KNCB adjusts competition schedule after consulting clubs

Rod Lyall 05/06/21

After consultation with the clubs taking part in the Men’s Topklasse and the Women’s Hoofdklasse the KNCB Board has decided upon some changes to the rules governing this year’s competitions.

The reconsideration was occasioned by criticism of the new points system, under which four points are awarded for a win, two apiece for a tie, and one each for abandoned matches.

This was felt by some to be unfair to clubs who, through no fault of their own, were unable to play fixtures as a result of bad weather, and the dissatisfaction was heightened by an unseasonably wet May which led to some teams having half their first six matches cancelled.

There was strong support among the clubs for the principle that the fairest competition is one in which all teams have played the same number of matches.

Following further discussion the Board has decided to stay with the new point system until at least the end of the season, after which there will be an evaluation, but to arrange in the meantime for abandoned matches to be replayed wherever possible.

The main limitation to this is the availability of suitable grounds, a problem which will become acute once the T20 Cup gets under way, and even more so should the remaining competitions be able to start once the current Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.

Competition leader Bart Kroesen explained this week that this meant it would be impossible for matches to be replayed after 10 July, but that until then grounds were available.

This means that all ten Men’s Topklasse matches and the two Women’s Hoofdklasse matches so far rained off will now be replayed.

Topklasse matches have been scheduled as follows:

Sunday, 13 June:
Sparta – Excelsior’20
Punjab CCR – HBS
ACC – Dosti

Sunday, 20 June:
Excelsior’20 – Dosti

Sunday, 27 June:
VRA – Punjab CCR
HBS – Excelsior’20
Dosti – HCC

TKcricket will replace the results of the rained-off games in the Points Table with those of the replays as the latter take place.

Another outcome of the consultation process is that play-offs for the Topklasse title have been confirmed: the leading side after the round-robin phase will play the team placed second, the winner going straight into the final, while the sides in third and fourth place will also play each other.

The loser of the match between No. 1 and No. 2 will then meet the winner of the game between No. 3 and No. 4, the winner of this contest reaching the final.

This system was last used in 2012, when Excelsior ’20, after finishing fourth, beat VRA Amsterdam in the semi-final and ACC in the elimination final before going on to take the title with a 102-run victory over Dosti Amsterdam in the final.

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