dosti one down early, Masood gets a big top edge trying to fetch Visser from outside off, in the air an age but Turmaine makes no mistake coming in from mid on. Diwan in at three.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  15:20
HBS : 139 all out (44.5 overs)
Sparta : 21-1 (6 overs)
HBS need early wickets, and Ryan Klein gets them off to a good start by bowling Sandeep Sardha for 1 with the total on 9. Rikus Allen and Ali Raza leading the charge against the brothers Klein.

 Voorburg vs VOC  15:21
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
VOC : 0-0 (1 over)
They’re back at Westvliet too, Kingma starts with a maiden to O’Dowd, who’se opening with Edwards as usual. Nieuwoudt shares the new ball.

 Kampong vs HCC  15:16
Kampong : 158 all out (49.5 overs)
HCC : 16-1 (5.2 overs)
Roy gets the breakthrough as Floyd swings across the line and misses. Roy, however, doesn’t, and the bails fly. Zac Worden in at three.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  15:15
VRA : 253-5 (50 overs)
Dosti : 4-0 (1 over)
And they’re back at the Bos, Visser with the new ball for VRA, Ghori and Masood for Dosti. Honours even after the first over, both bats off the mark but Visser’s beaten the bat a couple of times. Anish Shah to bowl his first ball oin the top flight from the other end.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  15:15
Salland : 123 all out (39.1 overs)
Excelsior : 63-2 (11 overs)
Excelsior lose another, Ganesan bowls Verhagen round his legs on the sweep. Ingram in.

 Punjab vs ACC  15:09
ACC : 87 all out (39.1 overs)
Punjab : 24-5 (8.5 overs)
The drama continues at ‘t Zomercomplex, Van Vliet uprooting Saqib’s off stump, and Reddy then accounting for Usman, caught by Mitchell at long off. Then Asad falls to Van Vliet, caught by Potdar at point. Another upset in the works?

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  15:03
Salland : 123 all out (39.1 overs)
Excelsior : 51-1 (9 overs)
Fifty up for Excelsior, Kroesen and Verhagen continuing on steadily enough, the former driving the scoring, on 15 now at a run a ball.

 Kampong vs HCC  15:00
Kampong : 158 all out (49.5 overs)
HCC : 0-0 (1 over)
Back on at Maarschalkerweerd, with Kertan Nana starting from the Pavilion End to Clayton Floyd, Tonny Staal assisting. A tidy maiden over to begin, with some promising movement in to the right-hander. Alex Roy from the University End.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  14:54
Salland : 123 all out (39.1 overs)
Excelsior : 41-1 (7 overs)
Verhagen and Luuk Kroesen not hanging around against Nasir and Bharathi, with the result that Paulbritto is soon into the attack.

 Punjab vs ACC  14:49
ACC : 87 all out (39.1 overs)
Punjab : 6-2 (2.3 overs)
Another superb catch by Hobson, off Van Vliet this time, removes Rehmat Zulfiqar. Yasir Usman in to join Saqib.

 Punjab vs ACC  14:42
ACC : 87 all out (39.1 overs)
Punjab : 6-1 (1.1 overs)
Mees van Vliet opens from the Harbour End to Rehmat Zulfiqar, who eases the final ball of the over over gully for six. Anis Raza from the Equestrian Centre End, and Sharafat Khogyani is brilliantly caught by Hobson at slip, diving to his left.

 Voorburg vs VOC  14:34
VCC : 233-5 (50 overs)
A fine little knock of 19 off 17 from de Grooth lifts the hosts to 233-5 at the break, though again given their platform one would say the honours go to VOC for the second half of that innings. Not an easy chase on this deck, but gettable.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  14:34
Salland : 123 all out (39.1 overs)
Excelsior : 17-1 (3 overs)
Etman’s entertaining cameo is ended as he looks to dump Nasir back over his head, misses and loses his middle stump. Luuk Kroesen at three.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  14:29
VRA : 252-7 (50 overs)
The frustration tells as Scully holes out off Diwan on the sweep for 24, Lees in, but he can do little with Diwan, struggles to lay bat on him and them bowled off the antepenultimate ball of the innings. Turmaine manages a single off the next, Dutt one more off the last and VRA’s innings closes at 252-7. Arguably a bit of a disappointment given the start they had.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  14:24
Salland : 123 all out (39.1 overs)
Excelsior : 10-0 (1 over)
They’re back on at Thurlede and Etman looks in a hurry again, takes two boundaries off Nasir’s first over. Verhagen out there with him, Bhrathi sharing the new ball.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  14:20
HBS : 139 all out (44.5 overs)
Ahmadi cleans up Vink and Julian van der Raad to finish with four for 17, and Ryan Klein remains not out on 21. That was an innings of three halves.

 Voorburg vs VOC  14:20
VCC : 205-4 (47 overs)
200 belatedly up for VCC in the 47th, but VOC have done well to contain the hosts at the back end.

 Kampong vs HCC  14:16
Kampong : 158 all out (49.5 overs)
Van der Harten and Sharma knock it around to some purpose in the final overs, Sharma helping a Bijloos delivery over the boundary behind square. Klaus bowls Van der Harten for 14 in the last, but with some creative running they get to 158 before Sharma is run out for an enterprising 17 looking to get back on strike. Overdijk the pick of the bowlers with four for 21.

 Voorburg vs VOC  14:15
VCC : 198-4 (46 overs)
Very sharp peice of work from Edwards does for Nieuwoudt, steps out to Seelaar who sees him coming and fires it into the feet, Edwards quick behind the sticks and stumped. Potgieter still there on 36 off 43, he’s joined by Tom de Grooth, who blocks out the rest of the over.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  14:14
VRA : 234-5 (47 overs)
Good running brings nine off the 46th, but still no boundaries. Hans back at the other end, and Scully laps him over the shoulder for another three, but they can’t find the rope.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  14:09
VRA : 220-5 (45 overs)
Scully drives Raja through the covers for four for the first boundary in four overs, 220 on the board with five overs to go. Diwan at the other end, to bowl out one would think.

 Voorburg vs VOC  14:05
VCC : 187-3 (43 overs)
De Leede goes for 62, slapping Hoornweg low toward mid off where Tim de Kok takes a fine low catch. Nieuwoudt in to join Potgieter.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  14:01
VRA : 206-5 (43 overs)
Balbirnie struck on the pad by Raja on the front foot, speculative appeal draws the finger, to everyone’s surprise I’d say. He goes for a handy 34 off 46, Aryan Dutt in to join Scully. Dosti have done well to pin VRA back since the powerplay, but work to be done.

 Kampong vs HCC  13:59
Kampong : 134-8 (46 overs)
Butt doing his best to get things going in the closing overs, adding three fours to that six, but in the end he skies Pringle to mid-on and departs for 29. Kampong seem likely to finish well short of par as Tushar Sharma joins Van der Harten.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  13:55
HBS : 124-8 (40 overs)
Bukhari returns to remove Benno Boddendijk, Stephan Vink in now to join Ryan Klein.

 Punjab vs ACC  13:52
ACC : 87 all out (39. 1 overs)
All over for ACC at ‘t Zomercomplex, where Reddy is caught behind by Asad Zulfiqar off Salarazai. Van Vliet left not out on 12.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  13:51
VRA : 201-4 (41 overs)
Balbirnie finds the rope again with a handsome lofted drive back over Raja, before Scully slashes over point for another three to take the hosts past 200.

 Kampong vs HCC  13:48
Kampong : 114-7 (42.2 overs)
Roy is suckered by a lifting delivery from Charumbira, and pulls it round into the hands of Klaus at deep fine leg. Van der Harten joins Butt.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  13:47
VRA : 191-4 (40 overs)
Scully and Balbirnie have astruggled to keep the tempo going since Borren’s departure, Raja and Hans keeping things contained, but Balbirnie finally finds the looked-for boundary as Hans offers width and is cut away square for four. VRA have an enviable platform here if they can capitalise in the last ten .

 Punjab vs ACC  13:42
ACC : 80-9 (36.4 overs)
Another for Saqib as Ackermann edges to Usman at second slip and goes for 12. Joseph Reddy the last man.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  13:43
Salland : 123 all out (39.1 overs)
Bharathi goes for 38, it’s Kroesen who gets him in the end, and ourside edge flying out toward short third and taken. Hampton warpas things up in the next over, Hemaprya on the pull but misjudges the bounce, bottom edge through to Verhagen and gone. Another modest total to chase for the Schiedammers after lunch.

 Kampong vs HCC  13:38
Kampong : 103-6 (40 overs)
Butt declares his intentions by lofting Floyd back over his head for six in the first over after drinks, but with Pringle and Floyd operating there’s not a lot on offer.

 Voorburg vs VOC  13:35
VCC : 139-2 (35 overs)
De Leede looking to force the pace now, sweeping Seelaar for four in the 34th and giving Jain the same treatment in the next over.He’s on 38* now, Potgieter on 11*.

 Punjab vs ACC  13:34
ACC : 72-8 (34 overs)
Ackermann and Van Vliet working hard to lend some respectability to the total, facing Zulfiqars from both ends now.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  13:33
Salland : 118-8 (38 overs)
Hampton back for Excelsior now as the hosts look to finish things off, Hemapriya in with Bharathi, who’s on 36 off 66.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  13:22
HBS : 109-7 (32 overs)
There’s been a dramatic collapse at the Bermweg, where Snoep added the scalp of Kaplan before Ahmadi bowled both Mason and Kyle Klein without addition to the score. Add in a run-out of Manjinder Singh and all that good work by Walbrugh and Kaplan has been undone.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  13:21
VRA : 165-4 (35 overs)
Dosti have the wicket they wanted now, Borren down the track to Hoseinbaks and flicking uppishly off his toes and held by Tewarie at midwicket. Luke Scully with Balbirnie now.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  13:18
Salland : 111-8 (34 overs)
New man Paulbrittoannounces himself by dumping Kroesen high over the on side for six, but Kroesen avanges himself colecting his poles two balls later. Hemapriya next in.

 Kampong vs HCC  13: 17
Kampong : 83-6 (33.4 overs)
Malik tries to cut a full delivery from Overdijk, and succeeds only in chopping it into his stumps. He goes for 26, and is replaced by Shaheryar Butt.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  13:14
VRA : 160-3 (33 overs)
Borren brings up his fifty tucking Hoseinbaks to leg, then gets after Masood in the next over, carving through point for four and then again for two more. He’s on 58* now, Balbirnie still having a bit of a look on 2* off 12.

 Punjab vs ACC  13: 12
ACC : 59-8 (30 overs)
Lots happening in Rotterdam as well, where Saqib Zulfiqar has Saran without scoring, and then gets Raza caught by brother Sikander for 32. Rob Ackermann and Mees van Vliet at the crease now.

 Voorburg vs VOC  13:13
VCC : 109-2 (30 overs)
Seelaar strikes back, Ahmad on the back foot and pinned in front, goes for 52. Potgieter in. De Leede still on 19*.

 Kampong vs HCC  13:09
Kampong : 79-5 (32 overs)
And another: Chaturvedi caught by Bijloos off the last ball of the same over. Enter Alex Roy.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  13:08
Salland : 100-7 (32 overs)
And now Joost Kroesen gets in on the action, Khan going back to one he shouldn’t and stumps akimbo. Bharathi goes on the offense in Baker’s next over however, back to back fours to take Salland to triple figures.

 Kampong vs HCC  13:05
Kampong : 79-4 (31.2 overs)
Not a lot happening at Maarschalkerweerd, as Charumbira and now Overdijk continue to keep the scoring under control. But as I write this Overdijk gets the breakthrough, as Jacod gets an outside edge to Yash Patel. Vikram Chaturvedi joins Malik, who’s on 24*.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  13:02
Salland : 89-6 (30 overs)
Baker has another, turning one through the gate to bowl Gopinath for 3. Khan in.

 Voorburg vs VOC  13:00
VCC : 108-1 (28 overs)
Musa Ahmad strokes Seelaar through the covers off the back foot to the rope to bring up his first fifty for VCC, de Leede still with him on 19*.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  12:59
HBS : 105-3 (28 overs)
Snoep duly obliges, trapping Walbrugh in front for 56. Kaplan, on 40*, is joined by Reece Mason.

 Punjab vs ACC  12:56
ACC : 56-6 (25.3 overs)
Salarazai this time, though, as Mitchell gets one that keeps low and is pinned on the crease. Navin Saran in to join Raza, on 30*.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:57
VRA : 140-3 (29 overs)
Singh falls one short of fifty, looking to flick Masood to leg and takes it on the pad, finger goes up like a shot. Balbirnie in to join Borren, who’s on 42*. Hoseibaks back.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  12:50
HBS : 97-2 (26 overs)
Another half-century for Walbrugh, who has reached 53*, with Kaplan on 34*. The partnership’s worth 96, and Sparta are in serious need of a wicket.

 Punjab vs ACC  12:46
ACC : 51-5 (23.2 overs)
Salarazai returns, but the wicket comes from a direct hit, side-on, from Yasir Usman, which finds non-striker McInerney out of his ground. Zach Mitchell joins Raza, who has toiled his way to 29*.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  12:48
Salland : 83-5 (26 overs)
Umar Baker strikes at Thurlede, after stringing together some ten dots on Naqash he has his man on the last ball of the 26th, pushing forward down the wrong line and trapped LBW. Gopinath in.

 Kampong vs HCC  12:40
Kampong : 63-3 (26 overs)
Floyd replaces Pringle, while from the other end debutant Patient Charumbira maintains the pressure with his medium pace. Malik has gone on to 15*, with Jacod pon 9*.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:41
VRA : 127-2 (26 overs)
Vinoo Tewarie brings himself on in search of a breakthrough, but struggles a bit with his length, twice pulled hard through the on side by Borren, once for three and once all the way to the rope. Ten off the over and VRA look to be building toward something big.

 Voorburg vs VOC  12:38
VCC : 95-1 (22 overs)
De Leede and Ahmad continue to build a platform, the latter on 44* now, de Leede on 15*. Jain and Schoonheim for VOC.

 Punjab vs ACC  12:35
ACC : 42-4 (20 overs)
Runs even more at a premium at ‘t Zomercomplex, but Raza has moved on to 20* as spin comes into the attack for the first time in the person of Saqib Zulfiqar.

 Kampong vs HCC  12:27
Kampong : 50-3 (22 overs)
Pringle a model of control from the Pavilion End: just five runs off his first five overs. Olivier Klaus on at the other end, as Kampong are finding runs very hard to come by.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  12:26
Salland : 63-4 (19 overs)
Salland have lost anpther meanwhile, Ganesan bowled Ingram for 23. Bharathi joins Naqash in the middle.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:24
VRA : 101-2 (22 overs)
Borren brings up the hundred pulling Diwan hard through midwicket for another three. Daisies doing good work in the field for Dosti. Singh into the forties now. Masood back.

 Voorburg vs VOC  12:23
VCC : 75-1 (17 overs)
De Leede off the mark in emphatic style, down the track to Jain and lifting him over long on for six. Musa still there on 31* off 50.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  12:20
HBS : 56-2 (18 overs)
Fifty partnership up, with Walbrugh now on 27* and Kaplan on 24*. Joost Martijn Snoep into the attack now.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:19
VRA : 96-2 (20 overs)
Steady stuff from Borren and Singh now, the latter on 38* now and the skipper into double figures. Just looking for the singles off the spinners, specifically the Hoseinbaks brothers who are operating in tandem. Dosti have calmed things down with those two wickets but VRA are well ahead of the game still and can afford to take their time.

 Punjab vs ACC  12:09
ACC : 26-4 (15.5 overs)
Bhatti strikes, clipping Potdar’s off stump and removing him for a 25-ball duck. Charles McInerney in as they take a drink at ‘t Zomercomplex.

 Voorburg vs VOC  12:07
VCC : 62-1 (14 overs)
Big wicket at Westvliet, Arnav Jain has Malan, and it’s a carbon copy of his dismissal at the hands of Diwan yesterday. Bit of width, looking to cut on the back foot, done on the bounce and caught slip. Bas de Leede in.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  12:07
HBS : 42-2 (15 overs)
Walbrugh and Kaplan have seen off the new ball, with Usman Saleem and Khalid Ahmadi operating now.

 Kampong vs HCC  12:04
Kampong : 40-3 (16 overs)
Tim Pringle on for Overdijk, and he lands right onto a length, opening with a maiden to Malik. And then a wicket in his second, as Alphonse goes onto the drive and finds Bijloos at long off. Pierre Jacod in at five.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  12:04
VRA : 82-2 (17 overs)
Sharp chance goes down as Singh drives hard and head high back at Masood, but he can’t hold onto it. Singh into the thirties now, Borren on three.

 Punjab vs ACC  12:02
ACC : 24-3 (14 overs)
Sohail Bhatti on for the first time this season, bowling from the Harbour End. Very slow progress for ACC, with Potdar having faced 18 deliveries so far without opening his account; Raza with 9 from 37.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:57
VRA : 74-2 (15 overs)
Things have slowed up a bit at the Bos since the field spread and Visser departed, and the introduction of Masood swings things further Dosti’s way after the powerplay. Slower and straight into the base of the stumps on the full as Rasool falls over it, Borren in at four.

 Kampong vs HCC  11:55
Kampong : 34-2 (13 overs)
Alphonse edges Overdijk just to the right of Staal at slip and is a little fortunate it doesn’t go to hand. Henrico Venter replaces Bijloos from the University End, but has a little trouble with his radar to start. Alphonse and Malik are looking very focused so far.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  11:54
Salland : 45-3 (12 overs)
Another down at Thurlede as Lubbers tries to brush a gentle straight ball from Niels Etman off his pads, misses and is pinned in front. Naqash in.

 Voorburg vs VOC  11:47
VCC : 39-0 (10 overs)
Meanwhile at Westvliet Malan and Musa Ahmad continue to build an unshowy opening stand, still Hoornweg and Fletcher for VOC.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  11:45
HBS : 21-2 (10 overs)
A lot of rebuilding for Walbrugh and Kaplan after those early blows, and so far they’re equal to the task against Malik and Bukhari. Survival the chief priority at this stage.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  11:45
Salland : 36-2 (10 overs)
It was Piyaranga and Tahla Khan to go early we now understand, both to Rens van Troost. Lubbers in with Ganesan now, both on 11*.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:43
VRA : 68-1 (11 overs)
Visser’s swashbuckling turn at the top comes to an end, one slog-sweep too many and holes out off Hans for a 25-ball 40, Tewarie the catcher. Rasool in at three to join Singh, who’s on 23*.

 Punjab vs ACC  11:39
ACC : 10-3 (8 overs)
Another for Salarazai, as Smith fails to get on top of a drive and finds Saqib Zulfiqar at cover. Shreyas Potdar in, with ACC in real trouble.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  11:39
Salland : 26-2 (6 overs)
Some news leaking out of Thurlede too, where Excelsior have lost two early wickets, though we’re not sure whose. Victor Lubbers still there though.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:39
VRA : 66-0 (9 overs)
Running’s been excellent from this pair, two threes in a row off Hans in the ninth, Visser Slog-sweeping over midwicket and then an inside edge from Singh producing the same result.

 Kampong vs HCC  11:35
Kampong : 21-2 (8.3 overs)
Bijloos catches the inside edge of Briggs’s bat and into the stumps. Usman Malik to the crease to join Alphonse.

 Punjab vs ACC  11:32
ACC : 9-2 (7 overs)
At het Zomercomplex Suleiman Tariq has removed Thomas Hobson, caught by Nidamanuru at slip for 4. And then Ammar Zaidi goes the same way off Safiullah Salarazai, fencing at a lifting delivery. Robin Smith in to join Anis Raza.

 Voorburg vs VOC  11:27
VCC : 26-0 (8 overs)
Meanwhile at Westvliet Malan and Musa Ahmad are building up slowly, Hoornweg and Fletcher sharing the new ball.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:19
VRA : 51-0 (7 overs)
Square drive from Singh off Hans and a hard run three brings up the fifty partnership, VRA off to a flier.

 Kampong vs HCC  11:20
Kampong : 14-1 (5.5 overs)
Reinier Bijloos quickly on for Floyd, but it’s Overdijk who draws first blood, pinning Abhyankar in front, umpire Van Liemt having no hesitation in raising the finger. Ratha Alphonse in at three.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:19
VRA : 35-0 (5 overs)
Visser’s enjoying his time at the top of the order, welcomes Mahesh Hans to the attack sweeping his second ball hard behind square for four for his third boundary and fourth four. He’s into the twenties already, Singh on 14.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  11:14
HBS : 1-2 (2 overs)
Very early wickets at the Bermweg, where Ahsan Malik bowls Julien de Mey with the second ball of the game. Then Mudassar Bukhari has Tobias Visée caught by Manminder Singh with HIS first delivery. A makeshift HBS in serious trouble first up.

 Kampong vs HCC  11:05
Kampong : 0-0 (1 over)
Clayton Floyd opens from the University End with a maiden to Sandeep Abhyankar. Hidde Overdijk to Cole Briggs from the Pavilion End.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  11:01
VRA : 11-0 (1 over)
Aryan Dutt returns for VRA today, with newcomer Anish Shah also in line for a first-team debut. Ashir Abid left out along with Zaman Khan. Visser up the order it seems to open with Singh, Raja takes the new ball for Dosti, and a bit of a rarity in the first over, a lofted on drive from Visser, shambles in the field and an all run four! Follows it with a conventional four driving straight. Diwan from the other end.

 Punjab vs ACC  10:55
ACC win the toss and bat.

 Kampong vs HCC  10:49
HCC win the toss and invite their hosts to set a score.

 Sparta 1888 vs HBS  10:49
HBS elect to bat first at Bermweg.

 Voorburg vs VOC  10:39
Meanwhile at Westvliet VCC win the toss and elect to bat. Karl Nieuwoudt back for the hosts today, with Ali Ahmed missing out.

 VRA vs Dosti-United  10:37
And the visitors have won the toss at the Bos too, but prefer to field first.

 Excelsior ‘20 vs Salland  10:36
And word from Thurlede is that Salland have won the toss and will bat first.

 Rod Lyall  10:20
And here we are once again: I’m actually at Maarschalkerweerd today for Kampong’s first home top-division match in 25 years. Both they and today’s opposition, HCC, lost yesterday, but Kampong impressed with the fight they put up against HBS, while HCC began well against Punjab before falling away.

 ⛅ Weather Update ⛅  10:12
A rather brighter day than yesterday, though there’s still a fair bit of cloud about and it’s not quite so unseasonably warm as last week. There’s a band of rain hovering off the coast over the North Sea we gather, but it’s expected to stay out there for the rest of the day. Hopefully a full day’s play all over.

 Bertus de Jong  09:56
Good Morning one and all and welcome back for the second half of this doubvle Topklasse weekend. We had a few surprises yesterday but it’s just HBS and Punjab in Group A that have survived the second round with their unbeaten records intact, while VCC alone has 2 wins from 2 on the other side of the draw. VCC will be looking to extend that winning record when the welcome VOC, the latter just off the back of a surprise loss to Salland. Salland themselves have another long trek out to Excelsior, while Dosti have a short hop across the Amstel looking for their first points against VRA. Back in Group A Punjab will take on the still winless ACC, while Sparta 1888, who eked out a tense win over the Amsterdammers yesterday, thake on the still-unbeaten Crows at Bermweg. Finally Kampong welcome HCC to Maarschalkerweerd for their first home match since their return to the top flight. The good Professor will be in attendance there, while I’ll do my best to keep you informed of goings on in the other pool. Tosses in about half an hour or so, in the meanwhile still time to peruse the preview for the round.